Chapter 923: Challenging Everyone

Yan Chen slowly stood up, and he spoke in a deep voice, “During this period of time, I have heard far too many rumors: an invasion at the border, an invasion from the Great Eastern Alliance, or even the events at Amethyst Exchange’s headquarters. These rumors have caused many of you to grow restless, and some seem to think that our Endless Borders should reach out to others and establish relationships with them while others think that it would be best for us to join one camp or another. Today, I, the chairman, will tell you all that all of those ideas are wrong! 

“Wrong, wrong, wrong. We are the Adventurers' Guild! Our true essence is about adventure and excitement, not war. No matter what happens out there, we have our own position. We have promised to help protect humanity when the borders are invaded, but the internal struggles between the various organizations of the Human Domain have nothing to do with us.

Let me solemnly tell all of you this: our Endless Borders will not participate in any of the current disputes, but similarly, we are not afraid of any threat! This is because nobody can threaten or harm us.” 

Yan Chen’s speech evoked the burning passions of countless cultivators who belonged to Endless Borders. His words were right—they would not participate in any of the conflicts between the Outerverse’s various powers. It was none of their business no matter what the outside world was doing. They were simply just adventurers, and they were very pure in the fact that, while they took risks in their exploration, they were not weak. 

They gazed at the suspended platforms that were floating all about the plaza. Each of these platforms carried an expedition crew on them, and there were Hunters and even some Enlighters among each crew. It was true that Endless Borders feared no one. 

Those in the Windflower Crew felt rather awkward, as they could tell that this speech had been targeted against the Great Eastern Alliance, which meant that it was targeted against Lu Yin. How had Lu Yin become so influential? 

The two old captains exchanged glances, and they were already regretting their actions. They had assumed that Lu Yin’s influence extended to the central weaves of the Outerverse at most, and they had wanted Lu Yin to join their crew so that they could improve the relationship between the two organizations. After all, having one more friend was better than having another enemy. Also, in the future, they might need some external help if they were ever caught in a dangerous situation. However, what was the current situation they were witnessing? Endless Borders’ internal tournament’s inspirational opening speech had been specifically targeted against Lu Yin, which left the two old men feeling rather helpless. 

Vice Captain Mo looked over at Lu Yin. Just how terrifying was this person? It seemed as if everyone in the Outerverse was talking about him. 

Lu Yin himself was left speechless. He readily admitted that his influence had become quite extensive; he had even reached the weaves in the central region after unifying a third of the Outerverse. However, did this man really need to go so far? Just his opening remarks would cause Lu Yin a great deal of trouble. 

Yan Chen was very pleased with his own speech. “Alright, I now formally announce that Endless Borders’ internal tournament will immediately begin. Prepare to draw lots.” 

As the chairman spoke, images of more than 10,000 cultivators appeared on the central-most screen. These pictures were of everyone who had registered for the tournament, and naturally, Lu Yin’s image was among them. 

Although Lu Yin’s name had spread throughout the universe, most people had merely heard of his name and had never seen his picture before. This was similar to how people at the bottom of society often could not even recognize the ruler of their own country. However, those at the same level could naturally recognize each other, such as Chairman Yan. 

The chairman had only just sat down when he looked at the profile pictures of the various competitors, intending to see who among the contestants had the most potential. He had previously decided that he would approve of the formation of two new crews after this tournament in order to boost morale. 

However, when he glanced over the screen, he was suddenly stumped, and he stared blankly at one of the pictures. He even rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

As an Enlighter, his vision was excellent, and he would normally never do something as crude as rubbing his own eyes. However, he had just done so, as he felt like he was dreaming. Why was that person participating? 

“Chair- Chairman, why does that guy look like-?”

Someone next to Yan Chen spoke up in a panic, but they were interrupted by Yan Chen before they could finish their sentence. “Go and pull up that person’s profile.” 

The person quickly nodded, as there was no shortage of look-alikes in the universe. Logically, Lu Yin should not appear here, so the person nervously hurried to investigate. 

Before long, the person spoke up in a soft voice. “That person is known as Seven, and he received a recommendation from the Windflower Crew to join Endless Borders, which was submitted just three days ago.”  

