Chapter 920: The Windflower Crew

Naturally, the floating figure that the Windflower Crew had discovered was Lu Yin. Although his Dream Finger had destroyed the two corpse kings, Lu Yin had also been severely injured by the fight. The Neohuman Alliance was ruthless in their actions, and he had fallen unconscious afterwards. 

Lu Yin was not in too serious of a state as he had swallowed that upgraded ancient pill. Thus, he would heal from his injuries after some time passed. However, he had been rescued by the Windflower Crew. 

Lu Yin was currently having a dream that his body had been cut open for research. In fact, he himself had long since had a small urge to research his own body due to the way his physical strength, spiritual force, and domain were all constantly improving on their own, which was simply too strange. However, Lu Yin wanting to research himself was one thing while others conducting research on his body was another matter entirely. 

Lu Yin suddenly shouted, and his eyes opened as he found himself in a nutrient fluid bath. Due to his shout, the nutrient container exploded, frightening all of the people outside, and they quickly pulled back while keeping a wary eye on Lu Yin. 

These people did not dare to get close to Lu Yin, as he was wearing a set of universal armor that had an extraordinary defense. They did want to research his body a bit, but not even their two captains had been able to remove Lu Yin’s universal armor. Thus, they had only been able to conduct some rather crude analysis. 

The data that they had obtained had shocked them, and they simply felt that Lu Yin was not human. 

When this person’s data made it into the hands of the two captains, it triggered a massive battle, as each of the two captains wanted to take this person as their disciple. 

Since this being was able to use a cosmic ring, had a gadget on his wrist, and was even wearing a set of universal armor, it was clear that he was no monster, but rather a human. 

The rudimentary data that they had gathered on this Explorer indicated that he was able to rival an Enlighter, which had blinded those two captains of the Windflower Crew. It was actually very normal for such an abnormal person to be highly desirable as a disciple. 

Lu Yin walked out of the nutrient tank while still wearing his universal armor. He checked his surroundings, and quite a large number of rune lines entered his vision. There were actually two people on this vessel with rune lines capable of rivaling an Enlighter’s. This spacecraft was actually carrying two Enlighters. 

Lu Yin instantly grew wary, as Enlighters were not common in the Outerverse, but two such powerhouses had appeared in this place, which was rather strange.

At this moment, quite a few people arrived outside the door and warily observed Lu Yin.

“Excuse me, where am I?” Lu Yin asked calmly and politely.

The crewmembers' expressions all relaxed a little. 

At this time, a calm-looking youth walked forward and sized Lu Yin up and down before stretching out his hand. “I’m the Windflower Crew’s Vice Captain Mo.”

Lu Yin grabbed the hand and shook it. “You can call me Seven.”

Vice Captain Mo’s eyes flickered. “Is it not convenient for you to give out your real name?”

Lu Yin smiled. “You wouldn’t know me even if I told you. Everyone just calls me Seven.”

Vice Captain Mo did not care. “Let’s bring you somewhere to get a bite to eat.”

Lu Yin nodded and thanked the youth before following behind the young man.

At the top level of the vessel, the two captains were looking at a screen. “This kid is truly exceptional. Just his universal armor is something that not just anyone can own.”

“Obviously.” Captain Flower rolled his eyes.

Captain Wind became irritated. “Old Flower, you should be more courteous.”

“Will you leave him to me if I’m courteous?”

“Impossible! He’s my disciple.”

“Just forget it. You can’t even take off his armor.”

“And can you?”

“I’ll try.”

“Go ahead.”

Lu Yin looked at the pile of food that had been set down in front of him. He was just about to start eating when the void distorted before him. Then, two elders appeared, both of them looking at him with fervent eyes. “I’ll strip him for you.”

“I’ll be the one to strip him, you’ll see!” 

The conversation of the two elders shocked Lu Yin. Strip? What strip?

He looked down at himself, and his expression changed drastically. These two old perverts!

