Chapter 963: Starlight Island

After hearing Starsibyl’s question, Lu Yin smiled. “The Skyblaze Dojo had a teleportation altar that was very similar to yours. The Sea King also used an item from a Progenitor, and all that together allowed us to escape to the Outerverse.”

“No wonder it seemed like I saw people from the Starfall Sea.” Ling Que quickly understood some things. 

Starsibyl did not speak and continued to lead the way. She finally understood how Lu Yin had learned about how her altar worked.

“Is the Sea King still alive?” Lu Yin asked as he looked at Starsibyl’s back.

Her response was calm. “I don't know.”

Lu Yin’s expression grew dim. There were truly no positive signs regarding the Sea King.

The Sea King had broken through the so-called Upper Three Gates, which had then caused the Sixth Mainland’s invasion of the Human Domain. The man could be considered as the primary instigator of this entire war, and he might have even sent the Innerverse and Outerverse to their graves. However, he had also restored the Fifth Mainland’s sky, which gave the Cosmic Five the opportunity to reach the Progenitor realm. Thus, his actions had also given the Fifth Mainland a glimmer of hope. 

If he hadn’t restored the Fifth Mainland’s sky, then it was possible that their mainland would have never been able to give rise to another Progenitor and that they would have been forever suppressed by the Sixth Mainland.

This had been a heroic gamble. If the Fifth Mainland won, then they would not have to fear the Sixth Mainland anymore. But if they lost, they would lose everything.

Only someone like the Sea King would be bold enough to make such a gamble, as even the Hall of Honor might not be so daring. 

The Hall of Honor seemed to protect humanity, but in reality, they actually wanted to protect themselves even more. 

The pills that the three youths took while traveling were quite effective. Starsibyl had suffered the worst injuries, but even hers had faded away, though she would need some more time before she fully recovered. 

Lu Yin was the same. Even with his tyrannical physique, only his surface wounds had healed. It had not at all been exaggerated for Starsibyl to claim that they would be ripped apart .

Before long, Starsibyl suddenly stopped. She stared at a beautiful piece of scenery off in the distance that looked like a curtain of stars as she mumbled, “That’s Starlight Island.”

Ling Que was surprised. “What did you say? Starlight Island?” 

Lu Yin was puzzled. “What’s Starlight Island?” 

Ling Que’s face had already turned ashen. “It’s over! Over! Starlight Island is one of the Sixth Mainland’s bases, and there are nothing but Sixth Mainland experts over there. There are Enlighters, Imprinters, and even World and Cosmic Imprinters around this area. The Sixth Mainland spent several years exploring the Cosmic Sea, and Starlight Island is located at the very center of the regions that they’ve become familiar with. We’re doomed if that’s actually where we are.” 

Lu Yin turned to look at Starsibyl.

Starsibyl softly replied, “The weather in the Cosmic Sea is difficult to predict, and only the Four Pirate Crews can truly understand it. Even the Neoverse cultivators who wish to cross the Cosmic Sea will need to have someone from the Four Pirate Crews lead the way. Because of this, when the various great powers of the Innerverse were defeated by the invasion, they retreated to the Cosmic Sea. The Sixth Mainland chased after them and tried to understand the weather conditions here over the last few years, and they made countless sacrifices while doing so, but they were only able to find a few stable regions. Starlight Island is one of those regions, so there are numerous Sixth Mainland experts gathered there. They use Starlight Island as a base to explore the Cosmic Sea as they prepare to invade the Neoverse.” 

Lu Yin was left speechless, as this was simply too coincidental. They were still thinking of how to not get too close to the enemy’s camps, but Starlight Island was essentially one of the Sixth Mainland’s main headquarters that they were using to invade the Neoverse! 

“Let’s run. We’ll be doomed if those Imprinters catch sight of us. The Sixth Mainland has numerous Imprinters, and even freaks like those World Imprinters might show up. We’re also finished if we run into any of the Realmlings, and the ones who rank just behind the Realmlings aren’t bad either. Let’s not wait around and get out of here right now,” Ling Que urgently suggested. 

