Chapter 955: An Emotional Scene

Across from Yuan Shi, Ancestor Tong and Ancestor Sightless were rendered speechless. Were Progenitor items really that easy to obtain? Where had this old man gotten another one from?

The Neo-Vestige Sect’s inherited arrows originated from the Sixth Mainland’s Arrow Progenitor, but they could not be considered true Progenitor arrows. Still, this arrow had once been used by the Arrow Progenitor in the past. The Arrow Mountain Elder had used one inherited arrow during the Sixth Mainland’s first invasion of the Outerverse, and it had been taken away by a World Imprinter since Yuan Shi had not dared to reveal his true power at that time. 

To hide his true strength at that time, Yuan Shi had been able to do nothing but merely watch on as the Sixth Mainland had taken the arrow away. It had all been for the greater good.  

But now that the ancient powerhouse had received another inherited arrow, it was time for him to reveal his true strength.  

Lu Yin felt that this was a true pity. If he had remembered this matter a bit earlier, then he would have made sure that the inherited arrow that Gong Ling had used would have been given to Yuan Shi beforehand. That would have been less of a waste than letting Gong Ling use it as he had.  

Such a person simply did not have the strength to harness the true power of a Progenitor item. 

Gong Ling was an Enlighter with a power level that was greater than 200,000, and yet, he had been able to injure an Imprinter with that arrow. Someone like Yuan Shi would have been capable of doing far more with that arrow, and the strength of his attack would have been incomparable. 

In an instant, the top three powerhouses all disappeared.

“Kill!” someone’s voice boomed out, startling many people. After that, the battle resumed.  

Countless light beams from the numerous battleships in the back shot through outer space, all aimed in the direction of the Astral River.  

Explorers, Cruisers, Hunters, and Enlighters all fought against each other. 

People died every second. 

Lu Yin saw an Enlighter be killed by a sneak attack from the Arrow of Valiance. 

The child-like assassin from Aegis almost managed to kill an Enlighter from the Sixth Mainland, but he was ambushed by yet another Enlighter, who destroyed the assassin’s heart. 

Moore died. Lu Yin saw a young man from the Sixth Mainland stab the councilor with a knife. 

He had been a councilor on West San Dios, and he had also been ranked twelfth on the Top 100 Rankings, but none of that had been enough to save him from dying a terrible death at the hands of a young elite from the Sightless Clan. 

“Stop, stop!” A sharp voice echoed in the distance. Granny Chan had been killed by an expert from the Tong family.  

It seemed like a talented expert was dying every second. 

Lu Yin unleashed his domain as he witnessed Granny Chan’s death. Killing a person was like extinguishing a candle; their enmity had ended then and there. 

Not many people had willingly stepped onto this battlefield. Instead, most of them had been forcefully conscripted. 

For instance, it was extremely unlikely for the assassins from Aegis to be willing to sacrifice themselves for the Outerverse, and the same was even more true for someone like Granny Chan. The experts from the Innerverse all looked down upon the Outerverse, and thus, it was preposterous for them to willingly sacrifice themselves for it.  

Nevertheless, regardless of whether their participation was forced or voluntary, all of the sacrifices for the Outerverse would make these people war heroes. 

In the distance, wooden figures trapped an expert from the Sightless Clan. However, after a short while, all of the wooden figures shattered. Mu Nichang watched as an expert descended before her, but at the same time, a fierce attack with the Overlaying Stacks Path swept by and sent the Sightless Clan expert flying. It was Lan Si, and he had once again saved Mu Nichang, which caused her to start tearing up. 

No matter how bitter the fighting became, the final outcome still depended on the three individuals at the Cosmic Imprinter level. 

With a thud, one of Lu Yin’s items was completely destroyed. It was a power vessel that had been upgraded in the same session as Elder Wu’s poisons. Lu Yin was not surprised that the item had been destroyed, as all power vessels had limits, and exceeding those limits would cause the power vessel to be completely destroyed.  

Lu Yin released a sigh.

Suddenly, a bit of residual light shone out, and the sky was filled with rune lines moving away from the center of the battlefield. They belonged to an Enlighter from the Sightless Clan who had a power level greater than 400,000. This attack was not aimed at any of the Outerverse Enlighters, as it was actually intended to destroy the battleships at the back of the battlefield. 

Aside from the battleships at the back of the battlefield, there were also many cultivators who had not become Explorers there. Wei Rong and many others were all at the back, and they were all inside the battleships. 

