Chapter 911: Wang Wen’s Gift

Gong Ling’s words left Lu Yin excited. “Very well. Sect Leader Gong is indeed trustworthy. I will send some people over to the Neo-Vestige Sect to discuss certain details, and I hope that the Neo-Vestige Sect will not make things difficult. I trust that we will be able to live together harmoniously and protect the territory of the Great Eastern Alliance together.” 

After that, Lu Yin immediately ended the call, and he turned to look at En Ya. “I want you to personally go to the Neo-Vestige Sect. Sect Leader Gong has agreed to join the Great Eastern Alliance.” 

En Ya was delighted. “Yes, Your Highness.” 

“Be more unyielding in your behavior—we are no longer what we once were.” Lu Yin suddenly seemed to think of something, and he solemnly told En Ya, “We will also denounce the humiliation that Yu Mu gave you.” 

En Ya grew emotional, and she felt extremely grateful as she bowed deeply. “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

On the other side of the terminated call, at the Neo-Vestige Sect, Gong Ling lowered his gadget and sighed. In the end, they still could not escape, but this was also good. 

“Father, sect leader, are we truly going to join the Great Eastern Alliance?” Gong Chou hesitantly asked. 

Gong Ling nodded. “We cannot go back on a promise.”

“I have a way.” Gong Chou’s eyes lit up. “If Father truly does not wish to join the Great Eastern Alliance, then step down. Besides, you’ve always held thoughts of stepping down, so just pass your position over to someone else. Then, Father’s words naturally will not hold any weight.”

Gong Ling turned around and looked at his son with a serious expression. “Remember, although these methods may work on the Hall of Honor or others, they are useless against Lu Yin. Do you really think that he will allow himself to be pushed around so easily? Back when the Great Eastern Alliance was only first established, he already dared to personally visit our Neo-Vestige Sect and become enemies with your Uncle-Master Bei. Even if he didn’t have the Hall of Honor’s backing, this person cannot be casually provoked. If he becomes offended, then he may be capable of doing anything.” 

Gong Chou could not help himself from speaking up. “During the defense of Endless Weave’s border, our Neo-Vestige Sect accomplished the most, and the Arrow Mountain Elder even sacrificed himself. I don’t believe that Lu Yin would dare to go against us with such achievements. Even if his background was more impressive, even if he was Yuan Shi’s son, the Hall of Honor still would not let him run amok.” 

“And after that?” Gong Ling barked.

Gong Chou opened his mouth, but no words came out.

“Lu Yin is ruthless, and nobody knows what he may do. Although he has his own bottom line, this time, we would indeed be going back on our word. If he focuses on us, then things would be very troublesome in the future. Do you think that the weaves in the central region are enjoying pleasant days? The Wei family’s outcome has become an example for the entire Outerverse. Since we’ve already agreed to join, then we will do so, and we can thus be seen as being trustworthy. Furthermore, it’s not a big deal to join this alliance. The advice of the ancestors can change,” Gong Ling said. 

Gong Chou nodded. He did not hate Lu Yin; he just did not want to defy the teachings of their ancestors. If anything happened in the future, then they would become sinners in the history of the Neo-Vestige Sect. 

And the probability of them encountering problems was quite high. Gong Chou may not quite understand Lu Yin, but he knew that this person managed to stir up trouble quite often, such as during the wedding of Amethyst Exchange’s chairman’s second son, when Lu Yin had completely ruined things. The Amethyst Exchange was still being investigated by the Hall of Honor, and even if they managed to survive, their strength would sharply decline, and they would no longer be one of the four great conglomerates of the Outerverse like before. 

There were too many similar examples. Wherever Lu Yin went, problems seemed to inevitably appear before him. 

After calling the Neo-Vestige Sect, Lu Yin next called Wang Wen. 

Wang Wen had long since expected for Lu Yin to contact him, and there was a sly smile on his face. “Chesspiece Bro, you’re even more capable than I gave you credit for.” 

Lu Yin smiled as he looked at the image of Wang Wen on his screen. “Join me. Let’s play together.” 

