Chapter 919: Ambush

Lu Yin immediately put on his universal armor, and a thump rang out as his body was struck once again. He crashed into a burning planet like a meteor and plunged deep into a pool of magma as his body pierced through the other side of the planet and shot back into outer space. Behind him, the planet fell apart before finally exploding in a violent shower of flames. 

An intense pain erupted from Lu Yin’s chest, and he looked up to see that the corpse king had suddenly appeared right beside him as it smashed down at him with black lightning. Lu Yin casually waved a hand to activate the Yu Secret Art and successfully diverted a portion of the lightning. However, the remaining portion still struck him, and it sent his body tumbling once again. 

Fortunately, Lu Yin had put on his universal armor earlier. Otherwise, this attack would have severely injured him if not killed him outright. 

He had not thought that a corpse king of the Neohuman Alliance would appear in this place, and more surprisingly, he even recognized this corpse king, as it was the one that had appeared at Millions City. Back then, even that Specter Clan expert had died, but this corpse king had survived and fled from Millions City. 

This was a trap, and Lu Yin immediately realized that he had fallen for it. 

The corpse king did not speak to Lu Yin, as it had apparently been specifically sent here to deal with the youth. However, Lu Yin had already put on his universal armor, and although the corpse king’s first attack had severely injured him, its subsequent attacks had not done much to him. 

With a loud bang , Lu Yin was sent flying yet again. He was not really able to retaliate against this Enlighter-level corpse king, but he still put on his bracer and threw out an Ultra Flash Tearbomb. A dazzling radiance illuminated this region of outer space, and it was even more dazzling than the nearby burning flames. 

The corpse king had long since anticipated this move from Lu Yin, and even as the overwhelming light washed over it, its pupils became grey: Grey Eyes Transformation. Its strength increased by tenfold as it unleashed another punch. 

Lu Yin similarly lashed out with a punch. With the support of his bracer, a single punch from Lu Yin was enough to repel even Sall Phoenix, and his physical strength had reached a level that could rival an Enlighter with a power level of 300,000. In addition, his attacks were reinforced with both the Overlaying Stacks Path and eight lined battle force. However, Lu Yin’s physical power could only compare to that of an ordinary Enlighter whereas he was currently fighting against a corpse king whose strength had been increased tenfold by a Grey Eyes Transformation. 

A bang shook all of the nearby planets as space itself warped while shockwaves were unleashed in all directions. The fiery blaze that had been raging in space was instantly extinguished, and the nearby planets were all affected by the tremendous force as they shattered one by one. A few blackholes even appeared that devoured one another. 

An unimaginable amount of physical strain crashed into Lu Yin’s right arm before the bracer cracked apart and broke. The corpse king’s strength continued and coursed through the universal armor, shaking everything up. Not only did this vibration disperse Lu Yin’s eight lined battle force, but it also twisted his arm. 

The universal armor was able to defend against attacks with power levels of almost 400,000, but this punch from the corpse king, with its vibrating strength, was able to deform Lu Yin’s arm while also blasting him through a planet that had exploded. 

Lu Yin gritted his teeth, and he forcefully diverted his body in another direction. When he finally came to a stop, his breath was still labored as he stood in outer space. He then looked into the distance at where the corpse king had been. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed drastically, and he checked everywhere around him only to see a large number of rune lines rapidly approaching him from behind. He quickly dodged to the side while his Fatesand defended his front, but it was dispersed by the corpse king’s kick. The endless black lightning formed a spear that stabbed at him, and Lu Yin waved his hand to activate the Yu Secret Art and redirect the black lightning spear again. Despite that, another full strength punch from the corpse king came for him without any pause. 

In the Outerverse, with his various items to assist him, Lu Yin had not been beaten this one-sidedly in a long time. This corpse king had endured and survived the attacks of several Enlighters, including Yuehua Mavis, and it had even managed to kill Shamrock Enterprises’ Western Chairman Hoffman before ultimately fleeing. Normally, it would only possess a power level of about 200,000 at most, but its power level could surpass 300,000 when it displayed its full power. It was incomparably tough. 

This was Lu Yin’s first time trading blows with an expert with a power level of 300,000, and he was overpowered right from the beginning. 

