Chapter 939: Strange Rumors And Ruins

Gaining control of all of the Great Yu Empire’s independent cultivators was a difficult task, and such widespread management was not Lu Yin’s forte. He sent a message to Wang Wen, intending to just leave these matters to him in the future. Lu Yin’s decisions over the past few days had felt more like venting. 

Wang Wen smiled when he saw Lu Yin’s message. Although Lu Yin’s methods were crude, Wang Wen could still see Lu Yin’s determination to treat the common folk kindly, and the only way to do so was to gain control of the independent cultivators. It was good enough that the Royal Regent had such determination. 

The public had always believed that Lu Yin was a ruthless person who enjoyed warfare. Despite their prejudice, Lu Yin still treated them kindly and carefully protected the borders. He was a magnanimous person, which was why Wang Wen admired him and was willing to rely on him. 

Even Lu Yin did not know why he had become so angry over this incident, but Wang Wen was aware of the motivation behind the anger. The actions of these corrupt businessmen and independent cultivators had led to even more casualties than the interweave wars. In short, these people had violated Lu Yin’s principles. 

Wang Wen looked up at the sky. He had stopped caring about predicting the future once he started following Lu Yin. Now, it would be up to fate to decide how history would record their achievements. 

Nobody had ever managed to unite the Outerverse before, but Wang Wen saw a glimmer of hope in Lu Yin. Wang Wen was feeling hopeful towards what the future would hold. 

Oh right, I almost forgot. Wang Wen immediately sent a message to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he read Wang Wen’s message. How is this even possible? 

He immediately called Elder Lohar.

Lu Yin’s first call failed to connect to the elder, but he remained persistent.

After half an hour, Elder Lohar picked up. He greeted Lu Yin with a weary voice. “Alliance Leader Lu, what can I help you with?” 

Lu Yin stifled his laughter and cleared his throat. “Elder, I heard that something strange showed up in Ironblood Weave.” 

Elder Lohar sounded annoyed when he answered. “Wang Wen must have been the one who told you about this.” 

Lu Yin answered, “So is there really something strange? I heard that even you suffered from it—is this true?” 

Elder Lohar sighed. “It’s true; I was stepped on.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “What stepped on you?”

Elder Lohar hesitated. “Alliance Leader Lu, I can tell you, but you can’t tell anyone else.”

Lu Yin replied, “Of course.”

Elder Lohar coughed and hesitated before answering, “A rabbit.”

Lu Yin was stunned. “What?”

“I was stepped on by a rabbit covered in lightning. I couldn’t even touch it,” Elder Lohar spoke angrily. He thought that Lu Yin would laugh after hearing about this matter, but instead, the youth’s expression grew serious. A rabbit, a rabbit… It must be that rabbit! 

After Lu Yin successfully completed a lockbreaking session on the Savage Ape Planet, a nine headed savage ape had emerged and nearly killed everyone present. But then, a rabbit suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stomped on the ape. That rabbit stomp had stunned the nine headed savage ape, which had been on par with an Enlighter, and Lu Yin had also managed to use his die to copy the rabbit’s innate gift. He later used that lightning to kill a Hunter realm powerhouse who had ambushed him. 

That rabbit had left a strong impression on Lu Yin. 

That rabbit was definitely extremely powerful since it had stunned that nine headed savage ape with a single kick. Lu Yin did not expect the rabbit to reappear after so many years, and it had even stomped on Elder Lohar. That rabbit would truly step on anything. 

“Alliance Leader Lu, you don’t seem very surprised by this,” Elder Lohar said. 

Lu Yin answered, “I’ve seen that rabbit before.”

He then told the elder about the incident on Savage Ape Planet.

Elder Lohar said, “I didn’t even have any time to react after being stepped on by that rabbit, so it’s very normal for it to have stunned a nine headed savage ape. I’m telling you this to remind you to be careful—a third of the Outerverse is under your control, and that rabbit might reappear.” 

Lu Yin nodded. “Elder, do you think that this rabbit is from the Astral Beast Domain?”

Elder Lohar replied, “I don’t think so. It seems to have appeared from thin air.”

