Chapter 942: Attraction

The description of the Moonstar battle technique was very detailed, and Mu Nichang was intrigued.

Doro’s eyes were fervent as well. “Elder, is this real?”

Elder Meiya replied, “There are multiple records about Gu Yue, and Moonstar was truly a battle technique that intimidated an era. However, I’m not sure if these ruins are actually related to Gu Yue.” 

Mu Nichang’s expression grew grim. “Who released the information about Gu Yue’s ruins?”

Elder Meiya shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“Master, do you think that this is fake?” Doro asked.

Mu Nichang’s eyes gleamed. “We still have to go even if it is fake. This news must have already spread throughout the entire Outerverse, and countless experts will head over there. Even if it’s fake, we’ll just have been tricked. Nobody has the ability to defeat all of the Outerverse’s experts.” 

Elder Meiya agreed. “That’s right, you have to go. If you can obtain Moonstar, then Evenground Palace’s position would drastically improve.” 

Mu Nichang glanced at Elder Meiya. The Palace Master was not as optimistic as the elder. Even if the Moonstar battle technique was actually in those ruins, she might not be the one to ultimately obtain the technique. After all, there was still Lu Yin. Mu Nichang simply wanted to go and take a look to see if there were any other battle techniques within the ruins. 

Gu Yue was a legendary figure whose power level had exceeded a million. Obtaining any of his belongings would greatly improve Mu Nichang’s strength. 

“Let’s go. Other people are most likely already on their way.” Mu Nichang stood up.

The head of the Suna Weave’s Moke Sword Sect, Ke Yun, stood up and tore through the void to enter his spacecraft. He was also heading towards Gu Yue’s ruins. People at his level were not stupid, and most of them were aware that this information was most likely false. However, they would make this trip even if everything was fake—they would bring forth their full effort for a chance to obtain anything related to Gu Yue, even if those chances were miniscule.

Gui Wuzong from the Shadowsword Sect, an elder from the Umbral Butterfly Tribe, Qiong Shanhai and Zhu Jie of Millions City: anyone who was confident in their strength made their way towards the ruins. 

On Skylush Planet, Zi Tianchuan stared at his screen in confusion. How was the supposed location of Gu Yue’s ruins the same place as the Rune Technology ruins that the Zi family had discovered? That place was clearly a Rune Technology ruin. How had it become Gu Yue’s ruins? And who discovered that place? 

He didn’t believe that someone could find that place through sheer coincidence. Moreover, he had even dispatched five Hunters to stand guard over the ruins, and one of them should have been able to inform Zi Tianchuan even if an Enlighter had stumbled across that place. However, he had not received any news, which meant that the intruder had been well prepared. 

Zi Tianchuan suddenly thought of something. He immediately went to his secret room and stared at the ground in front of the room. Although no one else would be able to detect anything different, he could see that someone had recently entered the hidden room. 

Zi Tianchuan clenched his fists, and many people flashed through his mind. Then, he finally switched on his gadget. “Zi Fang, come to the ancestral home.” 

Zi Fang soon arrived, and he forced himself to be calm when he saw the fury in Zi Tianchuan’s eyes. He bowed. “Father, you called?” 

Zi Tianchuan glared at Zi Fang with rage in his eyes. “Why did you go into the secret room?”

Zi Fang asked, “What secret room?”

Zi Tianchuan was furious, and he shattered a table. ”How dare you lie to me! Why did you go into the secret room? Who asked you to go in there, and who did you tell? Answer me!”

Zi Fang intended to deny everything to the very end, but Zi Tianchuan’s next words left the younger man terrified. “If you refuse to admit it, then I’ll strike your name from the family records. Don’t think that you will definitely become the Zi family patriarch just because you are my only son.” 

Zi Fang’s body turned cold. “Father, why are you accusing me?”

Zi Tianchuan shook his head. “I have my own ways. I just want to know why you entered the secret room and who you told about the information in there. Don’t tell me that you haven’t seen the information about Gu Yue’s ruins on the network.” 

Zi Fang lowered his head and considered many things.

Zi Tianchuan sighed. “That secret room contains the greatest secret of our Zi family. If anyone else knows about it, it could create terrible trouble for our family.”

“Gods' Origin isn’t the Neohuman Alliance,” Zi Fang refuted softly.

Zi Tianchuan furiously retorted, “‘But they are still a major force that can compete with the Hall of Honor! The Hall of Honor controls both the Innerverse and Outerverse. Thus, telling the Hall of Honor would be the same as making the Zi family their enemy.”

“I didn’t tell the Hall of Honor. I only told Lu Yin,” Zi Fang immediately defended himself, but his heart fell the moment he finished speaking. 

Zi Tianchuan closed his eyes. “So it really was Lu Yin.”

Zi Fang’s face went pale. He had not wanted to say anything, but Zi Tianchuan had threatened him with preventing him from becoming the next patriarch. Zi Fang’s only hope now was Lu Yin. However, the Zi family heir no longer knew how he would be able to face Lu Yin.

Zi Tianchuan felt exhausted. “Aside from Lu Yin, who else could force you to listen to them? What did he promise you?” 

Zi Fang stayed quiet. 

Zi Tianchuan sneered. “He promised to make you the next patriarch, didn’t he?”

Zi Fang did not respond.

Zi Tianchuan looked out the window. He was able to guess what Lu Yin had promised Zi Fang, and although Zi Tianchuan wanted to sneer and say that Lu Yin had no right to decide who led the Zi family, he was unable to say that out loud. Was there anything that Lu Yin was incapable of achieving in the Outerverse? So what if he asked Elder Li to come out? Lu Yin had the Hall of Honor’s support. He could expose the Zi family’s secrets, and even if the Hall of Honor did not move against the Zi family and deal with them like they did with the Neohuman Alliance, the family still would not have a good time. 

