Chapter 932: Gods' Origin

It was widely known that Lu Yin’s defenses were extremely powerful. Thus, the three Enlighters bombarded him with attacks from three different directions. They continued their attacks for ten whole minutes as they tried to break through his universal armor.  

However, they were quickly stumped, as the universal armor did not show any sign of damage whatsoever. Although Lu Yin was being struck like a punching bag, he was completely unharmed.  

In the distance, many of the surrounding planets were badly affected by the aftershocks of their relentless barrage, and they gradually began to crack apart.  

Once the attacks finally died off, Lu Yin stood tall in the sky above the three Enlighters and looked down on them. “Are you done trying? Then it’s my turn now.”

With that, he threw out an Ultra Flash Tearbomb, and its blinding light filled the sky, stunning all three Enlighters simultaneously.  

Lu Yin activated his bracer as he charged at an Enlighter. This bracer had been badly damaged when he had been attacked by a corpse king, so it could only be used a few more times before it completely fell apart. 

The Enlighter that Lu Yin rushed at had a great deal of combat experience, and he was not an easy target to attack even though he had been blinded by the Ultra Flash Tearbomb. However, Lu Yin had also accumulated much combat experience against Enlighters, and his attack landed on the male Enlighter. The man raised both arms to block the attack, but he quickly discovered that his strength had strangely disappeared for an instant. Before the man could even think of anything else, Lu Yin’s attack struck. It completely shattered the Enlighter’s arms and even pierced the man’s chest, blasting the Enlighter away. 

When the man’s chest was pierced, a tremendous force entered his body as waves of energy crushed his internal organs. The Enlighter spat out a mouthful of blood as he died. 

Before the war in Endless Weave, Lu Yin had used this bracer’s ability of doubling his physical power to fight against Sall Phoenix. These three Enlighters’ power levels had reached 200,000 at best, and they fell far short of Sall Phoenix. Their low power levels combined with the fact that Lu Yin could erase some of their rune lines meant that it was impossible for any of them to withstand such a punch.  

When the other two saw their comrade’s death, chills ran down their spines as they immediately turned around to make their escape.  

They knew full well how powerful that Enlighter assassin had been.  

Lu Yin had no intention of letting the two of them off scot-free, but unfortunately, his speed only allowed him to chase after one of them. With that in mind, he set his sight on the older man who had a powerful innate gift. Letting this man go might cause trouble for Lu Yin in the future.  

Since the elderly man was an Enlighter, he was far faster than Lu Yin. However, Lu Yin quickly struck out with the Daynight Punch, unleashing a spiritual force attack. Lu Yin’s spiritual force was comparable to that of the Ten Arbiters, and even though this attack was not enough to knock the old Enlighter unconscious, it still was enough to stop him in his tracks for a moment. That moment was enough for Lu Yin to catch up and punch the Enlighter.  

The elderly man glared at Lu Yin, and the Enlighter’s innate gift forcefully froze Lu Yin’s surroundings. Lu Yin felt like he had been tied to a wall, and he was completely unable to move.  

The elderly man ran away once again.  

Lu Yin’s pupils transformed into complex runes, and the elderly man suddenly felt his legs go weak as his speed fell. His mind and his body were out of sync, and he almost collapsed as he was slightly delayed once again. Lu Yin broke free of the Enlighter’s innate gift, and the youth raised his right fist to strike out again. 

The old man turned around again, attempting to use his innate gift once more. However, Lu Yin’s eyes went wide as he saw a number of rune lines clearly start spreading out. At a critical moment, he shot through a crack and managed to dodge the elderly man’s innate gift. 

The elderly man was dumbfounded. “Impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible!” Lu Yin cried out as he casually swung a fist whose force had been amplified to twice that of Lu Yin’s physical strength. Lu Yin was not worried, as any opponents whose power levels were beneath 300,000 only needed to be punched once to be eliminated.

However, Lu Yin did not go all out with this punch. The old man’s shoulders were crushed, and he violently spat out a glob of blood as his body was sent flying towards a distant planet.  

