Chapter 975: War Of Words

Each of the Daosource Three Skies had a token made from source material, and these tokens were how Zhi Yi was directing this battle. She was able to use her Lifesource token to send orders to the rest of the semi-Lifesource tokens that were in the thunder region’s battlefield. 

These tokens were merely something that she had put in place as a backup plan since she had already issued all the relevant orders for their entire battle strategy. If nothing went wrong, there should have been no need to issue any further orders, so what was happening? Also, she had not issued any orders, so where had this order come from? Semi-Lifesource tokens could not send any orders to Zhi Yi’s token.

Only Lifesource tokens could be used to send orders to her, so could there be someone else from the Daosource Sect nearby? But who would send her orders? She was one of the Daosource Three Skies, which meant that her status was comparable to a sect elder.

At the same time, on the northern battlefield, Di Luo, Autumnfrost Qing, and the others were very excited since they had managed to defeat their opponents. They had gained control of the pole, and they were hoping that their contributions would allow them to meet Zhi Yi.

However, they all received an order through their semi-Lifesource tokens at that moment: Reinforce the southern battlefield. 

Di Luo and Autumnfrost Qing were both stunned—the southern battlefield? They were to reinforce the southern battlefield? What did this mean?

“The northern battlefield is the vanguard of the battle, so did more than one of the Ten Arbiters show up?” Di Luo guessed. 

Autumnfrost Qing coldly replied, “They still shouldn’t ask us to act as reinforcements. We’ve already acquired a pole.”

Di Luo was torn. “These are Sky Zhi’s orders.”

Autumnfrost Qing frowned.

“We’ve already spent so much effort trying to meet with Sky Zhi. If we don’t follow her orders, then fighting for these poles will have been meaningless,” Di Luo said.

Autumnfrost Qing replied, “What should we do with the pole if we’re to head to the southern battlefield? Take it with us?” 

Di Luo shook his head. “No. If we’re being asked to send reinforcements, then that means that the situation on the southern battlefield must be pretty bad. We might lose the pole if we take it with us, so just leave it here. We already hold a great advantage here, and these people from the Fifth Mainland won’t be able to take it back.”

“Alright,” Autumnfrost Qing said helplessly. 

A while later, Di Luo and Autumnfrost Qing led a number of Bloodburn Realm experts towards the south.

To the northeast, Sixteen stared at the order that had just been delivered to his semi-Lifesource token in confusion. He had received orders to reinforce the western battlefield. However, that battlefield was quite far away, and he himself had already been defeated and was awaiting reinforcements. 

Meanwhile, Nan Yanfei had just escaped from a battlefield, but he also received an order, telling him to reinforce the southeastern battlefield. When he read it, he almost wanted to vomit blood as he had just finished escaping from the northeastern battlefield. There was no way he would go back there. 

Lu Yin continued to issue orders through his Lifesource token without any concern of who was receiving those orders. His only goal was to disrupt Zhi Yi’s strategy. 

All of the cultivators from the Sixth Mainland who had been given a semi-Lifesource token received some order from Lu Yin.

On the southern battlefield, Zhi Yi paused to issue an order of her own: “Everyone, hold your positions.”

Crimson Servant was currently making his way to the northwest battlefield, but he stopped when he saw the new order. “Hold your positions? What does that mean?”

Di Luo, Nan Yanfei, Sixteen, and everyone else who had a semi-Lifesource token was similarly confused. 

Lu Yin saw Zhi Yi’s order and smirked. He immediately sent out another order: “Immediately continue moving to the locations you were given in your last order.”

When Zhi Yi saw this order, her expression grew cold. She then sent out another order: “Who are you?”

Lu Yin blinked. “I’m Sky Zhi. Who are you? How dare you randomly issue orders?”

Zhi Yi was furious, as there was actually a person impersonating her! “I’m the real Sky Zhi! Who are you? How do you have a Lifesource token?”

“I’m Sky Zhi! How dare you impersonate me?”

“You’re going to die…”

Everyone who had a semi-Lifesource token was left in a daze as they read the exchange taking place through their tokens; just what was going on? Two Sky Zhis? Was this some kind of joke?

Crimson Servant was similarly stunned. Just what was he supposed to do?

Everyone from the Sixth Mainland was taken aback, and even Shang Rong felt confused when he took a peek at his token. During that momentary distraction, he was injured by White Knight.

“Who are you? I, Zhi Yi, swear that I will punish you for impersonating me.”

“Who are you? How dare you ruin my orders! I, Zhi Yi, will kill you.”

The text war continued on through the tokens. It completely took up all of Zhi Yi’s focus, and Tai Yuanjun and the others snuck away while she was distracted.

Nobody could understand Zhi Yi’s feelings at this moment. She was talented and had been an excellent strategist from a young age. Eventually, her talent as a true child prodigy had been recognized by the Progenitor of Bloodlines, and she had eventually become one of the Daosource Three Skies. She was highly celebrated everywhere within the Sixth Mainland, and nobody dared go against her orders. Even the other two Daosource Three Skies would typically give in to her due to her gender.

She had never felt so wronged before! Her plans were being disrupted left and right by someone impersonating her. This was the first time she had ever experienced such a humiliation.

“I swear that I’ll find you and kill you!” Zhi Yi was outraged.

Lu Yin chuckled. “You impostor! I swear that, aside from me, my boyfriend, Wu Taibai will also track you down and end you!”

This message shocked the entire thunder region, and everyone stared at their tokens in shock at that moment. Her boyfriend, her boyfriend… Wu Taibai was Zhi Yi’s boyfriend?!