Starsibyl’s eyes flashed. “We can’t run. The region that we just passed through was a part of Starlight Island’s inner territory, so there weren’t too many people there. However, if we want to leave, we’ll definitely have to cross through the outer region, and that place will be filled with the Sixth Mainland’s experts.” 

“That still has to be better than what’s up ahead of us! That’s Starlight Island!” Ling Que wailed.

Lu Yin’s expression suddenly changed. “There are people surrounding us, and they’ve already encircled us.”

He saw numerous rune lines approaching them from all directions.

“Could they have already found us?” Ling Que cried out in fear.

Lu Yin shook his head. “No.” 

“How do you know?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. These rune lines were not very powerful, and at most, these people were initial stage Hunters. If the trio had been discovered, then more powerful people would have been sent over. Of course, this was assuming that nobody within that group was hiding their strength. Some people could use techniques that concealed their power level, and those methods were also able to reduce the number of rune lines that Lu Yin could see. 

Lu Yin suddenly looked in a certain direction. “Let’s drop down to the seabed. People are coming.” 

Starsibyl and Ling Que did not oppose Lu Yin, as they had already seen his strength. Even if Starsibyl was confident that Lu Yin could not defeat her, it would absolutely be impossible for her to beat him as well. Lu Yin could be considered as one of the absolute top powerhouses beneath the Ten Arbiters. Among the Innerverse and Outerverse’s younger generation, only the top few experts of the Top 100 Rankings might be able to challenge him. Actually, it was possible that even Tai Yuanjun, who was ranked second, might not be able to match up to Lu Yin’s strength. It might be that only the person who stood at the top of the rankings, the one who was publicly acknowledged as the person who would take over one of the Ten Arbiters’ seats when they retired, could stand next to Lu Yin on equal footing. 

The trio hid on the bottom of the seafloor, and in the sky above them, thunder continued to rumble as lightning occasionally struck the ocean, causing everything to tremble.

In the distance, a giant ship slowly sailed along the ocean surface, not hiding in the slightest. At the ship’s bow, there was a young lord who was hugging a beautiful girl while talking in high spirits. Behind them were a dozen servants waiting on the youth. There was also a group of tied up cultivators scattered all over the ship. The ship was propelled along by neither oar nor machine. Rather, it was those captive cultivators who were dragging the ship along. They were indeed cultivators, but since they were forced to tow the ship with a rope, they were more like slaves. They were all cultivators from the Innerverse. 

The Sixth Mainland cultivators gathered from all directions to surround the ship. One particular Cruiser boarded the ship and respectfully said, “Your Highness, please show your ID and your imprint to be allowed to enter Starlight Island.” 

That young lord’s expression fell, and he walked over to the Cruiser. “This isn’t my first time visiting Starlight Island. You must be blind! The slaves that you see below were bought by me from Starlight Island.” 

That Cruiser was placed in a difficult position. “Your Highness, anyone who wishes to enter Starlight Island must display their imprint. You-”

Before the man could even finish speaking, the young lord slapped him with an open palm and sent the Cruiser flying from the ship. 

The Sixth Mainland cultivators surrounding the ship were angered, and they all moved forward as one. 

On the ship, among the dozen slaves, there was an older person who looked up and snorted. Star energy pressed downwards as thunder rumbled in the sky. The expressions of all the approaching Sixth Mainland cultivators changed; there was an expert aboard the ship. 

The Cruiser who had been slapped immediately declared his mistake. “Your subordinate was the one who is blind! Your Highness, please don’t be mistaken and please proceed.”

The young lord snorted. “Someone from a mere Imprinter's family dares to block me! You must be tired of living. Slap yourself.”

The mark of the young lord’s five fingers was still very clear on the Cruiser’s face. Upon hearing the young lord’s words, the Cruiser helplessly raised a hand and slapped himself.

“Hehehe.” The beautiful woman at the ship’s bow was delighted.

The young lord laughed and waved a hand. The ship then continued on towards Starlight Island.

After the ship had sailed a long ways away, the Cruiser finally stopped striking himself, and a cultivator approached him from behind and immediately offered some medication.

“So hateful! These young lords aren’t strong themselves, but they still abuse the rest of us and even dare to treat us military officials like this!” The subordinate was seething.