To begin with, the Outerverse had far fewer Enlighters than the Sixth Mainland, and despite such a powerful enemy launching an attack, none of the Outerverse’s Enlighters were able to block it. 

Lu Yin panicked, and he rushed over. 

The battleships were all evenly lined up across the entire region. When an expert from the Sightless Clan drew close, all of the battleships’ systems started failing one by one. This Sightless Clan expert was someone who had received Ancestor Sightless’s imprint, and with the wave of a hand, star energy coalesced into a massive attack that swept through a vast area. Just one attack was enough to eliminate all of the Outerverse’s battleships and supply ships that had been positioned at the back of the battlefield. 

Even space itself was unable to withstand this attack. 

Ye Gui, Topmist, and Liu Qiuyu were responsible for protecting the battleships, and when they saw the massive attack heading towards them, Ye Gui and Topmist were both at a loss for what to do. They were both Enlighters, but their power levels were only slightly above 200,000. On top of that, they were more skilled at guerilla warfare and were rather inept at dealing with direct attacks. Liu Qiuyu was the only one who stepped up, and a solemn expression appeared on his face.  

He had been the former patriarch of the Sword Sect’s Liu family, but he had voluntarily abdicated his position when he had reached a power level of 290,000. He was considered the weakest patriarch that the Liu family had ever had. In reality, he had never even wanted to become the patriarch. If given a choice, he would have preferred to oversee the Autumnspring Fort in Ironblood Weave and help humankind protect the border.  

When faced with an attack that had a power level of over 300,000, Liu Qiuyu simply took a deep breath as he slowly drew his sword and thrust it forward to defend. 

He had not inherited the Thirteen Swords, but this move was not a bit inferior to the top three moves of the Thirteen Swords. Liu Qiuyu had been just like Liu Xiaoyun; although neither of them had inherited the Thirteen Swords, they still wanted to obtain sword skills comparable to the Thirteen Swords. This move was one that Liu Qiuyu had developed after spending countless years in Ironblood Weave. Most of the moves that he had developed carried the spirit of Ironblood Weave, and they were completely different from the Sword Sect’s techniques.  

These techniques had all been refined by the fire of battle. 

This move managed to stop the attack from the Sightless Clan expert. 

The expert from Sightless Clan was shocked, and he could sense that his opponent was much weaker than him. However, the technique that had just been used had emotionally stirred the man.  

Lu Yin had been rushing over like his life depended on it, but he was still quite a distance aways. He heaved a heavy sigh of relief as he had almost been too late. However, he was also completely stunned by Liu Qiuyu’s display of power. The attack that had been launched towards the back lines had clearly surpassed a power level of 300,000, but Liu Qiuyu’s counterattack had given Lu Yin the same feeling as the Thirteen Swords, though it was also distinctly different from the mysterious, indistinct techniques of the Thirteen Swords. This attack seemed to be even more deadly.  

Nevertheless, despite the shock that Liu Qiuyu’s sword technique had given everyone, Liu Qiuyu definitely would not be able to withstand another attack from the Sightless Clan expert. The expert had keen senses and was well aware of Liu Qiuyu’s limits. That counterattack had been extraordinary, but it had also pushed the Enlighter to his limits.  

Liu Qiuyu tightly clenched the hilt of his sword. Regardless of whether or not he would be able to withstand the next attack, he was willing to try even if it meant sacrificing his own life. He had long been prepared for this day, and protecting the border was a duty that came with a high mortality rate. 

He slowly raised his sword and made a sharp motion as he forcefully chopped his sword down, his movement’s force charging into the sky. However, he was facing another attack from the Sightless Clan expert, and a powerful attack crushed Liu’s attack and shattered space before continuing on towards Liu Qiuyu and the battleships. 

Inside the vessels, everyone despaired. 

At this moment, Lu Yin charged forward with both of his arms raised. His eight lined battle force burst out, and an attack with Hundred Stacks erupted in an instant. He was not wearing his new universal armor at this time. Instead, he was wearing the damaged universal armor. Even though this universal armor was cracked, it was still able to withstand attacks with power levels higher than 400,000. The only problem with the armor was that attacks from an opponent could easily pass through the cracks and strike Lu Yin’s body. 

With a loud crunch, the cracks in the universal armor became even larger. At the same time, Lu Yin’s secondary defense, the Backlash Pearl, split open where it had been placed within the cracks of the universal armor. 

The remainder of the attack’s power seeped through the cracks in the armor’s protection, slicing into Lu Yin’s abdomen. Blood dripped out of the armor, dying his torso red. 

