Chapter 96: Astral-10 Arrives

“Don’t you want to know his situation? After all, he defeated Ghostfire,” the man asked, but Wendy didn’t even pause in reaction. Ghostfire? That was a nobody. The man watched as she walked out of sight, and his smile gradually vanished. He activated his gadget, “However you will.”

“Yes, Councillor Puyu,” Bazeer’s voice rang out.

Over the next two weeks, Lu Yin didn’t leave the Zishan Residence at all. On one hand, he tried to learn the Three Stacks technique and tried to mix it into his other battle techniques. On the other, he examined the star charts. He rolled his die in this period as well, but he found that it most often landed on Pilfer or Timestop. He’d never seen the roll of three before, while both six and two had only appeared once and weren’t quite useful. He eventually decided to hold off on the die for a while. He was rapidly running out of star crystals, but more importantly, he wasn’t doing too well mentally due to how often he was rolling. He would replenish his supplies before rolling again.

Just like that, about two months had passed since Lu Yin’s arrival at the Zenyu Star. It was at this point that news of Astral-10’s arrival shocked the entire Outerverse. The academy that carried the hopes of the younger generation of the Frostwave Weave had arrived.

There were countless institutions in the universe, but not one was at the level of the Astral Combat Academy. Astral-9 had created many geniuses in the Endless Weave when it arrived, and that success ensured the entire Outerverse kept up with the news. All 72 Outerverse weaves had been trying to pull another Astral Combat Academy out of the Innerverse for so many years, and Astral-10 had finally shown itself.

It wasn’t known to the general public where Astral-10 had appeared, nor even how it looked or how to enter it. Only some supreme powerhouses could glean this information, like The Undying Yushan of the Great Yu Empire or the lord of the Fireforge Planet. The Emperor informed the entire nation once he knew, and tasked Jue Lang, Huo Qingshan, and Rocky Auna—the captains of the Third, Fifth, and Ninth Squadrons respectively—as well as Crown Prince Dorren Yushan to lead the students towards Astral-10.

Lu Yin had also received notice that he could join the examination. While the trial on Earth was technically a failure, that didn’t stop some with special statuses like him, Jenny, or Lulu from participating. Once everyone was counted, the Great Yu Empire was sending almost a hundred elites. Thousands of participants arrived from across the Frostwave Weave, and many more from the other Outerverse weaves and even the Innerverse. It was anyone’s guess as to how many geniuses had actually gathered to join Astral-10.

Schutz and the other Hall Masters, as well as Huo Xiaoling, Jenny Auna, Raas, Xia Luo, Lulu… Lu Yin had high expectations as he looked at the namelist. There were many familiar names, but who knew how many people could enter the Tenth Academy. Eh? There was Ghostfire too, this person also followed the Great Yu Empire’s procession.

Lu Yin suddenly thought of the seductive Mira, the Red Lotus Witchbow. Only by joining Astral-10 and achieving something for her to be proud of would he be recommended to join the Outerverse Youth Council. He truly did believe she could get him in there; she came from the Ten Arbiters’ Council, after all. Home had only asked him to join the Great Yu Empire’s Youth Council; he couldn’t wait to see their jaws drop when he went above and beyond.

As he was lost in thought, his gadget beeped a notification. He looked down and glanced at it, only to be filled with surprise, “Bazeer is inviting me to a banquet?”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Gerbach called him at that moment, and Lu Yin switched on video. The Hall Master asked immediately, “Did Bazeer invite you?”

Lu Yin nodded, “You too?”

“More accurately, he invited all students heading for the Astral-10 examination. Are you going?”

Lu Yin was confused. From Ghostfire’s attitude, he knew the Outerverse Youth Council did not like him, perhaps due to something related to Wendy Yushan. Participating in this banquet now could be inviting trouble for himself.

“Lu Yin, you’d better go. Bazeer is a member of the Outerverse Youth Council, and definitely knows some news about the Astral Combat Academy,” Gerbach was serious.

