Chapter 934: Hidden Person

Xin Nü landed, grabbed Lu Yin, and then directly charged out of the white fog region to arrive at the Platform of Inception. 

“So you came here again?” Xin Nü asked.

Lu Yin replied, “This place is greatly beneficial for me. Right, what about you? Have you broken through and become a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker yet?” However, he regretted asking his question the moment he finished. If she had experienced a breakthrough, then she would not have come back to this place. 

Xin Nü did not answer, and instead, she looked around. “Hopefully, I’ll be luckier this time. You won’t be able to stay here for long.” 

Lu Yin also hoped that that would be the case. “Right, how long are you able to stay here for?”

Xin Nü thought about it. “About ten days.”

Lu Yin nodded and then did not ask any further questions.

After that, the two youths waited for the grey fog to appear.

They did not say much to each other, and most of their conversations consisted of Lu Yin asking questions and Xin Nü answering. No one else arrived during this time.

Xin Nu was in a pretty good mood, or at least, that was Lu Yin’s impression. 

She was perfectly willing to wait with Lu Yin, and she seemed to be very gentle.

Some days later, a strand of grey fog finally appeared. When it did, Xin Nü casually waved a hand and sent it towards Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin hurriedly spoke up, “It would be best for you to have it. That way, you can quickly break through and become a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker.” 

Xin Nü shook her head. “No need.”

She then pushed the grey fog into Lu Yin’s body.

Lu Yin closed his eyes, and his senses were transported to another place.

Two days passed before Lu Yin opened his eyes again, and when he did, his eyes were brighter. His comprehension towards Lockbreaking techniques had slightly improved again. The grey fog allowed him to vicariously experience the Lockbreaking sessions of experts from ancient times, which was the same as taking leaps forward on the path of Lockbreaking. This allowed Lu Yin’s Lockbreaking ability to continuously increase. 

When he turned around, Lu Yin saw that Xin Nü’s eyes were closed. She had absorbed some of the grey fog as well.

Before long, she opened her eyes and exchanged glances with Lu Yin. “Before reaching the Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker level, Lockbreaking isn’t of much help in practical combat. Although Lockbreakers can dissolve the star energy of battle techniques and battle arts as well as use their fine star energy control to form exquisite attacks, which can raise one’s battle prowess to a Realmbreaker’s, those advantages are not very obvious at the Realmling level. 

“However, there’s a big difference once one steps into the Boundless realm. This is mainly because past that threshold is the stage where one can arrange arrays, which can turn the rotten into the mysterious. Although arrays can’t compare to secret techniques, they are more varied, and they can even take advantage of cosmic phenomenon to destroy everything. This is the real reason why Lockbreakers are so respected and feared—a Boundless Lockbreaker is a true Lockbreaker. Not even the Sixth Mainland has that many Lockbreakers who are capable of creating arrays. If you ever have the good fortune to experience an ancient Lockbreaker arranging one, then remember it well.” 

Lu Yin replied, “Array? I seem to have heard of those. Right, have you heard of True Insight?”

Xin Nü was flabbergasted. “You’ve heard of that? It’s supposed to be the ultimate treasure for all Lockbreakers, and it seems to have been hidden in the Daosource Sect where only a few are able to see it.”  

Lu Yin’s heart was moved. It seemed that the Sixth Mainland also had a version of True Insight, though he wondered if it was the same as the one that the Fifth Mainland possessed. 

The two did not speak much, and they continued to carefully observe the fog, determined to strengthen their understanding of Lockbreaking.

A few days later, Xin Nü vanished. Her time had expired.

After she left, Lu Yin took a deep breath, and his eyes opened wide. He then began reciting the Stonewall Scriptures.

No matter what, he felt that he should recite the Stonewall Scriptures whenever he visited a place in the Daosource Sect’s ruins, as there was always a chance of triggering a mysterious effect. 

As he recited the scriptures, the white fog surrounding the Platform of Inception started to surge intensely, and the people still within it were struck by a calamity. The previously mild attacks that they had been facing suddenly became ferocious. 

Some were even more unlucky. They had already stopped moving, but they still ended up being attacked by the white fog. 

