Chapter 935: Lockbreaking Ability

Before much more time passed, Felynn left the garden while looking rather upset. She could ignore things if it was just Lu Yin. However, now, even a stray dog like Saul had come, and she could not overrule anyone. Thus, she was feeling quite sullen. 

What was the point of all her earlier scheming? Recently, even Wei Rong had joined Lu Yin’s side, which left Felynn feeling completely lost. She no longer had any sort of back up plan. 

Coincidentally, Wei Xin'er walked past her at this moment. She glanced at Felynn, but she did not pay any attention to the older woman. 

Felynn was already upset, and when she saw that not even Wei Xin'er bothered with her anymore, Felynn grew even more enraged. "Xin'er, come here!”

Wei Xin'er remained where she was standing and looked over at Felynn. "What's the matter?”

Felynn was so angry that she even laughed. “Your master called you over. Don’t you understand the human language?” 

Wei Xin'er’s voice dropped low. “Master, please consider your words. You’re the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s Interim President, not some vixen.”

“How bold. How dare you insult your master!” Felynn flew into a rage.

Wei Xin'er merely sneered as she walked away.

Ever since Felynn had refused Wei Xin’er even after she had begged Felynn to help the Wei family, the girl had seen through her master. Now, she would no longer give the older woman even the barest minimum of respect. Moreover, Wei Xin’er’s older brother, Wei Rong, had received a position in the Great Yu Empire, and he was so high up that he was second only to Lu Yin. Thus, she was completely unafraid of Felynn.

Felynn was so angry that her entire body started to tremble, but she could only helplessly watch on as Wei Xin'er walked away.

Felynn hated Wei Rong, but she was also very wary of him. She still felt afraid when she thought about Wei Rong’s methods; not everyone was qualified for Lu Yin to attempt to recruit them and treat them as a distinguished guest. In the past, Wei Rong had planned out the destruction of Sourcepeak Planet and even intended to dismantle the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society. This was someone who Felynn did not dare to offend. 

She suddenly felt a wave of powerlessness overcome her as she watched Wei Xin'er disappear. Felynn was the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s Interim President, but was there any meaning to her title? What exactly was it that she had won? 

Felynn felt lost, as even her own disciples did not show her any respect.

A beep sounded from her gadget, startling her. She looked down, and her expression changed instantly. She quickly answered the call. “Alliance Leader Lu, this is Felynn.” 

Lu Yin was already at the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s headquarters, and he had seen everything that had just occurred. However, he had not revealed himself yet. “President Felynn, could you send a few sourceboxes to a protected lockbreaking room? I’ll arrive on Planet Hydrotink soon.” 

Felynn was surprised to hear that Lu Yin was about to arrive; could Saul have been discovered? She immediately acknowledged Lu Yin’s request. “Yes, Alliance Leader Lu. Don’t worry.”

She then quickly ended the call and went to look for Saul.

Saul had never expected that Lu Yin would come to Planet Hydrotink, and he immediately withdrew his aura as he hid inside Felynn’s personal hidden room.

Half a day later, Lu Yin showed up on Planet Hydrotink’s space station and acted as though he had no knowledge of what had happened on the planet. Felynn personally greeted him respectfully. “Alliance Leader Lu, welcome to Planet Hydrotink.” 

Lu Yin nodded. “President Felynn, have you been living here well?”

Felynn did not know what Lu Yin meant by those words, but she had to answer. “I’m sorry that Alliance Leader Lu has been troubled enough to worry about me.”

“Please share any troubles you are facing,” Lu Yin said casually.

Felynn’s heart skipped a beat, and she quietly replied, “The secure lockbreaking room has been prepared. Since there are three sourceboxes with danger zones, they have been separated into three connected rooms. Alliance Leader Lu, please follow me this way.”

Lu Yin followed Felynn, and they headed towards the headquarters’ secured lockbreaking rooms. 

Every Lockbreaker had their own customized, secure lockbreaking room. Even though Planet Hydrotink had not been the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s headquarters for long, these core facilities had been the first to be built, and all of the rooms’ construction materials included spiritual thread. 

It had to be said that the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society had a deep foundation. Even with the amount of influence that Lu Yin currently wielded, it would not be easy for him to gather enough spiritual thread to build so many lockbreaking rooms. The Outerverse Lockbreaker Society definitely had its own reserves. 

