Chapter 971: Cosmic Sect vs. Realmling

Even more worrying, the lightning would occasionally spread out, and it almost felt like it was toying with the cultivators. The lightning’s strange behavior caused chills to crawl down many of the cultivators’ spines as they were terrified that they might be suddenly smashed by the powerful lightning.

Out of the nearly 800,000 cultivators in the assault team, hundreds of thousands of them had been assigned with the task of blocking off the Fifth Mainland cultivators while the rest were to continue speeding towards the location of the pole. 

During the battle in this area of the Cosmic Sea, the Sixth Mainland did not have any advantage when it came to numbers, and there were hundreds of thousands of people from the Fifth Mainland working to hold back the Sixth Mainland’s teams. In fact, there were at least 200,000 cultivators directly fighting against the Sixth Mainland’s forces. 

The cultivators of the Fifth Mainland were not a match for those of the Sixth Mainland when it came to one-on-one battles, but a numerical advantage was still an advantage.

When Lu Yin saw the scene of countless cultivators filling the sky, he was shocked. This was different from the astral battlefields that he was accustomed to, as it was an even crueler battlefield that reeked of blood.

An astral battlefield also had millions or even tens of millions of participants, but most of those participants would be hidden within spacecraft. Once a spacecraft was destroyed, it was normal for tens of thousands of troops to die, though those people would be instantly vaporized, and their death would be hardly seen or noticed. However, the current battlefield in the Cosmic Sea was a true grindstone of blood and flesh, and it could be likened to the border wars. 

In some sense, this battlefield was not much different from the border warfront, as the two sides in this battle both held an irreconcilable hatred for each other. 

The pole that they were fighting over were located at the center of three islands, and desperate battles had broken out on all three islands, involving millions of cultivators from both the Fifth and Sixth Mainlands.

“Bro, we seem to agree on a lot of things. Leave me your name.” Ling Que kicked aside a cultivator from the Innerverse as he spoke to the Sixth Mainland cultivator who he had chatted with earlier. 

That cultivator’s face was currently twisted into an ugly expression, as this random encounter with Ling Que had made the man very sullen. The bastard had not stopped talking the entire journey, and he always seemed to talk about the same thing. Every conversation topic seemed to lead towards a certain direction, and it was always for the frustrated man to commit suicide. Where had Ling Que found the self-confidence that he could talk someone into committing suicide? 

“Bro, just say it, don’t be embarrassed! Brother Ling knows that you need enlightenment. Actually…” Ling Que continued to spout off more rubbish. 

Lu Yin also felt awkward when he looked at the cultivator who Ling Que had targeted. The man’s face was growing uglier by the minute, so Lu Yin went over and pulled Ling Que aside. “Stop talking. Let’s go.”

Ling Que was unhappy at being interrupted. “Don’t disturb us! Brother Ling is guiding him towards the pinnacle of human life.” 

Lu Yin barked, “You aren’t his match.”

Ling Que was astonished, and he was just about to say something, but at that moment, the three islands suddenly trembled as a streak of lightning connected the sky and the earth. The pole had finally appeared.

The islands were stained with blood, and countless people wailed while countless more were reduced to dust by the lightning. 

The death of millions was overwhelming, and at this time, all of the Sixth Mainland cultivators released their imprints. At this moment, anyone who did not release an imprint would be considered an enemy, as this was a foolproof way for the Sixth Mainland cultivators to differentiate themselves from their enemies. 

Lu Yin, Starsibyl, and Ling Que did not have any imprints, and despite having been constantly mingling with the Sixth Mainland cultivators, they were instantly treated as enemies. 

That cultivator who Ling Que had been constantly annoying similarly did not release an imprint.

The three youths were puzzled; could this person also be from the Fifth Mainland?

That person stared at Lu Yin’s trio, and the determination to kill them appeared in his eyes.

Lu Yin felt a chill run down his spine; something was off. This person was actually able to make him feel threatened. 

At that moment, lightning erupted from the centers of all three islands, and more lightning flickered in the sky before blasting down in response, causing the sky to turn dark.

After that, countless bolts of lightning showered down at the centers of the islands, towards the pole that had appeared. 

The millions of youths who had been sent to fight over the pole revealed themselves, and a wave of unstoppable bloodlust flooded over the battlefield. The people who were closest to the pole at this moment were Sixteen’s group and the Fifth Mainland cultivators who were fighting against them. 

