Chapter 946: Surprise Reinforcements

Lu Yin turned to look at Enhance’s two light screens that were still visible and thought that it would be wasteful to not take advantage of them while he could. He glanced through what was stored in his ring and then took out his formcast model. 

He had been using formcast models from the first moment he had started cultivating, and this was the method that most cultivators used if they could. Cultivators who did not use formcast models were considered independent cultivators. 

Most formcast models could only be used thrice, which would last one until the Melder stage. Some of the better models could be used until the Limiteer realm, but only a small handful of heirs from major forces had the opportunity to use five-stage formcast models, which allowed them to far surpass their peers. Meanwhile, six-stage formcast models were legendary, and not even the major organizations were guaranteed to have any. 

Only Envoy powerhouses were able to create six-stage formcast models, and there were not many such powerhouses in the universe. 

Currently, Lu Yin was using a six-stage formcast model that he had upgraded back in Ironblood Weave. He had spent around 8,000 star essence to upgrade it, which was a very small sum in comparison to his current assets. He wanted to try upgrading it to a seven-stage formcast model now. 

He had never even heard of a seven-stage formcast model before.

Lu Yin carefully placed the formcast model on the upper light screen and threw out tens of thousands of star essence at once. Lu Yin looked at the screen in excitement as the formcast model dropped down slightly.

He was thrilled. Since the formcast model had dropped down, it meant that it could still be upgraded. His formcast model could actually be upgraded to a seven-stage formcast model!

Lu Yin had never even heard of a seven-stage formcast model before, but apparently, they existed.

There was a huge difference between using a formcast model and not using one. Before the existence of formcast models, the heirs of major forces had used a similar method to upgrade their power called torrential overflow. However, only the heirs of major forces were able to use this method whereas formcast models, the equivalent to torrential overflow, were widely used. 

If a six-stage formcast model was equivalent an Envoy’s torrential overflow, then what would a seven-stage formcast model represent? 

Hai Qiqi had once said that she had never even heard of a seven-stage formcast model before and that not even the Sea King possessed the ability to create a seven-stage formcast model. Could it be that only World Imprinters or possibly even Cosmic Imprinters were able to create such a thing? 

However, Lu Yin did not care about any of that at this moment. He had glimpsed a glimmer of hope of obtaining his own seven-stage formcast model. 

A six-stage formcast model could be used until the Hunter realm while a seven-stage formcast model could theoretically be used until the Enlighter realm. 

However, Lu Yin quickly became concerned. He had thrown out more than 10,000 star essence, but the formcast model had only dipped down a tiny bit. He would probably need more than a million star essence to fully upgrade it. He had enough money, but there was no need to upgrade his formcast model at this moment since he was still quite a ways away from becoming a Hunter. He decided to finish upgrading it when he was about to breakthrough to the Hunter realm. 

After storing his formcast model away, Lu Yin was in a good mood. If nobody had a seven-stage formcast model while he did, then he would be able to surpass all other people. Despite that, he could not allow himself to become too arrogant, as the existence of a seven-stage formcast model meant that there was someone out there who was also capable of making one. Thus, it was even possible that some of the Ten Arbiters might have also obtained one. However, he was certain that Lan Si did not have one, as the Divine Fist’s father was not even able to defeat the Sea King. 

There was nothing else for him to upgrade for the moment, and Lu Yin was left with 2.73 million star essence. He decided to further upgrade his universal armor when he found the proper materials. For his future planned expenditures, this amount of star essence would most likely not be enough. Thus, he needed to continue earning money. 

When Lu Yin looked at the layer of star essence on the ground, he felt his heart bleed. However, he still needed to spend this money. 

It was time to let those people in.

The flames were still burning bright outside the door, but the temperature had fallen a great deal since most of the high-quality fuels had been exhausted. The people outside were disappointed, as the high temperature was not enough to damage the door, and it would only become harder and harder to succeed as the temperature continued to drop.

Yuehua Mavis and the others were all disappointed, as they had paid a significant price in their attempt. It seemed that they would have to wait for the Outerverse to reconnect with the Innerverse before they could open this door. 

Suddenly, just when everyone was about to give up, the door opened.

Everyone stared on in confusion as the flames rushed in through the doorway the moment the door opened. 

Yu Mu and the rest immediately extinguished the flames to prevent them from destroying anything within the building. 

Black Mask and the other powerhouses rushed towards the door, but before they could enter, an enormous tree sprouted from the ground that blocked their path. Yuehua Mavis then said, “Everyone, please follow the previous agreement. Otherwise I won’t mind causing the rule breakers to disappear.” 

Black Mask hesitated. Yuehua Mavis had battled against an Imprinter from the Sixth Mainland on even ground, which was a powerhouse on the same level as an Envoy. This was not someone who he could afford to offend, as she was almost the same as an Envoy herself. 

Yu Mu, Elder Lohar, Elder Daggs, and Lan Si were among the first people to enter the building.

Lu Yin tightly held the cloakstone in his fist as he hid inside the building. The first person to pass through the door was Yuehua Mavis, and she was followed by Yu Mu, Sall Phoenix from the Dark Phoenix family, Qiong Shanhai, and many others. However, nobody discovered Lu Yin. 

He was completely unconcerned about what would happen next, and he left the building while various people slowly passed through the open door.

Lu Yin was just about to leave when he overheard a conversation. His eyes flashed, and he quickly hid himself again. 

Apart from the items that Lu Yin had left behind, there was nothing else inside the building. Many people had entered the building with high hopes only to leave in disappointment. In their search, the building was almost torn down. 