Zi Tianchuan had to admit that Zi Fang had found an excellent supporter. Lu Yin indeed had the right to interfere in the selection of the Zi family patriarch.

“Leave.” Zi Tianchuan was very tired, and he wearily waved a hand.

Zi Fang slowly left. He was thinking about how he could convince Lu Yin to wholeheartedly support him. Thus, Zi Fang was completely unconcerned with what was currently going through Zi Tianchuan’s mind. 

The Zi family was one of the Outerverse’s four great conglomerates. Even if they had declined, they were still extremely powerful, and the family’s internal power struggle was even crueler than what occurred in royal families. This generation was much better off, as Zi Fang and Zi Xianxian were the family’s only heirs. Zi Tianchuan’s generation had had more than ten siblings fighting for control, and Zi Tianchuan’s journey to the position of the Zi family patriarch had not been smooth. 

The more powerful the family was, the more intense their power struggle. Zi Fang was used to such behavior, but Zi Tianchuan understood it even better. 

Zi Tianchuan’s eyes narrowed as he read the description of Gu Yue’s ruins. Why would Lu Yin spread a rumor that this place was Gu Yue’s ruins? What was that person trying to do? This news would lure out most of the Outerverse’s experts; could Lu Yin be attempting something surprising at this time? 

Zi Tianchuan pondered over the matter and quickly called Zi Fang back. Zi Tianchuan ordered his son to remain quiet about this incident and forbade him from leaving the ancestral home. For this, the older man even confiscated his son’s gadget. 

No matter what Lu Yin was planning, Zi Tianchuan intended to not interfere in any way. If he did anything, then there was a large chance that he would end up in trouble. Thus, the Zi family would simply pretend that nothing was happening. 

The Outerverse became more and more frantic as countless people gossiped about Gu Yue’s ruins. Gu Yue suddenly became the most popular topic in the entire Outerverse. 

However, this only lasted for half a day, as the news concerning Gu Yue’s ruins was quickly removed. 

Although the information had been taken down, countless spacecraft were already headed towards the ruins. People from the Great Eastern Alliance, central regions, western weaves, and members of the border defense who had requested permission to head to the ruins. 

Yuan Shi had also received this news. His expression was complex, as Gu Yue had lived in a similar era as Yuan Shi, and he could even be considered the ancient powerhouse’s senior. Yuan Shi had respected Gu Yue’s talent and morals. Nobody knew how the man had ultimately died, and his death had become one of the universe’s mysteries. However, his ruins had apparently appeared now. 

“Yuan Shi, a number of people are requesting to leave the border’s defenses to go to Gu Yue’s ruins,” Elder Daggs respectfully informed Yuan Shi. 

Yuan Shi answered, “Let them go.”

Elder Daggs hesitated.

Yuan Shi glanced at the man. “You want to go too?”

Elder Daggs bowed low. “I would be able to serve the Hall of Honor better if I could obtain Moonstar.” 

Yuan Shi answered, “Go, if that is what you wish to do.”

Elder Daggs was elated. “Thank you, Yuan Shi.”

It was possible that not even Lu Yin had expected so many people to be attracted to Gu Yue’s ruins. However, this effect was precisely what he wanted. The more people that made the journey, the greater his odds of success.

He did not dare to reveal the truth concerning these ruins. If the truth that this was a Rune Technology ruin was exposed, then it was possible that even powerhouses like Yuan Shi would be interested. At that point, even Lu Yin would be unable to do anything. 

Lan Si also received the news. He similarly headed towards the ruins, as he was also interested in Moonstar. People like him would also never allow others to learn such a technique if they were unable to obtain it themselves. Lan Si was particularly mindful of Lu Yin. 

With the vast influence that Lu Yin wielded from controlling a third of the Outerverse, there was a high chance that he would obtain the battle technique, which Lan Si definitely could not allow to happen. 

Most people believed that Lu Yin would be their greatest obstacle in obtaining the legendary battle technique. Thus, when the information was released, most people specifically made it a point to find out more about Gu Yue before checking the recent news about Lu Yin. 

Fortunately, the Great Yu Empire had stated that Lu Yin was busy with training and that he would remain in seclusion for another month. Nobody dared to disturb him, which caused everyone to feel relieved. 

The ruins quickly became a bustling area when the first batch of people started arriving, which were the experts of the nearby Armament Weave as well as some people from the Wei family. 

Numerous spacecraft stopped in outer space near the cosmic phenomenon as countless silhouettes appeared within the city. 

Sounds of battle soon followed. 

With such a large number of people arriving all at once, conflicts soon broke out. The city had not seen this much activity in a very long time, and a rowdy atmosphere soon replaced the previously creepy one. 

Hundreds of people arrived within a single day, and more yet were on their way. 

At this time, Lu Yin was hiding inside the building, and the building’s door had grown slightly larger. There were clear burn signs in certain parts, but the flames had not been able to cause the slightest bit of damage to the door. These were actually intentionally left behind by Lu Yin, and he had left his Skyblaze Stone just inside the door afterwards. 

There was only one reason why he had lured all these people here. He wanted to use the strength of the Outerverse to restore his Skyblaze Stone so that he could use it to cultivate again. 

It was very difficult to find high temperature flames even with the Great Eastern Alliance’s influence. Even if someone within the Great Eastern Alliance had such flames, they might not be willing to hand them over. Thus, Lu Yin’s desperation had birthed this scheme. 

Lu Yin knew himself very well. The only thing greater than influence was personal power. This was the way of the universe. If Lu Yin did not have his impressive strength as his foundation, then he would have been nothing more than a second Wei Rong, someone destined to eventually be eliminated.

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