“We’ll have to play to our hearts’ content, as we’ll simply be enjoying ourselves. I want to know what you’re planning on focusing next—just the Outerverse?” Wang Wen stared intently at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin took a deep breath as he lazily stretched his arms. “Whatever. We’ll just play however we want. Humans should have targets, but it’s also fine to not have any objectives every once in a while. Wherever I look will become my territory.” 

Wang Wen laughed. “Chesspiece Bro is very ambitious. Do you want to leave your name in history?” 

Lu Yin rearranged his expression and stared at Wang Wen. “I don’t want to leave my name in the history books. Rather, I want history to not even dare to record my name.” 

Wang Wen’s expression changed slightly. “Alright, then let’s cooperate well. From now on, the overall advisor of both the Great Eastern Alliance and the Great Yu Empire will be me, Wang Wen. I will contact En Ya, and I’ll also send you a gift that will make you very happy.” 

They ended their call, and Lu Yin gave En Ya a few more orders.

En Ya was not very willing to accept Wang Wen’s advice, but she could not go against Lu Yin’s orders.

Wang Wen’s efficiency was truly exceptional. That same day, En Ya passed the young man all sorts of information concerning the Great Yu Empire, and he immediately found three moles who had hidden themselves very deeply while also obtaining quite high positions. One of them was in the Lu Office of Defense and had almost been nominated to join the Lu Ministry of Defense. If he had joined the Lu Ministry of Defense, then it would be the same as him stepping into the Great Yu Empire’s upper brass. Wang Wen had only needed to look through the gathered information to find these moles. 

According to Wang Wen, rather than just three moles among their forces, there were actually as many as thirty. There was no need to dig them all out, as it would actually be more useful to keep them around for the time being. He had only dug out the moles who could cause the Great Yu Empire to suffer real losses. 

Wang Wen’s ability was not limited to just that much. Over the course of several days, he amended the alliance’s constitution and adjusted their troop deployment before setting out to establish the new legions. His actions left En Ya watching on dumbfounded. She simply could not imagine how one person who had not even visited the Great Yu Empire could do so much. 

Although Lu Yin was very confident in Wang Wen, he had not expected the young man to be so capable. Wang Wen was able to accomplish so much because he fully understood the matters involved since he had been constantly observing the Great Yu Empire this entire time.

Even if Lu Yin had not sought out Wang Wen of his own accord, Wang Wen would still have found a way to move over. 

Some people were simply not suited to remain nested in just one place for their entire lives. Ironblood Weave had merely been a place for Wang Wen to cultivate, though he had not cultivated his power level, but rather his brain. 

Wang Wen also gave Lu Yin another suggestion: contact Endless Borders. Although the company did not seem very prominent, they had simply grasped too many secret routes. Any one of these routes was invaluable, and more importantly, this group understood the Astral Wilderness very well. 

Humans were often embroiled in internal conflict, but the truth was that the universe was endlessly vast. Nobody knew exactly what was in the Astral Wilderness, and an unknown civilization that was capable of vanquishing the entire human race might appear at any time. 

Wang Wen cared about this detail the most, as the unknown was often the most frightening thing. 

In the darkness of outer space, there was a spacecraft speeding towards the west. It was Lu Yin’s vessel and behind him sat Wang Wen’s gift, which was actually a person named Alan. He had been stationed on Endless Weave’s border in the Dark Phoenix Lavazone. 

Alan was a Melder, and he was just like Lu Yin. He had been taken off of a trial planet by cultivators before stepping foot onto the path of cultivation.

Unfortunately, his luck was a bit worse than Lu Yin’s, as the people who had taken him from his home planet had immediately thrown him to the border warfront. If not for his good luck, he would have died a long time ago. Of course, he also had his own abilities, which was an innate gift that allowed him to hear the strength of those around him. Although it was not of much use at his current power level, it still allowed him to avoid disasters. 

He had been sent to Zenyu Star by the Hall of Honor a few months ago because he had discovered a secret. 

“You can listen to the heartbeats of those around you and determine who’s strong or weak?” Lu Yin asked quietly. 

Alan carefully replied, “Yes.”

Lu Yin looked at him curiously. “How does my heartbeat sound?”

Alan was scared stiff, and he bowed deeply. “Your heartbeat is very rare among those that I’ve heard, and only those almighty powerhouses can compare to you.”

