Chapter 93: A Unique Innate Gift

Bazeer turned to Crown Prince Dorren, “Your Highness, I’ve heard about the legendary Undying Duo of the Frostwave Weave since my youth; I heard His Imperial Majesty climbed his way into the top 20 of the Astral Combat Ranking, even. That is quite admirable.”

Dorren smiled, “This is old news, the one that has replaced His Imperial Majesty and stormed into the Innerverse is Wendy. She should be doing okay in the Council, right?”

Bazeer smiled as well, “My apologies, I cannot discuss Councillor Wendy as I wish.”

Dorren waved it off, but a croaky voice sounded from one of the Limiteers by Bazeer’s side, “These are the elites of your Great Yu Empire? They’re a little too weak.”

Dorren’s expression didn’t change, but he glanced past Bazeer to look at the crowd from Yu Academy. Bazeer growled, “Shut up, our Council is only responsible for examination, not training.”

“Yes, Sir!” the Limiteer acknowledged.

Standing beside the courtiers, Lu Yin looked at the crowd from Yu Academy. There were many faces like Raas and Munoor, but Zhang Dingtian and the rest were not around.

“The heavy man seems strong,” Peach popped out from nowhere.

Lu Yin jumped in fright, “Why are you here?”

“To take a look. I heard some incredible people are coming.”

Lu Yin felt curious, “Didn’t His Imperial Majesty inform you guys?”

She shook her head, “Nope.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, but he remained silent.

On the other side, Bazeer was curious, “Your Highness, I’ve heard there are five hall masters of Yu Academy; why are they not here?”

Dorren felt awkward, “The Hall Masters will be here soon; please wait a little longer.”

A chill swept across Bazeer’s eyes and he nodded, looking over his surroundings only to stop at Peach. That girl gave him an acute sense of danger; she was obviously a brat, but why did he feel so afraid? Even the Crown Prince, who was a Cruiser, didn’t give off such a sense of danger. “Your Highness, may I know who that girl is?”

Dorren followed his gaze and replied, “She’s the Sixth Captain of our Thirteen Imperial Squadrons. Her name is Peach.”

“Rumors say the Thirteen Captains are all absolute powerhouses; why are they not at the royal court?” Bazeer’s tone wasn’t pleasant.

Dorren smiled, “The Thirteen Squadrons are exempt from court matters, they aren’t from the younger generation anyway. Captain Peach may look young, but rest assured that she’s actually over a hundred years old.”

“Oh, so it’s like that,” Bazeer relaxed upon hearing she was over a hundred. It was too strange for a little girl to be so strong.

Five figures appeared at the entrance at this point, with the stern Schutz naturally in the lead. His upper body was bare save for the red warblade he carried.

Bazeer and his gang had initially been dismissive of Yu Academy’s elites, but now they felt like things could be interesting. Although these were just Melders, they gave off a sense that they could battle the average Outerverse Limiteer.

Dorren Yushan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw their arrival. Although Yu Academy was student-run, it had a unique position in the Great Yu Empire just like the Youth Council. These students had high independence, a trend seen across the universe in recent years. No one dared belittle these students, and even he didn’t have any way to interfere with the Academy significantly. The discovery of formcast models had brought about the inevitable authority of the younger generation. They could mature far too quickly using those, so much so that they soon held their own against older generations. The appearance of the Ten Arbiters was the most obvious example, but more and more terrifying young powerhouses had been born in the past few generations for whatever reason.

“Your Highness,” Schutz greeted Dorren with a low tone, but his gaze was locked onto Bazeer.

Dorren smiled, “These are members of the Outerverse Youth Council, here to supervise the Empire’s younger generation.”

Schutz, Gerbach, and the rest looked at Bazeer with shocked gazes. This youth was at most ten years older than them and still a part of their generation, but he was an Explorer who gave off a pressure that made it hard to breathe. On the other hand, Bazeer looked over and evaluated them as decent Melders, but that was about it.

“No wonder Councillor Wendy is unwilling to reorganize the Great Yu Empire’s Youth Council, and instead had Representative Bazeer come in her stead. There are no talents here,” Ghostfire spoke for the first time, provocative from his first words.

An ugly expression covered everyone from the Great Yu Empire immediately, including Dorren Yushan. Wendy Yushan was appointed to reorganize the Empire’s Youth Council, but these people could still bluntly remark that there were no talents. This was a shame to everyone, and Bazeer didn’t even need to stop him because it was fact.