Next, a strand of grey fog flew into Lu Yin’s body. Then two, three, four, and many more strands of grey fog appeared before merging into Lu Yin’s body. After reciting the Stonewall Scriptures just once, Lu Yin managed to absorb seven strands of grey fog, and he was instantly immersed in a scene with multiple ancient Lockbreaking experts. 

Half a month later, Lu Yin’s eyes opened. He saw that he was no longer atop the Platform of Inception, but was rather back in the secret room in King Zishan's palace. He had left the Daosource Sect's ruins. 

His body trembled, and he nearly collapsed onto the floor. He had merged into several scenes at once, and he had witnessed several ancient Lockbreaker Lords unlocking sourceboxes. His understanding of lockbreaking had drastically improved, but it had also been very taxing on his mental stamina. 

Still, it was completely worth it, as he now had a clearer view of the path of Lockbreaking.

He took out the writings from Gu Yue, where the ancient powerhouse had recorded his Lockbreaking experience. Lu Yin had looked at it before, but he had not been able to understand much back then. This time, however, he expected to understand much more. To his surprise, he discovered that Gu Yue’s Lockbreaking techniques even surpassed some of the methods of the Daosource Sect’s ancient Lockbreaking Lords. 

It was no wonder why the man had been hailed as an unrivalled genius.

Lu Yin had spent about a month in the Daosource Sect's ruins, and he subsequently spent another half month studying Gu Yue’s Lockbreaking memoirs. 

He remained in seclusion for a month and a half before he emerged from King Zishan's palace.

At this time, Zenyu Star was in a commotion, as the new secret routes in different parts of the Great Eastern Alliance were about to be auctioned off. Naturally, this auction had drawn in many powers.

The new routes connecting the interior of the Great Eastern Alliance were not only desired by the internal powers of the alliance itself, but there were also many outside forces that coveted these routes. Naturally, the powers from the central and western regions of the Outerverse were among them. 

Lu Yin did not stop anyone from participating, as the auction was fair. Additionally, the various parties could only compete with their wealth, all to the benefit of Lu Yin.

What he really wanted to do at this time was verify his Lockbreaking improvements. After thinking about it, Lu Yin stepped out of Zenyu Star, intending to head over to Planet Hydrotink. He needed a sourcebox. 

He currently had a sourcebox in his possession, which was a three star Perceptive Intermediate sourcebox that he had received from Butcher. That man had taken this sourcebox out in an attempt to save his life at the border, but Lu Yin did not want to unlock this one. 

The Lockbreakers on Planet Hydrotink had been in Frostwave Weave for quite some time by this point. During their stay, they had received many resources and were able to live their lives without any worries. Aside from helping to instruct cultivators on their star energy control, the Lockbreakers did not have many responsibilities. Thus, it was time for them to pay rent now. 

The Outerverse Lockbreaker Society had shifted their headquarters over to Planet Hydrotink, which had drawn over quite a few people from the various regions of the Outerverse. Although the number of people registering to take the Lockbreaking evaluation were certainly fewer than back on Sourcepeak Planet, the numbers were not much lower. These people had greatly contributed to the Great Yu Empire’s finances, on top of the sourceboxes that were occasionally unlocked. 

The Lockbreakers on Planet Hydrotink contributed greatly to the Great Yu Empire, but in Lu Yin’s eyes, their various contributions still were not enough. Felynn had never taken the initiative to offer Lu Yin any sourceboxes, which left him a little unsatisfied. 

The Lockbreaker Society was quite wealthy despite everything that it had gone through. Even after being robbed, it had managed to preserve many of its resources, which included the society’s sourceboxes. 

Lu Yin did not notify anyone when he headed over to Planet Hydrotink, as he wanted to check on its recent developments. 

In the past, Planet Hydrotink had a small native population, and out of fear that the natives would not get along with the Lockbreakers, the Great Yu Empire had separated the natives from the Lockbreakers. 

However, over time, the natives had come to accept the Lockbreakers. Although the Lockbreakers were quite arrogant, their greatest attribute was their generosity. Lockbreakers did not lack for money, and their arrival meant that Planet Hydrotink had become one of the most flourishing planets in Frostwave Weave that was right behind Zenyu Star. This was mostly due to the Lockbreaker Society evaluating people’s lockbreaking talent, allowing the natives to amass a fortune. 

The scene of Lockbreakers bullying the native population that Lu Yin had been afraid of had never materialized. 

