Chapter 926: Purchasing Astral Routes

“You’re from the Moke Sword Sect?” Lu Yin was surprised. 

Captain Mistdrop’s expression grew nostalgic. “I was in the past, but I was chased out due to some certain matters. As long as Alliance Leader Lu can help me return to the Moke Sword Sect, I will draw up another star chart for you.” 

Lu Yin thought about it and quickly activated his gadget to contact Wei Rong. “I want to talk to the Moke Sword Sect.” 

On the other end of the call, Wei Rong fell deep into thought before replying, “Alright, I’ll take care of it.”

Lu Yin then ended the call and looked over at Captain Mistdrop. “I’ll keep Captain Mistdrop company for the next few days so that no further mishaps will happen. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to return to the Moke Sword Sect.” 

Captain Mistdrop looked calm on the outside, but he was absolutely amazed internally. His understanding of Lu Yin’s influence was completely rewritten by this interaction. With just one sentence, Lu Yin had delegated this task to someone else. If Captain Mistdrop was truly able to return to the Moke Sword Sect, then he had no intention of staying with Endless Borders any longer. Perhaps it would not be a bad choice to work for this person. 

Living a life of risk while exploring the unknown for so many years had left Captain Mistdrop exhausted. In truth, he was not actually drawn to such risks. However, since he had been banished from the Moke Sword Sect, he held some resentment towards them in his heart. He did not want to be looked down upon by the Moke Sword Sect, so he could only join Endless Borders and earn the right to establish his own expedition crew. 

The facts had proven that he had made the correct choice, as Endless Borders was one of the four great conglomerates of the Outerverse, and it was a truly colossal organization. After he became a captain, nobody had dared to look down on him. However, with his stubborn personality, returning to the Moke Sword Sect had become a particularly sore spot for him. 

Captain Mistdrop became much more subdued after realizing the extent of Lu Yin’s influence. “Alliance Leader Lu, such an assassination attempt most likely will not stop after just the first attempt.” 

Lu Yin looked outside the room and said, “I’ve long since heard of the Silentflock System’s reputation. I wonder, is Captain Mistdrop willing to take me on a tour?” 

Captain Mistdrop nodded, indicating his willingness. 

Over the next few days, Captain Mistdrop led Lu Yin on a tour of the Silentflock System. With Captain Mistdrop’s position, the two of them were free to visit any of the sub-planets. 

Lu Yin treated these few days as leisure time, as the Neohuman Alliance did not make any moves during them. 

Although they acted firmly and decisively, their numbers were simply too few. It was already quite impressive for them to have infiltrated Endless Borders, and sending out two corpse kings could even be considered excessive. The Mistdrop Crew’s tragic case had caused the Silentflock System to completely seal itself off. Even if more of the Neohuman Alliance’s corpse kings wanted to enter to kill Lu Yin and Captain Mistdrop, they could not. 

One day, Lu Yin was standing in front of Captain Mistdrop while watching a distant spacecraft descend when his gadget beeped. It was Bei Qing.

Bei Qing was the one who managed the Lu's Grand Auction, and he normally would not take the initiative to contact Lu Yin unless there had been some kind of special development.

Lu Yin calculated the time, but it hadn’t even been four months since he had last delivered some goods to Bei Qing. Thus, the six month deadline couldn’t have arrived yet.

"What's the matter?” Lu Yin asked. 

Bei Qing gravely answered, “Your Highness, the disciple who secretly sold the pyrolyte to us has been revealed, and his own power handed him over to the Daynight clan. He is now in the hands of Shanghuan Daynight, who has brought forth several conditions to us. In addition, he is threatening that, if we don’t agree to his conditions, he will expose the Lu's Grand Auction.” 

Lu Yin faintly replied, “Got it. Get him to wait on Zenyu Star.” 

Bei Qing was puzzled. “Doesn’t Your Highness wish to know his conditions?”

“There’s no need,” Lu Yin brusquely answered before putting his gadget down. Conditions? In the current Outerverse, how many people were qualified to negotiate conditions with Lu Yin? The few Daynight clan members who had been left behind in the Outerverse simply could not qualify. Not even their Enlighter, Nightqueen Qiuyu, was qualified to do so anymore. 

With Lu Yin’s current position, did it even matter if was exposed? His status as an Honor Chosen was enough to settle everything. It would not be a problem if this person proved to be tactful. However, if not, Lu Yin would show this Shanghuan Daynight true desperation. 

