Chapter 953: Lu Yin’s Evolution

In the distance, Lan Si had been targeted by White Silkworm ever since the Sixth Mainland youth had recognized the Arbiter. Surprisingly, everyone else was avoiding the region where the two youths were fighting. 

White Silkworm’s position within the Sixth Mainland was very special, and even Imprinters did not want to hinder him.

However, White Silkworm was still one step behind the Ten Arbiters in terms of combat prowess, and so, he was quickly injured by Lan Si. However, no one made any moves to help or protect White Silkworm. Although he was greatly respected within his clan, it seemed as though no one particularly cared about his life and death.

Lan Si did not understand why they would have such indifference, but he started attacking even more ruthlessly.

There was a row of over 10,000 battleships floating at the back of the battlefield. When they fired off their first volley of attacks, light beams covered the entire region of outer space as they crossed over half of the battlefield, aimed at the back of the Sixth Mainland’s forces. This was where the members of the two large clans were the most concentrated. Right now, there were not very many powerhouses present among the two clans, and while a handful of experts had moved forward to the front of the battlefield, the people at the back were mostly riding atop strange flying creatures that were similar to spacecraft. However, these people had not acted yet. Most of these people were not even Explorers yet, and they were simply following behind the fighting forces in order to accomplish the next stage of work for the invasion. 

Even though these people could not survive in outer space by themselves, they were not all cannon fodder. Some of them even had exceptional innate gifts, and the hopes of the two great families were pinned on these youths. Hence, the moment those countless beams of light shot towards the weaker family members like a crashing mountain, two Enlighters with power levels of more than 400,000 moved out. They easily tore through the light beams, protecting the weaker cultivators. 

The people who had been targeted showed no fear when the attacks were eliminated. They simply calmly waited atop their flying creatures and stared excitedly in the direction of the Outerverse, as this place would soon belong to them. 

In normal circumstances, the Outerverse would never be able to achieve victory here. The Sixth Mainland had two Cosmic Imprinters and three Imprinters, not to mention a dozen Enlighters; this force was something that the Outerverse fundamentally could not withstand. The average strength of the Sixth Mainland cultivators’ also surpassed the Outerverse cultivators’, and the invaders were even further strengthened by their imprints, bloodlines, and martial prints. All in all, they were able to effortlessly crush their Outerverse counterparts who were within the same cultivation realm. 

However, all of this was mere theory. The Outerverse had Lu Yin, which gave them access to many more possibilities, such as the Ultra Flash Tearbombs. These baubles were not very effective against powerhouses, but on this gigantic battlefield, they could be used to extraordinary effectiveness. As the fight raged on, every once in a while, a powerful light would explode in space, and it was even possible for just one Ultra Flash Tearbomb to change the entire fight’s momentum at times. 

Half a year ago, when Lu Yin had used his die to upgrade four vials of Elder Wu's poisons that he had then handed over to Elder Daggs, Lu Yin had also taken that opportunity to upgrade quite a few of his Ultra Flash Tearbomb as well as countless pills. Later, he had come up with the excuse that he had found a powerful sect in a hidden parallel space, thus obtaining countless natural treasures and pills. 

This story could only be reluctantly accepted, as it was the only explanation for where these potent ancient pills had come from. Additionally, it also served as the apparent source of the natural treasures that were regularly sold off at the Lu's Grand Auction as well as Lu Yin’s poisons. 

Everywhere on the battlefield, it was possible to see Outerverse cultivators who were unable to beat their opponents start vigorously swallowing pills. 

Even if the Outerverse’s cultivators were unable to beat their peers from the Sixth Mainland, they still kept consuming pills nonstop. These pills had all been upgraded to the point where their rune lines nearly matched an Enlighter’s, making them amazingly effective. These powerful consumables shrank the gap in strength between the two sides, and this sight made the Sixth Mainland cultivators want to vomit blood. 

All of these items had actually originally been ordinary pills, but they had all been upgraded by Lu Yin until their rune lines nearly matched an Enlighter’s, with each one costing him 10,000 star essence. The money that Lu Yin had received in exchange for the poisons that he had previously sold, along with the 4.3 million star essence that he had owned before that, had been nearly all used up in preparation for this decisive battle. 

Upgrading 400 pills and over 200 Ultra Flash Tearbombs was a clear demonstration of Lu Yin’s attitude towards this decisive battle. 