It was not that the Lockbreakers did not want to push people around, but rather that there was no need to do such things. In the eyes of the Lockbreakers, commoners were simply no different than ants, and nobody cared enough to make life difficult for ants. 

Roaming about Planet Hydrotink felt like taking a tour to Lu Yin. Before much time passed, he headed towards the society’s headquarters. 

As he neared the headquarters, Lu Yin’s gaze trembled. He saw an enormous number of rune lines gathered nearby, and it was an amount that belonged to an Enlighter realm powerhouse. Did Planet Hydrotink have an Enlighter? These rune lines couldn’t belong to Cai Jianqiang, as his rune lines converged in a fierce fashion while the rune lines that Lu Yin was currently looking at seemed more like dispersing clouds. They were somewhat familiar to Lu Yin, and his face twitched when he suddenly remembered Saul, the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s Vice President. 

Within the Lockbreaker Society headquarters, at Felynn’s residence, Saul was lounging in a garden and sipping tea while Felynn stood behind him in a respectful manner.

“Lu Yin’s been in seclusion for a month and a half? It would seem that he has obtained some great harvest once again. He really is an incredibly talented genius.” Saul sighed. 

Felynn respectfully answered, “Even if he has improved, he still cannot compare to you, as you have already broken through to the Enlighter realm.”  

There was a bang as the teacup shattered in Saul’s hand. He turned to look at Felynn with a cold expression. “If not for you, I could have used True Insight to become an Enlighter. Once I learned the method to arrange a sourcebox array, then forget this little Lu Yin—I wouldn’t have even been afraid of an old powerhouse with a power level greater than 300,000! My ability would have even caught the attention of the Hall of Honor, and I would have received their protection. But now, I’m left with nothing.” 

Felynn hurriedly knelt on the ground and begged for mercy with a trembling voice. “Vice President, please forgive me! Everything was orchestrated by Wei Rong, and he was the one who coerced me to take such actions, as well as Lu Yin. If not for those two, how would I have dared to oppose you?” 

Saul sneered at her. He was no fool; Felynn had been one of the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society’s executives, so how could Wei Rong have been enough to threaten her? Of course, Saul did not say anything, as there was no need to do so. 

“In truth, Geoffrey’s secret room possessed two boxes. Lu Yin delivered one of them to you, so he should have kept the other,” Saul mumbled. 

Felynn did not dare speak up, and she continued kneeling on the ground.

“Alright, get up. Humans are all self-centered. You wanted to seize control of the President’s seat, which is no different than me conspiring to get a hold of True Insight. It’s just that we both employed different means. However, you must help me with one thing.” Saul’s voice turned cold as he slowly stated, “Find that traitor, Deng Pu. I’m going to hack him to pieces!” 

Felynn immediately agreed. 

Felynn and Saul had indeed both used different methods during their contest. Saul had never trusted the woman, but he also was not truly offended by her actions.

However, Deng Pu was different, as Deng Pu was Saul’s own disciple, and Deng Pu had always been very obedient in the past. Saul had given his all to nurture Deng Pu, and he had believed that his disciple was capable of being groomed to the Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker level in the future. If possible, Saul would have shared that page of True Insight with him, but he had never dreamed that he would actually suffer such a betrayal at the hands of his own disciple. 

If Deng Pu had not turned his back on Saul, then Saul would have already obtained True Insight. Thus, his hatred for Deng Pu burned deeper than what he felt for anyone else. 

Felynn carefully spoke up, saying, “Vice President, Lu Yin now wields authority over a third of the Outerverse. If I send out people to look for Deng Pu, won’t that catch Lu Yin’s attention?” 

Saul’s eyes narrowed. Just the mention of Lu Yin gave him a headache. This youth was an extremely ruthless character, and even though Saul had become an Enlighter, he was still extremely wary of Lu Yin. “Send out scouts in secret. Also, spend some money to hire various intelligence organizations. Don’t let Lu Yin notice anything.” 

Felynn acknowledged her orders, and her eyes flickered. Saul’s words meant that he was cautious of Lu Yin. Thus, she was hesitating about whether or not to report Saul’s presence to Lu Yin. 

“Don’t let Cai Jianqiang come near here. Although he doesn’t have the ability to notice my presence, let's just avoid any risk,” Saul said. 

Felynn murmured her acknowledgement once more.

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