Chapter 907: Zi Rong’s Death

“He’s also from Earth, and he volunteered to help you,” Lu Yin explained.

Bai Xue’s eyes turned red, and tears trickled down her cheeks.

Zi Rong’s heart sank, and he instantly moved to attack Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s expression turned cold. He waved his left hand, and a terrifying shockwave forced Zi Rong to retreat.

“Everyone, she will now tell you who she actually is,” Lu Yin shouted.

Zi Rong grew desperate. “Xue’er, come here! Don’t listen to him.”

Everyone looked at Bai Xue. By now, it was easy to tell that something was wrong. Lu Yin was not some idiot, and he would not do such things without a valid reason.

Bai Xue opened her eyes, and her expression changed. She looked furious. “Zi Rong, you saved my life, but you also used the lives of the people from my hometown to force me to change my name, cultivate as you wished, and to marry you! Today, I, Bai Xue, want to tell you that I have already paid off my debt to you and that I will have nothing to do with you from now on!” 

Zi Rong was stunned. 

Everyone was shocked, and they all looked at Zi Rong in disgust. They had never expected him to do something so despicable. 

Zi Tianchuan was astonished as well, as he truly had not known about what had been going on beneath the surface. 

Zi Xianxian also turned to look at her brother in disbelief, as she couldn’t believe that her elder brother would be someone who would do such things. 

The Zi family had always maintained a good reputation, as they were the largest retailer in the Outerverse who also dealt in intelligence. However, they were also known to be very principled and upstanding, as they did not reveal secret intelligence to the public. Thus, most major forces in the Outerverse remained on good terms with them. 

Moreover, Zi Rong was the most respected of the chairman’s three children. He was friendly, talented, and had also been a representative of West San Dios. He was a Hunter, but he was capable of threatening Enlighters, and although he didn’t participate in Amethyst Exchange’s business, many people still considered him as an emerging talent from the Zi family. 

However, nobody expected that he would actually do something so despicable.

“That’s ridiculous! My elder brother would never do such a thing!” Zi Xianxian was enraged, and she glared fiercely at Lu Yin. “Did you force Sister Zi Xue to say such a thing? Lu Yin, you’re trying to ruin our Zi family, right?” 

Zi Tianchuan glared at Lu Yin, completely furious.    

A lot of other people were also suspicious of Lu Yin, as he had never hidden his ambitions, and it would not be strange for him to covet the Zi family.

Lu Yin laughed. “How could I possibly take control of the Zi family by becoming enemies with them? I’m not that stupid.” 

Zi Tianchuan looked at Bai Xue. “Xue’er, you know how well I’ve treated you. Don’t be tricked by Lu Yin! The Zi family has always treated you well.” 

Bai Xue responded to Zi Tianchuan in an apologetic tone. “I’m sorry, godfather, and I don’t want to hurt the Zi family. You saved my life, and although I have paid off my debt to Zi Rong, I am still in debt to the Zi family.” 

“How are you going to repay them? You will still belong to the Zi family even if you’re dead!” Zi Rong bellowed. “Cultivators from my Zi family, attack them.”

Lu Yin put on his universal armor and gathered his star energy over his right palm while turning to face the cultivators from the Zi family. “One sun.”

The sun exploded, but Mr. Tradeo shielded Zi Tianchuan and the others from its force.

Meanwhile, Zi Rong swung his sword at Lu Yin, but Lu Yin casually waved his hand and used the Yu Secret Art to redirect the attack. Zi Rong wasn’t able to overpower the Yu Secret Art, and as such, Lu Yin kicked the Hunter down to the ground. 

Nobody could tell who had been telling the truth as Zi Rong and Lu Yin battled. Thus, they all chose to watch the battle while remaining on the fence; it was possible that Lu Yin had tricked Bai Xue in order to take control of the Zi family, but it was also possible that Zi Rong had truly done everything that he had been accused of. 

Cai Jianqiang didn’t interfere in the battle either. He could not believe that Zi Rong would be such a despicable person, but he also believed that Lu Yin would not casually create this sort of trouble for the Zi family out of nowhere. Even if Lu Yin wanted to deal with the Zi family, he definitely would have chosen a better time, such as the actual day of the wedding. If he had done so, then his actions would have absolutely infuriated the Zi family. Overall, this did not match Lu Yin’s modus operandi. 

Moreover, Cai Jianqiang had a feeling in his heart that he did not want to become enemies with Lu Yin as he continuously felt like he owed Lu Yin for something.

“Don’t bother protecting me. Go deal with Lu Yin!” Zi Tianchuan ordered Mr. Tradeo.

Mr. Tradeo gritted his teeth and leaped towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin put on his wrist guard and punched at Mr. Tradeo. A strength that was twice his physical power burst forth, and a terrifying force swept through the area.

Even Zax Phoenix had been defeated by this punch from Lu Yin in the past, which meant that there was no way Mr. Tradeo could hope to withstand such a massive attack in any way. As a result, he was blown away by the attack. 

The shockwave travelled through the sky and even destroyed several spacecraft.

Skylush Planet itself trembled. 

Lu Yin’s punch stunned everyone, and nobody dared to attack him again.

Zi Tianchuan clenched his fists and fell deep into thought.

Zi Rong walked forward, but he seemed weird. It was as though he was repressing something.

His eyes locked onto Lu Yin’s, and the moment he looked at Bai Xue in Lu Yin’s arms, an indescribable rage overcame the Hunter. He roared savagely, and his eyes suddenly turned dead. His irises had gone grey, and he underwent a corpse king Transformation. 

An intense chill swept over Skylush Planet, and everyone felt their scalp go cold. Something terrifying had suddenly appeared. 

