Chapter 956: Eyes

Nobody really knew just how many items Lu Yin had, and although the Sightless Clan expert’s finger struck Lu Yin, it could not break through his universal armor’s defenses. This armor had not been upgraded to the point where it could withstand attacks with power levels of 400,000 like the last one, but it was still able to withstand attacks with power levels of about 300,000. 

The attack from the man from the Sightless Clan was fruitless, and Lu Yin grinned savagely at the man. “My turn.”

He then pressed a single palm against the Enlighter’s abdomen, which was instantly stained red with the blood of the Sightless Clan expert. “Hundred Stacks, Hundredfold Shockwave Palm.” 

With a solid thump, the Sightless Clan expert spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying. Lu Yin was just about to continue giving chase when the expert suddenly whirled around as white lines wrapped around his body. Lu Yin’s pupils shrank as he watched the powerhouse’s number of rune lines suddenly spike. 

Before, the attack from Millions City’s cannon had reduced the Enlighter’s rune lines to the point where they were about equal to Ye Gui and Topmist’s. However, at this moment, the number of his rune lines had rapidly increased. What was going on? 

The Sixth Mainland’s Blackblood Realm, Sightless Clan. The entire clan possessed a bloodline that left them without sight, and they also all shared another characteristic: cocoonify. This ability allowed exceptionally talented clan members to boost their own cultivation realms. Additionally, when they were on the brink of death, they could experience a rebirth through the cocoon while also upgrading their power level. This was the Sightless Clan, and they were the only Cosmic Imprinter family in the Blackblood Realm. 

Lu Yin watched as the Sightless Clan’s expert’s rune lines increased explosively and seemingly endlessly. From behind Lu Yin, a slash of sword qi streaked by and sliced through the Enlighter’s body, cutting through the white lines that had wrapped around the expert. Liu Qiuyu had launched another attack after sensing that something was amiss. 

An endless amount of sword qi tore through the void and fell down upon the cocoon.

Although the Sightless Clan’s expert’s recovery ability and cocoonify were very mysterious, the clan members were not invincible. Liu Qiuyu seemed to completely disregard his own survival as he slashed down with a boundless sword qi. Over a thousand swords were unleashed all at once, which was finally enough to stop the momentum of cocoonify. When the white lines were about to completely break down, the Sightless Clan expert still only had half of his body, but his power level had partially recovered, to around 300,000 at best. 

The expert glared at Liu Qiuyu with venomous eyes before turning to leave.

At this time, all he wanted to do was retreat to the rear and recuperate from his injuries; he had no plans to continue fighting against these people. Also, given how much strength he had managed to recover, none of these people would dare to stop him either. 

However, the Enlighter had forgotten about Lu Yin. Although the youth was shocked by the Sightless Clan’s bloodline ability, he still had not given up. He was willing to gamble against an opponent with a power level of 300,000. After thinking about it, Lu Yin pulled out the beaded bracelet that he had received from Yuan Shi and tapped out: Dream Finger. One of the five pearls on the bracelet melted into his body, and the power level of his Dream Finger absurdly increased by 300,000. 

This finger caused the void to congeal and space itself to tremble.

It also caused a pair of clear eyes to open once again in that foreign sky that revealed their displeasure. This caused an event to take place in the depths of the Starfall Sea, as the third door, which had been opened and then resealed, opened slightly once more. 

At this same time, Yuan Shi blocked Ancestor Sightless’ attack and threw the inherited arrow at him.

Logically, this arrow was something that was within Ancestor Tong’s expectations. Even if it could hurt him, it should not be able to severely injure him. 

This was also what Yuan Shi believed to be the case. However, he had no other choice but to do this and could only proceed. At this moment, the only thing that remained to be seen was whether or not Progenitor Wushang's hide would be able to allow Yuan Shi to achieve a miraculous effect. 

But right at that moment, Lu Yin coincidentally tapped out with his Dream Finger which had a power level that had been increased by 300,000. This action had garnered the notice of that pair of clear eyes that belonged to an unhappy owner. This had then resulted in the large door in the depths of the Starfall Sea to open slightly, which caused an endless might to sweep through the large door and into the Starfall Sea. It broke through the endless void and shot through the Innerverse and Astral River until it finally arrived at the battlefield. In that instant, Ancestor Tong, Ancestor Sightless, and Yuan Shi were all immobilized. The three top experts on the battlefield felt as though the sky was collapsing, and the pressure of an unimaginable strength left them without the courage to even twitch. 

