Chapter 958: Chaotic Battle

Lu Yin casually flicked Que’s Mighty Slash aside, and at the same time, he seized Ling Que’s entire body. “Talk. Why are you here?” 

Ling Que bellowed back, “That’s exactly what I wanted to ask you!”

At this moment, Yuan Shi and Ancestor Sightless appeared in the sky, fighting.

Ling Que blankly stared at the two powerhouses, and even if he was any slower in the head, he still would have realized that something was off. A group of people had suddenly appeared in this place and started fighting. He suddenly thought of something and looked over at Lu Yin strangely. “Weren’t you in the Outerverse?” 

Lu Yin grabbed Ling Que tightly. “The Astral River was torn apart, and we fought our way through.”

“You guys must be crazy! Just the Outerverse alone dared to fight their way into the Innerverse?” Ling Que cried out in surprise.

At that moment, a giant hammer soared through the sky and far into the distance while an endless sword qi rose into the sky and sliced at the hammer. 

Ling Que’s expression changed. “The elder was discovered, so the plan is going to be pushed forward. We were going to rob this transport.”

Lu Yin released Ling Que and stared off into the distance. That streak of sword qi just now did not belong to anyone from the Outerverse. Even if the wielder’s power level had been suppressed to below 200,000, Lu Yin was certain that the sword wielder was extremely powerful. Just their sword qi had instilled a sense of fear within him, and it even surpassed what he had felt from Liu Qiuyu. There was someone with Ling Que, and they had been hiding for a long time. This person was an expert. 

“Robbing? Who else is here aside from you?” Lu Yin asked.

Ling Que proudly answered, “Many people! These resources belong to my Innerverse, so it’s impossible for us to let the Sixth Mainland take them away.”

At this point in time, multiple battles had broken out all across the treasure continent. When Ancestor Sightless’s teleported all of the Outerverse cultivators onto this continent with his innate gift, they had also been separated. The people from the Outerverse, the Tong family, and the Sightless Clan had all been scattered across the continent at random. 

Separation was not a good thing for the Outerverse cultivators, as there were simply too many enemies from the Sixth Mainland, especially when the escort crew was taken into consideration. The number of experts escorting the treasure continent were no fewer than the combined power of the Tong family and the Sightless Clan that had invaded the Outerverse. If nothing unexpected happened, then once a bit of time passed, perhaps everyone from the Outerverse would be either killed or captured. 

However, if there were other Innerverse cultivators like Ling Que who had been lying in ambush on the treasure continent, then things were different. Since these people dared to attack this continent that was transporting so many resources, they must have had a certain degree of confidence.

However, Ancestor Sightless’s innate gift had separated everyone from the Outerverse, and some of them had appeared in very unlucky places. For example, one fellow had appeared right in front of the Toolcasting family’s Ninth Stage Augmenter, and he had been instantly crushed into a puddle of blood. Others had appeared in the area where the Innerverse cultivators were being imprisoned. 

On the entire continent, the place that had the strictest security was where the imprisoned Innerverse cultivators were being held. There were three Fourth Stage Augmenters guarding the prisons, and these existences had power levels of roughly 400,000—Enlighters. One of the guards was even a Seventh Stage Augmenter, and their power level surpassed 720,000. 

Even if Yuan Shi wanted to break these people out at this time, it would take him some time to do so.

However, there were others who were extremely lucky. They appeared right behind where the prisoners were being kept, and they managed to successfully release the Innerverse cultivators. 

Chaotic battles broke out all over the continent. There were the Outerverse cultivators, the Innerverse cultivators lying in ambush like Ling Que, as well as the released Innerverse prisoners. All of these people caused the Fifth Mainland’s forces to swell until they almost matched the Sixth Mainland’s. Simply too many Innerverse cultivators had been released. 

Throughout the Sixth Mainland’s entire campaign against the Innerverse, this was the most unlucky resource transportation continent.

The entire continent descended into chaos.

Also, the person who had organized the ambushing Innerverse cultivators, like Ling Que, was Starsibyl. It was not the Starsibyl who had been at the Astral Combat Academy, but rather the one who had appeared at the Sea King’s Dome and chatted with Lu Yin. 

Even with Starsibyl’s calm and calculating personality, at this moment, she felt a bit lost and was not certain exactly about what was happening. However, since they had been exposed, their only option now was to fight their way out. 

