Chapter 972: Coordinating With Divination

Nan Yanfei had clearly never fought against someone from the Cosmic Sect before. He moved incredibly fast, but in Hua Xiao’s eyes, the Realmling was moving no differently than some ordinary cultivator, as Hua Xiao could even see the expression on Nan Yanfei’s face. 

Bang bang bang!

Hundreds of stars exploded as they formed a powerful palm that landed squarely on Nan Yanfei’s body, sending him flying once more. He groaned, and a trickle of fresh blood dripped out from the corner of his mouth.

Millions of cultivators were involved in this chaotic battle on the island, but they were all stunned by this turn of events. A powerful Realmling was actually being suppressed. 

Nan Yanfei was also stunned. He had previously heard that the Cosmic Sect’s disciples were difficult to deal with, and his opponent was even one of the sect’s true disciples as well as an expert who had received the title of King. Hua Xiao was truly powerful, and he was also a Hunter on top of all that. When he used the Cosmic Sect’s battle techniques, even the Realmling was momentarily suppressed. 

However, Hua Xiao did not have a comfortable expression, as Nan Yanfei had not exposed his true strength yet. Hua Xiao refused to believe that his palm attack had caused any real damage to the Realmling. 

“So is this how the Cosmic Sect fights? It seems like speed is completely ineffective, which means that only absolute strength is left,” Nan Yanfei commented. After he spoke, his entire body began transforming, and barbs appeared all over him as his body grew in size. It looked as if he was actually becoming a Taotie. Then, he charged towards Hua Xiao. 

Hua Xiao’s heart trembled, and he placed his hands together to unleash another Cosmic Palm.

Another bang filled the air as more stars exploded, but this time, the attack was not able to cause even the slightest bit of harm to Nan Yanfei. The barbs covering his body dampened the power of the Cosmic Palm, and with his unimpeded momentum, the Realmling then attacked Hua Xiao with a hand. This was the first time during this battle that Nan Yanfei had managed to land an attack on Hua Xiao, and the Cosmic Sect disciple was nearly crushed by it. 

A Taotie was a terrifying beast to begin with, and they were known for their ability to endlessly devour. The more such a creature ate, the more powerful it would become. It could be said that just one of Nan Yanfei’s punches was enough to overpower Hua Xiao’s Cosmic Palm.

Hua Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood as his body was smashed under the island. At the place where his body struck the island, the ground began to fracture in all directions.

Nan Yanfei sneered. He then leaped over and charged down at Hua Xiao with a power that not even the void could endure. Beneath the island, Hua Xiao’s eyes went wide, and hundreds of stars emerged from his body before exploding. 

This time, the power of the exploding stars was several times greater than before, but the most terrifying detail of Hua Xiao’s attack was that he had still managed to deftly control the power level and have it remain under 200,000. This showed that Hua Xiao had not been beaten to the point of losing his cool. 

The entire island was shattered by this attack, and countless cultivators rose into the sky from the island. Ling Que’s breathing had grown sluggish, and he nearly choked on his own tongue. Spatial cracks had been scattered in all directions as far as the eye could see, and the constant rumble of thunder filled the sky.

Ling Que stared at the battle taking place in the distance and slowly returned to his senses. He was struck speechless by them, as he would not be able to withstand even a simple strike from either of the two youths fighting. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Hua Xiao was truly powerful, and according to Lu Yin’s estimates, the Cosmic Sect disciple had most likely simulated more than 300 stars, which could be considered the pinnacle in a certain sense. When Hua Xiao’s strength was combined with his lockbreaking skills, he was able to rival the strength of a Realmling. However, his strength had not reached the extreme level where he could defeat Nan Yanfei. The simplest proof of this was that, from the very beginning of their fight, the Realming’s eyes had revealed nothing but traces of excitement and surprise. 

Hua Xiao was not enough to make the Realmling even the slightest bit nervous.

More than 300 stars exploded and forced Nan Yanfei back, but this attack also left Hua Xiao panting heavily, and even his fingers were trembling slightly.

He had only recently managed to simulate more than 300 stars, and he had not quite adapted to this improvement yet. Thus, his last attack had been quite taxing on him as well. 

Hua Xiao had assumed that he would be able to injure Nan Yanfei, but it seemed as though Nan Yanfei had donned a layer of invincible armor—he was merely knocked back. He dashed forward once again, this time with his mouth wide open as he let out a ferocious roar. Space warped and lightning was swallowed as the Taotie’s open mouth passed over millions of fighting cultivators. The beast was incomparably fierce and looked absolutely terrifying. 

Hua Xiao’s pupils shrank once again. He raised both arms, only for two more arms to appear this time, which was his innate gift. “Gentle Starpalm.” 

