Chapter 933: Barging Through the White Mist

Zi Fang paused a moment before continuing his explanation. “My Zi family is actually from Gods' Origin, and Elder Li was sent by Gods' Origin as a protector for my Zi family. Only the patriarch of the Zi family knows about this secret. Xianxian, Zi Rong, and I were all kept in the dark about this. We would only be told this once we took over the family. 

“Although the Outerverse doesn’t have very many experts, it’s still a difficult task to establish a top family and have it become the largest intelligence network there. My Zi family has prospered and developed too smoothly to have done it on their own, and many people have their own suspicions regarding us. Some have even speculated that we are from the Innerverse. They believe that, like the Nalan family, we are backed by a power from the Innerverse. But in truth, the one supporting our Zi family is actually Gods' Origin.” 

“So what exactly are the various powers of the Neoverse?” Lu Yin asked. He was extremely curious about the answer to this question. At the moment, he was aware of the Hall of Honor, the Mavis family, Aurora Enterprises, the Cosmic Sect, and the Three Dark Hands. Now, Lu Yin had also learned of Gods' Origin. None of these powers were easy to deal with, and any one of them could topple both the Innerverse and Outerverse. 

Zi Fang replied in a bitter tone, saying, “I don't know much about the Neoverse either. Although my father knows about the history of our Zi family, that’s all he knows. There’s not much more.” 

“How do I know if what you’re telling me is true or false?” Lu Yin was still suspicious. 

Zi Fang replied, “Alliance Leader Lu can come to Skylush Planet, and I can take you to see the place that I was talking about. With Alliance Leader Lu’s ability, my father will not discover anything.” 

Lu Yin was puzzled. “Even if what you say is true, why does this Gods’ Origin support your Zi family?” 

“I really don’t know exactly why. However, I’m certain that Father has been searching for something all these years, though he has not told us anything about it. There’s a portion of the Zi family’s intelligence network that’s handled by him alone, which should be related to investigating what Gods' Origin wants,” Zi Fang explained. As time passed, he shared more and more information with Lu Yin, basically telling him everything. Regardless, the moment Zi Fang mentioned Gods' Origin to Lu Yin, he had basically betrayed his Zi family. Thus, he might as well say everything. 

Lu Yin’s expression grew solemn. The Outerverse already had the Hall of Honor, the Neohuman Alliance, the Seven Courts, the Mavis Bank, Aurora Enterprises, and other such colossal organizations lurking within it. Now, it seemed that Gods' Origin also had their fingers in the Outerverse. 

These colossal organizations deserved to be powers that had stood at the top of the greater universe for countless years, and they would not ignore the Outerverse just because it was weak. If one did not know about these powers, then it merely meant that they were not qualified to know. 

If Lu Yin had not managed to gain some useful information from Zi Fang, he might not have learned about this secret for another few years or even a few decades. Once the Innerverse and Outerverse reconnected, the Zi family had a chance of completely transforming with Gods' Origin’s support. This possibility was not something that was reserved solely for the Zi family, as the Nalan family, the Mavis Bank, and other organizations with hidden backing might soar as well. 

Currently, these colossal organizations were like kites whose strings had been cut. But once the Outerverse reconnected to the Innerverse, that string would be fully restored. At that time, these forces’ attitude towards Lu Yin would completely change. 

Lu Yin heaved a sigh of relief, as he had luckily stumbled upon the Zi family’s secret. Otherwise, if he ended up offending Gods' Origin, his situation would not be much better than if he had crossed the Daynight clan, and it might even be worse. Making such powerful enemies without a good reason was not Lu Yin’s style. 

Zi Fang was so terrified of death that he had revealed such a secret. Thus, there was no need for Lu Yin to continue questioning him. “I can pretend that today’s events never occurred. You’re on your own now.”

Lu Yin was just about to disconnect when he suddenly hesitated and continued speaking. “If you find out what your Zi family is looking for on Gods' Origin’s behalf and tell me, then I can guarantee that you’ll become the Zi patriarch.”

After that, Lu Yin hung up.

Zi Fang continued to stare at his gadget, dumbfounded. The terror that had previously filled his eyes started to turn into excitement after processing Lu Yin’s final words. However, that excitement quickly disappeared. Zi Rong was already dead, and Zi Xianxian was of no threat to Zi Fang’s position. He would become the Zi family patriarch sooner or later, and he did not need Lu Yin to guarantee him anything.