The most frustrated person at this moment was the Ninth Stage Augmenter from the Toolcasting family. Everything had been going smoothly, and just as planned. Previously, their worst issue had been some mice that had sneaked aboard, but those pests could be easily taken care of. However, they had ended up running into a battle involving Ancestor Sightless, and that man just had to bring all those Outerverse experts over, which even allowed the Innerverse prisoners to escape. If the guilty party was not Ancestor Sightless, then the Augmenter would have actually suspected them of being a spy of the Fifth Mainland. 

Lu Yin and Ling Que were both quickly discovered, and a group of Sixth Mainland cultivators surrounded the two youths. Lu Yin instantly attacked. Since he had returned to the Innerverse, he had already removed his universal armor. However, since there was the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon, there was not much reason for him to even bother wearing the armor.

However, Ling Que had a serene expression. “You slaves of this rigid cultivation system, you guys have no future. You guys…” 

Lu Yin looked at the other man with a strange look. “What are you doing?”

Ling Que answered in full seriousness, “I’m trying to see if I can scare them to death.”

Lu Yin was left speechless; this fellow had gone crazy! 

Lu Yin himself did not remember how, back when he had possessed a Sixth Mainland cultivator, he had walked up to Ling Que’s face and then killed himself. This event had shocked Ling Que quite badly, and he had subsequently developed a habit of always trying to talk his enemies to death, as he felt that talking people to death was much more impressive than straightforwardly killing them. Although he had not succeeded yet, he had never tired of it. 

Lu Yin ignored him, as the man was nuts. 

The Ghost Monkey was similarly astonished. “Seventh Bro, has the Innerverse been suppressed this badly? Can someone actually go this crazy?”

There was a lake not too far away from Lu Yin and Ling Que, and some bizarre ores had been stored at the lake’s bottom. These ores were special ones that could only be preserved in water.

Among the ores, there was a stunning lady who slowly opened her eyes as she retrieved a simple lyre from her cosmic ring. She then began to slowly play it. 

The song was melodious, but it was also filled with a boundless killing intent. 

As the music played, it gradually spread across the treasure continent and formed a domain that seemed to be able to differentiate between friend and foe. 

The melody passed by Lu Yin, though it made him pause. This was a very powerful domain.

When the melody came in contact with the Sixth Mainland cultivators, many of them felt their thoughts freeze, and they fainted in droves. 

Ling Que stopped saying nonsense, and he suddenly looked excited. “It’s Elder Redmoon!”

Lu Yin felt lost. “Who?”

Ling Que explained, “She’s one of the elders from the Souldream Tribe, and her power level is higher than 400,000. Shockingly, her strength even approaches that of an Envoy. She was the only Souldream Tribe member who was able to escape when the tribe was captured by the Sixth Mainland.”

“Even the Souldream Tribe was captured?” Lu Yin was shocked. He remembered that someone had once said that the stronger powers from the Innerverse had mostly escaped.

Ling Que sighed. “The Souldream Tribe can be considered unlucky, but who decided to make them so beautiful? They caught the attention of the Toolcasting family, and those despicable people decided to distribute the tribe members as spoils of war. During these years, quite a few of the Souldream Tribe’s girls have been given out as prizes, and some have already been sent back to the Sixth Mainland as trophies.” 

Lu Yin’s expression sank, and he involuntarily clenched his hands into fists.

He had certain connections with the Souldream Tribe, and Xi Yue could even be considered somewhat of a friend. On Planet Pyrolyte, he had struck a deal with the Souldream Tribe, and he had even rescued some of their members while there. He had not expected the tribe to suddenly face such an unexpected calamity, and their fate was even worse than the Starfall Sea’s. 

Ling Que’s eyes grew dim. Actually, he had a choice to opt out of participating in this ambush on the transportation treasure continent, but when the Sixth Mainland had invaded the Soulseal Flowzone, the Lingling Clan had abandoned the Souldream Tribe to escape. This had become a guilty weight on Ling Que, so he had decided to join this attack because of it. He had joined not just because these resources belonged to the Innerverse, but more so because he wanted to rescue the members of the Souldream Tribe. 

Although he acted quite pompous and seemed unreliable on the surface, at least he had a persistent heart. 

“Let’s go find Elder Redmoon. She has a power vessel known as Moonlyre, and it is simply too powerful in large battlefields. Someone will definitely try to deal with her,” Ling Que said.

Lu Yin nodded, and the two made their way towards the lake.