The two captains both reached out towards Lu Yin at the same time. Although Lu Yin was unafraid of these men, they were still Enlighters while their objective was actually something so despicable. Lu Yin became slightly panicked, and he instantly pulled out an Ultra Flash Tearbomb and set it off. The dazzling radiance illuminated the entire spacecraft, and even the two Enlighters were unable to resist the flash and were forced to stop. 

Lu Yin stepped into the void, emerging outside the spacecraft with the intention of leaving. In any case, his injuries had somewhat recovered as the ancient pill’s efficacy had been much better than normal. It was now time for him to leave. 

Still, there being two Enlighters on this vessel felt a bit off to him. He turned around and looked seriously at the spacecraft, curious to know where they were from. 

A familiar symbol entered his vision. Was that the symbol of Endless Borders?

Within the spacecraft, the dazzling radiance quickly dissipated. The two captains had only felt a little sting, but it was nothing much to them. The rest of the crew members, however, were unluckier, as all of their eyes were burning if not leaking tears nonstop. 

Even the spacecraft had been influenced by the flash bomb and had stopped in space. 

A long while later, Captain Wind and Captain Flower both recovered, and they opened their eyes as they faced Lu Yin. 

“The two of you seem to be overly excited about me,” Lu Yin commented as he looked at the two elders with a wary expression. 

They were both embarrassed. “Little one, we were only betting on who could strip off your universal armor.” 

Lu Yin arched his brow. “Why?” 

“Whoever can do it will be able to take you as his disciple,” Captain Flower blurted out.

Lu Yin was amused at this reveal. “Sorry, but I already have a master.”

Neither of the two was surprised. For someone to have a physique that could rival an Enlighter’s while only in the Explorer realm would be too strange if one did not have a master, not to mention a truly extraordinary one at that. 

“Let me introduce myself. My surname is Wind, and I am one of the Windflower Crew’s captains.”

“Mine is Flower, and I am also one of the Windflower Crew’s captains.”

Lu Yin politely replied, “Seven. Both elders can call me Little Seven.”

“Little Seven? Are you from the Outerverse?” Captain Wind asked.

Lu Yin nodded. “Junior is from Ironblood Weave.”

Captain Wind was surprised. “Ironblood Weave? Which fortress are you from?”

Lu Yin smiled, but he did not answer.

Some time later, the two elders left, and Lu Yin resumed eating and thinking.

Lu Yin had not expected to be rescued by a group like the Windflower Crew. He had initially intended to return to Frostwave Weave, but there wasn't any urgent business there.

These people were from Endless Borders, whom Lu Yin had always wanted to build up a relationship with. Wang Wen had also reminded Lu Yin numerous times that he needed to interact with this company more, and there just so happened to be an opportunity to do so at this moment. 

In fact, when considering all of the organizations in the entire Outerverse, even including Shamrock Enterprises and the Mavis Bank, the groups that Lu Yin had the least understanding of were the Nalan family and Endless Borders. 

He had tried searching for more information concerning the Nalan family members who were cursed from birth. This family contained a deep mystery, and he could not find out anything more about them no matter what he tried. 

As for Endless Borders, they were a power that even the Hall of Honor was unable to interfere with, which naturally indicated that they were not simple. These people’s philosophy seemed to align with that of the majority of cultivators, and there were definitely many people who were willing to join Endless Borders, especially if it was to explore the Astral Wilderness. Perhaps they would discover another civilization, find some strange natural treasure, or a new type of battle style. Whether it was purely for the thrill of exploring the unknown or for some other objective, the concept behind Endless Borders would always attract countless people to them. 

Lu Yin was very curious about how many Endless Borders expedition crews were still in the Astral Wilderness, and he had actually coincidentally encountered one of them here. 

As such, he decided to follow along the Windflower Crew, and it also helped that the two elderly captains wanted to take him on as their disciple. There was no problem for the two of them if Lu Yin already had a master, and this was still an opportunity for him. 

However, Lu Yin felt that these two old men were a bit familiar, almost as if he had met them somewhere before. 

