Chapter 930: The Current Ten Arbiters

Lu Yin did not act friendly with Zi Tianchuan, as Lu Yin had directly caused this man’s son to die, and Lu Yin held no hopes of Zi Tianchuan actually feeling any gratitude to him. Lu Yin only wanted Amethyst Exchange’s information. “Chairman Zi, please lead the way. I wish to check the intelligence database as quickly as possible.” 

Zi Tianchuan nodded, as he did not wish to remain with Lu Yin any longer either. He quickly gave out some instructions. Then, Zi Xianxian was ultimately the one who led Lu Yin towards Skylush Planet’s most heavily guarded area, a valley within the mountains. 

Lu Yin had noticed this area during his last visit to the Zi family’s planet, as this location had contained a boundless amount of rune lines. Additionally, this was also where Mr. Tradeo spent the majority of his time. 

Zi Xianxian led the way, and the two of them moved underground. 

Only when he saw the Zi family’s intelligence library did Lu Yin realize how vast it actually was.

At just a glance, the large underground area was filled with information that had been separated into different regions by color. This way, the grades of information could be easily differentiated. 

“My Zi family’s intelligence library is the most comprehensive in the entire Outerverse. At any given moment, new intelligence will enter, and at the same time, useless or outdated information will be constantly removed. However, even if we take something out, we have people making backups of that information. You could even say that my Zi family has been around for too long and that we have accumulated too much information. We have records that are more ancient than most other places’ recorded history,” Zi Xianxian proudly explained. This place was the pride of her Zi family. 

Not just anybody was able to preserve records for such a long time. The forces that had been attacking the Zi family earlier all had their own intelligence networks that had been built up through the ages. However, the competitors that had failed to survive the passage of time had been destroyed. 

“If this area was breached, then it would take a very long time to move all of these records,” Lu Yin marvelled. 

Zi Xianxian was rendered speechless. This person really could not say anything nice.

“Where’s the information about the Ten Arbiters?” Lu Yin asked.

Zi Xianxian was not surprised by this question, as she had already anticipated that Lu Yin would be the most interested in this information. Thus, she quickly led him down a path and to a section that protruded out from the floor. The floor radiated a soft light, and this raised floor sped off and carried them away, only stopping after traveling for five minutes. 

It had moved a vast distance, and this showed just how enormous the Zi family’s database was. 

Lu Yin looked at the dark-colored scrolls that were some distance away, and he slowly walked towards them. 

Zi Xianxian remained where she was, as she did not have the authority to peruse the information concerning the Ten Arbiters. 

The Ten Arbiters’ intel was kept separate from the rest, though the Ten Arbiters was simply a title for the ten current councilors of the Universe Youth Council. In the past, the councilors had not always become Arbiters, and this was a change that had occurred in the current generation. 

This meant that the Ten Arbiters were the first generation of Arbiters, and they were also possibly the last generation. Nobody could guarantee that there would be someone suitable to take over their positions. 

Lu Yin raised a hand and selected a scroll that he slowly opened. A name appeared: Liu Tianmu. 

Lu Yin was puzzled, as this was a familiar name.

‘Liu Tianmu, female. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as Arbiter Liu. From the Sword Sect. She possesses an unparalleled sword technique and inherited the Thirteen Swords…’

It was a very simple introduction with no images, and there was not a single word describing the Arbiter’s appearance or personality. These records only listed the person’s origin and known skills.

As Lu Yin looked at Liu Tianmu’s name, he suddenly remembered a conversation that he had had with Madam Nalan. She had told him that her name was Liu Fuxue, and he had interpreted that name in the following manner: clouds in the sky, drifting by like the snow of the four seasons; the world’s bitterness condensed in a freshly brewed cup of tea. After that, she had shared another name with him: Liu Tianmu.1

Lu Yin racked his brain and did his best to recall how he had answered. Oh, right. The stars in the sky fall like leaves from an autumn tree, cleansing one of impurities. That had been his interpretation of the name “Liu Tianmu.” 

It was no wonder why Madam Nalan had smiled so happily back then, as if her evil scheme had been successfully accomplished. Apparently, she had been anticipating this exact moment. 

It was because he had been interpreting the forbidden name of the Sword Sect’s Arbiter. 

Lu Yin was left speechless. Madam Nalan had definitely passed Lu Yin’s words on to Liu Tianmu, and she had actually shared them with the Arbiter before Lu Yin had even met the girl. Could interpreting her name like this be considered as taking liberties with her?