He then fully used all four arms in a lockbreaking attempt to dissolve the Taotie image that Nan Yanfei had manifested. Hua Xiao’s efforts had some effect, but nothing too obvious. Nan Yanfei was still moving about, and he threw a punch at Hua Xiao from a distance. Just the wind from this attack warped the void as it blasted into Hua Xiao.

Hua Xiao spat out another mouthful of blood as his Gentle Starpalm was interrupted. The Taotie image moved closer to him while devouring everything, and it was clear that it intended to swallow Hua Xiao as well. 

Quite a few Fifth Mainland cultivators charged over, and some of them attacked the Taotie image while the others rushed to try to treat Hua Xiao’s injuries. 

However, the people who had moved out were far too lacking compared to Nan Yanfei, and they simply crumbled after a casual wave of the Realmling’s hand. Even Ke Nan, who was ranked twentieth on the Top 100 Rankings, could not stop Nan Yanfei, and he was smacked so hard that even his spear broke from the one slap. 

“All of you, move aside,” Hua Xiao ordered. People who had not yet reached a certain level of strength would just be rushing to their deaths if they attempted to participate in a battle of this level. Nan Yanfei was not someone who could be stopped by mere numbers, and the Sixth Mainland cultivators did not even try to stop anyone from joining the Realmling’s fight, amply demonstrating their faith in the young powerhouse. 

The phantom image of the Taotie fell down, and Hua Xiao roared while directly facing the attack.

The remnants of the island quivered while the nearby sea boiled as waves rose to form a tsunami that raced off into the distance. 

Countless people looked at Hua Xiao, who had just forcefully withstood Nan Yanfei’s attack. The young man’s body was covered in blood, and he looked severely injured, as though his entire body had been beaten. 

Nan Yanfei approached the wounded youth with slow steps, his giant body carrying a terrible pressure with it. “An expert with the title of King is indeed qualified to fight with me, but it’s such a pity that you’re not one of the Ten Arbiters.”

He then raised his hand and clenched his fingers to form a fist, causing spatial cracks to radiate out from his hand. It was as if he had grabbed a hold of space itself, and was using it to crush Hua Xiao. 

Hua Xiao’s pupils shrank as he carefully watched Nan Yanfei’s attack. More than 300 stars revolved around the wounded youth’s body as he attempted to fight back against the impending attack.

At this moment, a cold light suddenly flickered in front of Nan Yanfei’s eyes. A Que’s Mighty Slash had appeared in front of him. There was a bang, and sparks scattered everywhere. At the same time, far away from the Realmling, Ling Que felt his scalp go numb. His Que’s Mighty Slash had not been able to injure Nan Yanfei in the slightest. 

Nan Yanfei glanced around and found Ling Que, and a cold, killing intent flashed across the Realmling’s eyes. He had put up with this person for a long time. “You must want to die!”

Ling Que opened his mouth. “My bad, wrong person. I’m actually in the same group as you.”

Nan Yanfei suddenly turned around as if he had sensed something. Behind him, he saw Lu Yin appear with star energy already gathered above his palm. “First Sun.”

Nan Yanfei sneered and swatted out with the attack that he had initially wanted to use to eliminate Hua Xiao. He did not understand why these Cruiser realm ants dared to trade blows with him. The only ones who were qualified to fight against him were those who had received a title of King or Queen and the Ten Arbiters themselves. Maggots like these people did not even qualify to be looked at by him. 

However, when the First Sun clashed with Nan Yanfei’s palm, the Realmling’s expression changed drastically. The attack that he had initially prepared to finish off Hua Xiao suddenly weakened, and right after that, the First Sun’s intense heat exploded with an incredible strength as a powerful shockwave swept out. At that moment, Nan Yanfei could tell that even the void had been suppressed, and his organs were forced to endure the overwhelming power. From everyone else’s perspective, something exploded before shockwaves radiated out in all directions from the point of impact as the void began to crack. Nan Yanfei had been blasted away by the power of Lu Yin’s First Sun. 

Nan Yanfei flew through the air with a look of disbelief on his face. Even during his intense battle against Hua Xiao, he had never revealed such an expression. However, the impact that he had received from Lu Yin’s attack was just too impressive, even more so because Lu Yin was just a Cruiser. 

The Realmling had never imagined that a Cruiser would be able to fight against him, but Lu Yin had actually crushed Nan Yanfei’s attack. 

Lu Yin appeared in front of Nan Yanfei with extreme speed, and another palm descended. Nan Yanfei’s eyes turned cold, and he forcibly restrained the person attacking him as he swept out with a leg. There was another enormous explosion since he had received an attack with One Hundred Stacks. When the stacks were added on to Lu Yin’s already overwhelming physical might, the attack actually plowed through Nan Yanfei as if he were a punching bag, and he tumbled into the ocean. 

Countless onlookers were dumbfounded; where had such a fierce person come from? He was actually beating up Nan Yanfei! 