Another punch that contained a ferocious destructive power and was accompanied by a terrifying physical force flew towards him. Lu Yin raised his hand as his star energy converged. “First Sun.” 

There was a rumble as the corpse king’s physical body collided with the star energy attack. Lu Yin had brought out almost all of the star energy in his body to display the most fearsome First Sun possible. It was as glorious as a true star, and it collided against the corpse king’s first. Space fractured repeatedly, and countless spatial cracks radiated out from the point of impact. 

Lu Yin shouted ferociously, and his pupils transformed into runes as he erased some of the corpse king’s rune lines. The corpse king’s punch exploded when it met the sun, and green smoke poured out as a thunderous explosion reverberated through space and almost caused the First Sun to crumble. Blood dripped out of Lu Yin’s eyes, ears, and even his nose. His eyes had started spinning about frantically ever since his pupils had transformed into runes as he was constantly erasing the corpse king’s rune lines. 

With a boom, the sun completely collapsed, sending an explosion sweeping throughout the surrounding area and causing space to undulate like ocean waves. 

This was the first time the corpse king had ever been beaten back in such a manner, and its fist had even been scorched black by the sun. However, this sort of injury was nothing to its terrifying physical strength. 

Lu Yin panted heavily. His right arm was twisted unnaturally, and his left arm was still trembling slightly due to him unleashing First Sun at full force, which had become something that he could not fully control. The initial injury on his chest had also become more serious, and Lu Yin could not stop the blood from flowing down the corners of his lips, which left him looking horribly battered. 

“Is this the desolation that you guys will bring me?” Lu Yin shouted while keeping a close eye on the corpse king. 

Across from him, the corpse king did not say a single word, and it merely looked at Lu Yin with its dead eyes. It then slowly raised its right fist before its body suddenly vanished once again as it launched another attack. At the same time, from the corner of his eye, Lu Yin caught a glimpse of a shadow’s smudge, but its rune lines were not actually any less than the corpse king’s. Another powerful enemy had arrived, and the Neohuman Alliance was cutting off any of Lu Yin’s paths of survival. They had sent out two Enlighter-level corpse kings for this trap. 

This corpse king should have been the one that had stolen True Insight from Millions City. 

Two corpse kings. Even if Elder Lohar was the one up against these opponents, he would definitely die. But their opponent was Lu Yin and not Elder Lohar. He had his own methods, and he also had his various items. 

Another thump rang out as Lu Yin’s abdomen was struck, and right after that, his back was similarly attacked. He was consecutively struck by dozens of attacks as the two corpse kings assailed him relentlessly, attempting to force their way through his universal armor. 

Even though Lu Yin’s universal armor was able to withstand attacks of power levels of almost 400,000, under the repeated attacks of these two corpse kings, the shaking force his body was being forced to endure was almost too much for him to bear. 

Lu Yin carefully chose the perfect moment; right when the two corpse kings attacked him from the same direction, the beaded bracelet appeared in his hand, and one of the pearls disappeared. Each one of these pearls was formed by Yuan Shi’s strength, and the power of one pearl merged into Lu Yin’s body. He then raised a finger and pushed forward with Yuan Shi’s strength, and his attack was incomprehensibly raised by a power level of 300,000 as it stretched out towards the two corpse kings: Dream Finger. 

The Dream Finger caused the void to congeal, and what emerged was not the normal piercing finger, but rather a snow-white finger that had been enlarged countless times that looked as if it was descending from beyond the sky. The finger fell down, and the two corpse kings were not able to resist in any manner whatsoever as their skulls were instantly crushed. Space split in two, and this incomparably terrifying strength extinguished flames and severed stars as it extended an unknown distance away. 

At that same time, in a foreign space, a pair of elegant eyes opened and looked towards the Fifth Mainland’s Outerverse.


Lu Yin spat out a mouthful of blood and completely passed out. His injuries were too severe, and the first punch that had struck his abdomen was particularly bad, as that injury had become more painful as time had passed. Before he lost consciousness, Lu Yin swallowed the ancient pill that he had upgraded to the point where its rune lines matched that of an Enlighter. This sort of pill should be able to treat even an Enlighter’s injuries, so it should be even more effective on him. 

