Chapter 947: Returning A Favor

Everyone in the Outerverse had heard of the Ten Arbiters, but nobody knew just how strong these youths actually were. 

Ke Yun and the others initially believed that the Ten Arbiters were only able to intimidate the younger generation, but they soon realized that the Ten Arbiters’ power level was absolutely terrifying. Lan Si was a Hunter who could overpower Enlighters. 

The old lady was a good example. She had been severely injured by a single attack from Lan Si. She did not dare to attack the Arbiter again, as she could tell that his strength was invincible. 

“Arbiter Lan Si, why are you helping these people from the Great Eastern Alliance?” Gui Wuzong asked. 

Lan Si’s gaze swept across the various Enlighters. “I owe Lu Yin a favor, so I’m repaying it now.”

Gui Wuzong bellowed, “You’re Lu Yin’s enemy! If we defeat the Great Eastern Alliance, then Lu Yin will have no backing. You can easily defeat him at that point!”

Lan Si sneered as he replied, “What a narrow point of view.” 

Gui Wuzong was infuriated, but he did not dare continue speaking with Lan Si.

Ke Yun warily glanced over at Lan Si. Lan Si was very strong, and although Ke Yun was also capable of defeating that old lady, he was not able to do so as quickly as Lan Si had even though he was an Enlighter. Ke Yun’s power level was a few thousand units lower than the old lady’s, but despite that, Lan Si had heavily injured her in just one move. This was proof of just how powerful the youth was. 

Lan Si turned around to look back at Mu Nichang. “Tell Lu Yin that I have returned the favor from before.” 

Mu Nichang and the rest looked at the youth in a daze, but suddenly, a voice rang out, “It’s not that easy to return the favor.” 

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard that voice. Mu Nichang, Meng Tianlong, and the rest of the powerhouses from the Great Eastern Alliance were elated whereas Gui Wuzong’s group was left in disbelief; it was Lu Yin’s voice. 

Lu Yin had arrived quite some time earlier, but he had realized that Lan Si was also present. Thus, he had remained hidden. 

Lan Si had been able to escape to the Outerverse with Lu Yin’s help, but Lu Yin had been under the impression that Lan Si was not concerned with that favor. Lu Yin had not expected the Arbiter to still remember it. 

Additionally, this timing meant that Lan Si must have rushed over after hearing about the Central Coalition’s plans with the intention of repaying the favor he owed Lu Yin. 

The battle between Lu Yin and Lan Si would be a fight over the position of an Honored Chosen as well as one of the Ten Arbiters. The two young men had no bad feelings towards each other, and they had clearly separated their favors and rivalry. 

However, Lu Yin could not allow Lan Si to return such a large favor so easily. 

Lan Si turned around to look at Lu Yin in shock. He had not noticed Lu Yin’s arrival, and not many people could hide their auras to the degree where they could hide from Lan Si’s senses. 

Lu Yin ignored the others and calmly looked at Lan Si. “You want to return my favor so easily?” 

Lan Si calmly answered, “Of course.”

Lu Yin smirked and glanced over at Gui Wuzong’s group. “You want to compete for numbers?”

Lan Si’s eyes narrowed. “Whoever I get is mine. There were 403 people from Mt. Stacks Dojo, so I’ll give you 403 people.” 

“There are more than 400 people here, so you can certainly try,” Lu Yin calmly replied.

There were nearly a thousand people present from both the Great Eastern Alliance and the Central Coalition. All of these people quickly understood that Lan Si intended to capture 403 people from the Central Coalition in order to return Lu Yin’s favor. It was also clear that Lu Yin would participate in this fight as well. 

They were the numbers that Lu Yin and Lan Si were talking about.

Gui Wuzong’s group felt humiliated, but they were also terrified. “Run!”

The troops from the Central Coalition scattered in all directions, and around thirty Explorers, who were in a spacecraft, prepared to leave the area immediately. 

Lan Si’s figure flashed, and his body rammed through a spacecraft, causing it to malfunction and stop in place. He then reached out and grabbed a hold of the Explorer who had been inside the spacecraft.