That Cruiser shook his head in a helpless manner. “Forget it. The elder among those slaves was an Enlighter at the very least, and we can’t offend such a powerhouse.”

“They’re too arrogant, to do that just because they have a powerhouse openly protecting them,” the cultivator replied.

Some distance away, the entire scene was seen by Lu Yin’s small group.

Ling Que watched the ship sail away with envy in his eyes.

Lu Yin had his own thoughts, and he looked over at Starsibyl.

Starsibyl’s eyes narrowed. “We can try it.”

Lu Yin nodded.

Ling Que was lost. “What are you guys talking about?”

Lu Yin patted his companion’s shoulder. “Have you ever enjoyed the experience of slapping someone?”

Ling Que was very honest, and he shook his head.

Lu Yin was satisfied. “You’ll be able to try it.” 

As they began to approach Starlight Island, the Sixth Mainland would have even more means of detecting intruders, and even the seabed would become dangerous. The trio dashed up, and then Lu Yin took out his collapsible spacecraft and moved inside it. Ling Que had an ugly expression on his face. 

“Come on, don’t be shy.” Lu Yin smiled at Ling Que. 

Ling Que’s mouth twisted, but he complied, picking up the vessel and holding it on his shoulder. Starsibyl also boarded the ship. 

Before long, the three youths were discovered, and they were even discovered by the same group that they had seen before, though the handprint had already disappeared from the Cruiser’s face. 

“Everyone, please show your IDs and display your imprints,” the Cruiser requested while keeping an eye on Ling Que, who was carrying the spacecraft on his shoulder. The Cruiser carefully observed the vessel, but it was indeed a spacecraft, and it was very impressive for this person to carry such a thing on his shoulder.

Who had ever seen a person carrying a spacecraft to transport it?

It was not only the Cruiser who was shocked, but all of the other Sixth Mainland cultivators were also staring at Ling Que and the spacecraft in amazement. This was pure genius! These people really knew how to entertain themselves. 

The hatch swung open, and Lu Yin emerged with one arm wrapped around Starsibyl and an arrogant expression on his face as he stared down at the Cruiser with blatant contempt in his eyes. “This isn’t my first time visiting Starlight Island. You must be blind! I bought that slave down below from Starlight Island myself.” 

This scene was too familiar. The Cruiser was completely taken aback while the other Sixth Mainland cultivators surrounding the trio were similarly stunned.

“That-” At this moment, the Cruiser felt a bit hesitant, as the sense of deja vu was too strong. He simply did not know how to reply. 

The Cruiser did not even get a chance to say another word as Ling Que raised a hand and directly slapped the man. Splat! A crisp sound rang out in all directions. “Scram!” 

The Cruiser instinctively backed off to the side and did not dare to stop these people.

None of the other cultivators in the area dared to react either. They simply all stared on in astonishment as Ling Que carried the spacecraft away while walking. 

High above the ocean, the storm raged and startled the Cruiser. His face was stinging, and there was still a blank expression on his face. What was going on today? It was just his bad luck to run into such ruthless people all on the same day. 

Within the spacecraft, Lu Yin let out a deep breath. These people had been easy to deal with, but if they had made a single move, then all of Starlight Island’s experts would have appeared, and Realmlings would have likely shown up as well. They would not have been able to escape from that situation, so this had been their only option. Fortunately, that young lord had provided them with a good example to follow. 

The spacecraft trembled a bit as Ling Que threw it down. “Alright, get out. Why are we still putting on this act?” 

Lu Yin casually answered, “There’s no rush. Just wait till we get to Starlight Island. Do you really think that nobody’s watching us? Don’t forget—there are Imprinters on Starlight Island, as well as World Imprinters and even Cosmic Imprinters.” 

Ling Que’s face twisted, and without any other choice, he picked the ship back up and continued to carry it onwards. 

Starsibyl calmly said, “The Sixth Mainland conducts stringent checks on all cultivators. Even if we manage to successfully get onto Starlight Island, we still won’t be able to openly walk around, as we’ll easily be discovered.” 

“Then just find somewhere to hide,” Lu Yin replied.

Ling Que sullenly carried the spacecraft forward as he continued walking towards Starlight Island step by step, leaving many astonished people in their wake.

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