Lu Yin took one step and chased after the man.

The other Enlighter had long since fled in terror. 

Once Lu Yin put on his universal armor, he was invincible, at least in the eyes of these Enlighters. 

The old man’s body struck the surface of the planet, and he smashed straight through the ground until he reached the core, where he was surrounded by magma. However, the force of Lu Yin’s punch still had not dispersed, and the Enlighter shot through the planet’s core and emerged from the other side. He once again opened his mouth to spit out some more blood as his vision grew blurry.  

The path to becoming an Enlighter was littered with countless life and death battles. This time around, the old man was relying purely on his instincts to flee far away. All he wanted to do at this moment was get as far away from Lu Yin as possible. Although Lu Yin was just an Explorer, his impenetrable defence and strange methods made him an invincible opponent.  

Lu Yin tore through the void and appeared directly behind the old Enlighter. He raised a hand that turned into a claw as an ancient beast howl descended, as if it was crossing the river of time. The hand turned into a huge Skybeast Claw. “Get down!”

The old man’s expression turned sinister, and the Skybeast Claw froze in place. Visible waves of star energy instantly reduced the Skybeast Claw to dust as they spread out in all directions. 

In most situations, an Enlighter’s star energy would be able to suppress an Explorer’s. However, Lu Yin’s star energy reserves were simply beyond the imagination of an ordinary cultivator. The old man’s star energy did not suppress Lu Yin in the slightest, and simply he threw his fists forward once again and unleashed the Daynight Punch. Lu Yin’s spiritual force swept out. This force was not something that Enlighters could treat lightly, and the attack would slow the old man down for at least a second. 

This was the exact same situation as before, and this second time would determine the victor of this chase.  

Following Lu Yin’s mighty punch, the old man’s pupils contracted as he felt his scalp go numb. Just this punch alone was enough to destroy him. “No…” 

Lu Yin suddenly halted the punch, but just the strong gust released by the punch was enough to distort the old Enlighter’s face. The void cracked open just one centimeter away from the old man. Lu Yin could clearly see the despair and fear in his opponent’s eyes.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment for Lu Yin and the old man. 

Lu Yin slowly lowered his fists and calmly asked the old man, “What is your name?”

The old man was panting as he looked at Lu Yin in terror. “Ye- Ye Gui.”

“Ye Gui? Is that your name?” Lu Yin asked. 

Ye Gui nodded his head and coughed. Blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth as he wiped it away and stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. How could an Explorer possess such frightening strength? Even though the three Enlighters had only broken through relatively recently, it was still unthinkable that an Explorer could defeat them so easily. They were, after all, Enlighters. 

“Where are you from? You’re a smart man, so you should know that it would be best to tell me what I want to know,” Lu Yin said coldly.  

Ye Gui hesitated. 

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold. “I’m losing my patience.”

Ye Gui trembled at these words. He had lived a long life, but he became more scared of death the older he became. He did not want to die. “I am from Barr Weave. I was hired by the Central Coalition to assassinate you. The other two Enlighters were given the same mission.”

Lu Yin had already guessed as much. In the entire Outerverse, the people who wanted him dead the most were those powers from the central region. They stood at the absolute pinnacle of the central weaves’ military, and they also had the ability to hire three Enlighter realm assassins to kill Lu Yin. 

While there were not that many Enlighters in the Outerverse, averaging less than one per weave, there were still seventy two weaves, which meant that the Outerverse had around thirty four Enlighters in total. Most of these Enlighters were currently stationed at Southside Weave’s border, but some had returned to the Outerverse. Thus, it was not very hard to find three Enlighters who were willing to kill Lu Yin.  

“Who told you when I would be out?” Lu Yin asked. 

Ye Gui showed a look of agony. “The eldest young master of the Zi family, Zi Fang.”

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide. “Would he be so stupid as to contact you himself?”

“We would only communicate with him, as we did not trust anyone else,” Ye Gui answered.

Lu Yin took Ye Gui’s personal gadget. He quickly found Zi Fang’s contact information and called him. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to contact me?” Zi Fang’s voice rang out in an angry tone. 

