Chapter 94: Lu Yin’s Strategy

Stood at the center, Tianming calmly stared at Ghostfire, who spoke haughtily, “What now? Are you going to admit defeat?”

“Indeed, I cannot defeat you, but your attacks aren’t powerful enough to hurt me, either,” he answered somewhat helplessly.

Ghostfire’s expression turned gloomy. Those words were the truth; strong as it may be, his innate gift only granted him invincibility, victory was still out of reach.

“It is alright, Ghostfire, fighting to a draw with a Hall Master of Yu Academy is no mean feat,” Bazeer said loudly. 

Ghostfire wasn’t done yet, “Representative Bazeer, I heard that there was a powerful cultivator of the Sentinel realm in the Great Yu Empire, a realmbreaker even. I would like to fight with him to learn a thing or two.”

Everyone was shocked to hear this, and many people subconsciously looked in Lu Yin’s direction. Dorren’s gaze changed, and he shot a glance at Lu Yin before turning to Bazeer, “Representative, you must be tired after the long journey. His Imperial Majesty ordered me to prepare a banquet for you; please enjoy.”

Bazeer smiled faintly, “You are too kind, Your Highness, but there is no rush. I heard King Zishan was unbeatable in the Sentinel realm; why not have a friendly competition with Ghostfire? He should learn how to become unbeatable as well.”

Pride oozed from Ghostfire’s expression as he beamed at Lu Yin so provocatively that Peach bared her teeth, “This guy is trouble, don’t respond to his challenge.”

There was a twinkle in Lu Yin’s eye. These people were trying to provoke him even if they hadn’t crossed paths in the past, and there was only one possible reason: Wendy. News of his intent to marry her had leaked out; The Undying Yushan was apt at making trouble for him.

And yet, he stepped forth before Dorren could decline on his behalf. Whatever it was, the honorable response to provocation at one’s doorstep was to accept the challenge regardless of the outcome. The alternative would be an act of cowardice.

Schutz and the rest looked at Lu Yin full of contemplation, and Tianming advised softly, “Careful to avoid his attacks, he only knows one move. Don’t face him head-on.”

Lu Yin nodded and came face-to-face with Ghostfire, “I’m Lu Yin, King Zishan. You said you want to learn how to become an unbeatable Sentinel? I’ll be happy to teach you at no cost.”

The sides of Ghostfire’s mouth twitched, “Alright then, please teach me.” With that, the black flames in his hands turned into chains that floated mid-air, heading straight towards Lu Yin. The scorching heat was accompanied by formless energy that Lu Yin didn’t dare get close to; he quickly dodged, and the ground split open as sparks flew everywhere.

Lu Yin thrust his palm out, the Spacerender Palm compressing the air around it and heading viciously towards Ghostfire. However, the opponent strangely chose not to evade, instead thrusting his own palm forward and smashing the attack into bits. Bazeer scoffed; the reason Ghostfire could gain membership into the Outerverse Youth Council wasn’t just his innate gift. Even without that, his abilities were not to be underestimated; the gift only allowed him to take on even stronger competitors.

Ghostfire’s power came as a surprise; it seemed like the single attack used against Tianming was a smokescreen all designed for this battle. The black flames grew in size as they danced in the air, and he laughed, “Is this a so-called unbeatable Sentinel’s ability? How disappointing.”

Unbothered by the comment, Lu Yin used the Roving Step to evade. The flames enveloped an even larger area and started to constrain his movements, leaving many worried as they watched. If he were defeated, the Great Yu Empire would turn into a laughing stock.

Amongst the elites of Yu Academy, Raas scoffed. He did not care about any reputation; he just wanted Lu Yin to be defeated. The more humiliating the defeat, the better.  Gerbach looked on in astonishment, staring hard at Lu Yin. At his side, Schutz commented gloomily, “Is this all he’s capable of? You lost to someone of this caliber?”

“Just keep watching,” Gerbach went silent.

As he saw his surroundings being engulfed by black flames, with the area around him already obstructed, Lu Yin’s gaze turned cold. His thigh muscles twitched as he disappeared instantly, flashing right in front of Ghostfire before his silhouette could even disappear from his original location. Everyone was shocked, with even Bazeer seeming astonished. Such speed was something only a minority of Sentinels could manage. It was little wonder he was considered unbeatable, but shame that he was up against the invincible Ghostfire.

