Chapter 97: Unforgettable

Ding! Everyone looked over as Ghostfire walked out under Bazeer’s command and raised a toast, facing the Great Yu Empire’s elites. A hint of a smile crept onto his pale face as he paused, then spoke with a hoarse voice, “Ladies and gentlemen. This is Brother Bazeer’s first time at the Great Yu Empire, but he is certain he will come into contact with you in the future. There is no need for any welcome gifts, and he is willing to share some information about the Astral Combat Academy so that no one would be too lost.”

Everyone grew excited instantly; it had finally begun. One of the common goals at this banquet was to find suitable allies, but even more important was to get information about the Astral Combat Academy; that was crucial for the examination.

Bazeer walked up and looked at everyone. Strictly speaking, they were all of the same generation, but they were all of no significance to him. He didn’t mind sharing a few hints that only a few elites knew with these nobodies. “The Astral Combat Academy has been passed from generation to generation since ancient times. There are a total of ten individual schools, eight in the Innerverse, and now two in the Outerverse. The Outerverse Youth Council is mostly comprised of those from Astral-9, so we might not understand the other academies very well, but do not consider this an academy. The best description is a land of struggle; everything you need, you’ll have to fight for yourself. There will be no allocation, nor are there any standard teachers.”

No teachers? Everyone was shocked. Then how would it still be considered an academy?

Bazeer smiled, “I don’t know about the other academies, but in Astral-9, you have to strive for what you want to learn, perhaps even engage in battle. A price has to be paid for a mentor to instruct you; there are tutors in the Astral Combat Academy, but they decide whether to teach you. So here’s a kind reminder; this is the Astral Combat Academy; even learning is obtained through battle. It is a battlefield where you win the right to study.”

“Representative Bazeer, are the rumors true that the Astral Combat Academy has an ancient trial region?” someone asked.

Bazeer smiled, “Those secrets cannot readily be revealed.”

“Representative Bazeer, do you know why the Tenth Academy has arrived in the Frostwave Weave? Is it a decision by the Ten Arbiters?” another questioned.

Bazeer similarly avoided answering. He knew some information, but these people were not fit to know, as they simply could not enter the Astral Combat Academy. Only the top elites of the universe could enter the Astral Combat Academy, and these people had no means of competition.

Lu Yin noticed the pride and pity in Bazeer’s gaze. It made him very uncomfortable, but he was powerless to change it. Uninterested in anything else, Gerbach led Gerlaine away. Schutz had already left, but just as he planned to leave, Bazeer suddenly exclaimed, “Everyone, there is one more piece of news to announce. Your Majesty, one moment.”

Lu Yin turned back, puzzled.

Bazeer smiled, “Councilor Wendy Yushan has allowed me to announce on her behalf that her engagement with you is canceled with immediate effect.”

Lu Yin’s eyes shot wide open, and he clenched his fists as anger immediately surged through him. Everyone was stunned; Huo Xiaoling, Jenny Auna, even the brother and sister who had just reached the door. No one would have thought this could happen, and Bazeer had actually announced this in front of everyone. This was humiliation, utter humiliation!

A peal of mocking laughter rang through the area. Lu Yin was technically a king, but he was also just an idle noble that nobody really cared about. Many had mocked his intent to marry Wendy Yushan before in secret, but now it spilled out into open ridicule.

Lu Yin glared coldly at Bazeer, realizing what had happened. The entire banquet had been for this one moment, a plot targeted at him. Bazeer didn’t want to tell these people anything, he simply wanted to lure them out to make this announcement in front of them. And he was using the name of the Outerverse Youth Council to spread this news throughout the universe. Lu Yin’s intent to wed Wendy Yushan had already been a joke on the Zenyu Star, but now it would be a joke throughout the universe.

Raas sneered smugly, while a trace of rage flashed past the flabbergasted Jenny Auna’s eyes. It was Huo Xiaoling’s expression that held a hint of pity and sorrow, while Tianming and the others frowned at this extreme step. This Bazeer wanted Lu Yin to become a laughing stock across the universe; unless he could marry Wendy in the future, this would forever be a taint on his name!

