Chapter 906: Eliminating The Threat

In another place, Lu Yin looked in the direction of the Zi family’s ancestral home and started slowly walking there. 

Zi Rong and Luo Shen suddenly appeared outside the residence.

Luo Shen was almost unable to catch her balance.

Zi Rong’s expression was downcast as he stared at her. “So, what exactly do you know?”

Luo Shen’s face was pale, and she was clearly frightened. “You- you want to absorb Sister Bai Xue’s innate gift.”

“Her name is Zi Xue!” Zi Rong barked. His expression had become rather malevolent, and it was completely different from his normal demeanor. 

Luo Shen was frightened by this change, and she took several steps back until she bumped into a wall. With nowhere to go, she looked at Zi Rong in terror.

Zi Rong exhaled deeply. His eyes were filled with killing intent. “How do you know?”

Luo Shen trembled, and she lowered her head, not daring to say a thing.

“Tell me!” Zi Rong ordered. 

Luo Shen’s eyes flushed red. “It- it was one of the times when you were out of sorts. You said it yourself.” 

Zi Rong’s pupils shrank, and he seemed to be unable to accept his own mental instability. He moved forward several steps and stared closely at Luo Shen. “Who did you tell?”

Luo Shen shook her head. “Nobody.”

Zi Rong’s expression grew sharp as he stared at her. “Really? You didn’t say anything to anyone?”

Luo Shen hurriedly shook her head.

“Why are you telling me this now?” Zi Rong was puzzled.

She looked at him with a pleading expression. “Please, release Sister Bai- no, Zi Xue! She has always treated me well, and she even saved my life. I don’t want her to die because of you.”

Zi Rong’s voice sounded sad. “I like Zi Xue. I won’t hurt her.” 

“To a woman, losing her looks is something that’s even more terrifying than death. When you absorb Sister Zi Xue’s innate gift, she won’t be able to cultivate anymore and will become nothing more than a commoner. Then, she’ll grow old in just a couple of years. Will you still be able to love her the same then?” Luo Shen shouted. 

“I can!” Zi Rong shouted back. He pressed a hand against the wall, and a deep killing intent emerged from the depths of his eyes. Luo Shen had discovered his greatest secret, which meant that this woman could not be allowed to live any longer. As for the Amethyst Goddess, the Zi family would be able to nurture many more. 

Luo Shen also sensed the danger to her life, and she looked at Zi Rong in despair. “Please, treat her better.” 

Zi Rong’s eyes had gone berserk, and his expression showed he was struggling with an internal dilemma that had actually frozen his entire being. Luo Shen had exposed his greatest secret, and this made him turn into someone else entirely. 

Finally, his rationality won out, and Zi Rong slowly moved again. “Rest assured, I won’t harm Zi Xue. However, you can no longer live.”

Luo Shen closed her eyes, and at that moment, she only thought of Lu Yin.

As Zi Rong swatted at her forehead, the void in the entire area solidified, and a domain swept across before transforming into a towering tree with spread out branches that shot forward to wrap themselves around Zi Rong. 

Zi Rong’s expression changed drastically, and he pulled out his longsword to attack. A sword light sliced through the domain and separated the sky, drawing a great deal of attention.

Lu Yin took this opportunity to appear next to Luo Shen. He pulled her into his embrace and retreated a thousand meters. 

Zi Rong’s eyes went wide. “Lu Yin, it’s you again!”

Lu Yin’s face showed that he was upset. “Bai Xue is my friend. I don’t know what methods you’ve used to control her, but I’m taking her away with me today, and you can’t stop me!”

Zi Rong roared and slashed out with his sword. Just this one attack was enough to make Enlighters wary. It was his Battalion Slash. In the past, Lu Yin had once received this attack head on, though it had been very difficult for him to do so without using his secret technique. At this moment, as the attack descended upon Lu Yin, his right arm remained wrapped around Luo Shen while he raised his left to unleash Seventy Stacks, which burst forth to meet the sword light. The Overlaying Stacks Path collided against the heavy slash, and Lu Yin’s counter attack shattered the attack with a bang. 

The overwhelming force of the explosion rippled through the sky and into the void, which slowly cracked open. 

Countless people on Skylush Planet were terrified by the tremors. 

As the aftershocks spread out, it soon swept over the Zi family’s ancestral home.