Liu Qiuyu’s eyes went wide, and he rushed forward as he wielded his sword once again in an attempt to block the attack.  

At the same time, Ye Gui and Topmist charged out while using defensive maneuvers from a distance in order to try helping them nullify the power of the attack. 

Many watched on as Lu Yin risked his own life to stop the attack, and they were all moved by his actions.  

Everyone in the Outerverse knew about Lu Yin’s ambition of unifying the entire Outerverse. His methods were harsh and firm, which led many people to fear him. The reason why so many weaves in the central and western regions saw him as an enemy was in large part due to his ambition. This, coupled with the numerous smear campaigns that the major powers had launched against him, meant that Lu Yin had a terrible reputation in both regions of the Outerverse. 

However, at this moment, as all of them watched Lu Yin protect them with his life on the line, their impressions of him transformed. Even during life and death battles, not everyone would be willing to sacrifice their lives the same way that Lu Yin was currently doing. 

Lu Yin was not thinking very far ahead, as all that he wanted to do at this moment was protect the people aboard the battleships. Many of the people in these vessels were from the Great Eastern Alliance and the Great Yu Empire. Among them were people who were important to him; some idolized him, and some were his subordinates. Since he had led these people here, he intended to bring them back home as well. 

Besides, this attack was not even close enough to kill Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin had been confident that this strike would not be able to kill him since his universal armor had blocked a massive portion of the damage. Despite that, he was still suffering from considerable pain as the cracks in the universal armor had allowed a portion of the attack to seep through, badly injuring almost half of his waist.  

He swallowed the pill that he had preemptively placed in his mouth and unleashed his strength once again. From beside Lu Yin, Liu Qiuyu launched various sword attacks in quick succession while two more Enlighters, Topmist, and Ye Gui, joined the duo from behind. 

Finally, the strike was resolved. If it had lasted for just a bit longer, then the battleships would have been affected.  

With a tremendous crushing sound, the universal armor completely shattered, exposing Lu Yin and the remaining fragments of the Backlash Pearl. These items had both been destroyed after receiving an attack that went beyond their limits.  

Not too far away, the expert from the Sightless Clan was stunned to see that his attack had been blocked again. He was shocked that these natives were able to block his attack not just once, but twice. He scowled with a dark look on his face. “You may have blocked two of my attacks, but let’s see if you can do it a third time.”

And with that, he lifted his hands to unleash another strike. This was his third attack, and it was a huge one that split the void in twain. It was clearly stronger and sharper than the previous two attacks.  

The people in the battleships all despaired at this moment. Who could possibly receive this third strike? 

Even Lu Yin, who had repeatedly performed miracles, was clearly unable to defend against this attack.  

Lu Yin felt that he had no other option but to absorb one of the pearls from Yuan Shi’s bracelet into his body to temporarily upgrade his power level to 300,000. However, just before he did just so, a beam of light shot over from a distant place. It enveloped the Sightless Clan expert, as well as his attack. The powerhouse scrambled to evade the attack, but despite his fast reflexes, he was still a split-second slower than the light beam. Half of his body burst into pieces the moment he was touched by the beam, and his entire attack crumbled. 

Millions City had struck. 

With one attack, Lu Yin had destroyed two Imprinters, which had freed Millions City and Elder He to do other things. 

The expert from the Sightless Clan tried to slink away with the remaining half of his body, but Lu Yin rushed forward after donning a new set of universal armor. He had simply lost too much during this battle, and he needed to make up for those losses. At this moment, there was a cash cow right in front of him. 

An Enlighter with a power level of more than 400,000 was bound to have a cosmic ring that contained extremely valuable treasures, and Lu Yin urgently needed those resources. 

Lu Yin caught up with the fleeing powerhouse very quickly. Although the Sightless Clan expert had lost half of his body, he was still an Enlighter with a power level of more than 400,000, which was someone that an ordinary Enlighter would never dare to chase after. Lu Yin was perhaps the only person who would dare to do so. 

There was a fierce look in the Enlighter’s eyes. His injuries were not fatal due to his innate abilities from being from the Sightless Clan. He loathed Lu Yin at this moment, as if not for Lu Yin’s interference, the Enlighter’s second attack would have succeeded. The powerhouse’s attention would not have been divided by him, and he would not have been so severely injured. 

“You must have a death wish!” The expert from Sightless Clan raised a hand and pointed at Lu Yin with a single finger. Just this single attack had a power level of more than 200,000, and the man refused to believe that Lu Yin had that many items that could contest him, an Enlighter. After all, the youth was just a measly Cruiser.

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