This was especially true for Yu Mu and the other powerhouses, as they had used many different precious treasures to open the door, but there was basically nothing inside the building. The pills and star essence that they found were worthless to them, and they were outraged as they left with dark expressions. 

Some of the smarter people among the crowd discovered traces of Lu Yin’s presence, and they shared that someone had already been in the building before, which caused Elder Daggs to feel helpless. 

Yuehua Mavis left. There was nothing that she wanted in this place. She had hoped to learn more about the Rune Civilization, but there were no such records in this place.

Everyone else left as well. 

Ku Wei was annoyed. He had heard of Gu Yue before, as the man had been renowned even in the Neoverse. Naturally, he had been looking forward to seeing Moonstar, but there had been nothing in this place. 

In the end, he left as well. 

Xuan Jiu walked around the building before leaving with a strange expression.

Xi Qi also glanced around. “There’s nothing here. Let’s go.”

The fish on her head mused aloud, “What a familiar smell. I’ve smelled this before, but where? Let me think.”

Lan Si wasn’t disappointed. He had never planned on learning Moonstar to begin with, so he was simply happy that nobody else had obtained it. 

Mu Nichang, Meng Tianlong, and the others all left helplessly as well. They headed in the same direction, as they were all returning to the east.

Moments after the group left the ruins, they were ambushed by a group of experts that included people from the Shadowsword Sect, the Ayker clan, and other forces from the central weaves. For this ambush, even Ke Yun from the Moke Sword Sect joined in on attacking the Great Eastern Alliance’s experts after hiding his identity. 

The Great Eastern Alliance was the greatest enemy of the central weaves’ Central Coalition, particularly after Lu Yin had given the orders to assassinate 300 of their top-ranking officers in a single night. This bloody campaign had both shocked the Outerverse and angered the members of the Central Coalition. In response, they had decided to kill Meng Tianlong and the others while Lu Yin was in seclusion in a bid to weaken the Great Eastern Alliance. 

They were not afraid of Lu Yin learning about their actions as they were already enemies.

The experts from the Great Eastern Alliance included the Neo-Vestige Sect’s Gong Chou, Lü Ran from Greenpeak Gorge, and many more. They were not able to withstand this coordinated attack from the central weaves’ coalition, especially because there were two Enlighters among the attackers. Meng Tianlong was heavily injured the moment he retaliated, and Mu Nichang was soon injured as well. 

They were attacked on the eastern side of the ruins, but most of the experts who had come to the ruins had headed west. Even if there were a few experts who saw the ambush, they simply ignored it. 

This ambush would end in just a few minutes.

Mu Nichang and the rest had already given up hope. Lü Ran had surrendered, but Ke Yun had still sliced the man’s head off. Ke Yun had once been threatened by the Great Eastern Alliance because of Lan Zhong, and he had even been forced to invite the banished man back to the sect. Ke Yun felt that this was a terrible humiliation, and he had thus joined this ambush attempt to get revenge. 

Meng Tianlong unleashed the Desolate Palm, but Gui Wuzong’s sword pierced through the palm before slicing into Meng Tianlong’s shoulder. “Your death was fated the moment you joined the Great Eastern Alliance.” 

An arrow shot towards Gui Wuzong, but he simply sneered and flicked the arrow away. His cold eyes landed on Gong Chou. “Young man, this is the day of your death.” 

Nearby, Mu Nichang was doing her best to endure Ke Yun’s attacks. Although the Moke Sword Sect’s skills weren’t as mysterious as the Shadowsword Sect’s, they were straightforward and true; they could not be blocked. 

Ke Yun’s sword trembled as he dispelled Mu Nichang’s star energy. He swung his blade, and Mu Nichang gritted her teeth. Multiple wooden figures suddenly appeared around Ke Yun, trapping him. These wooden figures were a treasure of Evenground Palace, and there were a total of ninety nine of them. According to the rumors, when all ninety nine figures were activated at once, they could even trap an Enlighter. 

Ke Yun was trapped, but this trap would not be able to last for long.

Mu Nichang was unlucky, as the appearance of her wooden figures drew the attention of another Enlighter from the central weaves. It was an old lady, and she stretched out her dry hands towards Mu Nichang. “Little girl, you’re quite pretty. Give me your face.”

Mu Nichang’s eyes narrowed. She knew that was dead.

Doro became desperate. 

Suddenly, a figure flashed past Doro and appeared in front of Mu Nichang. This person suddenly attacked, and a palm clashed with the old woman’s palm, causing an indescribable force to erupt as powerful shockwaves burst forth that tore space apart. Mu Nichang was flung away, and the old lady’s palm was shattered into pieces. 

The old lady screamed as her body was blasted away by an invisible force. Her skin tore apart, and she even vomited blood. 

The sudden appearance of someone who could injure the old lady immediately drew everyone’s attention. 

Ke Yun, who was still trapped by the wooden figures, was stunned. Was that Arbiter Lan Si?

Nobody had expected Lan Si to suddenly take action, especially since he had not been traveling in this direction.

On top of that, Lan Si had even publicly challenged Lu Yin to a duel, so the two parties clearly were not on good terms. Nobody had expected the Arbiter to suddenly appear.

Mu Nichang stared at Lan Si’s silhouette in awe. This young man was so tall and dashing, and he had just saved her life. 

Lan Si looked down at everyone present. He had erected an invincible forcefield, and he casually waved a hand, forcing everyone back with an invisible force. They all finally experienced the power of one of the Ten Arbiters. 

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