Off in the distance, the spacecraft soared to life and headed up into space. It was carrying Yang Hai’s expedition crew. 

Since the internal tournament had finished, all of the expedition crews quickly left one after another. 

The Windflower Crew had already left the previous day. The two old captains had treated Lu Yin quite well, so he had seen them off. 

Several more days passed. 

“Alliance Leader Lu, how much longer are we going to wait?” Captain Mistdrop asked.

Lu Yin was puzzled. “Is Captain Mistdrop in a hurry to leave?”

Captain Mistdrop replied, “I agreed to meet my crew members in three more days.”

“Isn’t Captain Mistdrop afraid of being killed ?” Lu Yin was amused.

Captain Mistdrop’s face twisted. “I can’t possibly hide here in the Silentflock System for the rest of my life. We’ve already discussed this, and we’ll be heading into the Astral Wilderness this time. Nobody will be able to find us there.”

Lu Yin nodded. “You still have crew members?” 

Captain Mistdrop explained, “Only a small number of my crew members came to the Silentflock System with me this time. Most of them remained outside to look into some news, which should have been settled about now. Alliance Leader Lu, if there are still no results, I can only leave.” 

Lu Yin smiled. He did not mind this attitude.

“Leave? Seventh Bro, this person simply doesn’t understand you. How can you let go of something that’s already caught your attention?” the Ghost Monkey commented with a snigger.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. If not for his need to give Endless Borders some face, this captain would not have been able to bear Lu Yin’s methods. 

One more day passed, and there seemed to be a weight on Captain Mistdrop’s mind, as he was constantly checking his gadget and looking at Lu Yin. He clearly wanted to say something, but he hesitated every time. 

Suddenly, his gadget beeped, and he looked at it. Once he did, Captain Mistdrop’s expression changed to one of ecstasy. “The Moke Sword Sect’s Ke Yun has agreed to allow Lan Zhong to return to the sect, and he can once again be listed in the register.” 

Captain Mistdrop looked up at Lu Yin and spoke in an emotional voice. “A- Alliance Leader Lu, I’m going to return to the Moke Sword Sect.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “Congratulations.”

Captain Mistdrop laughed, and he suddenly seemed a bit insane. Sometimes, the longer one suppressed their emotions and held back, the crazier they would become once they accomplished their goals. Captain Mistdrop was precisely this type of person.

Despite his excitement, Captain Mistdrop did not forget his promise to Lu Yin, and he pulled out a star chart from his cosmic ring and handed it to Lu Yin. “Actually, there’s more than just one star chart with the route to the Innerverse. Alliance Leader Lu, this is what you wanted.” 

Lu Yin took it and opened it to take a look only to be rather astonished. He had assumed that the route to the Innerverse began in the Outerverse, so he had never expected that the path would require one to pass through the Technocracy. 

“There’s a collapsible channel in an empty region of the Technocracy, and you can pass through that to arrive in the Innerverse. However, freak cosmic phenomenona often appear in that passage, and even Hunters can’t guarantee their safety when passing through. If Alliance Leader Lu wants to pass through, then you’ll have to make the necessary preparations,” Captain Mistdrop cautioned. Just as he had thought, Lu Yin had indeed been able to help him rejoin the Moke Sword Sect. Thus, Lan Zhong felt that he should change his attitude and try to get closer to this person. 

Lu Yin put the star chart away and looked at Captain Mistdrop. “Since you are returning to the Moke Sword Sect, then are you still planning to return to the Astral Wilderness?” 

Captain Mistdrop shook his head. “Forget that, I’m too tired. Alliance Leader Lu has already gotten his star chart, so it’s not too likely that the Neohuman Alliance will continue chasing me down. I want to return to the Moke Sword Sect and take back everything that belongs to me.” 

Lu Yin nodded. “Then I’ll congratulate Captain Mistdrop in advance on your success. If you ever need help, then just call out, and the Great Eastern Alliance will not hesitate to move out.”

Captain Mistdrop’s heart skipped a beat, as Lu Yin was talking about the entire Great Eastern Alliance and not just Lu Yin himself. This meant that if Lan Zhong took the initiative to reach out to Lu Yin, then not only would he be getting closer to Lu Yin, but also the entire Great Eastern Alliance. This statement was a test, and Lu Yin was probing to see if this man wanted to get closer to the Great Eastern Alliance or if he was wholeheartedly determined to help the Moke Sword Sect. 

It should be known that the Moke Sword Sect was one of the factions that had helped establish the central weaves’ Central Coalition. 