Yan Chen’s eyes flashed. The Windflower Crew? Then everything should be fine. The Windflower Crew was always exploring the Astral Wilderness, so this person might just coincidentally look like Lu Yin. After thinking about it, the chairman looked at the screen showing the Windflower Crew, and he saw that Lu Yin was standing next to the two captains. With one glance, the chairman became certain that that person was indeed Lu Yin. 

A person’s looks could be copied, but one’s bearing was something that could not be faked. The young man was standing in a position that indicated that his status surpassed even the two captains of the expedition crew, and he also seemed rather aloof. In the current universe, aside from Lu Yin and a few others, who else could disregard Enlighters? 

Yan Chen felt as if he had just swallowed a fly. Why was this person here?

“Eh, Chairman, that person-?” Someone else let out a cry, but they were also cut off by Yan Chen. However, more and more people were starting to recognize Lu Yin. 

Yan Chen could only warn them one by one not to spread any news, as otherwise, their tournament would be doomed. 

The chairman had referred to Lu Yin in his opening remarks, and thus, the chairman could not afford to lose to this young man.

Everyone who recognized Lu Yin was rendered speechless, as his appearance at this time was simply too coincidental. Also, why had this person even come to the Silentflock System? And why had he joined Endless Borders? Speaking of which, shouldn’t he have at least altered his appearance slightly? He was simply disregarding Endless Borders too much! 

Yan Chen immediately contacted Captain Wind and Captain Flower, and the chairman was quickly informed about how Lu Yin had joined their crew. He really wanted to scold those two elders, but when he remembered that they were both Enlighters, and extraordinary ones at that, he forcibly suppressed his urge. 

The two old men glanced at each other, as this moment had finally caused them to realize the severity of the current situation. They thus obstinately refused to recognize Lu Yin’s identity, and instead, they both sang the same tune and insisted that they only knew the youth as Seven and that he was a cultivator with exceptional talent. He was a true genius, but that was all that they knew. 

The two captains also ordered everyone in their Windflower Crew to stick to the same story, and the crew was very cooperative. 

Lu Yin did not mind their behavior. His eyes swept across the other competitors, and he further increased his estimate of Endless Borders’ strength. If Endless Borders mobilized all of these people, their strength would be terrifying. This was a formidable force to be reckoned with. 

Military power was something that could intimidate other powers for a period of time, but an ideology was something that could influence an entire generation and even last for countless years. 

Endless Borders used the lure of adventure to draw in countless experts, and even the Hall of Honor was drawn to the strength that had gathered there, which was the most terrifying detail of this organization. 

Lu Yin’s expression was complicated as he looked at Yan Chen on the screen. Up until now, Endless Borders had never shown any indication of wanting to fight for benefits. However, the moment a chairman expressed that desire, there would be a great deal of trouble. 

Lu Yin felt that, if possible, it would be better to have some control over Endless Borders, and ideally, not as the chairman. It would be better for the top levels of such an organization to be managers that mutually restricted each other. 

Yan Chen and the others were not aware of it, but this tournament had caused Lu Yin to develop some interest in them. 

The lots were quickly drawn, and the determined battles broke out all across the plaza.

Most of the competitors were just Limiteers as the Explorers, Cruisers, and Hunters were primarily from the expedition crews. Many of the competitors simply wanted to stand out, catch the eye of the better expedition crews, or make things easier for themselves in the future. 

The plaza’s battle arenas were split across many districts, and a hundred battles were conducted simultaneously. Some of them ended quickly, but there were some that lasted for a long time. 

It did not take long before it was Lu Yin’s turn to participate in a battle, but his opponent was just a Limiteer. The man was able to sense that Lu Yin was a space-exploring powerhouse, and his expression immediately revealed his agony. “Bro, could you show some mercy? Just let me show a bit of what I’m capable of.” 

Lu Yin nodded and then glanced at his surroundings in a very casual manner.

The Limiteer hollered out, but he did not attack Lu Yin. Instead, the man demonstrated his battle techniques while standing in place. His actions were very strange, but this was also a very smart decision. With his strength, the man knew that none of his attacks would have any effect on Lu Yin. Thus, he might as well demonstrate his skills by himself. At least his participation in the tournament would not be a total waste this way. 