Hua Xiao was also stupefied. Since the members of the older generation had withdrawn from this particular battlefield, the Realmlings were essentially the pinnacle of strength here, and Nan Yanfei was one such Realmling. Even a true disciple of the Cosmic Sect like Hua Xiao himself was not a match for the Realmling, but this random person had suddenly appeared, and he was even able to suppress and beat up Nan Yanfei. Just who was this person? Had he altered his appearance? 

In truth, Lu Yin was not actually beating Nan Yanfei up; rather, Nan Yanfei had not even traded blows with Lu Yin. His attack had been blown apart by Lu Yin’s Truesight, and then, he had been hit by an attack with the Overlaying Stacks Path. The situation was actually quite similar to when the Realmling had been initially injured by Hua Xiao’s Cosmic Palm at the beginning of the battle. 

More importantly, Nan Yanfei’s Taotie bloodline had allowed his physical strength to rise an astronomical amount. The more he ate, the more his strength grew. He was very confident in his own strength, but Lu Yin’s strength was so overwhelming that it was indescribable. 

Between his Truesight, the Overlaying Stacks Path, and his physical strength, Lu Yin’s combination of abilities had left Nan Yanfei unable to react in time. The Realmling’s right leg had even been broken, and his body had fallen into the sea. 

When the icy water hit Nan Yanfei, it instantly cleared his head. After that, a boundless rage consumed him. He had actually been beaten silly by a Cruiser.

With a whoosh, Nan Yanfei leaped out of the sea water, but Lu Yin appeared in front of the Realmling once again. This, he had raised a hand that had already been formed into a claw. The Skybeast Claw slammed down onto Nan Yanfei as an ancient beast howl resounded from the void. 

Nan Yanfei easily tore through the Skybeast Claw, but he did not utter a single word as he did so. At this moment, his heart was filled with nothing but indignation and resentment. Hua Xiao was a Hunter who had received the title of King, which qualified him to fight with a Realmling. However, this newcomer was just a Cruiser, and if Nan Yanfei could not crush such a person, then he wouldn’t be able to show his face anywhere in the Sixth Mainland again! 

Nan Yanfei punched at Lu Yin with a fist that carried all of his wrath as he tried to vent his anger. This attack was even more ferocious than the punch that had injured Hua Xiao, and the power level of this attack had brushed against the limit of 200,000. This attack was not much weaker than the attacks launched by Enlighters whose power levels were between 300,000 and 400,000. This was because a Realmling’s strength had already surpassed that of an ordinary Enlighter. 

Lu Yin stared blankly as Nan Yanfei’s punch drew closer, but then, he suddenly tapped out with a finger at an empty region. Right after that, Hua Xiao suddenly appeared. Despite his battered appearance, he had swallowed a pill from the Cosmic Sect that had helped him largely recover already. He used a Cosmic Palm to attack Nan Yanfei, and the Realmling was forced to evade. Coincidentally, he dodged towards where Lu Yin had tapped out with a finger. 

It was as if the trio had coordinated this maneuver countless times before, and the final result was Nan Yanfei being struck dead on by Lu Yin’s Dream Finger. The finger pierced through Nan Yanfei’s skin, and the attack knocked him out of the sky and into the sea for a second time.

Untold numbers of people watching were stunned; Realmling Nan Yanfei was being overpowered. 

In the sky, Lu Yin and Hua Xiao exchanged glances before they both looked into the distance, where Starsibyl’s eyes could be seen flickering about. Their coordinated attack had actually been guided along by her, as she had predicted Nan Yanfei’s movements and calculated the ideal locations of various attacks for them. 

It had looked like Lu Yin had coordinated his attacks with Hua Xiao, but in reality, Starsibyl had also been a part of the equation, and the three youths had worked together to deal with Nan Yanfei. 

Under the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon, Lu Yin was even able to deal with Enlighters who normally had power levels of 300,000 to 400,000, and Nan Yanfei definitely had not reached that level of strength yet. However, a Realmling represented the peak of strength, and with everyone’s power levels being limited to under 200,000, those Enlighters whose power levels were between 300,000 and 400,000 were not the most powerful opponents one could face. 

When their strengths were suppressed to similar levels, Enlighters were not necessarily able to match up against Realmlings. In this region of the universe, the strongest were the Realmlings, the Ten Arbiters, and the Daosource Three Skies. 

Lu Yin had to be even more cautious of a Realmling than powerful Enlighters with power levels of 300,000 to 400,000. All the Realmlings had obtained extremely powerful inheritances, making them very difficult to deal with as they all had numerous methods available to them. 

Even after a long while, Nan Yanfei did not reappear.

Lightning flashed across the sky and illuminated the island, and the light also highlighted the panicked faces of countless Sixth Mainland cultivators.

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