Chapter 915: Central Coalition

Star energy converged over Lu Yin’s right palm as the First Sun appeared once again, as resplendent as ever with its radiating, overwhelming might. However, the sun had changed in one aspect—it had become solid, and it felt as if there was an actual sun in his hand. It was roiling, magnificent, and indomitable. 

Lu Yin could feel the valiant power of this First Sun, and its strength had increased substantially compared to before. It also had a golden silhouette now, which was very beautiful. 

He gradually let the sun dissipate and let out a deep breath before walking out of the secret room.

Although Lu Yin had been in seclusion for a whole month, he expected the heated discussions among the outsiders about the Great Eastern Alliance to not have died off yet. 

Lu Yin had not guessed wrong. The Great Eastern Alliance had doubled its territory in a very short period of time, drawn in the Neo-Vestige Sect, and even recruited Lu Yin’s old enemy, Wei Rong. All of these events had given the Outerverse an unimaginable shock. 

The weaves in the central region had established their own allied force with extraordinary efficiency, and nobody dragged their feet in doing so. These weaves’ only goal was to quickly establish their own Central Coalition so that they could resist the spread of the Great Eastern Alliance from the east.

The weaves in the central region were not the only ones making such moves, as even the weaves in the west had become afraid. This had led to them quietly sending the central weaves quite a few experts to reinforce them as well as a significant amount of resources and materials to assist them in constructing an express military route in the central region. 

Because of the Great Eastern Alliance, the entire Outerverse had become less fractured than before. If these military expressways were open routes for ordinary citizens, universal travel times would be cut by a third, which was equivalent to reducing the size of the Outerverse’s territory by a third. 

The central weaves’ military force greatly surpassed the Great Eastern Alliance’s in numbers, and their unified military was also established with an unprecedented speed. Many members of the media were very frightened of the Great Eastern Alliance. 

When Lu Yin stepped out of the secret room, he was met with this situation.

To the west of the Great Eastern Alliance, the weaves in the central region had formed a complete defensive line, and it was being protected by the central weaves’ recently established Central Coalition. If war truly broke out, it would be the largest war to occur in the Outerverse yet. Even if Lu Yin was given various privileges due to his special status, the Hall of Honor would not allow such an all-out conflict to occur. 

In fact, while Lu Yin had been in seclusion, the Hall of Honor had sent him quite a few messages ordering him to not start any wars. This brewing conflict would not erupt into a small-scale skirmish like when Lu Yin had invaded Armament Weave. The moment this war broke out, it would implicate the entire Outerverse. 

Lu Yin smiled when he saw these messages. These people were too nervous. Of course he would not casually start a war, as such things required a valid excuse, even if it was merely fabricated. 

At this time, the Great Eastern Alliance had just significantly expanded its territory, and the various allies had not fully meshed together. Thus, it would not benefit Lu Yin to start a war either.

He had to at least wait for a period of time before he could trigger another war.

However, his expression soon grew colder; he had to merge the eastern weaves together into a solid alliance, but he could not allow the central weaves to have the same opportunity. Otherwise, when he was ready to start a war, it would be difficult to do so. 

After thinking about it, he activated his gadget to contact someone. 

Suna Weave was located to the west of Armament Weave, and the two weaves shared a common border. This weave was very far from Frostwave Weave, and the two weaves generally had no interactions. However, after Armament Weave became a part of the Great Eastern Alliance’s territory, Suna Weave essentially became the Great Eastern Alliance’s neighbor, as the weave was right in front of the alliance’s sharp blade. 

When the central region established their Central Coalition, Suna Weave naturally became one of their most important nodes of defense due to its strategic location. Ah Mu was also in Suna Weave. 

Even though his strength was not very impressive, not even reaching the Cruiser realm, he was the confidante of the Umbral Butterfly Tribe’s young mistress, Angie. This status allowed him to wield quite a bit of authority at the Weave’s border defenses. 

In outer space, battleships cruised along as they patrolled back and forth across the entire length of the defensive line. 

As far as one’s eyes could see, there were firearms and weapons, and each planet contained a network of weapons that was powerful enough to sweep through the nearby region of space. This was Suna Weave’s defensive perimeter. It was very long, and its troops numbered in the billions. 