Sixteen had received an imprint from Ancestor Swifteyes, and with his strength as a Cruiser and the boost in power that he received from his bloodline, he was able to face off against two Fifth Mainland Cruisers on his own without being pushed back. It should be known that there were quite a few experts on the Top 100 Rankings who were still Explorers, and aside from the elites from the Neoverse, almost all of the young Cruisers were at the very top of the Top 100 Rankings.

One of the Cruisers who was fighting against Sixteen was Ke Nan, and his weapon was a long spear. The other Cruiser seemed to be someone from the Neoverse, and the two Cruisers had joined forces to hold Sixteen back. 

Sixteen was surrounded by Imprinter family disciples, and ordinary cultivators could not compare to these elites who had powerful bloodlines, battle techniques, arts, and imprints. Thus, those who were participating in this fight were mostly the disciples from the Innerverse’s great powers, such as the Lingling Clan, the Dire Barbarian Clan, and a few people from Chaos Flowzone. Even so, even the most powerful of them were still suppressed by the youths from the Sixth Mainland. 

If not for some experts from the Neoverse appearing, the youths of the Innerverse would not have been able to stop the Sixth Mainland cultivators at all. Even if all the members of the Top 100 Rankings came out together, they still might not have been able to stop all the young experts from a single realm of the Sixth Mainland. And at this time, more than one realm had sent their younger generation to take part in the battle.

The Sixth Mainland had too many Imprinters.

At this time, a figure was tearing through the void, and palm prints filled the sky before striking their targets. All of the Sixth Mainland cultivators within a hundred kilometers of him spat out blood and died. Even Sixteen was affected by this attack and was overwhelmed. He was forced to retreat as he did not dare to confront this attack head-on.

“Hua Xiao?” someone cried out. 

Hua Xiao was an expert who had been fighting in the Cosmic Sea’s thunder region, and he had gathered enough contributions to earn the title of King. He was from the Neoverse’s Cosmic Sect, and even Realmlings were cautious of his strength. 

In the distance, Lu Yin stared at the center of an island and focused on the unrivaled Hua Xiao. Lu Yin’s eyes were fervent, as he could recognize that this person had just used the Cosmic Art. Hundreds of stars were revolving around Hua Xiao’s body, though normal people could not see them. As a Cosmic Art user simulated more stars, they would be able to see their opponents’ attacks more clearly, and at a certain point, they might even be able to copy them. 

In the past, Lu Yin had copied quite a few battle techniques, and he had even used the Cosmic Art to steal the Skybeast Claw technique. If not for the Cosmic Art not being able to keep up with his absurd cultivation progress, it definitely would have become his primary method of combat. 

Mister Mu had given Lu Yin the technique to cultivate the Cosmic Art to ninety nine stars, but even Lu Yin’s master did not have the more advanced parts of the cultivation art. 

At this moment, when Lu Yin saw Hua Xiao, he was finally able to see just how terrifying the technique could be when one simulated hundreds of stars. 

The appearance of just Hua Xiao was enough to suppress all of the Sixth Mainland cultivators here, and not even Sixteen dared to press forward. After Hua Xiao cleared the area in a dominating fashion, he then moved to take the pole. 

Suddenly, an angry shout shook the area, and a massive, angry mouth rose up. It grew without limit as it filled the sky before chomping down on Hua Xiao.

Hua Xiao’s expression changed. “Taotie Nan Yanfei.”

He then raised both of his arms as his two palms gently danced about before finally forming a phantom image that swatted at the sinister mouth that was closing in on Hua Xiao. “Gentle Starpalm.” 

The fierce mouth looked like a terrifying creature had covered the sky of the entire island, and everyone felt their scalps go numb as they were terrified of being swallowed by the enormous mouth. However, it was actually not a mouth, but rather a vortex. 

In the distance, Lu Yin’s trio watched on in shock as the cultivator that Ling Que had been annoying was actually the person who had released the giant mouth. It had only taken him an instant to reveal his overwhelming strength. 

Starsibyl recognized the man at that moment. “It’s Nan Yanfei. Go!” 

Ling Que blinked, as he had clearly heard of Nan Yanfei. He was the Realmling of the Blood Homage Realm, which meant that he was one of the nine most powerful youths who were publicly recognized as being second only to the Daosource Three Skies within the entire Sixth Mainland. And Ling Que had actually tried to convince Nan Yanfei into committing suicide? If Ling Que had succeeded, then he would have truly reached the peak of human life. What a pity. 

Lu Yin had not expected Nan Yanfei to be a part of their team. It had initially seemed like Lu Yin’s assault team had been the bait to draw out the Fifth Mainland’s forces to allow the second team to act as the main force. However, the true roles had actually been reversed. 