In a distant part of outer space, a massive spacecraft sped along that only had a dozen people on board. It was not a large number of people, but the strength of these people was not low, as even the weakest member was still an Explorer. The spacecraft also had the emblem of Endless Borders etched onto its hull. 

The moment Lu Yin had shattered the heads of the two corpse kings with his Dream Finger, the tremendous shockwave had swept through outer space, transforming into a horrifying cosmic phenomenon that nearly split the universe in half as it endlessly extended out. This large spacecraft was coincidentally within the affected range, and if not for one of their powerhouses noticing the shockwave in time to alter the ship’s course, the entire ship would have been shattered. 

“Wind Crew, the power level from that shockwave moments ago has been calculated: 390,000,” a calm-looking youth announced with some amazement in his voice. Behind him stood two experienced-looking old men, and one of them had a nameplate on his chest that read, “Wind Crew,” while the other elder’s nameplate read, “Flower Crew.” 

The Windflower Crew was one of Endless Borders’ expedition crews that explored the Astral Wilderness. 

Endless Borders had previously gone by the name of the Adventurers' Guild, and countless cultivators had gathered there, all of them with a passion for risk-taking. By nature, the endless universe was something to be explored, and some people even believed that the true essence of cultivation was to explore the universe. The birth of the Adventurers' Guild had drawn in countless such cultivators. 

At its peak, the Adventurers' Guild had actually been powerful enough to draw the Hall of Honor’s notice, and the Hall of Honor had actually wanted to forcibly incorporate the Adventurers’ Guild into its organization. Due to that incident, the guild had changed its name to Endless Borders, which was the name that Lu Yin knew it by. 

Endless Borders took on the guise of a financial corporation, but in reality, it was still focused on exploring the unknown and taking risks.

Nobody knew exactly how many expedition crews there were within Endless Borders, but even among these crews, the Windflower Crew was absolutely a strange group. This was because this crew had two captains: one was named Wind and the other Flower. The two competed with each other, but neither would leave the other behind, which had led to the birth of the Windflower Crew. 

Upon hearing that the energy reading had reached a power level of 390,000, the two captains looked over at each other in shock. Ever since the Outerverse had been isolated from the Innerverse, Enlighters with power levels higher than 200,000 had been considered top-tier powerhouses, and only the border war in Endless Weave had managed to force out an old freak with a power level in the several hundred thousands. Almost all of those old monsters had gathered at the border, but now, one of them had appeared in this place. 

“Captains, will we take a detour?” the calm-looking youth asked. 

The older men exchanged glances. “No need, continue forward.” 

The youth hesitated. “But an attack with a power level of 390,000 was just unleashed, and what we felt was just the aftershock.”

“It’s not very normal for such a power level to appear in the Outerverse, and this area is quite close to the Astral Wilderness. If any freak event occurs, then the people in this region will be left in a pitiful state. Since we found it first, we can’t just run away,” Captain Wind said firmly. 

Aboard the spacecraft, the other cultivators all had solemn expressions. Although they were frozen with fear, nobody opposed the captain. 

Joining one of the Astral Wilderness expedition crews meant that one had to be prepared to make certain sacrifices. Rather than escaping, these people tended to be more curious about what was up ahead. 

The youth was also curious, and since the two captains had confirmed their course, he no longer hesitated and entered in the commands for the ship to continue moving forward.

The universe in front of them had been split in two under the force of a finger, and the crew aboard the spacecraft was overwhelmed by the sight. Even if they were people who often skirted the edge of life and death, they seldom ever encountered a scene of such terrifying destruction. 

Eventually, the spacecraft entered the region of space where the fire had previously been burning. All of the planets in the area had long since collapsed, and they had turned into blackholes that were currently engulfing each other. 

The crew looked around, and the spacecraft also scanned the surroundings. The entire time, the device that measured and detected power levels was ringing with an alarm. Clearly, there were still some aftershocks that had not dissipated yet. 

“Captains, we have a situation!” someone cried out. 

Everyone looked over, and one of the vessel’s screens rose up and showed the image of a figure floating through space, slowly drawing closer to the spacecraft. 

“There’s still signs of life! It’s an Explorer. He’s not dead yet,” someone reported.

That calm-faced youth ordered for the person to be brought inside the spacecraft, as it was possible that this person might know about what had happened in this place.

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