Crimson Servant’s face paled. How is that possible? How is that possible!

At that moment, countless hearts were shattered.

Zhi Yi’s eyes narrowed as her anger soared. This bastard… she absolutely had to kill this bastard! “Who are you?! I swear that I will find you even if I have to expend all of the Daosource Sect’s resources!”

Lu Yin laughed and put his token away. When he looked up, he saw Starsibyl’s inquisitive gaze. “What’s wrong?”

Starsibyl calmly turned around. “Nothing.” 

Zhi Yi was so completely distracted by what was happening that she did not even chase down Tai Yuanjun and the others. Instead, she left the battlefield with the pole that she had secured. She did not actually care where her impersonator was hiding, and she simply moved on to a random battlefield—she was determined to find that bastard no matter what it took. 

Everyone else was still in shock over the messages that had appeared on their tokens. In particular, Crimson Servant was screaming like a maniac. 

Lu Yin had sent out completely random orders just to be disruptive, as he was completely unaware of what would happen after he sent out those orders. To him, anything was better than allowing the battle to go according to Zhi Yi’s plan.

The people from the Sixth Mainland were still unable to determine which orders were authentic. Some, like Di Luo and Autumnfrost Qing, decided to remain where they were since they had already seized a pole, and they did not want to risk it by moving. 

In contrast, there were others like Crimson Servant who followed their new orders to reinforce the other battlefields. Actually, Crimson Servant was not so much as following his orders as he was trying to find the impostor so that he could prove Zhi Yi’s innocence to everyone, including himself. Crimson Servant knew that there was no possibility of Wu Taibai having any sort of relationship with Zhi Yi. However, when Crimson Servant thought of Wu Taibai and all the interactions he had ever had with Zhi Yi, the distraught man could not control his jealousy.

Was there really nothing going on between the two? No, there could not be anything, and even if there was, Zhi Yi would never send out such a message admitting to it. However, what if she had been confessing? No, that was also impossible; Zhi Yi was not that sort of person. Crimson Servant had to find the impersonator and kill them. Only then would he be able to clarify the relationship between Zhi Yi and Wu Taibai and prove Zhi Yi’s innocence. 

The battlefields and the poles had been entirely forgotten by Crimson Servant.

Crimson Servant quickly arrived at the northern battlefield only to realize that Di Luo had already seized the pole, which meant that the impersonator was not on this battlefield. Crimson Servant then moved on towards the southeastern battlefield.

On the western battlefield, Shang Rong was defeated, and White Knight took the pole away.

Under normal circumstances, Shang Rong would not have been defeated so quickly, but he had been distracted by Crimson Servant’s absence and the messages that he had seen on his token. And in an intense fight, that distraction had led to his loss. 

In another place, Zhi Yi was making her way toward the northeast. She did not know where the impersonator was, but she also did not care. She would travel to all of the battlefields one by one and search for that person as she dragged the southern pole along with her. She had initially wanted to achieve victory through strategy, but after this incident, she could no longer wait. She had decided to personally fight for all of the poles. After all, she was strong enough to do so. 

The weather in the thunder region changed as soon as the poles were moved, as some of them attracted the lightning while others repelled it. 

The pole that Starsibyl had attracted lightning while Zhi Yi’s pole repelled it.

Moving these two types of poles completely changed the weather in the thunder region. 

The weather in the northern area also changed once Arbiter Unseen Light grabbed the pole there and started moving west. He had the same goal as Zhi Yi—he intended to seize all of the poles. 

His original destination had been the northern battlefield, but due to the changing weather in the north, the entire thunder region was changed. Without a better choice, Unseen Light glanced towards the northeast and started heading towards that battlefield instead. 

The Ten Arbiters were ten invincible youths who were unafraid of anyone. They would not even avoid the Daosource Three Skies, not even if those three were right in front of an Arbiter. 

The thunder region covered a large area. Even if one disregarded the strange weather, it would still take a normal cultivator quite a long time to travel through the entire zone. However, to those on the level of the Daosource Three Skies, the Ten Arbiters, or the Realmlings, the region was not overly large. This was especially true for the infuriated Zhi Yi. 

The only thing she wanted to do at this moment was find the bastard who had impersonated her and skin them alive. 

A woman’s intuition could be a scary thing. Instead of heading to the west or the north, she actually made her way to the northeastern region, which was precisely where Lu Yin was. 

Nan Yanfei had already escaped, and the ten thousand remaining cultivators from the Sixth Mainland had also begun to retreat. On that battlefield, Hua Xiao was invincible, and nobody could stand against him. 

Lu Yin and the others all sighed in relief. Ling Que even suggested heading out to another area to acquire another pole to raise their contributions, as he hoped to obtain a title. His goal was to be titled a Marquis at the very least. 

Suddenly, Starsibyl’s expression turned strange. “Oh no, run!”

Ling Que hesitated. “Why?” 

Starsibyl turned to look to the west.

Lu Yin also looked over, and he saw a cluster of rune lines speeding towards them. It was not an overly large number, and it looked equivalent to a power level of about 200,000. However, the speed at which that group was moving was insane. If a spatial tear became too large, then it would easily exceed the power level limit of 200,000 unless one had exceptional control. That was precisely why those Imprinters had been able to catch up with Lu Yin’s group when they had been fleeing from Grayweed Continent; Lu Yin’s group had not dared to tear through space. 

However, at that moment, Lu Yin could see that not only were the approaching rune lines tearing through space, but the speed at which they were approaching also gave him goosebumps. A blink of an eye later, the rune lines arrived as the distorted space rippled out as it was pushed away by the extreme speed.

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