At the center of the island, Hua Xiao waved both of his hands through the air, causing the terrifying mouth to continuously shrink. The young man was not using a battle technique, as he was actually dissolving Nan Yanfei’s star energy through a lockbreaking technique. 

Everyone in the Cosmic Sect was a Lockbreaker, and Hua Xiao was one of Cosmic Sect’s true disciples, which meant that he was extremely gifted at lockbreaking. He had long since become a five star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, and it was only due to some unknown factor why he had not broken through to the Advanced realm, and it was not because he was holding himself back. 

He had the ability to dissolve even a Realmling’s battle technique. 

Every Lockbreaker would develop their own combat style, allowing them to dissolve their opponents’ star energy and fight across realms. This was what made Lockbreakers formidable opponents, and the Cosmic Sect was the master of this fighting style. 

Even Nan Yanfei had never imagined that his battle techniques would be undone by a Lockbreaker. As his star energy was dissolved step by step, he was unable to display his strength, no matter how powerful he was. 

The scene of Hua Xiao dissolving Nan Yanfei’s battle technique boosted the Fifth Mainland cultivators’ morale in an indescribable manner. Even though a Realmling had appeared, it did not mean that the Fifth Mainland had no ways of resisting. 

Regardless, the hearts of those from the Sixth Mainland trembled. Realmlings were experts who were second only to the Daosource Three Skies. If not even a Realmling could withstand the opposing expert, who was not even one of the Ten Arbiters, then this battlefield was extremely dangerous. 

As one of the two people directly involved, Hua Xiao’s mood was not relaxed at this moment.

Bolts of lightning streaked past him and illuminated his face.

The lighting revealed an extremely solemn expression as Hua Xiao stared into the distance. He was looking across the battlefield and at Nan Yanfei’s peaceful face. The Realmling did not look helpless even though his battle technique was being dissolved; instead, his eyes were filled with excitement and curiosity, as well as the desire to have a good fight with a worthy opponent. 

Realmlings would not be Realmling if they could be defeated that easily. They were existences who could rival the Ten Arbiters, and even though Hua Xiao was from the Neoverse, he was still wary of the Ten Arbiters. The strength of those ten freaks could not be estimated by their cultivation realms. 

The pole was at the center of the three islands, and Hua Xiao was extremely close to one of them. With him present, none of the Sixth Mainland cultivators dared to make a move for the pole. However, Nan Yanfei was also an obstacle that Hua Xiao had to overcome before he could take the pole. 

Nan Yanfei’s lips curled upwards, and he pulled out the leg of some massive, unknown creature from his cosmic ring. He then bit down on it and ate it as though it was delicious. 

Hua Xiao’s brows rose, and he dashed towards a pole at that moment.

Nan Yanfei casually waved a hand and tore through the void, reappearing not too far away from Hua Xiao. He chomped down again, biting off another mouthful of meat as he raised his right fist and punched out. One of Hua Xiao’s hands flitted through the appear, and phantom images appeared that tried to isolate the path of Nan Yanfei’s attack. However, the phantom images were shattered by the force of the punch, and Hua Xiao was struck head on. 

“I heard about the Cosmic Sect a long time ago.” Nan Yanfei had become excited, and he was licking his lips. Then, the skin on his fist hardened as robust barbs appeared on it. Hua Xiao felt a sting on his palm, and he immediately let go of the fist, but Nan Yanfei took advantage of that opportunity to lash out with another punch. This second attack was even fiercer than the first. 

Stars revolved around Hua Xiao’s body, and he raised a palm that had stars revolving around it: Cosmic Palm. 

An intense rumbling caused the island to shatter as the stars exploded. Then, Nan Yanfei was thrown back a hundred meters by the Cosmic Palm, and the island itself was torn in two. The shockwaves from the colliding attacks swept out and pushed all of the nearby cultivators back until they were at least 10,000 meters away from the two youths. Some people were even injured by the explosion of the stars. 

Lu Yin watched fervently from a distance. A Cosmic Palm with hundreds of exploding stars was truly ferocious. 

After repelling Nan Yanfei, Hua Xiao did not hesitate to lift his right hand and prepare to use the Cosmic Palm again. Stars swiftly descended and exploded once more. 

Nan Yanfei snorted, and his body flickered before he vanished, attempting to evade the Cosmic Palm through speed. 

Lu Yin knew that the Realmling was about to suffer as soon as he dodged, as the Cosmic Art was the nemesis of speed.

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