They were not the only ones moving over. Every Innerverse cultivator who heard the melody and was a part of the raid team charged towards that particular lake. Long ago, they had all agreed upon this strategy. Elder Redmoon’s domain was able to envelop the entire treasure continent, and her melody domain was able to cause too much damage to the Sixth Mainland, so she had to be protected. 

If one looked down at the continent from high above, they would see that countless people were converging upon the lake from all directions. Cultivators from the Innerverse as well as ones from the Sixth Mainland moved as though a life and death battle was about to unfold at the lake. 

A giant hammer crashed down towards the lake from high in the sky. A true expert from the Toolcasting family had arrived, and they were a Fourth Stage Augmenter at the very least. Although their power level had been suppressed, the power that they were able to unleash was still enough to leave many of the Outerverse cultivators in awe. 

One figure dashed up from the bottom of the lake and charged towards the hammer.

There was a thump as shockwaves spread out in all directions. In the end, the figure spat out a mouthful of blood as they were pounded back into the lake.

The void split open, and an old man appeared above the surface of the lake with a hammer gripped in one hand. There was a symbol that consisted of four segments embossed into the hammer, which was the symbol of a Fourth Stage Augmenter.

“Little one, for you to be able to receive my hammer, you clearly have great potential. Follow me back to the Sixth Mainland, and I can let you join my Toolcasting family.” The elder held his hammer as he looked down with cold eyes. 

On the surface of the lake, a figure looked up. This person was a young male, but he was just a Cruiser. This young man was Cang Mu, and he was a follower of the Ten Arbiters’ War King, and he was also ranked ninth on the Top 100 Rankings, which surpassed even Cool Sis. He was one of the top members of his generation in the Innerverse. 

“Old man, your hammer isn’t much.” Cang Mu spat out a mouthful of blood and sneered at the Augmenter.

The elder snorted. “You must be tired of living!”

The hammer then crashed down towards the lake once again. At that moment, the melody floating out from beneath the lake surged, and visible ripples swept up towards the old man. 

As a great elder of the Souldream Tribe, Elder Redmoon’s true power level surpassed 450,000, and she was very close to the Envoy level. She was the Souldream Tribe’s top expert, and she was also using the Souldream Tribe’s strongest power vessel, Moonlyre. With the power vessel’s reinforcement, she was unafraid of any powerhouse at her level, but she was facing one of the Toolcasting family’s Fourth Stage Augmenters. 

The Toolcasting family was different from all the other families and powers from the Sixth Mainland simply because they had a Empyrean Imprinter. Each and every weapon that any expert from the Toolcasting family used was something that had been personally forged by them alone. Thus, their weapons suited them the best and allowed them to use their peak strength. 

This Fourth Stage Augmenter had a power level that exceeded 400,000 as well, but on top of that, he also had his martial print and an imprint. He used his hammer to smash away the ripples of the musical notes.

Although both powerhouses were fighting while suppressing their power levels to below 200,000, Elder Redmoon ended up being just one notch inferior to the Fourth Stage Augmenter in both offense and defense. This slight but vital difference between the cultivators of the Innerverse and the Sixth Mainland was commonly seen during the war.

With his hammer, the old man smashed away the musical notes and then valiantly charged towards the bottom of the lake with his hammer raised, ready to smash it down onto Fei Yue. 

Cang Mu roared and dashed over in a desperate attempt to use his body as a shield.

The old man sneered; just an ant.

At that moment, the old man caught a glimpse of a cold light in the corner of his eye as it streaked over. He frowned and shifted his hammer to sweep out in the direction of the approaching flash. The Que’s Mighty Slash was shattered within the void, and in the distance, Ling Que spat out a mouthful of blood. The figure originally charging towards the lake suddenly froze, as if it had been smashed by something. 

The Que’s Mighty Slash had caused the hammer to change directions. Thus, it did not strike Cang Mu, who then took advantage of this opportunity to attack the Augmenter. However, his attacks did not harm the old man in the slightest. The elder’s star energy was easily able to suppress the youth, and even the void was solidified by his powerful star energy. He then raised a hand and reached out towards Cang Mu’s neck. 

Elder Redmoon suddenly leaped up from the bottom of the lake, her lyre’s strings vibrating and unleashing sonic booms that blasted towards the Augmenter. 

The old man grabbed at Cang Mu with one hand while his other lifted his hammer up high and smashed it back down as he completely ignored Elder Redmoon.

To this expert from the Toolcasting family, such a gentle attack was not enough to delay him by even the slightest bit.

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