Lu Yin agreed with Elder Lohar. If the rabbit was from the Astral Beast Domain, then it wouldn’t have done something so random.

“Actually, the rabbit’s most powerful skill is its lightning, which has transformed and contains an indescribable strength. Let’s move on from this topic and not talk about that rabbit anymore—is there anything else that I can help you with, Alliance Leader Lu?” Elder Lohar asked. 

Lu Yin chatted with Elder Lohar for a while and then hung up.

Lu Yin wanted to see that rabbit again, and it would be even better if he could copy its innate gift again with his die. Since even Elder Lohar was shocked by the strength of that rabbit’s lightning, it had to be very powerful. In fact, it should be enough to deal with powerhouses whose power levels were higher than 300,000. 

Lu Yin no longer gave the incident with the rabbit any further thought. It had just been a surprising bit of news. 

At the same time, Wei Rong was busy getting in contact with Zi Xianxian.

Wei Rong, En Ya, and Wang Wen had become Lu Yin’s advisors for his expansion plans. Thus, he told the three of them whenever there was someone who could be made use of. That way, his advisors would have the same resources as him. 

At this time, Wei Rong’s goal was to gain Zi Fang’s help. 

Lu Yin had promised to help Zi Fang become the Zi family patriarch. However, since Zi Fang was the only heir at the moment, there was no question about him eventually inheriting the position of patriarch. Thus, he had not cared about Lu Yin’s promise. 

Nevertheless, Lu Yin still needed to access the classified information that was in Amethyst Exchange’s possession. Thus, he had given this task to Wei Rong, as he was the best at plotting and scheming. 

Wei Rong did not disappoint Lu Yin, and the first thing that he did was contact Zi Xianxian.

Wei Rong had never spoken with Zi Xianxian before, so Zi Xianxian did not know who was calling her. 

“Who is it?” Zi Xianxian had been sunbathing in her courtyard as she answered the call.

“I’m Wei Rong.”

Zi Xianxian frowned. “Wei Rong? Why did you call me?”

“I wanted to ask, what does Miss Xianxian think about becoming the head of the Zi family?” Wei Rong asked.

Zi Xianxian’s eyes flashed. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing much. It’s just that the Alliance Leader feels that he’s quite close to Miss Xianxian. Thus, if Miss Xianxian took control of the Zi family in the future, it would be much better for him. As such, he sent me to check in with you,” Wei Rong explained.

Zi Xianxian answered, “Tell Alliance Leader Lu that he doesn’t need to worry about the Zi family’s affairs. He’s already a shareholder of Amethyst Exchange, and he can access all of Amethyst Exchange’s records. There’s no need for him to do these underhanded things.” She then immediately hung up. 

Although Lu Yin had helped resolve the Zi family’s crisis, Zi Xianxian was still very unhappy with Lu Yin as the Zi family had been forced to pay a price to resolve the issue. She did not want to interact with Lu Yin anymore than she had to at this time. 

Wei Rong also hung up, perfectly satisfied. He had expected as much from Zi Xianxian, and this was fine since he had no real plans to groom Zi Xianxian. 

In a residence on Skylush Planet, Zi Fang glanced at his gadget and received a huge surprise. He had always been wary of Zi Xianxian, and someone had just sent him a report, informing him that Lu Yin of the Great Eastern Alliance had revealed the intention to help Zi Xianxian inherit the position of the Zi family matriarch. This information stunned Zi Fang. 

The Zi family was not what it had been in the past. Since their crisis had been resolved by Lu Yin, the contest to become the head of the Zi family would definitely involve Lu Yin as well. 

It would still be alright if Lu Yin did not interfere, but if he did, then Zi Fang’s chances of success would definitely drop precipitously. Zi Xianxian had given Lu Yin a small number of shares of Amethyst Exchange’s Zenyu Star branch, and she had even given him some information before. Thus, Zi Fang was not surprised that Lu Yin would support Zi Xianxian. 

Zi Fang started to panic. He could not lose his position as the first heir of the Zi family.