The Great Eastern Alliance consisted of twenty two weaves, which seem incomparably powerful. However, the moment all of the central weaves united, their strength would instantly surpass that of the Great Eastern Alliance. This was also without even considering the secret support that had been sent over by the western weaves. 

If the Great Eastern Alliance intended to advance further westwards through military conquest, the campaign would be extremely difficult. 

Ah Mu stared to the east, towards Armament Weave with a complicated expression on his face. Wei Rong had ultimately been defeated, which fell within his expectations. That man had an almost demonic level of intelligence that frightened Ah Mu greatly, as any tiny slip-ups would be instantly discovered. Ever since Wei Rong had almost discovered Ah Mu’s cooperation with Lu Yin, the young man from the Umbral Butterfly Tribe had felt a sense of apprehension and terror towards Wei Rong that stemmed from his very core, and as a result, he had not dared to try contacting Lu Yin again. 

But now, Wei Rong had become Lu Yin’s subordinate, and it was possible that the portion of the defensive line where Ah Mu was stationed was directly across from Wei Rong.

Ah Mu had no confidence in winning a military confrontation against Wei Rong, and Ah Mu also did not know what Angie was thinking for her to actually become enemies with Wei Rong. In fact, he was wondering if she would even be able to persevere with this decision. 

Upon thinking about Angie, Ah Mu also thought about the Umbral Butterfly Tribe, and his expression grew cold. He had played that chesspiece correctly back then; Seventh Bro was Seventh Bro, and he was invincible. Since that was the case, it would not be too long before Ah Mu could reap his harvest. 

While Ah Mu was thinking about Lu Yin, his gadget beeped, and Ah Mu looked down at it. His pupils shrank. Seventh Bro was calling him, and despite Ah Mu deleting the contact information, he was still able to recognize this number.

He quickly found a vacant corner and respectfully answered the call. “Seventh Bro.”

In King Zishan's palace, Lu Yin had indeed called Ah Mu. Lu Yin wanted to know some details about the central weaves’ Central Coalition. “You haven’t called me for quite a while, and I even thought that you might’ve forgotten about me.” 

Ah Mu hurriedly tried to explain himself. 

Lu Yin was amused. “It’s fine; I’m joking. Tell me about what’s happening with the central weaves’ Central Coalition.” 

Ah Mu took a deep breath before sharing everything that he was aware of concerning the military’s circumstances. This even included the secret support that they had received from the western weaves. He also shared all sorts of conjectures. 

Lu Yin listened gravely, as the situation was even worse than what he had imagined. Rather than an allied military of the central weaves, this military was essentially the Central Coalition of all of the powers that were not a part of the Great Eastern Alliance. The main forces naturally consisted of soldiers from the central weaves, but various powers from the west had also sent over quite a few experts. The allied military forces already boasted more than twenty Hunters, and the number of Cruisers and Explorers didn’t need to be mentioned. Even their number of battleships had surpassed 10,000. 

That was 10,000 battleships, which was ten times more than the Great Eastern Alliance’s fleet.

These numbers were not something that the central weaves could possibly mobilize on their own, and it was possible that not even support from the west would be able to provide them with such impressive numbers. Some other powers had to have also secretly provided their own assistance. 

Lu Yin first considered Millions City and the Dark Phoenix family, as one was incredibly wealthy while the other was quite resourceful. Aside from those two forces, there could also be other, unknown organizations supporting this gigantic force. 

Many powers did not dare to openly oppose Lu Yin. Thus, they would instead secretly support the central weaves. 

Lu Yin’s expression became glacial, as he had expected that after growing to a sufficient size, the Great Eastern Alliance would intimidate many organizations. However, he had not expected people to be so fearful of further expansion, and it seemed as though he had acted too blatantly.

No one wished for a ruler to appear above them. The Outerverse’s previous power structure had allowed each group to freely govern themselves, but at this time, they no longer dared to leave the Great Eastern Alliance alone and allow them to expand endlessly, as that would inevitably lead to the Outerverse actually being unified. 

After Ah Mu finished speaking, he nervously waited for Lu Yin’s response. 

Lu Yin remained silent for a long time before asking, “Did you find any hints of support from powers like Shamrock Enterprises, the Mavis Bank, or Aurora Enterprises?” 

“Not yet,” Ah Mu replied. 