“Let’s go,” Gerlaine walked up to Lu Yin and pulled him.

Gerbach walked along as well, “I’m so sorry, I never thought it would come to this.”

Bazeer smiled, “Apologies, this is an order by Councilor Wendy. As compensation, I can promise you a reference into the Outerverse Youth Council if you manage to enter Astral-10.”

Everyone’s gaze evolved again, as they did not know what to think anymore. This was a venomous statement; even if Lu Yin managed to join the Outerverse Youth Council with his own capabilities in the future, it would also be tagged as this so-called compensation. Bazeer was truly messing with his future.

Lu Yin’s eyes grew bloodshot as he was filled with a fury he had only felt a handful of times before. The first time was the extreme suffering from Liu Shaoge, and the second was that heavenly jade finger in his dream. This was the third.

Gerbach pulled Lu Yin back and whispered, “Don’t be rash. He’s an Explorer.”

Lu Yin glared at Bazeer, the iciness in his gaze sending a chill down even the Explorer’s spine. He vaguely felt like he’d done something that he would regret for the rest of his life, but he shook that off and smiled. This was just a Sentinel; so what if his talent surpassed Ghostfire’s? There were too many geniuses in this universe, and this sort of person couldn’t even enter the Astral Combat Academy, let alone threaten him.

Lu Yin eventually left without a word, under gazes of both ridicule and sympathy. Outside the hotel, Gerbach patted his shoulder, “Sorry, I was the one who told you to come. I never imagined something like this could happen.”

Gerlaine looked at Lu Yin with a hint of concern in her eyes, but he shrugged and smiled, “It’s alright, just a broken engagement. I never wanted to marry her anyway.”

Gerbach sighed, “Brother Lu, the universe is cruel and the powerless always remain weak. Weaklings can’t wield the blade of dignity; that was what Wendy Yushan told the five of us. Don’t overthink it until you have the means.”

Lu Yin stood rooted to his spot as Gerbach and Gerlaine left, his heart not nearly as calm as his exterior made it seem. This extreme humiliation was something he would never forget in his life. Bazeer… and Wendy Yushan.

Not long after, news began to spread throughout the universe. Lu Yin had become a target of ridicule, a toad that wanted to swallow the world.


Five days later, a giant spaceship crossed the three rings of the Zenyu Star and entered the boundless darkness of space. It carried the most powerful youths of the Great Yu Empire, as well as the Empire’s expectations for the Astral Combat Academy. Even The Undying Yushan appeared at the space station to send them off; no one knew how many could enter the Astral Combat Academy, but the only hope was to avoid a complete wipeout.

Bazeer had also come to bid farewell, as Ghostfire would be ferried to the trial with the Empire’s participants. He was confident that no Sentinels could defeat this junior of his, not even freaks from the Innerverse. It shouldn’t be too difficult for him to join the Astral Combat Academy.

“Councilor Bazeer, I heard that you threw a banquet a few days ago, how’s the younger generation of my Great Yu Empire?” the Emperor asked Bazeer.

Bazeer smiled, “Not bad, they are enthusiastic.”

“That’s right,” The Undying Yushan nodded, coughing twice as he placed a hand on Bazeer’s shoulder, “It must have been tough on you, even announcing especially to Little Yin that the engagement is canceled. But those are internal affairs of the Great Yu Empire, not for you to declare.”

The Emperor’s tone grew colder as he spoke, and the hand on Bazeer’s shoulder grew heavier as well. Bazeer hadn’t bothered at first, but couldn’t get rid of that hand no matter what he did. It was like a mountain sitting firmly on his shoulder, leaving him unable to move. A terrifying pressure turned him deathly white, and he ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood. The vague image of an Ursal Stareater only appeared on his body for a moment before it was shattered.

The Undying Yushan slowly took his hand away and smiled at Bazeer, then slowly left. Bazeer had no strength to resist from start to end. Even though he had used his innate gift, there were no changes whatsoever in the surroundings, not even a crack in the earth.

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