Meanwhile, Lu Yin focused his attention on the injured old woman. Although she had been injured, she could still quickly escape given the opportunity since she was an Enlighter. 

However, Lu Yin was even faster due to his extraordinary physique. He instantly caught up to the old woman and attacked her. 

The old lady was furious, but she did not believe that she would lose to Lu Yin in a one-on-one exchange. Thus, she raised a hand and slapped at Lu Yin. “Die!” 

Lan Si turned to look at their exchange while still holding the Explorer that he had just captured.

Everyone turned to watch Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin met the Enlighter’s palm with his own that had the Overlaying Stacks Path. After reaching the Cruiser realm, he had managed to comprehend one hundred stacks. Like her clash with Lan Si, the old lady’s palm was shattered as the power from the Overlaying Stacks attack caused her skin’s crack to worsen. She spat out a mouthful of blood as she was blasted away. 

She had been seriously injured by this second palm attack and no longer had any energy to even attempt an escape. 

Everyone was stunned. That old woman was an Enlighter, which was a rare powerhouse in the Outerverse’s seventy-two weaves. How could such an expert be injured by just one attack? 

The Ten Arbiters had an impressive reputation, and Lan Si was also a Hunter. Thus, him injuring the old woman was still acceptable to most people.

But what about Lu Yin? Didn’t people say that this youth had to rely on various external items to defeat Enlighters? Where were his items? 

Lan Si’s eyes narrowed. Lu Yin’s attack was comparable to the Arbiter’s own, which was proof of how strong Lu Yin was at this time.

Meanwhile, Lu Yin was feeling incomparably excited, as he had finally managed to defeat an Enlighter with his own strength. He bellowed fiercely at the sky, and his strength erupted as he moved out to compete with Lan Si over who could capture the most people. 

Lan Si had lost his advantage the moment Lu Yin had become a Cruiser. Previously, Lu Yin had predicted that he would only be able to fight against the Ten Arbiters once he became a Cruiser, and that prediction now turned out to be correct. However, Lu Yin was only able to fight against them. The more he looked into Lan Si, the more wary he became, especially when Lu Yin considered the Arbiter’s unknown battle technique and possible innate gift. 

Lu Yin was able to compete with Lan Si over who could capture the most people here, but there was no way he could defeat the Arbiter at this time. 

Lan Si definitely would not reveal his full strength in this sort of situation.

Lu Yin was able to realize this, but the others were not. To them, Lu Yin looked like he was someone who was just as strong as the Divine Fist of the Ten Arbiters. They looked like they were on the same level. 

Meng Tianlong became rather emotional; how long had Lu Yin been cultivating for? It had only been about ten years, but the youth had already reached the level of the Ten Arbiters. His own son, Meng Yue, had entered the Astral Combat Academy at the same time as Lu Yin, but Meng Yue had only recently managed to become an Explorer while Lu Yin could already compare to one of the Ten Arbiters. Lu Yin’s talent was remarkable, and nobody had ever achieved such results before! 

Gui Wuzong fled for his life, but the Enlighter was quickly sandwiched on either side by Lan Si and Lu Yin. 

Gui Wuzong was the only person remaining aside from Ke Yun, and both Lan Si and Lu Yin were fighting to capture the Enlighter. 

Gui Wuzong despaired. He used the Shadowghost Sword, but he couldn’t hide anything from the two youths; they were able to see through all of the Enlighter’s moves. 

Lu Yin and Lan Si caught up to Gui Wuzong at the same time. They did not bother dodging any of the man’s attacks, and instead, they attacked the older man at the same time, shattering his sword in the process. Each of the two youths then grabbed one of Gui Wuzong’s arms and used a Hundred Stacks on him. 

Gui Wuzong screamed as the veins in both of his arms shattered while powerful shockwaves reverberated through his body. The two Overlaying Stacks Path attacks allowed Lu Yin and Lan Si to feel the other’s strength with the Enlighter’s body as a medium. 

Lu Yin suddenly took a step back as Gui Wuzong would certainly die if they both attacked again. Lan Si didn’t care, but Lu Yin still intended to keep Gui Wuzong alive.  