Although Captain Mistdrop was extremely stubborn, he was not foolish, and he was able to quickly make decisions once he identified his attitude. “In that case, I may have to trouble the Great Eastern Alliance, and I’ll have to beg for Alliance Leader Lu’s forgiveness.” 

Lu Yin smiled, raised a hand, and patted Captain Mistdrop’s shoulder.

Lu Yin’s gesture to Captain Mistdrop was rather disrespectful given their ages, but the older man did not have the slightest complaint, which was his way of clearly demonstrating his attitude. 

Conversations between people did not always require words to be said clearly, as everything would work out just fine as long as the meaning was fully conveyed.

Lu Yin stared at Captain Mistdrop’s retreating figure for a moment before contacting Wei Rong. “How did you do it?” 

Wei Rong spoke in a relaxed manner. “The Suna Weave has two large sword sects that compete against each other, and they also have a strong dislike for each other. Those two sects are the Moke Sword Sect and the Shadowsword Sect. I simply told Ke Yun that if he disagrees, we would wholeheartedly support the Shadowsword Sect in taking control of the Suna Weave, and we also promised that we wouldn’t mobilize any military forces against the Shadowsword Sect. As long as Ke Yun isn’t an idiot, he should know how to respond.” 

Lu Yin's lips curled upwards. “You can use this person, Lan Zhong. Although he’s not very capable, he might be the breakthrough needed to pry the Moke Sword Sect open.” 

“I understand,” Wei Rong replied. 

Lu Yin lowered his gadget and let out a deep breath. With Wei Rong and Wang Wen both working for Lu Yin, many tasks that had been difficult in the past had become effortless, and they no longer required his time or energy to settle. 

Wang Wen was adept at strategizing and planning the overall scenario and had a long-term vision while Wei Rong was adept at scheming and had a strong method of execution. With these two helping him take care of matters, Lu Yin was able to relax much more, and he was able to rest his mind and cultivate or focus on other matters. 

Since he had already obtained the star chart, then there was no longer any need for Lu Yin to remain in the Silentflock System. 

He traveled back to Silentflock Planet and looked for Chairman Yan. “Chairman, I’ve thought about what reward I would like, and I hope for an opportunity to conduct a transaction with Endless Borders.” 

Across from the youth, Chairman Yan’s expression changed before he revealed a helpless look once again. “Alliance Leader Lu, your requests are always so unexpected.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “Endless Borders has discovered too many routes, and you must frequently give them out for others to use. Otherwise, it would let down those who discovered the routes, right?” 

Yan Chen smiled bitterly. “That’s quite logical. So, does Alliance Leader Lu wish to purchase some routes?” 

Lu Yin nodded. “I wish to purchase all of the unknown routes within the territory of the Great Eastern Alliance, and Chairman Yan can state your price!” 

Yan Chen’s eyes went wide when he heard Lu Yin’s words. “All of the routes? Alliance Leader Lu, you must be joking—each route is extremely valuable.”

“I’m a member of the Windflower Crew as well as a member of Endless Borders,” Lu Yin emphasized.

Yan Chen’s mouth twitched. “Even if you’re one of us, the price of those routes is still very expensive, and the prices also change depending on the specific astral locations.” The chairman opened his screen and showed that there were multiple route symbols densely packed on it. There were at least twenty routes located within the Great Eastern Alliance. In the entire Outerverse, there seemed to be nearly 100 routes, and there were even some that were connected to parts of the Astral Wilderness and the Innerverse. 

Lu Yin’s eyes grew fervent, as this was a display of Endless Borders’ true wealth.

“I want to purchase all the routes within the Great Eastern Alliance,” Lu Yin said dramatically.

Yan Chen looked over the routes on the screen and muttered to himself. “There’s a total of twenty six undiscovered routes throughout the Great Eastern Alliance, and some of them have important astral locations while others are more remote. How about this: sixty natural treasures which have reached the point of evading danger, or 300,000 star essence. Choose, Alliance Leader Lu.”

Without any hesitation, Lu Yin agreed to the price.

Yan Chen agreed. This was actually quite a cheap price for so many routes.

“Chairman Yan, I ask for your promise that, since I’ve bought these routes, they can’t be sold to anyone else,” Lu Yin said. 

Yan Chen replied, “Of course. At the very least, nobody will be able to purchase these routes from Endless Borders. However, if someone else coincidentally discovers any of them, then that is out of our hands. Also, Endless Borders cannot possibly escort convoys for Alliance Leader Lu for such an amount.”

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