Chapter 949: Alarming News

Upon hearing Mojiang Xiao’s words, Tong Zhan laughed maniacally. “Such arrogance from someone who failed to conquer even the Outerverse! Many of your Bloodburn Realm’s masters perished, and even Ancestor Mo Jiang died. What a pity, if Di Luo had died as well, then it would have been the perfect ending, hahaha.” 

After hearing Tong Zhan’s words, many people’s faces turned solemn.

Just at that moment, someone entered the area and leaped into the sky. “Tong Zhan, come out and meet your end!”

“It’s Di Luo! He’s finally here!” the man beside Lu Yin exclaimed excitedly. 

Di Luo? Lu Yin looked over as he arched a brow. When the Bloodburn Realm had attacked the Outerverse, Lu Yin had never seen this person. Di Luo had either not participated in that invasion or he had been fighting in one of the other lavazones. Regardless, Lu Yin had never seen Di Luo before.  

Unsurprisingly, this man was someone on the same level as Autumnfrost Qing. However, this man’s imprint was from a Cosmic Imprinter whereas Autumnfrost Qing’s imprint was from a World Imprinter. This clearly showed the difference between the two. 

Di Luo’s appearance had lured out both Tong Zhan and White Silkworm. The two men stood atop the cauldron; one had an arrogant look in his eyes while the other had no eyes at all. 

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide when he saw the man standing next to Tong Zhan; he truly had no eyes! This was not the same as being blind, as the person actually did not have any eyes. Also, the sides of the man’s nose were completely flat. What sort of being was this?

The man next to Lu Yin had said that this person was from the Sightless Clan, and as the name suggested, he really was sightless. Could this be because of the clan’s bloodline?

“Tong Zhan, you dare mock me, Di Luo? Prepare to die!” And with those words, Di Luo suddenly sprouted wings and charged at Tong Zhan. When Di Luo’s imprint appeared behind the youth, a boundless might descended that encompassed everyone and caused them to feel a terrible sense of impending doom.  

Tong Zhan stood there, looking icily arrogant as the imprint of Elder Tong appeared behind him. He then similarly leaped up and fearlessly charged towards Di Luo.

Instantly, the two men had started a terrible fight. 

With both men being heirs of Imprinter families, they had enjoyed similar levels of resources and had imprints of similar strength. However, one was an expert from the Progenitor of Bloodlines’ territory, while the other was from the Progenitor of Combat’s territory. The two territories had very different battle styles, but comparable power. 

The cultivators from the Progenitor of Bloodlines’ territory specialized in raising their strength with bloodlines while the cultivators from the Progenitor of Combat’s territory used martial prints. 

The battle between the two youths left everyone watching completely dumbfounded. Apart from other Realmlings, no one else would be able to match up to these two young men.

White Silkworm remained above the cauldron, and although he did not have any eyes, he seemed to always be facing the battle between Tong Zhan and Di Luo. It was as if he could see what was happening.  

In another place, Mojiang Xiao wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth before suddenly charging back towards the second cauldron. 

White Silkworm’s eyebrows quirked up slightly, and he twisted his body horizontally to block Mojiang Xiao. “Retreat.” 

Mojiang Xiao let out an angry yell, and the imprint of an elder appeared behind him. Following Ancestor Mojiang’s death, Mojiang Xiao had managed to receive an imprint from another powerful figure. However, this figure was only a regular Imprinter, not a World Imprinter like before. 

Thrusting his spear forward, Mojiang Xiao swept his weapon towards his opponent. “Get lost.”

White Silkworm raised an arm and easily grabbed hold of Mojiang Xiao’s spear. He then released some force through his palm, causing the spear to start visibly cracking under the pressure before shattering apart. White Silkworm then used his hand to grab a fragment of the spear that he stabbed towards Mojiang Xiao’s abdomen, sending Mojiang Xiao flying once more. 

In the distance, Lu Yin’s expression became rather apprehensive. This eyeless man was very powerful; he was far stronger than Autumnfrost Qing. The two were on completely different levels. According to Lu Yin’s estimate, the attack that had destroyed the spear had been even more powerful than what Tong Zhan and Di Luo were unleashing; it had approached the level of a Realmling. 

Was White Silkworm a tremendously talented person from the Sightless Clan? Lu Yin felt that he needed to learn more about this Sightless Clan. 

Tong Zhan and Di Luo continued to fight for hours without a victor being determined. Even though both of the two men were exhausted, they continued to fiercely glare at each other. 

At that moment, White Silkworm jumped down and landed next to Tong Zhan. 

Di Luo’s eyes narrowed. “Two against one, eh? Then bring it on! Let me see how powerful the Sightless Clan’s legendary White Silkworm really is, since you dare to challenge a Realmling.”

White Silkworm turned to face Di Luo. “I heard that there is a highly skilled individual in the Fifth Mainland's Outerverse who goes by the name of Yuan Shi. I heard that he is as skilled in battle as Venerable Di. Was there truly such a person?”