Lan Si grabbed Gui Wuzong. “I’ll give you 300 people,” he said as he threw Gui Wuzong at Lu Yin. The Arbiter had captured exactly 300 people.

Lu Yin had only captured 200 people due to the spacecraft. The two youths’ speed had been comparable, but one of the spacecraft that Lu Yin destroyed only had a few people within it, which led to him having a lower score than Lan Si.

In the end, they both turned to look at Ke Yun, who was still trapped by the wooden figures.

Ke Yun turned pale; he was dead. Although he was an Enlighter, he knew that he would not be able to withstand these two freaks. 

Seeing Gui Wuzong’s battle had sent chills running down Ke Yun’s spine, and he had no plans of fighting back. He changed back to his original appearance. “Alliance Leader Lu, it’s been a long time.”

Lu Yin had already known that this person was Ke Yun. The Enlighter clearly wanted to get revenge against the Great Eastern Alliance in secret. Lu Yin could understand why the leader of a major sect would want to get revenge after being threatened, but that also meant that this sect leader would have to deal with the consequences of attempting to get revenge.

Lan Si was no longer interested in what was happening, and he turned to leave. “Lu Yin, don’t forget our battle. I hope that we’ll have it soon.”

Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed—soon? It seemed that Lan Si was growing anxious. Perhaps Lu Yin was improving too quickly since even an Arbiter was feeling threatened.

“Oh right, how old are you?” Lu Yin asked.

Lan Si paused, but he did not even turn around. “That’s a pointless question. Do you really think that we’ll just stand down once we turn forty?”

Lu Yin shrugged. “I don’t expect anyone to retire. It’s just a casual question.”

Lan Si then left. His battle prowess had impressed everyone here, and Mu Nichang’s eyes contained a strange heat as she watched the young man leave. 

Some of the people from the Central Coalition had died during this ambush attempt, but most of them had been captured. The two people who were the worst off were Gui Wuzong and the old Enlighter woman. 

At this time, Ke Yun was the only one left. 

Lu Yin stood outside the cage of wooden figures and looked at Ke Yun with a calm expression. “Master Ke, is there anything that you want to say?” 

Ke Yun bitterly replied, “I’m the loser, so there’s nothing to say. It’s up to you to decide what to do with me.” 

Lu Yin sighed. “Actually, everyone already knows what I want. The Outerverse is larger than the Innerverse, and it actually has a tremendous amount of resources. However, we remain weaker due to how the seventy two weaves are split up. If we could pool all our resources together, we could definitely groom experts comparable to the Innerverse’s. Plus, the Sixth Mainland might invade us again at any moment. In this situation, don't you think that a united Outerverse would be better than a divided one? 

Ke Yun shook his head. “Alliance Leader Lu, you started uniting the Outerverse even before the Sixth Mainland’s invasion. I’m already your prisoner, and you don’t have to say anything else. Once I die, Lan Zhong will return to the Moke Sword Sect, and he will become the next leader, as there is nobody else who can compete against him. The Moke Sword Sect is already yours, Alliance Leader Lu.” 

“In that case, why would you want to sacrifice yourself so unnecessarily?” Lu Yin retorted.

Ke Yun was shocked. “Alliance Leader Lu, you’re willing to spare my life?”

Lu Yin raised his head. “I’ve already said that I want to gather the Outerverse’s resources together. Powerhouses are a form of resources, and I want to preserve as many of them as possible since you experts will be our strength to deal with the Sixth Mainland. As for the Moke Sword Sect, if you are willing to join the Great Eastern Alliance, then there’s no need for me to stir up any extra trouble. I’m not that petty.” 

Ke Yun was grateful, and he nodded. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu. The Moke Sword Sect is willing to join the Great Eastern Alliance.”

Ke Yun was a smart person, as otherwise, Wei Rong would not have been able to threaten the sect leader.  Since he had disguised himself in this attempt to get revenge on the Great Eastern Alliance, it also meant that Ke Yun was not some righteous person and that he had a hypocritical side to him.

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