Chapter 908: Lu Yin’s Threat

Luo Shen was also chased away by the Zi family. Since she had risen to fame because of the Zi family, this meant that many powerful people would want to take control of her. In other words, she would no longer be able to be a celebrity. 

Lu Yin thought that her fate was quite pitiful, so he brought her back to the Great Yu Empire and offered to let her become a celebrity who was supported by the Great Eastern Alliance. 

Although the Great Eastern Alliance was’t as influential as the Zi family, nobody would dare to mess with the Great Eastern Alliance. In fact, they were actually even more powerful than the Zi family. 

And thus, both Bai Xue and Luo Shen followed Lu Yin back to the Great Yu Empire.

Cai Jianqiang left Skylush Planet as well. He had realized that Lu Yin had been telling the truth the moment Zi Rong had undergone the corpse king Transformation. Thus, he felt apologetic since he had initially been suspicious of Lu Yin. 

Cai Jianqiang was an honest man, so he went to apologize to Lu Yin, which left Lu Yin feeling quite embarrassed. 

As for the Zi family, their future looked bleak. Even if they were able to escape being wiped out due to their connection with Zi Rong, tough times were ahead. 

Lu Yin also considered whether or not he should take this opportunity to deal with the Zi family. They had become his enemies, and as such, they might cause trouble for him in the future. 

“Thank you. I’m sorry for causing trouble for you,” Bai Xue thanked Lu Yin aboard the spacecraft. 

Lu Yin smiled at her. “No worries. I’ve already stirred up so much trouble that this isn’t even worth mentioning. You should thank Zhang Dingtian instead, as the Zi family would still be blackmailing you if not for him.” 

Bai Xue nodded. “I know.” 

Lu Yin was curious about what Bai Xue had experienced ever since they had parted ways. “Who took you away from the Great Yu Empire?’ 

Bai Xue shook her head. “I don’t know.” 

Her answer was the exact same as Zhang Dingtian’s, and it seemed as though nobody from the Hidden Earth Society had told either of them anything at all. This was strange; this mysterious society had helped the two people increase their power and taken them away from the Great Yu Empire, but they had not told the two cultivators anything about Earth itself. Wasn’t the Hidden Earth Society worried that the two people would have no gratitude towards the Hidden Earth Society in the future? 

“You mentioned earlier that you killed Liu Shaoge?” Bai Xue asked quietly.

Lu Yin smiled. “Do you still care about him?” 

Bai Xue’s eyes turned ice cold. “He betrayed the Earth and us. I’ll kill him myself if you haven’t already!” 

“What’s your relationship with him?” Lu Yin asked. 

Bai Xue fell silent.

Lu Yin didn’t press her any further. He intended to head back to the Great Yu Empire, but Bai Xue planned to return to Earth. 

Luo Shen entered the room with some drinks. “Sister Bai Xue, Brother Lu.”

When they turned around, Lu Yin was stunned. Luo Shen was wearing a thin, pale pink dress, and her long blonde hair was freely falling around her face. Her appearance was like a picturesque portrait, and just the sight of her took Lu Yin’s breath away. 

Luo Shen suppressed her nervousness when she saw how enraptured Lu Yin was, and she became slightly smug. “Brother Lu, here’s your drink.” 

Bai Xue looked between Lu Yin and Luo Shen before simply leaving with her drink.

An intoxicating scent had drifted into Lu Yin’s nose, and the girl in front of him seemed to become even more enchanting. 

Luo Shen had always been a beauty, and since she was no longer able to work as a celebrity in the Outerverse, there were many people who greedily wanted to get their hands on her. Despite that, she had placed her entire heart in Lu Yin’s grasp. 

The women who surrounded Lu Yin were all gorgeous, but not one of them had ever attempted to seduce him as blatantly as Luo Shen was currently doing. 