The infinite might descended upon them and formed a verdant jade finger that tapped against Lu Yin. In response, Lu Yin raised his head, and his pupils abruptly shrank. This was his first time seeing that jade finger while in a conscious state. At this moment, an endless rage erupted within him, and he defiantly barked, “Audacious!”

The jade finger suddenly pressed down, with the intent of reducing Lu Yin to a puddle of blood. But at the same instance, the jade talisman that Mister Mu had given to Lu Yin suddenly flew out and blocked that finger while still in midair. The talisman shattered, but the jade finger also dissipated. 

Everything that had just happened felt like an illusion; the large door in the depths of Starfall Sea had closed itself tightly, and the clear pair of eyes had also closed themselves. At the present moment, there was only Ancestor Tong clutching at his neck, as fresh blood was running down from it without end. 

Right when the jade finger with a boundless might had descended, they had all been left unable to move, but Yuan Shi had already thrown out the inherited arrow, and as a result, the lone arrow had pierced straight through Ancestor Tong’s neck. The arrow contained the strength of the Arrow Progenitor, and it had decimated Ancestor Tong’s vitality. He was currently immobilized and had unbelievably been injured. 

The more powerful one was, the more clearly they would be able to feel the power that had just descended upon the battlefield. Out of everyone present, only the three Cosmic Imprinters had been able to feel that strength; even the Enlighter from the Sightless Clan had felt nothing despite being extremely close to the finger. 

If he had not personally seen the jade finger, then Lu Yin would never have been able to sense that strength either even though that power had been about to obliterate him. 

Lu Yin’s entire body was left trembling—not from fear, but rather from suppressing his rage. He did not know why such wrath had welled up within him, but he simply could not control it. Whose jade finger had that belonged to? And why had it suddenly appeared? If not for the jade talisman that Lu Yin had received from Mister Mu, would he have died there? 

At this moment, thunder echoed through space, and Ancestor Sightless appeared. He quickly grabbed Ancestor Tong and charged back towards the Astral River. “Retreat!”

That one word had determined the final outcome of this battle: the Sixth Mainland had been defeated.

Across the battlefield, everyone was still stunned when Yuan Shi appeared, holding Progenitor Wushang's hide as he chased after the Cosmic Imprinters fleeing towards the Astral River. In his other hand, he still held that arrow, though fresh blood had stained the arrowhead.

Lu Yin looked over; had Yuan Shi emerged victorious?

“Pursue them! Eliminate everyone from the Sixth Mainland!” Yuan Shi ordered.

Countless people from the Outerverse became excited. “Kill, kill, kill…”

The experts from the Sixth Mainland’s Tong family and Sightless Clan felt a chill crawl down their spines, as their two Venerables had just been defeated. Who else could stand up to the Outerverse’s Cosmic Imprinter? Not a single person dared to stay behind, and they all fled towards the edge of the Astral River.

The battleships continuously fired their attacks, and light beams filled the heavens and indiscriminately rained down upon the fleeing combatants from the Sixth Mainland as they fled towards the Astral River. 

Right before Lu Yin’s eyes, the Enlighter from the Sightless Clan who had only recovered half of his body had actually died as the Dream Finger that Lu Yin had unleashed and boosted by a power level of 300,000 had killed the man. His corpse was floating through space and drifting into the distance. 

Lu Yin let out a deep breath. He did not have much time to think, so he quickly snagged the dead Enlighter’s cosmic ring, used the man’s fresh blood to open it, and then poured everything within the ring into his own. Lu Yin’s actions were practiced and smooth, and after he finished, he chased after Yuan Shi and slaughtered as many fleeing enemies as he could while making his way towards the Astral River. 

Liu Qiuyu and the others had also moved out to chase the retreating army.

Lan Si, Wendy Yushan, and even Black Mask killed the fleeing cultivators as they fled towards the Astral River.

All of the defenders had believed that the battle did not bode well for them, and they had never imagined that they would actually emerge victorious. Yuan Shi’s power raised the crowd’s morale to new heights. They no longer feared the Sixth Mainland, as they all felt that, as long as Yuan Shi was present, they would have nothing to fear even if two more of the Sixth Mainland’s ultimate powerhouses showed up. 

In fact, even Yuan Shi himself was in a daze. After he had shot out that arrow, where had that boundless might suddenly come from? He could only think of that absolute expert who had shifted the border in Endless Weave, as only that person seemed capable of doing such a thing. 