Many of the Zi family’s cultivators charged out and surrounded the two men. Among them were Mr. Tradeo, who appeared instantly, Cai Jianqiang, and Starfox. They were all guests who had been staying inside, and they had noticed the exchange take place almost as soon as the battle broke out. 

Zi Rong’s pupils shrank, as he had not expected his Battalion Slash to be dealt with so easily. How long had it been since that time when he had exchanged blows with Lu Yin in the Great Yu Empire? It had only been two years! Lu Yin’s rate of improvement was far too fast, and Zin Rong was no longer even close to a match for the youth. 

Lu Yin flicked his hand. He had even experienced the terror of going against an Imprinter whose power level had been suppressed to under 200,000, and there was no need to mention Zi Rong. At this point in time, Lu Yin’s personal strength had reached a level where he could go up against an average Enlighter, especially since Truesight allowed him to weaken anyone’s strength. 

“What are you two doing?” Cai Jianqiang shouted.

Zi Rong lifted his head. “Lu Yin wants to snatch away Zi Xue, who’s a member of the Zi family. He must be killed! There’s no other choice!”

The people around were shocked, as the Zi family was about to declare war against the Great Eastern Alliance.

Starfox was rendered speechless, as Lu Yin really was able to stir up trouble wherever he went.

Cai Jianqiang frowned and looked over at Lu Yin.

No matter what was going through anyone else’s mind, Zi Rong gave out some orders, and many cultivators from the Zi family attacked Lu Yin as one, even including three Hunters. 

Lu Yin surveyed his surroundings as his gaze trembled. He then stomped on the ground with his right foot as his eight lined battle force erupted. He then punched the air with an attack imbued with the Overlaying Stacks Path, causing visible ripples to appear in the sky. Even the three Hunters were forced back let alone the weaker cultivators. 

The ground was shredded apart in multiple layers, and the endless ripples spread out, caused by powerful fluctuations that extended through the void as the space in the nearby area split open. Lu Yin looked like a god of war at this moment. He simply waved a hand, and although Zi Rong tried to use his sword to block it, he was still blown back.

Cai Jianqiang felt helpless, and he blocked the attack in front of Zi Rong as he turned to look at Lu Yin. “Brother Lu, no matter what you believe, Zi Rong’s marriage is not being forced. Doing this is too much.” 

Lu Yin did not bother explaining, and he simply grabbed a hold of Luo Shen as he vanished with a flash. 

Zi Rong’s expression changed. “Not good. Go! Rescue Zi Xue!”

Mr. Tradeo hesitated, but then he chased after Lu Yin.

Cai Jianqiang frowned. He could not understand what sort of madness had possessed Lu Yin. When the three of them had drunk together in the past, the atmosphere between them had been pretty good. Why had the situation devolved to this point?


There was a beautiful azure planet that lay in Frostwave Weave. It was known as Earth.

There was a mountain on Earth known as Changbai Mountain.

During the time of Earth’s apocalypse, countless zombies had roamed the land, kickstarting the planet’s era of cultivation. The Seven Sages had emerged from China, and Bai Xue had been known as the Sage of Aqua, one of the Three Highsages. She had overseen Changbai Mountain, and the Blue Camp had been made up of her subordinates. 

After Bai Xue left, Changbai Mountain had not abolished their former system, and the Blue Camp continued to exist. Aside from Zhao Yu, who had been selected to cultivate at Zenyu Star’s Yu Academy, the other woman remained waiting on the mountain for Bai Xue, as she had saved them in the past. 

Zhang Dingtian stood high in the sky and looked down at the familiar scene. He had not visited Changbai Mountain in a long time. 

He surveyed the surroundings, and his expression grew sharp when he looked at a cave on the side of Changbai Mountain. It was very close to the Blue Camp, but it was usually empty. Nobody would have expected a Cruiser-level expert to be staying there. 

Based on Earth’s standards, a Cruiser was an absolute powerhouse. In the past, the Great Yu Empire’s Thirteen Imperial Squadron Captains had mostly been composed of Cruisers.

This person was from the Zi family, and they had been ordered by Zi Rong to keep an eye on the Blue Camp. The moment Bai Xue exposed anything about Zi Rong, this Cruiser would move to eliminate the Blue Camp. 

The Great Yu Empire had some experts stationed on Earth, but none of them were worthy of this Cruiser’s attention. It would take him less than a moment to turn the Blue Camp to dust, and this was precisely why Bai Xue did not dare to say anything. She was constantly being monitored. There were countless people in the Blue Camp who worshipped her, and those who had been closest to her were also being constantly monitored. Even her relatives were in the Blue Camp. 