It was good that he had successfully resolved the situation, as he had been truly terrified that Lu Yin would kill him. With the Outerverse isolated from the Innerverse, a single word from Lu Yin would be enough to determine the fates of many people. 

Lu Yin stored his gadget away. He was becoming privy to more and more of the Outerverse’s secrets, and he was even starting to learn some secrets the Neoverse. The universe was all interconnected, and the Outerverse was not completely cut off from the rest of the universe. 

Lu Yin had planned to slip his own people into the Zi family, though in that plan, no one would have been able to replace the Zi family members themselves. However, Lu Yin had suddenly gained a grasp over Zi Fang. 

Did Zi Fang really believe that the matters of this day had been completely resolved? If Lu Yin was any less capable, then he would have been doomed. Thus, how could Lu Yin allow things to end so easily? 

Lu Yin informed En Ya of the matter with Zi Fang, as they could use this information in the future.

After settling things about Zi Fang, Lu Yin looked over at Ye Gui. “How do you think I should deal with you?” 

Ye Gui was terrified. “Alliance Leader Lu, please give me a way out.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Sure. My Zenyu Star is missing an Enlighter to oversee it. Are you willing to help out?” 

Ye Gui was delighted. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

He would agree to anything as long as he was not killed. Protecting Zenyu Star was a cushy job, and taking on the job also meant that Ye Gui would have someone supporting him. Of course, he was fully aware that, with Lu Yin’s circumstances, if anyone tried to attack Zenyu Star, it would be someone who Ye Gui would not be able to stop. However, he had no choice in this matter. 

Lu Yin was very satisfied, as Zenyu Star would have a certain degree of protection now that a powerhouse would be standing guard over it. As long as this Enlighter was given some life-saving items, he would even be able to stall experts whose power levels had reached 300,000. 

Lu Yin then took Ye Gui along, and the two headed back to Frostwave Weave.

Some days later, in the secret room within King Zishan's palace, Lu Yin pulled out his futon. He held a Ultra Flash Tearbomb in one hand and on the other, wore his bracer that was about to shatter at any moment. After that, he sat down on the futon. 

Last time, Lu Yin had completely absorbed all of the cauldron energy from the first cauldron, causing it to shatter. Lu Yin knew that this would definitely attract the attention of the Sixth Mainland’s cultivators. When he returned to that space once again, he saw that quite a few cultivators from the Sixth Mainland were present. They all seemed anxious as they looked around for something. Upon seeing their behavior, Lu Yin knew that a true expert had shown up. 

Lu Yin glanced around and eventually found someone familiar: Shi Zhongjian. This person had joined the fight for the jade talisman, and he had used his stone sword to attack Lu Yin multiple times during that fight. Even now, Lu Yin still remembered the power of those sword slashes. 

A Realmling had arrived, so Lu Yin would not be able to peacefully absorb the cauldron energy during this visit. Without any other choice, he reluctantly left the region with the Nine Cauldrons. After thinking for a moment, Lu Yin decided to head to the Platform of Inception, as that place could help him improve his Lockbreaking abilities. 

Lu Yin was not very familiar with the Daosource Sect's ruins, and along the way, he knocked around a dozen cultivators unconscious after asking them in order to ask for the location of the Platform of Inception. Only the last person that he had asked knew anything, and he spent half a day leading Lu Yin through the Daosource Sect’s ruins before they arrived at the Platform of Inception. 

Lu Yin courteously thanked the man, knocked him unconscious, and then tossed him to the side. 

As he stared at the white fog billowing about, he saw that there were a few people outside the fog trying to enter, but they all came back out very quickly. 

Lu Yin lifted his foot and stepped into the white mist. He was met with the same sight that he had encountered before. The mist constantly shifted and transformed as it launched bizarre attacks that grew stronger the further he proceeded. Along the way, he met some people who were frozen in place and clearly unable to proceed any further. Without fail, they all looked at Lu Yin with pleading eyes. 

Lu Yin did not bother with them, and he simply slowly made his way onwards.

As he walked forward, Lu Yin relied on the difference in strength between himself and the fog’s attacks to roughly determine his position. Eventually, he reached the same approximate point that he had arrived after the teleportation incident. This was still some distance to the Platform of Inception. 

He had met Xin Nü when he had come here last time, and with her assistance, he had managed to reach the center. This time, he was relying on the bracer to force his way through, already having come to terms with the fact that it was about to be scrapped. 