He nervously set down the scroll and picked up the next. There, he saw the name Wen Sansi. 

‘Wen Sansi, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as the Scholar and Arbiter Wen. He is the second son of the Erudite Flowzone’s Wen family. He suppressed the elder son and inherited the Wen family’s battle technique: Literary Prison. Favorite phrase: Think before acting…’ 2

Wen Sansi’s introduction contained slightly more information than Liu Tianmu’s, as Wen Sansi was indeed more renowned. 

Lu Yin picked up the third scroll, and he saw the name Xing Kai written down. 

‘Xing Kai, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as the War King and Arbiter Xing. His physical body is extremely powerful, and he should not be engaged in close combat. He is three meters tall, has drooping earlobes that reach his shoulders, and hands that are bigger than his head. Unknown origin. Unknown battle techniques…’ 

Xing Kai’s introduction only contained a description of the Arbiter’s appearance, and there was absolutely nothing about his background or battle techniques.

Amethyst Exchange was the Outerverse’s greatest intelligence organization. Could it be that even they could not discover anything about the War King’s origins? Lu Yin did not believe this. They were either afraid and had kept no records, or the War King had purposefully hidden things. 

No matter which was true, Lu Yin would not find any answers in this place. 

The next scroll he opened was Lan Si’s. 

‘Lan Si, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as the Divine Fist and Arbiter Lan. From Grayweed Continent’s Mt. Stacks Dojo in the Starfall Sea. He is adept at the Overlaying Stacks Path and has previously shattered planets with One Hundred Stacks. According to conservative estimates, the Overlaying Stacks Path may be a stepping stone for him to cultivate another battle technique…’ 

Lu Yin’s face grew solemn, as he was quite concerned about this bit of information about the Overlaying Stacks Path being a stepping stone. Amethyst Exchange would not possibly write down such a conjecture without rhyme or reason, and it was likely real since it had been included in the Arbiter’s information. 

Did Lan Si have another hidden method that he had never revealed? That was right—Zi Xianxian seemed to have mentioned something about this before. She had said that Lan Si might also have other, hidden battle techniques. 

Lu Yin lowered the scroll, his heart feeling a little heavy. He had agreed to a duel with Lan Si, and they would definitely have a match in the future. On Grayweed Continent, Lu Yin had assumed that Lan Si had revealed his full strength since he had fought against the Realmling, Bai Ling, as well as other fearsome powerhouses such as Madam Hong. However, it turned out that the Arbiter had managed to keep some things hidden. 

What exactly was this person thinking? Did he covet the position of an Honored Chosen that badly? Then did he honestly believe that the Innerverse and Neoverse would survive the Sixth Mainland’s invasion? If that was the case, then his methods were understandable. 

However, what was the source of his confidence? Lu Yin really wanted to know.

Lu Yin’s foundation was in the Outerverse, and he knew too little about the Innerverse and the Neoverse. It was a pity that he couldn’t reach out to the Cosmic Sea, as Highsage Leon was definitely well informed. 

Lu Yin shook his head. He was overthinking things.

He picked up the next scroll: Ling Gong.

‘Ling Gong, gender unknown. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as White Knight and Arbiter Ling. From the Lingling Clan. Possesses an absolute innate gift. Favorite phrase: This is an order. She is believed to have an obsession with cleanliness…’ 

Lu Yin was amused by the words “gender unknown” as they showed that Amethyst Exchange was quite prudent. Many believed that Ling Gong was a male, and even the voice that most people heard was masculine. However, all of that was a false pretense. She was indeed a girl, though the intelligence operatives would not write that down without personally verifying it. It was no wonder why Amethyst Exchange was hailed as the Outerverse’s greatest intelligence network. 

Since they were so prudent, Lu Yin glanced at the scroll that he had just set down. That bit in the scroll about Lan Si should also be true! 

Amethyst Exchange did not have as much information about Ling Gong as Lu Yin himself. After all, they were just one of the four great conglomerates of the Outerverse, and they were not qualified to contact the Ten Arbiters. It was actually quite impressive for them to have learned so much already. 

He picked up the next scroll and saw the name, “Nightking Zhenwu.”

Lu Yin’s expressin remained serene as he slowly opened the scroll. 

