Chapter 954: Progenitor Items

The people of the Outerverse were revitalized after seeing Lu Yin’s awe-inspiring attack. The Central Coalition’s and the various experts from the western region who all viewed Lu Yin as an enemy were excited. Everyone started fighting against the Sixth Mainland cultivators with renewed vigor. 

At that same moment, the confidence carried by the Sixth Mainland cultivators crumbled. 

White Silkworm stared at Lu Yin in shock. This person must enjoy a truly special position within the Fifth Mainland for him to possess such a powerful item while just at the Cruiser realm. 

However, at this time, the most frustrated person on the battlefield was the Enlighter from the Sightless Clan who had been battling with Lu Yin for several days. He also felt relieved that he had never forced Lu Yin to attack with full power. Otherwise, the Enlighter absolutely would have died to such an attack. 

The man no longer wanted to fight against Lu Yin, as he did not know what other items Lu Yin might still have in his possession.

Lu Yin turned to look at Enlighter with a meaningful gaze.

The expert from the Sightless Clan was frightened, and he immediately turned to leave.

“Seventh Bro, you scared him away!” the Ghost Monkey commented with a laugh.

Lu Yin sighed in response as he looked up. The most important battlefield was the one with Yuan Shi and the two Cosmic Imprinters. Once a side lost, the remaining people on their side would no longer be able to survive. Lu Yin hoped that the item that he had given Yuan Shi was of help to the old man. Otherwise, he would have to ask Mister Mu to help. 

Mister Mu was definitely more powerful than the two Cosmic Imprinters.

Actually, Ancestor Di had experienced Mister Mu’s power in the past. During their confrontation, Ancestor Di had not even been able to react when Mister Mu shifted the entire defensive line back. Thus, Ancestor Tong and Ancestor Sightless had to be aware of Mister Mu’s existence. However, they still had the courage to invade the Outerverse. Could they actually be confident in defeating Mister Mu?

Lu Yin’s expression turned grim, and he hoped that he was simply being paranoid.

In another place, Wendy Yushan was in a dangerous situation. A dozen cultivators from the Outerverse, including Wendy Yushan, had been attacked by the Tong family’s Elder Yuan. Wendy had managed to survive by using the Yu Secret Art, but everyone else around her had been killed, even the two Hunter realm powerhouses. 

Elder Yuan stared at Wendy Yushan in shock. He felt that this secret technique was very familiar. “Young girl, what secret technique is that?”

Wendy Yushan immediately swallowed a pill while keeping a wary eye on Elder Yuan.

Elder Yuan laughed. “All of your defenses are useless against my attacks.” He then grabbed for Wendy Yushan. 

It was just a normal attack, but its power level was over 400,000. In the face of such overwhelming power, Wendy Yushan was completely helpless. 

She was not able to divert such an attack with the Yu Secret Art as the space around her had been frozen, preventing her from moving even the slightest bit. 

At that moment, a blue spear shot towards Elder Yuan.

Elder Yuan altered the direction of the spear with a flick of a finger. He then turned around and saw a young man who bore a strong resemblance to the Sea King glaring at him.

He was the Sea King’s eldest son, Hai Feng, and he was an Enlighter with a power level of more than 300,000. 

Hai Dashao moved over and checked on Wendy Yushan with clear concern. “Are you alright?”

Wendy Yushan frowned as she looked at Hai Feng.

“That’s my older brother. He’s very powerful, so he won’t be defeated by that old man.” Hai Dashao had complete, blind trust in Hai Feng.

Wendy Yushan coldly said, “Let’s go.”

She did not want to distract Hai Feng. 

Elder Yuan sneered. “Don’t even think of running away!” His figure flashed as he moved towards Wendy Yushan. Simultaneously, Hai Feng appeared next to Elder Yuan with his spear reaching out towards the Enlighter. 

Elder Yuan fiercely bellowed, “I’ll kill you!”