Lu Yin raised a foot, and the white mist twined about beneath his foot and formed a python that then released more snakes. Lu Yin punched out, causing the python to dissipate back into white fog once again. He then continued walking forwards.

Before long, the fog transformed into another figure that attacked Lu Yin. This figure was quite detailed, and it actually circulated star energy to use battle techniques. Surprisingly, it could rival Autumnfrost Qing or Hong Ying, but it was still dispersed back into fog after a single punch from Lu Yin. 

After that, the white fog formed a trident that stabbed out, aiming at Lu Yin’s chin. The trident was small, and it was only about as large as one’s palm. However, its strength was quite formidable. If not for Lu Yin’s speed, his head would have been pierced through. 

Lu Yin broke out in a cold sweat as he shattered the trident. He then unleashed punches in all directions like a madman. He was determined to not allow the white fog to approach him that closely again. 

Nearby Lu Yin, there were two figures who were also cautiously making their way towards the Platform of Inception, and they looked very strange. One was very fat, and he seemed to be about 300 kilograms while the other one was very skinny, about 50 kilograms. The latter was so skinny that his waist was about the same thickness as the fat man’s arm. 

This strange duo supported each other, and their expressions were quite serious as they steadily continued moving forwards. 

“Be careful around here. Don’t disturb the fog.”

“Got it. We have to be careful. Since we made it this far, if something attacked us, it would be on the level of a Realmling.” 

“So what if it’s on the level of a Realmling? The Greenmen Duo isn’t afraid of anything!”1

“Unafraid is one thing, but it would still be very annoying to deal with.” 

“Right, did you get fatter recently? I can’t even support you anymore.” 

“You’re the one who got skinnier.” 

“Really? Thanks for the compliment!”

“No worries! Thanks for noticing that I got fatter.”

“That should be the way! Who asked you to be my Fat Bro?”

“Skinny Bro, we’re brothers forever.” 


The fat and skinny pair talked back and forth as they cautiously moved forward. They were quite slow, as they were afraid of stirring up the fog.

Suddenly, the fog surged frenziedly, and the two young men were startled. What was going on? At that moment, a fist smashed out from the fog. It struck the fatty’s stomach and sent him flying away even as he held onto Skinny. The two young men were flung far away. 

Lu Yin stepped out from the fog and looked at his fist with a strange face; had he just struck something? It had felt rather soft. Eh, forget it. I have to keep going. 

Lu Yin relied on his fists and continued smashing his way through the fog. This method proved to be rather effective; as long as he did not allow the fog to approach him, a great number of attacks were eliminated. Also, since he was flinging his fists in every direction, he eliminated some hidden attacks as well. 

He drew closer and closer to the Platform of Inception, and Lu Yin became excited as he continued moving forward. 

Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine, and Lu Yin whipped around. The white fog behind him had converged into a giant that was dozens of meters tall, and it stomped down at Lu Yin with a foot. 

Lu Yin cursed, and he hurriedly tried to dodge the foot. Although the giant’s descending foot did not seem to influence the surrounding environment much, Lu Yin knew that he would be doomed the moment he was stepped on. This attack was no joke; in the fog, all of the fog giant’s attacks had surpassed Autumnfrost Qing’s level, and it would not be any worse than a Realmling’s attack. 

The attack covered a massive area, nearly the entire region in front of the Platform of Inception. Lu Yin felt that he had to overcome this giant if he wanted to enter the Platform of Inception. 

Unfortunately, the giant was extraordinarily quick, and the everpresent fog was also affecting Lu Yin’s combat capabilities, as it could transform into shapes that could attack him at any moment. This frustrated Lu Yin, and he clenched a fist tightly. Since he was stuck in this situation, he would end it with one punch. 

Even a powerhouse whose power level approached 300,000 like Sall Phoenix had been beaten back by one of Lu Yin’s punches, let alone this fog giant. At most, its power level should approach 300,000, and it definitely would not surpass 300,000. Otherwise, even the Realmlings would have a tough time passing through this fog. 

Right when Lu Yin decided to strike out with a full powered punch, a figure appeared behind the fog giant and stretched out a palm, instantly dispersing the giant. It was Xin Nü. 

Lu Yin was astonished, and then delighted. “Xin Nü?”

Xin Nü’s sudden appearance was beyond his expectations.

1 This name is actually 4 characters that have meanings that depend on context: Green OR Youth (young) | Transformed | twin/duo | male.

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