Luo Shen was giving her all to this attempt. She genuinely liked Lu Yin, and ever since he had saved her during the attack on Zenyu Star, she had decided that she wanted to be with him. 

Lu Yin cleared his throat. “I’ll arrange for someone to protect you as soon as we arrive at Zenyu Star. You’ll become an ambassador of the Great Eastern Alliance.” 

Luo Shen agreed. She felt very happy standing next to Lu Yin while he stared at the sky. In her contentment, she did not want to leave as she wanted to relish every moment she had with him. 

The spacecraft soon docked at one of Zenyu Star’s space stations. Lu Yin had already asked Huan Sha to arrange for some people to welcome Luo Shen while Bai Xue continued on towards Earth in another spacecraft. 

Lu Yin himself returned to King Zishan’s palace and used his gadget to call Zhu San.

Lu Yin would have completely forgotten about this person if he hadn’t run into Zhu San on his trip to Skylush Planet. Although Zhu San might seem rather useless, it was nothing more than an act. 

Zhu San was shocked to see that Lu Yin was calling him. “What’s wrong, brother? Do you have any good news to share? I’ll definitely give you a big red envelope at my wedding to Xi’er.” 

“The Neoverse. The Court of Seven Names’ Ce family,” Lu Yin said without any hesitation. 

Zhu San’s face blanched, and his eyes narrowed. “What- what are you talking about?”

Lu Yin smiled. “You don’t have to hide anything anymore. I already know that the Zhu family is a part of the Seven Courts’ Ce family.” 

“Brother, are you ok? What is this Ce family? I’ve never even heard of them before. Whatever, I don’t have time for this.” Zhu San was about to end the call in his panic. 

But then, Lu Yin said, “Fine then. I’ll just go and have a chat with Qiong Shanhai since you don’t want to talk to me.” 

After a moment of hesitation, Zhu San’s tone changed, and he seriously said, “What do you know?” 

Lu Yin grinned. “Guess.”

Zhu San’s expression turned grim. “What do you want?”

“I’m just curious. Are you actually interested in Qiong Xi’er, or are you just trying to gain control of Millions City?” Lu Yin asked. 

Zhu San answered without any hesitation, “I genuinely like her.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I have no reason to lie. You’re right, my family has always hoped to gain control of Millions City, but this matter has nothing to do with the Ce family. Millions City is useless to them, and my family wasn’t placed in Millions City by the Ce family either. We accidentally discovered our Ce family bloodline, and we are nothing more than remnants of the Ce family who were left behind,” Zhu San explained. 

Lu Yin replied, “Got it. Then let’s see whether or not Qiong Shanhai will believe you.”

“What do you want? If you want to gain control of Millions City with our help, then I can tell you that that’s impossible since our ancestor is dead. Although we have a good understanding of Millions City, you should have access to around the same level of information as us. I can tell you whatever you want, and we can also help you with money. However, there’s no way you’ll be able to use us to achieve your goals,” Zhu San said firmly. 

“You’ll tell me everything?” Lu Yin arched his brow.

Zhu San sighed. “As long as I know the answer.”

“Fine. I want to know if Wei Rong is in Millions City,” Lu Yin directly stated. Zhu San could become an important chess piece to Lu Yin, and he hoped to gain leverage on this person in the future and perhaps even gain control of Millions City. However, currently, to Lu Yin, Wei Rong was even more important than the Zhu family, as the Zhu family would not be very useful until the Innerverse reconnected with the Outerverse. 

Actually, they could still be of value to him as their bloodline could allow him to look at that chessboard again, which might allow him to comprehend the Ce Secret Art. However, that would also require Mister Mu’s help. 

“Wei Rong? I don’t know where he is.” 

“Then go and find out.”

Zhu San became angry. “Lu Yin, the Zhu family does not work for you!”

“Then I’ll ask Qiong Shanhai to help out,” Lu Yin responded immediately.

Zhu San was speechless. “You won’t gain any benefits from exposing my Zhu family.”