Lu Yin frowned, as he had been hoping for a more definitive response. With the Great Eastern Alliance’s current power, if these powers were still ignoring them, then it simply showed that they did not care what the Great Eastern Alliance could possibly achieve. In other words, it meant that those financial powerhouse were still confident in being able to deal with the alliance, which caused Lu Yin to become apprehensive. This was the most troubling news. 

The exposed enemy was not scary, but hidden aces were frightening.

The border war against the Sixth Mainland had pulled out all of the Outerverse’s hidden old freaks, and as a result, Lu Yin had been able to act quite willfully. However, this was still just the Outerverse, and powers like Shamrock Enterprises were based out of the Innerverse. In their eyes, even if the Outerverse united, it still would not pose much of a threat to them. 

Lu Yin suddenly felt quite eager; if he truly managed to unite the Outerverse one day and then used that momentum to move into the Innerverse, then would those powers still be able to remain indifferent? He wanted to see the Daynight clan, the Sword Sect, the Wen family, and other colossal groups look at him then. That would be quite entertaining. However, that was all based on the premise that the Innerverse would survive the Sixth Mainland’s invasion. 

“Seventh Bro?” Ah Mu cautiously spoke up. 

Lu Yin then said, “Gather everything you know about the locations of the central weaves’ Central Coalition’s high-ranking officers and send it to me. The more, the better.”

Ah Mu was puzzled. “Seventh Bro, what are you thinking?”

“That’s none of your business. Just get me the information,” Lu Yin answered sternly.

Ah Mu did not dare to talk back. “Yes, I’ll go and sort this out as quickly as possible.”

The central weaves’ Central Coalition had only just finished gathering together, and the powers behind them had disregarded all costs to expedite their troops’ movements so that they could defend any sudden movements from the Great Eastern Alliance. Even so, Lu Yin would not allow his opponents to remain comfortable. Since they wanted to play, he would play. 

After half a day, Ah Mu passed all the positions of the high-ranking officials to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin passed a great deal of this information over to Aegis, and then as a member of the first level management, he issued an order: kill without mercy.

At the same time, he also passed a few of these contracts over to Mafioso Planet’s bespectacled Mistchild and Thousand Eyes. These were the daggers in the dark that he controlled at this time.

He wanted to tear away the arrogance of the central weaves’ Central Coalition in one fell swoop.

Nobody would have imagined that Lu Yin would make such an overwhelming move right off the bat. 

The bespectacled Mistchild wanted to refuse the contracts, but she lacked the courage to do so. She no longer stood in a position where she could bargain with Lu Yin. Thus, she could only dispatch all of Mafioso Planet’s assassins. 

Thousand Eyes controlled pirates, which were unrelated to assassins. However, Lu Yin did not believe pirates had no ability when it came to assassinations. 

Thousand Eyes was also helpless, and he could only send down the appropriate orders.

The most unwilling participant was Aegis, as there were quite a few officers among the central weaves’ Central Coalition who belonged to organizations that were a part of Aegis’s second level management. It would not be easy to give an answer as to why they had attacked these people. 

Starfox contacted Lu Yin, intending to refuse the contract. 

However, Lu Yin remained very firm, and he even hinted at some vague threats. Starfox was frustrated, and he informed Black Mask of the matter, who also never imagined that Lu Yin would issue such aggressive assassination missions so soon after obtaining his first level management status. This was playing with big stakes. However, Black Mask paid no further attention to the matter. Compared to those second level management members, Lu Yin was definitely more important. Aegis had already gotten on the boat, and there was no logic in jumping ship so quickly. 

Actually, Starfox was mostly worried about possibly receiving retaliation from half of the Outerverse. If Aegis followed through with Lu Yin’s wishes to assassinate these people, they would definitely draw a great deal of anger. 

“We are clear about who are in the central weaves’ Central Coalition, but these people include nearly half of the Outerverse’s powers! The moment we act, our losses will be catastrophic, and we are likely to be annihilated ourselves,” Starfox commented in concern. 

Black Mask’s face remained calm. “This is different from that time tens of thousands of years ago. Back then, we truly had no foundation and were easily surrounded. Others had no hesitation when they dealt with us. However, this time, the moment that those forces hope to surround us, the Hall of Honor will not simply watch on and do nothing.” 

“Will the Hall of Honor really help us?” Starfox was still uncertain of this detail, as he knew too little about the Hall of Honor. In all of Aegis, only Black Mask had some understanding of the Hall of Honor, and that was because he had interacted with them before.

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