Suddenly, he remembered what Lu Yin had said. As long as Zi Fang found out what Amethyst Exchange was looking for in the Outerverse, Lu Yin would guarantee that Zi Fang the position of the Zi family’s patriarch. 

Zi Fang had not cared about that promise before, but now, he would have to find a way to accomplish the task that Lu Yin had given him. If Lu Yin truly supported Zi Xianxian instead of Zi Fang, then the elder brother would be in trouble. Even though the successorship was an internal matter of the Zi family, Zi Fang knew that Lu Yin would still be able to interfere. 

Zi Fang was a very stubborn person. He could fight with Zi Xianxian over the position of the Zi family head, and he had even casually cut his ties with Zi Rong. These actions proved that Zi Fang was a stubborn man, and a stubborn person could do anything. 

To win over Lu Yin’s support, Zi Fang decided that he would sneak into Zi Tianchuan’s secret room once more. That was where the Zi family’s most sensitive information was kept, and only the Zi family patriarch had the right to access that room. 

Zi Tianchuan protected that hidden room very well, and Mr. Tradeo would never be far from it either.

Fortunately, the Zi family had been afflicted by too many incidents recently, and the protection surrounding the secret room had become more lax as well. If not for that, Zi Fang would have no chances of sneaking in. 

When he entered, Zi Fang excitedly read the secret information on the scrolls in the secret room. He did not dare take any pictures, and he left as soon as possible. 

Once he arrived in his own quarters, Zi Fang anxiously contacted Lu Yin.

“Alliance Leader Lu, will you still honor your former promise?” Zi Fang asked nervously.

Lu Yin calmly replied, “What promise?”

Zi Fang quickly reminded Lu Yin. “You said that, as long as I provided you with information about the Zi family’s secret mission, you would support me in becoming the patriarch.”

Lu Yin smiled. “Of course. Did you find it?” 

“Yes. The Zi family is supported by Gods' Origin, which is from the Neoverse, to search for certain information here in the Outerverse. However, the mission of searching for that information is actually just a cover, as Gods’ Origin’s true goal is for the Zi family to find the locations of the Rune Technology’s ruins,” Zi Fang said. 

Lu Yin leaped to his feet. “Rune Technology?”

“Yes, it was an ancient civilization, though I’m not sure about the details since it was not recorded in any history books. However, the civilization existed for a very short period of time, making it very rare to find any ruins of Rune Technology in the universe. Gods' Origin tasked the Zi family to search for these ruins many years ago, but we’ve only found four ruins so far,” Zi Fang continued.

“Where are those four ruins?” Lu Yin asked anxiously.

Zi Fang replied, “Are you interested, Alliance Leader Lu? In that case, it’s unfortunate as all four of those ruins were all directly moved to the Neoverse directly by Gods' Origin. They are no longer in the Outerverse.”

Lu Yin was disappointed, as he was quite dedicated to his pursuit of Rune Technology as well.

The Rune Civilization had been a short-lived civilization developed by the Rune Progenitor. Although they only lasted for a brief period of time, they had been extremely powerful, to the point where no one had dared to record them in history. 

Progenitor Chen had been extremely powerful, and his strength had even scared the Sixth Mainland. One of the cornerstones of his strength was his personally developed Nine Clones Technique, which had made him invincible throughout the universe. That technique allowed him to create nine clones of himself, which was equivalent to nine Progenitor powerhouses. Thus, he had been someone who the Sixth Mainland did not dare to record in their history.  

As for the Rune Progenitor, most people in the Sixth Mainland had never even heard of that Progenitor, and the powerhouse had become an existence that was essentially a legend. 

The Rune Progenitor had developed a civilization that was hard to understand, but if one could understand the slightest bit about them, they would essentially gain a secret technique. This was the scariest detail of the Rune Civilization. 

Lu Yin had managed to reach the Clarity realm of Truesight while in the Innerverse, and he hoped to comprehend even more of the technique. 

It was impossible for Lu Yin to be the only person who had ever obtained an inheritance related to Rune Technology. Since Gods’ Origin was also looking for Rune Technology ruins, it meant that they had likely obtained an inheritance of the Rune Civilization as well, and some of their members might have also learned Truesight.

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