Yan Chen and those who had recognized Lu Yin were all watching his battle intently, and when they saw this strange scene, they felt rather lost for words. 

The Limiteer left the stage after giving a grateful look to Lu Yin, much to his amusement.

For the second round, Lu Yin’s opponent was an Explorer who had completed four cultivation cycles, the same as Lu Yin himself. 

This person was rather confident, and he was carrying a massive hammer that he swung about casually.

However, Lu Yin raised a single hand and grabbed the hammer head with five fingers. He then gave it a firm squeeze, shattering the weapon.

His opponent was stunned. “That was made with an extremely rare metal, and even Cruisers can’t break it! You-”

But before the man could finish speaking, Lu Yin had put his hand on the Explorer’s head. “You’ve lost.”

That Explorer was frustrated, but he still turned to leave.

Endless Borders’ internal tournament started quickly, and it also proceeded very fast. After all, it was just an internal duel that was used to boost the members’ morale.

After just one day, only a few hundred fighters remained from the more than 10,000 contestants who had registered. Although the current matches were still elimination matches, the battles no longer continued a hundred at a time; instead, they were conducted one by one. This was quite similar to how the Astral Combat Tournament had been held.

Lu Yin only intended to go through the motions of this tournament. When he looked up at the central screen, he saw that Yan Chen and a few others were constantly looking at him, and he knew that they had recognized him. He gave them a slight smile. 

Yan Chen felt his heart drop. 

Another few days passed, and now, there were fewer than twenty people left.

The further the competition proceeded, the more impressive the battles became. Similarly, everyone still competing was investigated thoroughly, especially the representatives of the expedition crews. People were contemplating all sorts of ways to lure in the remaining independent cultivators. 

In a small corner outside the plaza, the competitor who Yang Hai had sent to participate in the tournament was lounging about. This person had been eliminated long ago, but he was not overly concerned about this tournament. Only the most outstanding people would be allowed to establish their own crews or join the expedition crews that explored the Astral Wilderness, but that was none of his crew’s business. However, of the final twenty people, there was one person who caught Yang Hai’s eye, and he was momentarily stunned. “Why is he here?” 

Yang Hai was not the only one who noticed this person, as more and more people were starting to recognize Lu Yin. 

With only twenty contestants remaining, Lu Yin became more and more conspicuous, and cries could be occasionally heard from outside the plaza as more and more people used their gadgets to investigate his identity. 

Yan Chen was left with no other choice as he could no longer hide anything. This person’s reputation was too widespread, and there would always be other people who recognized him. As soon as one person did, others would naturally do so as well. 

On a platform that was floating outside the plaza, Captain Shi looked at the Windflower Crew’s platform in surprise, focusing on the figure of a certain youth. “Why is he here?” 

Beside Captain Shi stood the tournament’s favorite to win, Little Stoneman. When he heard Captain Shi’s comment, he also looked over at the Windflower Crew’s platform. “Captain, do you know that person?” 

Captain Shi’s face grew solemn. “There’s no doubt as to the outcome of this tournament anymore.” 

A similar scene occurred on several of the floating platforms. Although not every expedition crew recognized Lu Yin, the majority certainly did, and the majority of the remaining contestants also happened to be from these crews. 

At this moment, everyone realized that there was no more point in continuing with the tournament.

Within the crowd surrounding the plaza, there was one person holding an empty glass as they stared at the central screen in stupefaction. He was the man from the bar who had brought up Lu Yin’s name as an example of someone who was capable of removing all suspense from the tournament. He had merely said it as a joke, but his words had somehow come true. 

Outside the plaza, all sorts of discussions broke out, as many people were puzzled by Lu Yin’s participation. Many of them looked up at Yan Chen and remembered the chairman’s speech. They rather admired their leader, as the chairman had clearly known that Lu Yin was present but had still given that speech for Lu Yin to hear, which was a blatant provocation. 

“Cough cough, Alliance Leader Lu, it looks like you’ve been exposed,” Captain Wind said.

Lu Yin looked at Yan Chen through the screen and saw that Yan Chen was coincidentally also staring at him. The youth then leaped out, landed in the plaza, raised a hand, and pointed at the pictures of the remaining contestants before gesturing with his finger.

Lu Yin’s meaning was clear: he wanted to challenge everyone.

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