Di Luo knitted his brows. “Why does that matter to you?”

White Silkworm nonchalantly answered, “My Sightless Clan is about to join forces with the Tong family. We will tear through the Fifth Mainland’s Astral River to attack the Outerverse, so I want to find out more.”

In the distance, Lu Yin’s state of mind was sent into chaos when he heard these words. His pupils shrank; how was this possible? The Innerverse was currently under the influence of a cosmic phenomenon that prevented even Cosmic Imprinters from displaying power levels above 200,000. Crossing the Astral River would require a power level of at least that much. 

Di Luo was shocked. “There are indeed rumors floating about claiming such a thing. So the two clans are really going to gang up to attack the Fifth Mainland’s Outerverse?” 

Tong Zhan sneered. “We will achieve what the Bloodburn Realm was unable to accomplish.”

Di Luo clenched his fists tightly. “You’ve already attacked the Fifth Mainland’s Innerverse, but now, you also want to get a piece of the Outerverse? You’re really too greedy! The Blood Homage Realm and Rock Realm have attacked the Fifth Mainland’s Astral Beast Domain, and the War Martial Realm, Grand Martial Realm, and Blackblood Realm are attacking the Fifth Mainland’s Innerverse. Our Bloodburn Realm attacked the Fifth Mainland’s Outerverse. And don’t forget—the East Realm, Brahman Realm, and Sage Martial Realm have yet to make any moves. Your ambition may lead to you being eliminated by them.” 

“You don’t have to worry about any of that. You still haven’t answered my question yet,” White Silkworm responded in a cold voice. 

Di Luo arrogantly retorted, “Why should I answer you?”

White Silkworm frowned. Tong Zhan was standing next to White Silkworm, and he readied himself to attack Di Luo, but White Silkworm placed a hand on Tong Zhan’s shoulder before he took a step forward by himself. He suddenly vanished, only to reappear right in front of Di Luo.

Di Luo ferociously shouted, “It’s good that you came!”

After shouting, feathers slowly spread across the youth’s body, as his bloodline was that of a migratory bird. With the imprint of Ancestor Di at his back, Di Luo stretched a hand forward, trying to grab White Silkworm.  

Against an opponent like Di Luo, White Silkworm would not be able to easily defeat him as he had been done with Mojiang Xiao, not unless White Silkworm was an actual Realmling. Having said that, defeating Di Luo would not take too much of White Silkworm’s effort either. After all, Di Luo and Tong Zhan had fought for some time already, so Di Luo was not at his peak condition. Against White Silkworm’s attacks, Di Luo could only do his best to defend.  

Mojiang Xiao was sprawled across the ground in the distance, unwilling to accept his situation.  

Further away, the two people fighting struck each other. The region with the Nine Cauldrons had become a battlezone.  

Lu Yin avoided the attacks as his figure flickered through the crowd, and he headed straight for Tong Zhan. 

At this moment, Tong Zhan was resting as he watched White Silkworm suppress Di Luo. Given Tong Zhan’s strength, he had assumed that no one would dare to attack him. However, when he looked over and saw Lu Yin approaching him, shock appeared in the man’s eyes. Tong Zhan felt that Lu Yin was quite bold to dare to challenge him.  

Tong Zhan raised his hands, and his martial print increased in size several times over as he attempted to suppress Lu Yin. Given Tong Zhan’s abilities, even Mojiang Xiao would have to avoid a direct attack from Tong Zhan’s martial print. However, Lu Yin disappeared so quickly that Tong Zhan did not even have a chance to react. Tong Zhan was taken aback by Lu Yin’s speed, and he realized that he was facing a highly skilled individual. 

Before he could eact, he felt a searing pain spread out from his abdomen. Lu Yin had appeared right in front of Tong Zhan and punched the man’s stomach, nearly forcing his organs out of his body. Tong Zhan tried to retaliate, but to Lu Yin, whose physical body was so hardy that he could fight against someone like Lan Si, this blow was practically the struggles of a baby.  

Tong Zhan was a bit more powerful than Autumnfrost Qing. Back when the Bloodburn Realm attacked the Outerverse, Lu Yin had already possessed enough strength to defeat Autumnfrost Qing. Currently, his strength had undergone a massive increase after he broke through to the Cruiser realm, and he had also developed a greater degree of mastery over the Overlaying Stacks Path, Truesight, and more. Even if Lu Yin could not quite match up with the Ten Arbiters yet, it was no problem for him to deal with someone like Tong Zhan.  

Tong Zhan was currently experiencing something that had never ever happened to him in the Daosource Sect’s ruins before. The only people who were able to defeat him were either Realmlings or the Fifth Mainland’s Ten Arbiters. Tong Zhan simply did not believe that there was someone else who was also able to defeat him. If he had seen one of those few people who could defeat him, then he would have fled long ago, not even making an attempt to fight. Just who the hell was this man? Was he one of the Ten Arbiters? Even though Tong Zhan was aware that the Ten Arbiters were from Fifth Mainland, he had not seen all of them. 