“And compared to the person who brought you away?” Lu Yin was asking about Goldric Phoenix, as he had been the one to bring Alan away from the border.

Alan quickly replied, “You’re much stronger than him.” 

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze. He did not actually care about whether or not Alan was stating the truth because the man’s secret was his most valuable aspect. 

This was Lu Yin’s second trip to Millions City. 

The first difference from his first visit was that, this time, Lu Yin entered without any obstructions. This was the treatment that was reserved only for almighty powerhouses such as Enlighters.  

When he entered Millions City this time, Lu Yin suddenly realized something. Millions City usually required people to have a tattoo on their wrists that differentiated between people’s status based on their wealth. 

This was a very ordinary authentication method, and Lu Yin had assumed that it was done just to facilitate business transactions for those in Millions City. However, after the battle in Millions City, he had realized that those tattoos might not be as simple as he had initially assumed. It was possible that they were like the Skyblaze Dojo’s altar’s mark, where only those who had received a burning seal on the backs of their hands would be brought away when the altar was activated while the rest would be completely ignored. 

The tattoo that the people arriving at Millions City received was likely the same thing. The city likely had a function that allowed it to take away those who had received the tattoo while also allowing the city to track certain people through their tattoos and then carry out a precision attack. 

Millions City itself was a mobile fortress, and everyone who entered received a tattoo, which was the equivalent of having a target above their heads. Whoever moved would die. 

Unless the person was like that corpse king from the Neohuman Alliance who had slipped in, no one would be able to avoid their tracking. 

As he thought about it, Lu Yin raised his wrist and entered Millions City, watching as the tattoo automatically appeared. There was no need for him to receive it a second time. If he ever waged war against Millions City, then even if he was on the distant Zenyu Star, he might be able to be targeted through this tattoo. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and a burning sensation suddenly appeared around his wrist as the skin in that area was quickly cauterized, causing the seal to soon vanish. 

He did not want to be targeted by Millions City. 

When Lu Yin arrived in Millions City this time, he attracted a great deal of attention. His status was very different compared to when he had last visited, as this time, his influence had already spread to the weaves in the central area of the Outerverse, and not even the western weaves dared to look down upon him any longer. 

City Master Qiong Shanhai even personally welcomed Lu Yin.

“Alliance Leader Lu, our Millions City is honored by your presence.” Qiong Shanhai was very cordial. 

Lu Yin smiled. “City Master Qiong is too courteous. I’m just here to see a friend, but I’ve troubled the city master to come out and welcome me. Please forgive me.”

“Haha, Alliance Leader Lu is no ordinary person, and this is something I should do.” Qiong Shanhai smiled as he led Lu Yin along. 

“I wonder, which friend Alliance Leader Lu is visiting? I may be able to lead you there,” Qiong Shanhai asked as he looked over at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin's lips curled upwards. “There’s no hurry. Last time, I left the city master’s home in a rush, so I never was able to enjoy a tour. I wonder, could City Master Qiong welcome me into your home again?” 

Qiong Shanhai’s expression changed, but only for an instance. He quickly smiled once again. “Of course. Xi'er has missed Alliance Leader Lu very much. Please.” 

“Please.” Lu Yin gave a faint smile as he followed Qiong Shanhai.

In a corner of Millions City, within the Wei family’s estate, the atmosphere had become very tense, and everyone looked desperate.

Lu Yin had clearly arrived to take care of their Wei family’s leader, and although they hated it, they were also very afraid. 

At this moment, they merely hoped that Lu Yin would not remember them while also hoping that Millions City would protect them. 

In the Zhu family’s estate, Zhu Jie stared at the sky, while wondering why Lu Yin would come at this time. Zhu Jie was aware that Wei Rong was hiding in the city master’s home. However, would Lu Yin be brazen enough to demand that Wei Rong be turned over to him? If he did, then Qiong Shanhai definitely would not agree for the sake of Millions City’s reputation, and it was even possible that a war might break out. 

“Father, I’ll head over for a look,” Zhu San said.

Zhu Jiehe thought about it and then nodded. “Act the same as you did before.”

“I understand.”

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