“I won’t disturb Alliance Leader Lu any further. Please pass on any additional instructions should you need anything,” Felynn said respectfully. Her prestige as the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s Interim President was completely absent when she was with Lu Yin, not only because of Lu Yin’s power, but also because Saul was on Planet Hydrotink. She truly had no qualifications to maintain any sort of presence. 

The grand interim president of the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society could not even control her own disciples. Felynn’s status had descended into total confusion.

Lu Yin clearly understood what was going through Felynn’s mind. This woman was terribly ambitious, but her ambition did not match her sufficient ability or her mindset. This woman was no longer suitable to be the interim president. 

He slowly stepped into the first room and found that there was a sharp edge in the air. At times, phantom images streaked across the room that were shaped like swords, tearing through the void. This was the manifestation of the sourcebox’s formless danger zone, and the strength of these attacks matched up to a Cruiser’s. 

The sourcebox itself looked like a sword hilt, and it was not very large. It was embedded directly within the spiritual thread case, and it randomly released showers of sparks that shot out into the surrounding void. Additionally, every once in a while, one seemed to hear the faint cry of the soul of a sword. 

Lu Yin was puzzled. This sourcebox clearly contained something, and it was also a three star Perceptive Intermediate sourcebox. However, Felynn had brought it out for Lu Yin to unlock, which surprised him. 

Did the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society not have that many sourceboxes in storage?

He approached the sourcebox as the sword-shaped images flickered around him. They occasionally tore at Lu Yin’s clothes, but he easily blocked everything with his star energy. 

Each sourcebox was unique. Unlocking a Discerning Elementary sourcebox was primarily reliant on one’s comprehension of star energy, and a lockbreaking tool could dramatically increase one’s unlocking speed several times over, or even dozens of times over. Once one became a Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, many people continued on in the same fashion, such as Lu Yin. He relied on his Cosmic Art, altered eyes, and sometimes his Lockbreaking tool. However, the truth was that, in ancient times, the Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker examination had not been as simple as the modern test. 

To be recognized as a Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, one had to correctly identify the rules of the sourcebox before them, which was also related to the direction in which the surface energy had developed. 

Lu Yin had only learned about this after studying Gu Yue’s personal memoirs. Typically, the Lockbreakers who were capable of making such observations were all Boundless Advanced Lockbreakers, and very few Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreakers were able to accomplish this feat. 

At least, Lu Yin had never heard of such a thing in either the Outerverse or the Innerverse.

He carefully observed the sword hilt-shaped sourcebox, and he relied on the experiences that he had experienced by way of the grey fog in the Daosource Sect's ruins. Those experiences were of ancient Lockbreaker Lords, and with the theories that Lu Yin had read in Gu Yue’s personal writings, Lu Yin was gradually able to see a network of veins surrounding the sourcebox. This sourcebox’s sealing layer had started from the bottom and then continued upwards, its energy gradually solidifying in the process. The energy of the object sealed inside had gradually permeated through the sealing energy, which created the formless danger zone. 

Right now, Lu Yin was even capable of distinguishing between the harmony between the danger zone and the solidified energy, and he could determine the greatest degree of destruction that this sourcebox was capable of. 

Lu Yin reached out with a hand and pressed it against the hilt-shaped sourcebox as he attempted to unlock it. 

Since he was able to see the veins of energy formed by the sourcebox, unlocking it naturally became easier. As he thought about it, the Giant Emperor’s third eye appeared in his hand. Although this process was not very stressful, it was still a good thing for him to speed up his progress. 

Just as Lu Yin was about to finish unlocking the sourcebox, Zenyu Star sealed itself off from its surroundings; the Lu's Grand Auction had formally begun another round of auctioning off premium goods. 

This time, the most coveted goods in the auction were the secret routes that ran throughout the Great Eastern Alliance. 

Any of these routes would speed up delivery times within the Great Eastern Alliance, and that would directly affect general transportation efficiency as well as the military’s movements and supply routes. Any new route would allow the affected regions to greatly improve their development. 

The universe was too expansive, and it was not words that formed the greatest barrier between civilizations, but rather distance. If the distance could be reduced, the exchange between civilizations would accelerate. 

If the Great Eastern Alliance’s current military was rated at a score of five, then with these new routes, its score would increase to at least seven. This reflected the usefulness of such routes. 