That was right. Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed, “Alright, I’ll go.”

Gerbach nodded and switched his screen off.

That night, many students gathered in the top-floor ballroom of the Zenyu Star’s Great Yu Hotel. Quite a few of them were from influential families, like Raas, Wukai Mathers, Huo Xiaoling, and Jenny Auna. It was practically full when Lu Yin arrived. The first person he noticed was Schutz, who was far too unconventional compared to the rest. While the others were all dressed for the occasion, he was the same as normal with his bare upper body, as though he was afraid others wouldn’t notice the scars littering his skin. It was in strong contrast to someone like Raas who was dressed like a peacock spreading its tail.

This was supposedly a banquet, but in reality, it was a networking session for those of the Great Yu Empire. After all, they were headed to Astral-10 for the examination soon, and it would be best if they could help each other. Lu Yin’s gaze swept across Huo Xiaoling and the heirs of other influential families, landing at the corner of the long table where Gerbach was busy tearing through a giant chunk of meat.

“Why are you here? Go make friends with some people,” the man spat out, some minced pork falling out of his mouth and scaring an elegantly-dressed lady who left in disgust. She even tried to clean her hands before she left.

Lu Yin shrugged, “Not interested, why is no one looking for you? You’re a hall master of Yu Academy after all, and one of the top experts in the Empire.” 

Gerbach sneered, “Not many know me.”

Lu Yin laughed, “But everyone has heard of your name.”

Bang! Gerlaine appeared from nowhere and glared at Lu Yin, “You dare to show up?”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “What? I helped you in the trial, after all.”

“You…” Gerlaine raged, but then she saw her brother watching and stopped. She’d hidden the fact of her being robbed because she didn’t want the humiliation.

Lu Yin’s lips curved and he stuffed a piece of meat into her mouth, “Eat up, you might not get to eat much when we reach Astral-10.”

She glared at him fiercely, then threw the meat away and left.

“This brat has no manners,” Gerbach was discontent.

“She’s still young, she should have some temper. She’s still pretty good compared to some others.”

“Really?” Gerbach did not believe him.

Lu Yin told him to watch and slowly walked over to Jenny Auna, “Hello, Miss Jenny.”

When she turned around and saw him, her expression grew overcast in an instant. As she snorted and left, Lu Yin turned back and smiled at Gerbach, “See? Your sister’s temper is still pretty decent.”

Gerbach nodded, “Hmm, looks like we raised her well.”

Those who were nearby felt like facepalming and left without a word.

In the distance, Huo Xiaoling was talking to Huo Zhong, who saw him and nodded with a smile. Lu Yin nodded back in reply; the two of them hadn’t interacted before, and this was enough greeting.

“Xiaoling, King Zishan is very powerful. You might not be able to beat him even as a Melder,” Huo Zhong said earnestly.

Huo Xiaoling grunted and glanced at Lu Yin. Like Jenny Auna, she always remembered the time that Lu Yin had threatened them. But this person’s progress was just too fast; she had seen Lu YIn’s battle with Ghostfire; that sort of speed had left her feeling helpless. Even his battle experience was vaster than hers.

On the other hand, the opulent Raas was red as a tomato as a youth opposite him commented, “You actually have the guts to come here even after your failure in the trial. If not for your father, you wouldn’t be qualified to be anywhere near here.”

“I beat you once before, Ayker.”

Ayker maintained his tone, “That was in the past. Besides, you failed your trial and shouldn’t qualify for the Astral Combat Academy. Just get lost now so someone more capable can take your place, haha!”

Raas was enraged, but he could not retort.

The banquet was a social venue, especially for those that were about to face the Astral Combat Academy’s examination. They had to unite in response to the other powers, and the Huo and Auna Families were completely surrounded by people. Many also tried to be friendly with the likes of Tianming and Logan, but only a few approached Lu Yin or Gerbach. The former had especially offended too many people, and he was only a Sentinel. There were almost no Sentinels from the Great Yu Empire that would be participating in this examination, and no one bothered with them.

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