Lu Yin grabbed a hold of Tong Zhan and threw him far away from the Nine Cauldrons. 

While White Silkworm was fighting against Di Luo, the other people in the region were also locked in fierce life and death battles. Thus, Mojiang Xiao was the only person who saw Lu Yin toss Tong Zhan away. Mojiang Xiao even questioned whether or not his eyes were playing tricks on him, as Tong Zhan was not someone who could be thrown about that casually.  

After grabbing Tong Zhan, Lu Yin dragged him out of the space with the Nine Cauldrons and headed to some unknown region. Tong Zhan was powerless to resist as he was dragged along. The pair ran into a few cultivators along the way who saw what Lu Yin was doing to Tong Zhan. However, they were all easily knocked out by Lu Yin, and he had also changed his appearance before attacking Tong Zhan. Thus, no one would recognize him anyways. Lu Yin had killed Tong Tong in the past, so if he had not changed his appearance, Tong Zhan would have instantly recognized his attacker.  

After travelling for a short while, they arrived at an unfamiliar hill. Lu Yin violently threw Tong Zhan onto the ground, and Tong Zhan spat out some blood. He then glared at Lu Yin with bloodshot eyes.  

“I only want you to tell me one thing after dragging you out here: how are the Tong family’s ancestor and the Sightless Clan’s ancestor planning on passing through the Astral River despite the cosmic suppression? When and where are they going to pass through the Astral River?” Lu Yin asked. 

Tong Zhan stared at Lu Yin. “Who the hell are you?”

Lu Yin stomped hard on Tong Zhan’s arm, shattering it. “I’m the one asking the questions, not you.”

Tong Zhan grimaced in pain, and he gritted his teeth. He continued to stare at Lu Yin. “You’re one of the Fifth Mainland’s Ten Arbiters, aren’t you?” 

Lu Yin was astonished. “You’re really quite stubborn.”

Tong Zhan sneered. “I reached my current position not only because of my family’s resources, but also because of my willpower. Those weaklings who have no willpower are not worthy of inheriting the family’s patriarch position. You can torture me all you want, but you won’t get any information out of me, so just give up on interrogating me.”

Lu Yin was annoyed by Tong Zhan’s response, as such people were the hardest to deal with. If one had only managed to reach a high level because of their family’s resources, then it was indeed true that such a person would not amount to much. For a massive clan like the Tong family, there were bound to be countless descendants. The fact that Tong Zhan had been able to rise above the rest and become the family’s heir was definitely not only because of his identity. For their reputation and status, heirs of families often had to fight even harder than outsiders who climbed up the ranks of an organization. This man had both willpower and resolve, and he was not afraid to die.  

“You’ve gone through so much to become the Tong family’s heir, and you might even inherit the position of the Tong family’s ancestor and become one of the Daosource Sect’s Ten Venerables. Do you really not value your life?” Lu Yin asked his captive, urging the man to change his mind.  

Tong Zhan proudly replied, “If I yield even this once, then I will never be able to reach the heights of my ancestor! Kill me if you must!”

“Just because you won’t tell me anything doesn’t mean that no one else from your family will tell me,” Lu Yin commented.  

Tong Zhan sneered. “I don’t even know the answer to your question, so no one else will either.”

“I’ll make you a deal: if you tell me what I want to know, then I’ll let you go, alright?” Lu Yin offered. 

Tong Zhan looked at Lu Yin with a mocking expression. “Even if I do tell you, would you believe me?” 

Lu Yin was shocked, as what Tong Zhan had just said was true. Lu Yin would have no way of confirming if any of the information was true or false. 

Tong Zhan’s attitude was of being completely undaunted by his predicament. Lu Yin was frustrated by the man’s attitude, and he instantly lashed out at him in frustration. The attack was not enough to kill the man, but it left him crippled to the point where he would no longer be able to cultivate. Lu Yin did not like killing people who were unable to defend themselves.  

Tong Zhan was indeed strong-willed, and he did not even utter a single plea for mercy.

Lu Yin actually found himself starting to admire the man’s resolution. “I hope that you can escape before your enemies discover you here, so don’t blame me if you get killed.” He left the moment he was done speaking.  

“Hold up! Just who the hell are you?” Tong Zhan yelled, his eyes flaring with hatred. 

Lu Yin muttered to himself, “Take a guess.”

And with that, he immediately left. He was no fool; even though Tong Zhan had lost his ability to fight, it was impossible to predict the future. Lu Yin did not want to face any disastrous repercussions in the future for his current actions, and giving Tong Zhan a fake name would also be easy to trace. Furthermore, Lu Yin had killed Tong Tong in the past, so if the Tong family discovered that he had also crippled Tong Zhan, Lu Yin would become the Tong family’s hated enemy. He did not want to deal with any more trouble that he had to. 

Tong Zhan gritted his teeth so hard that his gums started bleeding. “I swear that I’ll find you and kill you!”

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