Endless Borders was the one to explore new routes, which everyone was aware of. If not for the fact that they had numerous expedition crews, Endless Borders might not have been able to keep the various routes that they had gathered. 

Even so, they still had to release a new route every now and then in order to placate the powers of the Outerverse. 

At present, there were many routes that connected the Outerverse, but only a portion of them had been released by Endless Borders. 

But at this time, Lu Yin had announced that he was auctioning several previously unknown routes. Although these routes were all unrelated to military travel, they would still be very beneficial to the transportation industry, even if they just increased the interactions between civilizations. However, nobody else was aware of these routes’ limitations. 

The news of these new routes being auctioned off had stirred up quite a commotion for nearly two months now, and they had lured countless people to Zenyu Star. At this moment, these routes were finally about to be auctioned off. 

The Lu's Grand Auction had originally been a place that was difficult to get into, and that difficulty had only increased. 

Outside Zenyu Star, a spacecraft from the Mavis Bank flew to and fro as it transported star essence to its branch. 

Countless luxurious vessels were docked at Zenyu Star’s space station, and if Zenyu Star exploded at this moment, the deaths of those present would affect half of the top powers of the entire Outerverse. 

The Thirteen Imperial Squadrons maintained strict security, and even Ye Gui moved out to oversee the space station and prevent anything unexpected from happening. 

The truth was that they were all being overly worried. The Outerverse had recently become nearly transparent, and there were no threats present anymore. Lu Yin had realized this long ago, as he had asked Aegis to monitor things. When they were combined with the intelligence networks of Thousand Eyes and Amethyst Exchange, there was nobody who could possibly infiltrate the Great Yu Empire. Assassins would no longer be able to sneak onto Zenyu Star again. 

On Planet Hydrotink, Lu Yin’s expression remained relaxed, and he calmly looked at his work. Beneath his hands, visible cracks had appeared within the hilt-shaped sourcebox’s energy barrier, and the entire sourcebox was gradually dissipating. 

He was currently lockbreaking at more than twice his previous speed. After he had found the veins of the sourcebox, his lockbreaking speed had more than doubled. This was the ability that a Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker should possess. 

Lu Yin was even able to use the lockbreaking process to influence the scope of the sourcebox’s formless danger zone. This was a concept that he would not have even been able to understand in the past. 

With a thump, he finished unlocking the sourcebox, and the solidified energy that formed the sourcebox completely vanished. In front of him was a broken sword that fell into the spiritual thread case. 

Lu Yin slowly picked up the broken weapon and used a bit of his strength to test it. The blade of the sword had not been damaged in any way, and only the hilt had broken apart. 

He did not know what material this sword blade had been forged from. It was very tough, but there was no sharpness to the sword edge at all. It was nothing more than an incredibly tough piece of metal, but it was not dangerous at all. 

Lu Yin stored the sword blade away, planning on using it when he rolled his die’s two pips: Blackhole Disassembly in the future. At that time, he would simply disassemble this sword, which should allow him to obtain some good materials. 

Once the first sourcebox was unlocked, Lu Yin opened the door that led to the next secure room, which was where the second sourcebox had been stored for him. He was intending to unlock all three sourceboxes on this day, which would improve his Lockbreaking level. 

At present, Lu Yin was still a one star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, but according to the society’s standards, his true Lockbreaking level should be at the five star Perceptive Intermediate level. Gu Yue’s personal memoirs and the experience that Lu Yin had gained in the Daosource Sect's ruins had allowed his Lockbreaking ability to far surpass his previous state, and even his insights had transformed. 

However, if Lu Yin was transported back to ancient times, then his Lockbreaking ability would likely only be evaluated at the two star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker level; at best, he would be given three stars. 

As time marched onwards, the generations had actually stepped backwards. 

The second sourcebox also had a danger zone, and Lu Yin’s expression grew slightly serious. The air in front of him sporadically transformed into slabs of stone, as if the air itself had been petrified. This was the strength of the predecessors. 

This sourcebox’s danger zone and strength of the predecessors looked to be similar to the last one, but the two’s difference in strength was completely different. 

One’s danger zone was formed through the process of the solidifying energy that was the sourcebox. The object sealed inside would mix with the surface energy and create a unique effect as the energy solidified. 

In contrast, the strength of the predecessors was something that had been intentionally left behind by a powerhouse.

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