‘Nightking Zhenwu, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as Arbiter Zhenwu. From the Daynight clan. He places himself above all living things. Battle techniques: unknown. Innate gifts: unknown. Adept at controlling techniques. Extremely dangerous. Not to be provoked or approached…’ 

There was not much in the introduction, but the text conveyed an extreme amount of danger from Nightking Zhenwu. The tone was even more cautious than with the previous few Arbiters. With those two unknowns, as well as the warning regarding provoking Nightking Zhenwu, it was clear how apprehensive the person who had drafted this intelligence report felt towards Nightking Zhenwu. 

The Daynight clan itself was a powerful clan that was famous throughout the universe, and the Nightking clan was a king amongst powerful clans. It was the kind of clan that allowed its stone of inheritance to go missing without even moving to reclaim it. They possessed an infinite confidence and arrogance. 

This was Nightking Zhenwu’s background. 

Lu Yin put the scroll down. He was already enemies with Nightking Zhenwu, and he slightly exerted some force through his palm, causing the scroll that he had grabbed to deform slightly. 

With Lan Si, he had an appointed duel while with Nightking Zhenwu, it might be a battle to the death. 

Be it his previous grievances with the Daynight clan, the unfair treatment that he had faced in the Innerverse, or the teary-eyed requests of Hai Qiqi after she read the diary, he was sure that his grudge with the Daynight clan or Nightking Zhenwu could not be resolved by anything except for blood. 

He picked up the next scroll, opened it, and saw the name. “Serati Phoenix.”

‘Serati Phoenix, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as the Undying Bird, is from the Phoenix family. His innate gift is the Undying Bird, and it has evolved to the Undying Phoenix, which has the nirvanic strength of rebirth…’ 

Lu Yin knew that the Phoenix family had raised one of the Ten Arbiters, and he had also heard of this person before. However, Lu Yin never expected that he would actually have an ability called the nirvanic strength of rebirth. Just what did that mean? Could he not be killed? 

He thought no further, and picked up the next scroll, eh? Liquor Hero? Was this also a name?

‘Liquor Hero, female. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as Liquor Hero. Unknown name. Unknown background. She is addicted to alcohol and has an innate gift of water…’ 

This was considered the most unknown person, as they did not even know her true name.

Lu Yin casually put down the scroll, picked up another one, and was left speechless again. Unseen Light; was this even a name? 

‘Unseen Light, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as Arbiter of Light. Unknown background. His eyes are always closed tightly. Legend has it that when his eyes open, the sun and moon will lose their light…’ 

Lu Yin suddenly closed the scroll. Closed eyes, opened eyes…

Lu Yin suddenly remembered the war spirit that he had fought against in the space with the golden ocean. When that spirit had opened its eyes, it had caused day and night to lose their light. Could that war spirit be him? 

That person had cultivated his domain to the extreme, and he had been forced to close his eyes to suppress it. It was much like how Mister Mu had helped Lu Yin cultivate his physical strength to the extreme when he had been in the Limiteer realm. Lu Yin had needed to use three grains of Fatesand to suppress his physical strength. 

Mister Mu had mentioned the person with the closed eyes and impressive domain to Lu Yin before, and that person should be this Arbiter, Unseen Light. It seemed that he had also visited the space with the golden ocean.

Lu Yin recalled the helplessness that he had felt when he had been suppressed by Unseen Light’s domain. It had been so powerful that it could even predict the future, which was too frightening. 

Unseen Light had turned out to be one of the Ten Arbiters, which did not surprise Lu Yin in the least. It would have actually been more surprising if Unseen Light was not an Arbiter.

Lu Yin set that scroll down and picked up the final one. Even after gaining a basic knowledge of all of these Arbiters, he had still not found the clue that he was seeking. These records were just too simple, and there were many things that were still unknown. 

He slowly opened the scroll and saw the name, “Jin He.”

‘Jin He, male. One of the Ten Arbiters. Known as Arbiter Jin. From the Cosmic Sea’s Ignition Crew. He has a lazy attitude and casual personality, but still acts ruthlessly. Cannot be attacked. Not to be provoked or to become his enemy…’ 

Lu Yin’s expression grew sharp, as he had finally found a connection between an Arbiter and the Cosmic Sea: the Ignition Crew! They were one of the Four Pirate Crews. This was the person, Jin He.

Only people from the Cosmic Sea would have any motives to act against people from Leon’s Armada, and this also matched with what Old Gu De had said: someone within the Ten Arbiters had a connection with the Cosmic Sea.

1 This conversation happened in Chapter 314.

2 This is a pun on Wen Sansi's name. Can also be translated as "Reconsider your actions."

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