Lu Yin looked at the man with cold eyes. “Give me a reason not to kill you.”

On the other end of the call, after hearing Lu Yin’s voice, Zi Fang went utterly still. “Lu… Alliance Leader Lu, are you alright?” 

“You have one chance. If you do not treasure this chance, then you will never get another,” Lu Yin responded coldly.  

Zi Fang was trembling in fear. In just an instant, he imagined all of the possible horrible endings he would face. With Lu Yin’s current power and influence, killing Zi Fang would not even require Lu Yin to act himself. Even the Zi family's extensive intelligence network might not be able to find a clue about his eventual killer, or even do anything about Zi Fang’s death. He was fully aware that Lu Yin had the ability to casually eliminate a person like him.  

“Alliance Leader Lu, please let me explain.” 

“Remember, you only have one chance. Think before you speak.”

Cold sweat dripped down from Zi Fang’s forehead as his face went pale. All he could think about at this moment was how he could convince Lu Yin to spare his life. What could he offer Lu Yin in exchange for his life? All of a sudden, Zi Fang had an idea. “Alliance Leader Lu, I will tell you a secret concerning my Zi family. Please spare me after that.” 

“Speak,” Lu Yin said, growing curious.

Zi Fang swallowed some saliva before continuing. “The Zi family actually has more than just one Enlighter, and Mr. Tradeo is not our only one. When the Zi family stood at the pinnacle of the Outerverse in the past, we defeated all those other powerhouses and became the largest intelligence network in the Outerverse due to the efforts of one man. His surname is Li. I do not know the specifics, but there is one thing that I am absolutely certain of: this Li person is far stronger than Mr. Tradeo. If he is not an Envoy, then he is very close to it. He is the true hidden power of the Zi family.” 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “That’s nothing surprising. As one of the great four conglomerates, I would be quite suspicious if your organization was supported by Mr. Tradeo alone. This secret is not enough to buy your life.” 

Zi Fang’s face drained of all color. “Alliance Leader Lu, I can offer you all of the information that we have gathered over the years. All that I ask is that you forget what happened today.” 

Lu Yin was not moved. “How much can you actually have? Besides, even if I kill you, all that you have will become mine anyways.” 

Zi Fang was growing desperate, and his mind was racing to come up with some way out.

“It seems that you have no way to save yourself. In that case, your days are numbered,” Lu Yin said in a threatening voice.

Zi Fang was terrified. Countless thoughts flitted through his mind. He thought of how the high-ranking military officers of the central weave had been slaughtered, and of Aegis’ top ten assassins. He also thought about all the Enlighters that Lu Yin had killed, Lu Yin’s extensive influence throughout the Outerverse, and his background.

Zi Fang gritted his teeth and said, “Alliance Leader Lu, I can take you to a secret place that belongs to the Zi family. Even my father does not think that I am aware of this place, but the truth is that I visited it a long time ago. The greatest secret of our Zi family is hidden there, and that secret is related to the Neoverse.” 

Lu Yin grew interested. “Tell me more.” 

Zi Fang hesitated, as he really did not want to tell Lu Yin this.

Lu Yin sneered. “No worries then, you can just take this secret to your grave.”

“Gods’ Origin.” Zi Fang reluctantly spouted out these words.

Lu Yin was confused. “What is ‘Gods’ Origin?’”

“Gods' Origin?” the Ghost Monkey shouted in disbelief. 

Lu Yin’s eyes sparkled as he covered his gadget and asked the monkey, “Do you know about that place?” 

The monkey responded, “I may have come across it before, but I don’t remember any concrete details about it.”

Just at that moment, Zi Fang, who was still on the call with Lu Yin, spoke up. “Gods' Origin is the most powerful corporation in the Neoverse. Its status alone makes it comparable to the Mavis Bank, Aurora Enterprises, and the Cosmic Sect. It is a true powerhouse. Even the Hall of Honor does not dare to cross Gods' Origin. Throughout the passage of time, Gods' Origin has been hailed as one of the absolute top powers.”

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