Zi Tianchuan and all the other people from the Zi family stared at Zi Rong in disbelief. He had just undergone a corpse king Transformation! Although most people in the Outerverse didn’t know what a corpse king Transformation even was, there were quite a few high ranking people among the Zi family’s guests who instantly realized what was happening. 

“That’s a battle technique from the Neohuman Alliance—it’s a corpse king Transformation! The second young master of the Zi family is a part of the Neohuman Alliance!”

“It’s a corpse king! He’s an enemy of the human race.”

“The Zi family is done for.”

Countless screams rang out, and most of the crowd was stunned.

Lu Yin was similarly shocked, as he hadn’t expected Zi Rong to actually undergo a corpse king Transformation. This was a battle technique that was exclusive to corpse kings, but Zi Rong was a human being, so just how was he able to use this battle technique?  

“Elder brother,” Zi Xianxian covered her mouth as her face turned pale.

Zi Fang, who had initially been happily watching the show, nearly collapsed upon seeing this. Anyone who was related to the Neohuman Alliance would implicate their entire family, as the Neohuman Alliance was humanity’s public enemy. The Zi family had suddenly been plunged deep into trouble, and the Hall of Honor would not let a single one of them off. 

Cai Jianqiang was shocked; how had Zi Rong become like this? 

Zi Rong had gone completely crazy; at this moment, the only thing that he cared about was Bai Xue. Right now, nobody could stop him from getting to her. He had patiently waited for this day for many years, ever since he had realized that spiritual force could be incorporated into Bai Xue’s innate gift. He had then done his best to find as many sources of spiritual force for Bai Xue to absorb and forced her to cultivate. His goal this entire time had been to absorb the spiritual force so that he could overcome the Neohuman Alliance’s control. That was why he absolutely had to take Bai Xue back. 

Zi Rong shot towards Bai Xue with a bang. His entire body had been changed, as the corpse king Transformation was able to increase his physical strength tenfold, which meant that, at this moment, he was even stronger than Mr. Tradeo. 

Lu Yin fled while carrying Bai Xue as Cai Jianqiang moved in front to attack Zi Rong.

Ripples from their clash soared into the sky as both men stepped back.

“Zi Rong, wake up!” Cai Jianqiang roared. He didn’t have many friends, but Zi Rong was one of them. He couldn’t bear to fight against Zi Rong, and intense sorrow surged through his heart. 

Zi Rong screamed, “Go… away! Bai Xue… is… mine!”

He could no longer even speak clearly after undergoing the corpse king Transformation. He shot forward once again and attacked in a crazed manner. 

Cai Jianqiang sighed and blocked Zi Rong’s path. He remained in place no matter how fiercely Zi Rong attacked. 

Lu Yin’s brows rose. Cai Jianqiang had improved tremendously in just a short period of time. 

The Zi family stood rooted in place out of confusion, and none of them knew what to do. 

Zi Tianchuan stared at the battle in the sky and gritted his teeth. “Zi Rong has joined the Neohuman Alliance and betrayed the Zi family as well as all of humanity. He has sinned, and I order everyone from the Zi family to capture him! Kill him if he resists!” 

Zi Xianxian was shocked, and she grabbed at Zi Tianchuan’s arm. “Father, no! There has to be some kind of misunderstanding!” 

Zi Tianchuan was also reluctant to give such an order, but this was the only way to protect his family. He pushed Zi Xianxian away. “Capture him.” 

The cultivators from the Zi family all moved to attack Zi Rong.

Zi Rong bellowed and slaughtered a large number of cultivators from the Zi family. Mr. Tradeo reluctantly moved to cooperate with Cai Jianqiang, and they finally managed to overpower Zi Rong. However, the corpse king just stood up again.

His physical strength had increased tenfold, and with the perseverance that he had honed from training his Battalion Slash, he would not admit defeat unless he was dead. 

Right when Cai Jianqiang and Mr. Tradeo were about to attack again, Zi Rong suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood as his whole body started convulsing. His face twisted, and his heart suddenly shattered as he let out a wail. His eyes then returned to normal, and his body slowly fell to the ground. 

The entire region fell silent. 

Lu Yin stared at Zi Rong in understanding. The man was truly dead, as his rune lines had disappeared. He had been very strong, but his heart had not been able to withstand the transformation. It truly wasn’t possible for human beings to undergo a corpse king Transformation. 

Bai Xue felt aggrieved, as Zi Rong had truly cared for her, and he had even saved her in the past. Such a connection between the two of them could not be easily forgotten. 

Zi Xianxian mourned. “Brother.” 

Zi Fang closed his eyes. Despite the brothers’ icy relationship, Zi Rong had still been Zi Fang’s brother, and he was sad to see his brother die. 

Zi Tianchuan trembled with his clenched fists. He looked up in the sky at Lu Yin, and his expression turned frigid. 

Lu Yin met Zi Tianchuan’s gaze and frowned. He had become enemies with the Zi family on this day. Although he had been able to anticipate that Aegis would become his enemy, he had actually become the master of Aegis. In the end, he had become enemies with the Zi family instead. Life was truly full of surprises, and he didn’t know what to expect from the future. 

The wedding plans ended with Zi Rong’s death, and the Hall of Honor launched a full investigation. The entire Zi family faced the penalty of death if this matter was not handled properly, and they risked being exterminated completely, just like Darkstar Gorge. 

Lu Yin was chased away by Zi Tianchuan, and Zi Xianxian looked at him as though he was her mortal enemy. 

Lu Yin didn’t regret any of his actions. He had to save Bai Xue, and all this was in line with his principles. 

Everyone else was politely seen off by the members of the Zi family, and Skylush Planet was locked down.

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