Elder Daggs had actually been very emotionally moved when he had received these items from Lu Yin. At that moment, the elder had promised Lu Yin that if the battle never took place, then the items would be returned to Lu Yin along with an additional million star essence reward from the Hall of Honor. If the battle was fought, and if they survived once it was over, then not only would the Hall of Honor provide Lu Yin with a large amount of star essence, but it would also award him with excessive military contributions. 

Lu Yin had done more than demonstrate his stance when he promised to protect the Outerverse with his life; his actions had also made Elder Daggs even more conscientious that a great battle was about to come. Thus, he had quickly distributed these upgraded pills and Ultra Flash Tearbomb without hesitation. This was the Outerverse’s most crucial preparation that had given them a chance of survival in this invasion. 

It could be said that, without Lu Yin’s initiative, the Outerverse would not have nearly been so well prepared. 

Although just 400 pills had been given out, the experts who were qualified to receive such pills among the Outerverse’s powerhouses did not even amount to 100. Each person was a Hunter at the very least, and the supply was more than sufficient for each such person to be given several pills. 

For example, Aden was able to use his massive lightning shield to tank attacks from multiple Enlighters. When the Hunter was beaten to the point of vomiting blood, he swallowed a pill which allowed him to quickly recover. Then, he continued to face his opponents head on, which frustrated the Sixth Mainland cultivators endlessly. 

There was also Cai Jianqiang, who ferociously attacked the enemy seemingly without any consideration for his own life, and his opponent was another Enlighter. 

Further along the battlefield, Gong Ling directly faced off against an Enlighter whose power level was at 300,000. 

Nightqueen Qiuyu swallowed a pill and killed her way towards a crowd of Sixth Mainland cultivators. 

Topmist hid himself and attacked from the dark.

The Enlighters from Ironblood Weave had also been drafted to this battlefield.

This battlefield had been prepared to the Outerverse’s best abilities, and although the Sixth Mainland had assumed that they would easily and completely roll over the Outervese without any real resistance, reality had left them stumped. 

The truth was that the Sixth Mainland’s invasion preparations had been quite sufficient. After all, when the Bloodburn Realm had failed to invade the Outerverse, it was because the Sixth Mainland had assumed that a single Cosmic Imprinter would be enough to eliminate most of the Outerverse’s strength. Who would have expected that the initial attack from two Cosmic Imprinters would only be able to take out one Mr. Yi!? The only person who had died to that first attack was actually someone from the Tong family! 

Even if the Outerverse had managed to withstand the onslaught for the moment, the ones fighting against the Sixth Mainland’s Imprinters were in a dangerous situation. 

Millions City was still just a mobile fortress, and it was not truly an Envoy-level powerhouse. Its cannon fire was easily dodged by the opposing powerhouses, and the fortress was unable to hold up even a single Imprinter despite Yuehua Mavis’s cooperation with it. 

Elder He was an Envoy with a power level of only 510,000, and as the weakest Envoy on the battlefield, he simply could not block the Tong family’s Granny Gui. 

Astral-9's Headmaster was the only person who could exchange blows with the Sightless Clan’s Imprinter. However, it was impossible for him to quickly defeat the Imprinter.

As another Imprinter from the Sightless Clan knocked Yuehua Mavis back, the scales of the battlefield began to tip in favor of the Sixth Mainland. No one else in the entire Outerverse could resist an Imprinter. 

These Imprinters were not under the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon that pervaded the Innerverse, but rather true Imprinters whose might could affect an entire region. The Imprinter stretched out a hand, and Millions City began to crack. Additionally, the unlucky Sall Phoenix and disciple of Elder Lohar, Akira, were both instantly killed without any chance of dodging the attack. 

With the Imprinter’s second strike, Astral-9's Headmaster Zhang vomited blood and collapsed.

Then, he moved to make his third attack.

Yuehua Mavis’s face turned deathly pale, and she swallowed a pill. However, it was one whose rune lines merely approached the level of an Enlighter’s, and it was not very helpful to her.

Within Millions City, Qiong Shanhai’s body trembled while Qiong Xi'er’s face went pale as she watched the Imprinter launch his attack. 

At that moment, a solitary arrow streaked through the void and shot towards the Imprinter.

The Imprinter was startled and tapped out with a finger, freezing the arrow within the void. However, a trace of blood appeared at his fingertip: he had been injured.

In the distance, Gong Ling was breathing heavily, and there was despair in his eyes. He had just shot one of their inherited arrows, but he was just an Enlighter. Even though he had used an inherited arrow, his attack still was not powerful enough to harm an Imprinter.