He then grabbed Hai Feng’s spear as he formed a ring with his star energy that trapped Hai Feng. After dealing with Hai Feng, Elder Yuan tried to grab Wendy Yushan again with the same ring. 

Hai Dashao used his spear to block the attack out of reflex. He knew that he would suffer greatly by confronting an Enlighter, but his spear still managed to pierce Elder Yuan’s palm and stab into the man’s shoulder. Blood trickled down the spear shaft. 

Hai Feng’s eyes narrowed, but then his gaze suddenly turned ecstatic. The Sea King was still alive! 

Hai Dashao suddenly felt the same thing as well. At this time, he was using the Sea King’s Trident that contained the Sea King’s power. He had also felt the Sea King’s power surge at this moment, and as a result, he had managed to injure Elder Yuan. 

The Sea King still lived. 

Elder Yuan’s right arm had been pierced through by the Sea King’s Trident, but he endured the pain shooting through his arm and snatched the Sea King’s Trident away from Hai Dashao. The Enlighter then used his star energy to form another ring that shot towards Hai Dashao. 

Wendy Yushan reflexively used the Yu Secret Art but she couldn’t divert this attack either. 

The Sea King’s shield suddenly appeared in front of Hai Dashao and blocked the ring of star energy. However, the amount of power left within the shield from the Sea King was insufficient, and it shattered from the attack. 

However, the shield had stalled for enough time, giving Hai Feng the opportunity to escape from the ring and to thrust his spear at Elder Yuan once more.

Elder Yuan stored the Sea King’s Trident away, and his star energy burst forth to form an enormous ring that trapped Hai Feng yet again. 

Hai Feng’s strength was comparable to Elder Yuan’s, and he would not be easily defeated. However, Elder Yuan possessed much more star energy than Hai Feng, which allowed the Enlighter to easily trap Hai Feng. 

“You brat, I’ll kill you!” Elder Yuan’’s right arm was still bleeding, so he lifted his left hand and threw out another ring at Hai Dashao.

Hai Dashao’s expression changed, as he had nothing left that he could use to defend himself.

Fortunately, Elder Tong appeared at that moment and blocked Elder Yuan’s attack. 

Wendy Yushan turned around and started looking for Lu Yin. 

At that moment, the space above their heads cracked open, and a person suddenly fell out. His weight alone tore space apart as he fell, and it was as if the universe was unable to withstand the man’s very presence. 

Everyone stared up in a daze before finally realizing that the figure was Ancestor Tong.

Lu Yin glanced up in excitement; they had succeeded!

However, another person fell out right behind Ancestor Tong: Yuan Shi.

Yuan Shi’s face was pale, and he was panting heavily. Blood could be seen trickling down the corner of his lips. 

The results of the most important battle had become clear. 

Lu Yin focused on Yuan Shi’s right hand, and it was gripping the piece of Progenitor Wushang's hide that Lu Yin had lent to the powerhouse. 

Lu Yin had relied on Progenitor Wushang's hide to kill Enlighters with a gun. But Progenitor Wushang's hide was not merely useful against Enlighters; as long as a cultivator was not a Progenitor themselves, the hide would be able to stun them for a moment since Progenitor Wushang had been a Progenitor realm powerhouse. 

Since they had known beforehand that two Cosmic Imprinters from the Sixth Mainland would be participating in this invasion, Lu Yin felt that Yuan Shi needed something to help turn the tides of battle. Progenitor Wushang's hide was Lu Yin’s ultimate trick, and aside from that one item, Lu Yin did not own anything else that could affect Cosmic Imprinters. 

The clothes covering Yuan Shi’s chest were stained with blood, but no one knew if the blood was from Ancestor Tong, Ancestor Sightless, or even Yuan Shi himself. 

The sky was torn apart again, and this time, Ancestor Sightless emerged. The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland had thought that Ancestor Sightless had defeated Yuan Shi and won the battle, but it turned out that Ancestor Sightless had also been injured. 

At this moment, Ancestor Tong finally managed to stop himself from falling, and he glared over at Progenitor Wushang’s hide. “How do you have so many Progenitor items?”