The Windflower Crew had returned to the Outerverse this time to head to Endless Borders’ headquarters, though Lu Yin did not ask for what reason. 

Although he did not ask, the crew was not able to hide anything from him, especially the two old men who were constantly arguing in front of him and revealing everything regardless of if they should or shouldn’t. This even included one of the Outerverse’s greatest secrets at this time: a path to the Innerverse. 

When Lu Yin learned of this secret, he was truly shocked. This was such an incredible secret, or at least, it was an astounding secret to him. However, they had let such a thing slip so easily! He had not been the slightest bit prepared for such a bombshell. 

However, the rest of the crew did not seem to care at all.

Actually, that was quite accurate. Since the Windflower Crew was one of the expedition crews that explored the Astral Wilderness, they did not care much for the Innerverse. Even if they found a path that led back to the Innerverse, they would not use it, and such information was completely worthless to them. On the other hand, such a thing was invaluable to Lu Yin, and it would be worth more than anything else.

That calm-looking youth believed that Lu Yin had been frightened by the argument between the two elders, and he patted Lu Yin’s shoulder to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Lu Yin was considering how he could weedle out more information concerning this secret route. 

Wang Wen had been right—Lu Yin could ignore anyone else in the Outerverse, but he could not disregard the Endless Borders. This organization had discovered too many unknown routes, and they had even found a secret passage to the Innerverse. 

Endless Borders’ headquarters was located in a place called the Silentflock System. The star system had once been in Endless Weave, but during the border war, when the defensive line had been moved to Southside Weave, the Silentflock System had also pushed into Southside Weave. 

The system consisted of the main headquarters, which was known as Silentflock Planet, and twenty two sub-planets that revolved around that central planet. Each sub-planet represented one of twenty two expedition crews. 

Whenever a new expedition crew was born, another sub-planet would be added.

This was actually a secret to outsiders, but Lu Yin had already learned of it.

These sub-planets that represented expedition crews did not only include the ones that explored the Astral Wilderness, as there were also crews that explored the Outerverse. 

One such crew had been led by Yang Hai, whom Lu Yin had met in the past. Yang Hai was an expedition crew captain that had their own sub-planet. They were the same as Bach, who Lu Yin had hired Smoker to take out. Bach’s crew also had a sub-planet.

The Windflower Crew also had a sub-planet, but they had not visited it in many years.

The Windflower Crew’s spacecraft was not a radiant-grade Aurora, but rather, it was a blackhole-grade Aurora that was capable of traveling ten times as fast as a radiant-grade vessel. Such a high-grade ship would cost at least 10,000 star essence to purchase, though that was just for a personal spacecraft. 

Lu Yin had once owned such a spacecraft, but unfortunately, it had been destroyed.

They had already covered nearly half of the distance between Southside Weave and the Silentflock System, and with the blackhole-grade Aurora, they would only need a few more days to arrive. 

Lu Yin was rather bored during the journey, but suddenly, a middle-aged Windflower Crew member suddenly proposed a duel with Lu Yin.

Quite a few of the others started to gather around and worked up a small commotion.

After spending two days aboard the ship, Lu Yin could be considered as having partially joined the Windflower Crew, and as soon as they arrived at Endless Borders’ headquarters and confirmed his status, he would officially be allowed to join them. As far as the members of the Windflower Crew were concerned, Lu Yin was already one of them. They were an expedition crew, and there were no stringent background checks. These people had only gathered together due to similar interests, but not much else. 

The crewmembers were absolutely amazed by Lu Yin’s physical strength, though there were some people who had naturally powerful physiques as well. For the crew, it was perfectly normal for people to start dueling after having one drink too many.

However, things were not as usual this time around, as the two captains, Wind and Flower, were both present as well. 

Lu Yin did not refuse. “Please.”

The middle-aged man smashed his fists together, which released a dull thudding sound, and his skin took on a visible golden luster. This was the man’s innate gift, and one could feel tough his skin was just by looking at him.

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