Chapter 965: Meeting With An Old Friend

“I have to say Sixteen, you’re already so old, so why are you still acting so recklessly? I heard that you slapped someone again,” the shifty-eyed youth commented leisurely while snacking on some fruit. 

The young man, Sixteen, answered in a respectful tone, saying, “Brother San, you truly know everything. You’re aware of 90% of what happens in the Sixth Mainland and everything that happens here in the Fifth Mainland.” 

“Hahahaha, you’re exaggerating. I just know what enters my eyes, hahahaha,” the shifty-eyed youth replied with a merry laugh. At that moment, a flash of lightning startled him, and he accidentally dropped the piece of fruit that he had been holding. The fruit landed next to Sixteen’s mouth, and the young lord quickly swallowed it. “Thank you for the gift, Brother San.” 

The shifty-eyed youth paused and then turned to look at Sixteen in a satisfied matter. “You’ll definitely have a bright future. Don’t worry, I’ll remember you. When I meet with the elder, I’ll definitely compliment you.” 

Sixteen was elated. “Thank you, Brother San. Thank you.”

Lu Yin’s mouth fell open as he watched the two in shock. Was that Xu San?

Starsibyl and Ling Que noticed Lu Yin’s disbelief and followed his gaze.

“They’re from the Swifteyes clan,” Starsibyl said.

“The Swifteyes clan?” Ling Que’s brows rose. His surname also started with Ling, and he did not like this coincidence.1

Starsibyl continued. “The Swifteyes clan is from a World Imprinter Clan in the Blackblood Realm. Ancestor Swifteyes is second only to Ancestor Sightless in the Blackblood Realm, and he has almost reached the Cosmic Imprinter realm. He has an extremely high status and is even one of the Daosource Sect’s Venerables. The clan absorbed an ancient bloodline which gave them the gift of double sight. According to the rumors, Ancestor Swifteyes has taken in a disciple with an innate gift of double sight, which is probably that guy. If not, there’s no way he would be treated so well since he’s just a Limiteer. There’s even an Enlighter protecting him.” 

“An Enlighter? I thought that everyone from the older generation had left!” Ling Que was shocked.

Starsibyl remained calm. “There are loopholes in every rule, and those powerhouses can still remain here as long as they remain undetected. The Sixth Mainland wouldn’t completely pull their forces out. The Four Pirate Crews also won’t simply ignore the situation, and the two sides are just restricting each other.” 

Ling Que felt envious. “I can’t believe that he has an Enlighter as a bodyguard! If I hadn’t been separated from my clan, I'd also have an Enlighter protecting me, but this guy just looks so despicable!” 

Starsbyl turned towards Lu Yin and her eyes gleamed. “You know him?”

Ling Que looked at Lu Yin in surprise.

Lu Yin paused and then slowly answered, “He was my follower.”

Their eyes went wide, especially Starsibyl, as she had a good understanding of just how powerful the Swifteyes clan truly was. She knew that Ancestor Swifteyes was someone who was comparable to Ancestor Sightless, but he was actually much younger than Ancestor Sightless, which showed just how talented Ancestor Swifteyes was. Basically, Ancestor Swifteyes was already halfway to the level of a Cosmic Imprinter. 

The shifty-eyed youth was Ancestor Swifteyes’ most important disciple, which gave him a high status. Yet that man had actually been Lu Yin’s follower? 

“Your follower? Then doesn’t that mean that he’s from our universe? How did he become Ancestor Swifteyes’ disciple? Lu Yin, don’t talk shit.” Ling Que did not believe Lu Yin.

Starsibyl frowned. She stared into the distance as her eyes flickered.

Lu Yin sighed. “Maybe they just look alike, but I don’t think things could be that coincidental, because my follower’s innate gift was also double sight.”

Ling Que was left speechless. “Then that person should be your follower. Is he close to you?”

Lu Yin thought back and suddenly realized that he had not seen Xu San for around ten years. They had not seen each other ever since Lu Yin had left the Great Yu Empire to participate in the Astral Combat Academy’s entrance examination. He had never expected to run into Xu San like this, and Lu Yin could barely believe that his former follower was in the Cosmic Sea and that he had even become the disciple of a World Imprinter from the Sixth Mainland. What a unique destiny.

“It’s time for a reunion,” Starsibyl muttered. 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. “Yep, it’s time.”

The people from the Swifteyes clan carried Xu San down to the beach, and everyone who passed the procession looked at it with respect.

Xu San felt very relaxed. He had never had such a good time before. Back during Earth’s apocalypse, he had been a mere bug. Then, he had finally found a boss and thought that he would be able to enjoy his life, but then that boss disappeared. After leaving Earth, Xu San had suddenly arrived in the Cosmic Sea and had made a living by sneaking around for a few years. 

He had assumed that his life would continue on like that forever, but the Sixth Mainland’s invasion caused all of the Innerverse’s major powers to flee to the Cosmic Sea. In addition, the place where he had been living ended up being conquered by the Sixth Mainland within less than two years. Fortunately, Xu San was not a powerful person, and he had been spared with the condition that he would pray to the statues of the Sixth Mainland’s powerhouses. 

However, his circumstances had changed drastically on one sunny day that had been highlighted by the occasional lightning strike that always left him feeling nervous.

A new statue had appeared on the island that day. It was of an old man who looked powerful, but the most important thing was that the old man possessed the innate gift of double sight, just like Xu San. 