Schutz, Gerbach, and the rest in their party looked at one another in awe; Lu Yin had somehow mastered the Flash since they’d last met. Dorren Yushan’s eyes lit up; this technique was something he was all too familiar with. Meanwhile, Peach gripped her fists tightly and cheered on.

Ghostfire paid no attention to this, “Do you think you can evade forever? Look up; there is nowhere to run.”

After he finished speaking, the black flames that pervaded the sky violently crashed down. It was like a dark cloud descending over the school, and everyone backed off. Lu Yin again put the Flash to good use, but he did not attempt to evade. Instead, he faced the black flames head-on and birthed a cold wind around his body as he encased himself in ice and shot into the fire. It was common sense to fight fire with ice, and he still had the innate gift of Frost that he’d taken from Bai Xue. Even though he wasn’t familiar enough with it to use it well, it was good enough as a temporary defensive measure.

Ghostfire did not know where Lu Yin was, but Bazeer and the rest could see him clearly. They were especially shocked to see Lu Yin’s entire body covered in ice, and even Dorren was taken aback. He recalled that Sigmund Mathers had reported some sort of die-related innate gift; why was it Frost now?

Ordinary ice would not stop the black flames, but it allowed Lu Yin to get through and appear above the school. His figure flickered beside a huge bell and kicked out, starting it buzzing as it crashed right down. Blinded by his own flames, Ghostfire had been confident that Lu Yin could not harm him. It was only after the bell landed that he realized something was wrong, dispersing the flames and realizing that he was trapped. He started wailing into the wall, but couldn’t get out no matter how hard he tried.

The school bell was made with exceptional materials designed to defend against Limiteer attacks, and the ground got harder the deeper one went. A Sentinel would likely need at least three hours to escape. Everyone watched in stunned silence; was this even allowed? A loud rumbling came out from the large bell as Ghostfire struggled to escape, but his attempts were futile. Lu Yin landed on it and knocked against it leisurely, “Not bad; it’s quite hard.”

“You cheater, this is cheating!” A Limiteer beside Bazeer cried out angrily.

“Weren’t you the ones who said there’s no need for fairness in battle?” Lu Yin stated in mock astonishment, “What is this cheating you speak of?”

“Insolence!” the Limiteer raged.

Bazeer stretched out a hand to stop his subordinate, “Indeed, anything goes in battle. Since he was the one who challenged you, we wholeheartedly accept our loss. It isn’t like the Youth Council cannot take losses graciously.”

Dorren spoke out, “Representative Bazeer, this is just a friendly contest. There is no need to determine a winner and loser. In any event, Ghostfire did not lose; he would make it out in three hours at most.”

Bazeer said solemnly, “Even if he makes it out, King Zishan is too fast for him to catch up to.”

“But His Majesty is unable to defeat Ghostfire as well, can we count this as a draw?” Dorren smiled.

Bazeer did not acknowledge the question at all, only taking a good look at Lu Yin. His brows knitted as he heard the bell chime, a wave of his hand cracking the school grounds open exactly below the bell. Everyone felt a strong wind strike their faces with the sharpness of a knife, showcasing his might.

Ghostfire rushed out from the underground and glared at Lu Yin, “How despicable! You should fight me in the open if you’re really that good, playing dirty tricks just shows us what kind of cowardly antics those in the Great Yu Empire employ in battle.”

Lu Yin looked at him, amused, “Battles are dynamic. They’re not just about power, but also strategy and intellect. I did tell you I’d give you a free lesson.”

Ghostfire was seething with anger, his already-pale face now even paler. However, Bazeer raged, “Ghostfire, come back!”

He greeted his teeth, “Representative Bazeer, let me fight another round.”

“I told you to come back!” Bazeer thundered, his figure instantly transforming into that of a bear whose roar pierced the sky. The clouds dispersed, and space itself grew unstable as everyone felt goosebumps forming on their skin.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he felt an immense sense of pressure, far higher than what Sigmund had exerted on him on Earth. Ghostfire’s expression changed in an instant and he complied immediately, not daring to make another rebuttal.

Bazeer suppressed his anger and turned to Prince Dorren, “Your Highness, sorry for making a mockery of ourselves. We will take our leave now; we are hungry and would like to try the delicious food the Great Yu Empire has to offer.”

Dorren laughed and gestured his willingness. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as they left, finally unburdened from the pressure of the Outerverse Youth Council. A mere Sentinel could do that to a hall master; if not for Lu Yin salvaging the situation, the Great Yu Empire would have become the laughing stock of the universe.

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