Lu Yin was shocked. He suddenly noticed that there was a broken bone in Ancestor Sightless’s hand and that Yuan Shi was also holding an oddly shaped stone. Were both of those items also from Progenitors? 

The stone that Yuan Shi was holding suddenly shattered into dust.

Similarly, the bone that Ancestor Sightless had been holding crumbled away.

This was similar to the current situation of the border warfront. power vessels were the first to be used up during an intense battle.

However, in this case, it seemed that the various combatants were all using Progenitor items. 

Despite that, Progenitor Wushang’s hide had turned out to be the most powerful of these items. 

“Even the Sixth Mainland doesn’t have that many Progenitor items, and most of them are stored in the Daosource Sect. However, the Fifth Mainland should have many more such objects since this is the graveyard of five mainlands and countless Progenitors once lived here. Aside from that unspeakable Progenitor Chen, the unrecognized Rune Progenitor, there was also Progenitor Hui who created technology, Progenitor Wushang who is the ancestor of all beasts, and finally, Progenitor Ce and Progenitor Youming who were both from an ancient era. If I’m not wrong, then that should be a bit of Progenitor Wushang’s hide,” Ancestor Sightless spoke softly. 

Most of the people who heard his words were confused and unable to understand anything. Typically, most people did not know anything about the Progenitors, and they would not even be aware of the Progenitor realm’s existence. 

Lu Yin was surprised, as this was his first time hearing of Progenitor Hui, Progenitor Ce, and Progenitor Youming. The Technocracy had most likely been created by Progenitor Hui while the Astral Beast Domain was definitely Progenitor Wushang’s legacy. As for Progenitor Ce, could he be related to the Ce family? Could the Court of Seven Names have been created by Progenitor Ce? Regardless, only Progenitors were able to create secret techniques, and since the Ce family possessed the Ce Secret Art, then it would not be surprising if that family had once produced a Progenitor. 

But in that case, since each of the families in the Court of Seven Names possessed secret techniques, then did that mean that each family had once had a Progenitor? 

Had Progenitor Youming been from the Yōu family?

Lu Yin still had a strong impression of the Yōu family’s secret technique.

Yuan Shi tightly clenched Progenitor Wushang’s hide. “So long as I am here, none of you will be able to enter the Outerverse!”

Ancestor Sightless remained silent. 

Ancestor Tong moved forward and coldly said, “You’re alone, and you won’t be able to defeat the both of us even if you do possess Progenitor Wushang’s hide.”

Yuan Shi glared at Ancestor Tong. “But I can absolutely kill one of you before I die, so which one of you would like to die with me?”

Ancestor Tong arched a brow as he warily looked at Yuan Shi. Progenitor Wushang’s hide was very powerful since it could stun someone for a moment without exception. And for a battle at their level, even a shorter moment could be fatal, and Ancestor Tong had been forced out by Yuan Shi while he had been stunned by Progenitor Wushang’s hide. 

Ancestor Sightless might not possess any eyes, but he was still affected by Progenitor Wushang’s hide. Yuan Shi was not Lu Yin, and the ancient powerhouse was able to use Progenitor Wushang’s hide to stun his opponents without them even looking at the hide.

Ancestor Tong and Ancestor Sightless were both very wary, though Yuan Shi was even more concerned than either of them. He truly could not deal with both of these opponents with only Progenitor Wushang’s hide, and actually, he was not even that confident in being able to kill one of them. Thus, he was hoping that his threat had been successful. 

Lu Yin suddenly thought of something and secretly sent a message to Yuan Shi.

Yuan Shi was elated at what he heard. “That’s certainly useful! Give it to me!”

Lu Yin took out the small arrow that Peach had given him before waving a hand and using the Yu Secret Art to send the arrow into Yuan Shi’s left hand.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to ask both of you to stay here, as I have another Progenitor item,” Yuan Shi slowly said in a satisfied tone.

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