When he saw that statue, Xu San had been stunned. He had become incomparably excited and had revealed his innate gift—perhaps he had done that because he hadn’t been able to stand the continuous strain of suppressing his innate gift for all those years, going crazy in the end. Either way, after showing his innate gift, he had been discovered. This had become his new life. 

Ancestor Swifteyes was actually Xu San’s master! His most respected master! Although the people from the Innerverse wanted to defeat the Sixth Mainland, Xu San did not care since this conflict was none of his business. He had lived like a bug in the past, and he would be nice to whoever was nice to him. 

After thinking of all this, Xu San bowed towards Ancestor Swifteyes’ statue, looking very devout in his actions. 

The cultivators from the Swifteyes clan looked at Xu San with respect, and they carried his sedan with greater vigour after seeing Xu San’s demonstration of loyalty. Even though Xu San was from the Fifth Mainland, he had been accepted as a disciple of their ancestor, and he would thus have to change his blood and cultivate under an Imprinter in the future. At that time, he would truly belong to the Sixth Mainland. Also, he was the ancestor’s only disciple, so he would be their master in the future. 

Sixteen passed some more fruit up to Xu San with a smile.

Xu San laid back down. What a great life!

At that moment, the sedan shook as the leg of one of the cultivators carrying the sedan bent awkwardly, and the jostling almost caused Xu San to fall. Meanwhile, the Enlighter who was protecting Xu San suddenly opened his eyes wide. He took a step forward, but space congealed around him as a finger struck his forehead. It was Lu Yin’s Dream Finger. 

This Enlighter was a very powerful expert, and he was still able to react despite his circumstances, and he tried to dodge. However, even though he wanted to dodge, he was unable to do so—his rune lines had been erased at that exact moment, causing his movements to become incredibly slow. Right after, his forehead was struck by the finger, and he instantly fainted. 

At the same time, Que's Mighty Slash appeared, causing the rest of the cultivators surrounding Xu San to fall unconscious. 

This all took place in less than a second, ending unbelievably quickly. It left Xu San alone in a daze as his sedan crashed to the ground. 

Lu Yin pulled his hand back with a stunned look. This was the skill of those from the Starsibyl Sect. He had followed Starsibyl’s instructions and attacked the precise location that she had shared with him. Before Lu Yin had attacked, nobody had been there, but the Enlighter had moved as Lu Yin had attacked, appearing in the exact spot that Lu Yin had targeted. 

This was an attack aimed with divination, and it was absolutely terrifying. 

Ling Que’s attack had also been planned by Starsibyl, and the path of his Que’s Mighty Slash had been provided by Starsibyl, which was how Ling Que had managed to stun all of the cultivators surrounding Xu San. 

Meanwhile, Starsibyl had been busy taking care of the machines that had been monitoring them the whole time. 

Three people walked over from three different directions and approached Xu San. They had created a hole in Starlight Island’s surveillance, which meant that Xu San had completely disappeared for a moment. 

Xu San was frightened, and he was just about to scream when he heard Lu Yin’s voice. “Long time no see, Xu San.” 

Xu San whirled around in shock and looked at Lu Yin in a daze. “Boss?”

Lu Yin smirked. “So you still remember me?”

Xu San suddenly leaped up and rushed towards Lu Yin while screaming, “Boss! You finally came back for me, Boss!”

Lu Yin took a step to the side, grabbed a hold of Xu San’s back collar, and picked him up.

Xu San looked miserable. “Boss, you’re finally here! I’d be dead if you hadn’t come for me.”

Lu Yin laughed. “Aren’t you living a great life?”

“Nothing can compare to Earth. Boss, it’s great to see you! Take me with you, Boss,” Xu San wailed miserably.

Starsibyl coldly said, “Shut up and stop with the act.”

Xu San blinked. He glanced from Lu Yin to Starsibyl as a wretched smile spread across his face. “Boss, this must be the Boss Lady. She’s so beautiful and has a great body!”

Ling Que reflexively glanced over at Starsibyl.

Starsibyl’s expression grew sharp, and an icy light flickered within her eyes.

Lu Yin then grabbed Xu San and quickly fled. Lu Yin was terrified that Starsibyl would kill Xu San out of rage, as nobody had ever been so rude to her before. A great figure? Probably! 

“Is it fine for you to have destroyed those surveillance drones? They’ll definitely notice that,” Ling Que whispered to Starsibyl as he glanced at the ground.

Starsibyl answered calmly, “I didn’t destroy them, so nobody will notice.”

She then looked around the area and at the regular people who were nearby. These people did not actually matter since they were unable to do anything. 

Ling Que stepped forward, but he tripped over something. He almost fell and only managed to catch himself after taking a few steps. Starsibyl snorted in response and then left. 

Ling Que pouted, as this woman was too petty! He had just stolen a glance—did she really need to do that? 

However, the methods of the Starsibyl Sect were truly powerful, as they could actually predict their opponents’ attacks. But just how did they do it? This woman had been on the Top Hundred Rankings before, but she had only had an average ranking. Soon after joining, she left the Top 100 Rankings, which had led many to assume that Starsibyl was relatively weak at fighting. Those people were all idiots, as the woman was unbelievably powerful. 

She had been able to stall an Imprinter, which was something that not even the Ten Arbiters could do haphazardly. However, Starsibyl had accomplished it, which showed just how powerful she was.

Lu Yin did not choose to take Xu San to Yaya’s house, as he had no desire to involve the little girl in their troubles.

1 In this situation, the pronunciation of the name is Lingtong, but the meaning was more important than the sound. Ling Que is pissed that the surnames sound similar. 

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