That person was the most powerful entity in the Outerverse, and he had perhaps reached the level of a Semi-Progenitor. 

In an instant, Yuan Shi overtook the Sixth Mainland’s normal cultivators and vanished from the crowd’s sight as he chased after Ancestor Sightless. 

At this time, the battle between Astral-9's Headmaster and the Sightless Clan’s final Imprinter had also come to a conclusion. Astral-9's Headmaster had won, but the defeated Imprinter had not been injured that badly, and he was even able to block the Outerverse’s pursuit and protect the fleeing Sixth Mainland cultivators. 

Millions City shot out powerful light beams that shot over the Outerverse’s forces and continued on to fly at the Sixth Mainland cultivators.

The Sightless Clan Imprinter tried to block this attack as well, but he was repelled by the combination of Astral-9's Headmaster and Elder He. Thus, Million City’s light beam was unobstructed as it detonated within the passageway that had been torn through the Astral River, obliterating countless people from the Sixth Mainland. 

Once Lu Yin took out two Imprinters, the Sixth Mainland’s forces had only relied solely on Ancestor Tong and Ancestor Sightless to win this battle. No matter how many Enlighters there were, or how powerful they might be, cultivators at their level could not change the overall situation, and in the end, the invaders had ultimately been defeated. Yuan Shi’s victory had also added some good luck into the mix. 

The final result was that the two large families from the Sixth Mainland were chased down like stray dogs. 

Beneath the surface of Millions City, Qiong Shanhai’s face had gone pale. Each time Millions City’s cannons fired, they consumed a tremendous amount of resources. This battle had devoured an unfathomable amount of the city’s reserves, and they were nearly exhausted by now. He decided not to fire the cannon again, as he could not cripple Millions City over just a single battle. In any case, the Sixth Mainland’s invasion had already failed. 

Millions City did not need to attack any longer, as Astral-9's Headmaster and Elder He worked together to send the Sixth Mainland cultivators to their graves. 

Right behind the two Envoys were Yu Mu, Yuehua Mavis, and the other Enlighters, closely followed by the next batch of experts that consisted of people like Lan Si and Lu Yin. 

The Astral River was torn apart, leaving a large gap. While the Sixth Mainland cultivators retreated, the remaining Imprinter from the Sightless Clan pulled out all sorts of various strange creatures from the Astral River to block the aggressive defenders. Although the beasts were all massive, they were only as strong as Cruiser realm cultivators at best, and they were able to do nothing more than block the defenders’ vision or stall them for a moment. 

Against the Fifth Mainland cultivators’ onslaught, the Imprinter continued to drag out more creatures from the Astral River. 

Lu Yin used the Yu Secret Art to throw over an Ultra Flash Tearbomb. He did not know if it would be of any use, but there was no harm in trying.

The outcome proved that it was indeed useless. Such a weapon might be useful against Enlighters, as they could temporarily blind powerhouses at that level, but they were useless against Imprinters, and they were particularly useless against the Imprinter from the Sightless Clan.

Quite a few gave Lu Yin strange looks. These invaders were from Sightless Clan and had no eyes at all, so why had he still tossed out a flash bomb? Was he simply not thinking?

Lu Yin felt embarrassed, as he was simply too used to throwing such toys about.

Before long, the remaining invaders from the Sixth Mainland had escaped to a place that was close to the Innerverse. The Sightless Clan’s Imprinter protected their rear without any consideration for his life, forcing himself to endure the attacks of Astral-9's Headmaster and Elder He. Behind the Imprinter, the few surviving Enlighters were unable to endure the combined might of two Envoys, and they all died. This even included the Tong family’s Elder Yuan as well as a few experts from the Sightless Clan. 

If another intense battle broke out between the two sides at this moment, then the strength of the two families from the Sixth Mainland would no longer be comparable to the Outerverse’s. Even in terms of Enlighters, the Outerverse would come out on top.

The Outerverse’s group became even more excited when they saw the heavy casualties that the Sixth Mainland had suffered, and their bloodthirsty cries shook the sky. 

Lu Yin was the same. Against the invaders from the Sixth Mainland, this was their first time gaining such a distinct advantage. If they did not eliminate these two great families, then they would fail to live up to the momentum generated by Yuan Shi’s arrow.

Suddenly, Lu Yin froze, as he looked beneath himself in shock.

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