The Sightless Clan’s Imprinter tried to grab the arrow, but it suddenly vanished before he could do so. He then turned his head in another direction and noticed Lu Yin holding the arrow while repeatedly retreating from an Enlighter’s continuous palm strikes.

The Imprinter smiled. “Just a puny Cruiser who has a secret technique. Little one, follow me.” The Imprinter then stepped forward. Space could not endure the man’s strength, and he instantly appeared in front of Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide, and he turned to look at the Imprinter behind him. He also noticed that, even further back, Elder He was in a disheveled state. The Envoy was falling down while vomiting blood, and Granny Gui was smiling cruelly. She then looked at Lu Yin and also rushed over towards him. “Little bastard, so this is where you’ve been.”

Although Lu Yin had altered his appearance in the Innerverse, it was not difficult for powerhouses such as Granny Gui to recognize him. 

Lu Yin threw the arrow towards Granny Gui. “Old witch, this is for you.”

The Imprinter from the Sightless Clan frowned, and he raised his hand to grab at the arrow.

Further away, Granny Gui’s eyes turned cold, and she was just about to reply when Lu Yin suddenly smiled. “Goodbye.”

He then pulled out the walnut and unleashed its energy at Granny Gui and the Sightless Clan’s Imprinter. 

The walnut was a power vessel that had been personally made by Yuan Shi, and it contained an attack with a power level of 700,000. It would affect everything in a straight line, so it would not affect the user as long as that person stood behind the walnut. 

This walnut had been given to Lu Yin after the previous invasion by the Sixth Mainland, and Yuan Shi had provided it as compensation for the blood-red bell that had been destroyed. Even if Yuan Shi had made it, it was not easy to manufacture such a power vessel.

At this moment, the power vessel’s attack exploded forth. Although an eruption with a power level of 700,000 was not on the same level as the initial explosion of pyrolyte, this was a power vessel that had been personally made by Yuan Shi, and its compressed power could not be compared to the dispersed explosion of the pyrolyte. 

The universe was split into two, or at least, the visible portion of the universe was split asunder.

The energy within the power vessel blasted forwards, and nothing was left behind except for a spatial crack that only held nothingness. 

Both of the two Imprinters had completely vanished to the point where even their rune lines had been completely obliterated. 

The two of them had possessed power levels of 600,000 at best, and against one of Yuan Shi’s attacks that had a power level of 700,000, it would have been a miracle for them to survive.

With Yuan Shi’s strength, Imprinters likely would not be able to survive an attack from him even if its power level was only at 500,000, not to mention one with a power level of more than 700,000. This was the strength of someone who could rival a Cosmic Imprinter. 

The battlefield fell deathly silent as everyone stared at Lu Yin in horror. He had taken out two Imprinters in one strike. 

Countless people felt their hearts drop. It wasn’t just the Sixth Mainland cultivators, but also people from the Outerverse. They all shared the same thought: Lu Yin had evolved.

In the past, when Lu Yin had been a Limiteer, he had used various external items to kill Enlighters and acquired the title of Enlighters’ Bane as a result. With this one move, he had evolved and with his items, he had killed Imprinters while just at the Cruiser realm. That meant that he was capable of killing Envoys! He had evolved to a completely new level. 

However, nobody could understand Lu Yin’s agony, as he had just used up the power vessel that he had received as compensation for the blood-red bell. It had been a power vessel that contained an attack with a power level of 700,000! That power vessel had allowed Lu Yin to confidently roam about wherever he wished, and it had even been able to cause the most cautious powerhouses to feel fear, such as Black Mask. 

And now, it was gone. 

Lu Yin could not help himself, and he looked back. The Hall of Honor absolutely had to make a note of this military contribution. If possible, he definitely wanted to obtain another, similar power vessel.

The inherited arrow was also gone. It might have vanished into one of the multiple spatial cracks left behind by the fearsome attack, though it was also possible that it had been reduced to dust.

The Neo-Vestige Sect had held three inherited arrows for ages. One had been taken away by Yan Cheng during the previous invasion, and it was impossible to know where it had ended up. Now, another one had disappeared. Thus, there was now only one remaining, which was with Lu Yin. 

In the distance, Gong Ling sighed. The moment he shot out that inherited arrow, he had already known that there was no way to reclaim it. However, he had done what he had to.

Nobody had imagined that Lu Yin would take out two Imprinters with one attack, and his actions completely changed the battlefield’s situation. 

Astral-9's Headmaster was fighting against another one of the Sightless Clan’s Imprinters, but the headmaster was not losing and was actually holding the upper hand. That was a fight that could be already noted as won.

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