“But I won’t lose anything either. No, you’re wrong—there is a benefit. I’ll be able to get into Qiong Shanhai’s good books,” Lu Yin said.

Zhu San felt a great deal of pressure. He was aware that Lu Yin was not an easy person to deal with, as Lu Yin was both intelligent and shameless. Thus, Zhu San had always pretended to be lazy and dumb in front of Lu Yin in order to deceive him.  

To that end, Zhu San had even told Zi Rong that Lu Yin was the one who had mentioned that Zi Xue was interested in both men and women. He had wanted Lu Yin to become an enemy of the Zi family while he comfortably watched the drama unfold from the background. 

However, at this moment, Zhu San finally realized how shrewd Lu Yin could be. Lu Yin had long since known that Zhu San was someone from the Ce family, and he had completely scammed him. 

It was even possible that Lu Yin might have been planning this for a long time.

Zhu San was frustrated, but he was also scared. “Fine, I’ll find this out for you. However, you have to stop threatening my Zhu family after that!” 

Lu Yin smirked. “We’ll talk about that in the future, but don’t worry. I won’t stop you from moving.” 

Zhu San rolled his eyes and hung up. Move? That was impossible. Zhu San was certain that he would not be able to escape from Lu Yin no matter where he fled. Additionally, he swore that he would never invite Lu Yin to his wedding with Qiong Xi’er.  

Although the Qiong family was the family that controlled Millions City, the Zhu family also enjoyed a significant influence within Millions City. They had even learned about the underground control room, let alone having eyes in the city master’s own home. 

Zhu San soon called Lu Yin back and told him that Wei Rong was hiding in the city master’s estate. 

Lu Yin had already guessed as much, as the remnants of the Wei family had been hiding in Millions City for a long time. They had not made contact with anyone else, all in order to trick people into believing that Wei Rong had already left Millions City whereas, in reality, he was actually hiding close by. 

“Brother Zhu, help me with one more thing,” Lu Yin said in an apologetic voice.

Zhu San retorted, “Lu Yin, I’ve already told you that you can’t boss us around!”

“Are your ears ok? I’m asking for your help,” Lu Yin replied.

“Is there even a difference?” Zhu San roared angrily.

After a pause, Zhu San gritted his teeth. “What do you want?”

“Recently someone leaked out some information concerning East San Dios, and I want you to let slip that Wei Rong was the one who did that. He did it in order to manipulate the Arbiter into dealing with me. In other words, he tried to use Arbiter Lan Si,” Lu Yin stated.

Zhu San frowned. “How would this even be useful to you? Lan Si isn’t stupid, he’ll definitely know that you’re just trying to stir up trouble between him and Wei Rong.” 

“I didn’t ask you to tell Lan Si. There’s a person by the name of Tie San who is very impulsive and who completely idolizes Lan Si. What do you think he’ll do if he finds out that someone in the Outerverse dared to use Lan Si?” Lu Yin asked with a smile. 

Zhu San took a deep breath. Although Lan Si wouldn’t be deceived, this Tie San might actually believe such rumors. Nobody could slander the Ten Arbiters, and most people in the Outerverse didn’t even know what the Divine Fist’s true name was. Since the people from the Innerverse instinctively looked down upon the people from the Outerverse, as soon as Lan Si’s supporters heard that someone from the Outerverse had the guts to try to trick them, they would definitely move out to deal with Wei Rong as such a thing was a grave insult to them. 

“I want you to exaggerate Wei Rong’s intelligence and make him sound like an absolute genius. I also want you to broadcast the results of the battle at East San Dios. You can even say that Wei Rong successfully took advantage of the Divine Fist to get revenge on me,” Lu Yin continued explaining. Although Lan Si’s true goal was to become an Honored Chosen, the main point of this rumor was to say that an Arbiter had been used as a tool by someone from the Outerverse. This would become a matter of pride.

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