Schutz glared at Ghostfire, “Who are you?”

A sneer extended across Ghostfire’s pale face, “Ghostfire, a subordinate member of the Outerverse Youth Council.”

Schutz was shocked, and the others were astonished as well. This Ghostfire was just a Sentinel, but had joined the Outerverse Youth Council? It was indeed terrifying, as Schutz, who was the strongest in the Great Yu Empire youth generation, could not even qualify. It did not mean that Schutz was not Ghostfire’s opponent, but this person was certain to have a frightening innate gift.

“Looks like you don’t believe me? I can play around with you Melders, no need to suppress your realms,” Ghostfire said arrogantly. Dorren’s gaze immediately shot to Bazeer, but the Explorer did nothing to stop his subordinate.

“Such powerful words. Since that is so, I’ll represent Yu Academy to battle you,” Tianming walked out with a solemn face.

Schutz said with a calm tone, “Suppress your realm.”

“I said that’s not necessary. One’s realm is a part of their power. Do all your battles here happen at the same level? No one outside will care about this fairness,” Ghostfire continued to belittle them.

In the distance, Lu Yin was amazed. He had seen Tianming’s power out of the five Hall Masters,

 and he was no match with his power. The Yu Academy Hall Masters were at the absolute peak of the Melder realm, and Ghostfire was challenging them as a Sentinel. It would be frightening if he won.

Everyone dispersed, and Tianming looked seriously at Ghostfire. If he dared to make this challenge, he’d have made preparations. Bazeer was no idiot either, and wouldn’t agree to this fight without confidence. But what could that confidence be based on? This was just a Sentinel.

“You can attack,” Tianming said.

Ghostfire sneered and raised his hand, a ball of black flames floating in the air. The crowd was shocked as they recognized the innate gift of the Black Blaze. The corners of Bazeer’s lips lifted, and he looked at Ghostfire with approval. This innate gift was why a mere Sentinel could join them.

Woosh! The black flames formed a chain that was flung towards Tianming, burning and distorting air as it passed. Tianming did not meet it rashly, raising his hand to start with the twentieth form of the Skybeast Claw. A bestial howl rang through the void as the attack swept past the fiery chains and slammed into the ground, filling the air with dust and blinding the audience. When it all settled, all they could see was a stupefied Tianming staring at his unharmed opponent.

Opposite him, Ghostfire swung his black chain forward once more, shaking the ground and trying to seal him off from all directions. Tianming sped ahead quickly and struck out, “Triple Stack!”

Three consecutive explosions rang out, overlaying to form an attack whose aftershocks forced the elites of Yu Academy back. They were overwhelmed with awe as they looked at the battlefield; this was Tianming’s power, the power of an individual that could suppress all of Yu Academy. It was a pity that the Ghostfire who should have been crushed emerged unharmed, standing in his original spot and returning an arrogant glare as the chain of flames continued to burn.

Everyone was shocked that Hall Master Tianming couldn’t even harm a Sentinel.

Dorren’s gaze narrowed, “An exchange of corporeal and incorporeal; his innate gift allows him to change his body to a constitution immune to physical attacks. Isn’t that right, Representative?”

“No wonder you are the Crown Prince. Yes, Ghostfire’s flames are called the Void Blaze and can allow him to burn his own body into nothingness and reorganize it afterward. Although he can’t maintain that state for long, it is enough to avoid physical attacks.”

“Such a good innate gift, no wonder he can join the Outerverse Youth Council as a Sentinel. He must be peerless with this innate gift,” Dorren was stunned.

On the other end, Peach was giving a similar explanation, “A few powerful cultivators are terrifying solely due to their innate gifts. They can change true and false, replace the stars and moons at will, or even cause natural disasters. This Ghostfire is far from that level, but the unique nature of his innate gift ensures he has no limits in the future. The universe is a mystery with all sorts of people.”

Lu Yin squinted and thought of a person that changing true and false reminded him of. But that person didn’t rely on any unique nature of their innate gift, just exploiting it to a terrifying degree. Ghostfire was still far from that, but it was hard for any Sentinel to defeat him. It was no wonder that he dared to challenge a hall master of Yu Academy, his innate gift made him virtually invincible.

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