Zi Rong’s conditions had not been overboard, as he solely wanted to absorb the spiritual force carried within Bai Xue’s innate gift of blue glacier, which would cause her to become a commoner once again. Bai Xue was willing to give up her cultivation in exchange for these people to be left in peace. 

She had not been able to say a single word to Lu Yin, as annihilating the Blue Camp would truly take the Zi family but a moment. 

But since Bai Xue was unable to speak, Lu Yin did so in her stead. The moment Zhang Dingtian appeared above Changbai Mountain, the Zi family cultivator felt that something was off, but at that same moment, Zhang Dingtian’s blade sliced down, and the Zi family cultivator realized that he had been exposed.


On Skylush Planet, Lu Yin quickly appeared inside of Bai Xue’s room, and he grabbed a hold of her despite her astonished expression. The next moment, the ceiling collapsed, and Zi Rong appeared, looking like a furious lion. He pointed his sword at Lu Yin in a menacing manner. “Release my fiancée.” 

The crowd surrounding them all watched the commotion take place.

Cai Jianqiang also shouted out, “Brother Lu, don’t go too far!”

Zi Tianchuan suddenly appeared. “Lu Yin, don’t think that you can act as you wish in the Outerverse! My Zi family will not be pushed around.” 

Zi Xianxian, Zi Fang, and the others quickly appeared as well.

The Zi family had invited many guests from all across the entire Outerverse to this wedding, and each one of them had an impressive background. Thus, the events of this day would quickly spread across the Outerverse. As a result, Zi Tianchuan’s irritation towards Lu Yin had already turned into hatred, and Zi Rong’s emotions were even more unrestrained. 

Zi Xianxian facepalmed. What should have happened had still happened. She knew that things would not turn out well this time. 

“Lu Yin, release me,” Bai Xue said softly, but also urgently.

Lu Yin set Luo Shen down in a distant place, and nobody caused her any trouble.

“I already know the whole deal. I don’t believe that you don’t know the repercussions of what will happen if Zi Rong absorbs the spiritual force from your innate gift of blue glacier. Why did you agree?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Xue’s eyes flickered. “I don't know what you’re talking about.”

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards. “I’m someone who protects my own. You’re from Earth, and so am I. Even if this relationship is set aside, you’re someone from the Great Yu Empire, and therefore, you are under me. There’s nobody who can bully you.”

“Lu Yin, I’m not this Bai Xue you mention. I’m called Zi Xue,” Bai Xue rebuffed quietly.

There were Zi family cultivators all around them, and there were even more people coming. Lu Yin could not escape, but he also did not even consider such a thing. In the entire Outerverse, only Yuan Shi could present any sort of threat to Lu Yin. No, there was actually still Mister Mu. Perhaps even Yuan Shi might actually not be able to do anything at all to Lu Yin, which meant that he could do as he pleased. 

“Lu Yin, release Zi Xue!” Zi Tianchuan was enraged. 

Veins were now bulging from Zi Rong’s hands due to how tightly he was gripping the hilt of his sword. 

“Seventh Bro, this is the second time you’ve kidnapped a bride!” the Ghost Monkey commented.

Lu Yin looked at Zi Rong. “What did you use to control her so that she won’t even dare to speak the truth?” 

Zi Rong’s eyes looked sinister. “I don't know what you’re talking about. Zi Xue and I truly love each other, and our wedding is in just two days! Release my fiancée, or else I’ll report this matter to the Hall of Honor. My Zi family will not let you off, and don’t think that you can just brush away the truth of this matter!” 

“Lu Yin, my Zi family has held power in the Outerverse for many years, and we will not be pushed around. Release Xue’er!” Zi Tianchuan barked. 

At this same time, Lu Yin’s gadget beeped, and he looked at it. He then smiled. He showed the screen, and it showed Changbai Mountain on Earth.

Everyone saw the mountain. 

Zi Rong’s expression changed tremendously.

There was a person lying atop Changbai Mountain, and his entire body was covered with blood due to the deep chest wound that had nearly severed him in two.

“The threat is gone,” Lu Yin spoke quietly as he looked at Bai Xue.

Bai Xue blankly stared at the screen, as next to the bloodstained figure was another, familiar person: Zhang Dingtian.

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