Chapter 905: Accomplishment And Transcending

At this moment, Zi Rong fiercely slammed the door open and stared angrily at Lu Yin. “Alliance Leader Lu, you’ve overstepped boundaries.” 

Lu Yin turned around and looked at Zi Rong. “I’m sorry. We’re from the same hometown, so I truly only came here to visit.” 

A long blade appeared in Zi Rong’s hands and he pointed it straight at Lu Yin. “You’re insulting my reputation and also my Zi family’s.” 

Behind him, Zi Xianxian and Zi Fang also arrived, and the void warped a bit as Mr. Tradeo also showed himself. Every single one of them was glaring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s behavior was no different than cuckolding Zi Rong, and this matter had enraged the entire Zi family. 

Zi Tianchuan also appeared, and he looked at Lu Yin with cold eyes. “Alliance Leader Lu, although you control the Great Eastern Alliance and have the support of the Hall of Honor, you still cannot humiliate my Zi family like this! Our Zi family has not done anything to offend you.” 

Lu Yin calmly answered, “This is my fault. Brother Zi Rong can release his full rage upon me, and I won’t retaliate.” 

Zi Rong’s eyes went wide as he tightly clenched the hilt of his sword.

Zi Tianchuan set a hand on Zi Rong’s shoulder and stared at Lu Yin. He then said in an unkind tone, “Alliance Leader Lu, please leave our ancestral home. You are not welcome here. On the day of the wedding, you may attend—Alliance Leader Lu may be present, but you’ll have to forgive my Zi family for no longer treating you well.” 

Lu Yin nodded before his figure flashed as he vanished by tearing through the void.

Zi Rong hurriedly ran from where he was standing over to Zi Xue and asked how she was doing with concern. 

Zi Tianchuan softly warned everyone, “No one is to speak of this matter.”

He pointedly stared at Zi Fang. “Especially you.”

Zi Fang hurriedly acknowledged the orders.

Zi Xianxian had an unbearably bitter expression. “I’m going to go find him and ask him about this.”

“Stay where you are. What’s your status and what’s his status? How are you qualified to question him?” Zi Tianchuan barked. He was in a rotten mood.

“Don’t cause any trouble,” he ordered as he left. 

Mr. Tradeo remained standing in place, muttering to himself. It seemed as though he had thought of something or perhaps not. Everything about him seemed rather empty. 

He was an Enlighter, and although he was not very powerful within his realm, he was the most respected person in the Zi family because he had once studied at the Starsibyl Sect.  

Although this man could not divine matters like Starsibyl, he had still learned some basic knowledge that allowed him to observe the situation and get a feeling for how things would turn out. He was only able to sense things within a limited scope; for example, he had a bad premonition at this moment. 

“Mr. Tradeo, what's the matter?” Zi Rong had been busy consoling Zi Xue, but he now turned to look at Mr. Tradeo with a strange expression, as the Enlighter was the only one who had stayed behind in the room. 

Mr. Tradeo was taken aback. “Oh, nothing’s the matter.”

He then left. 

Mr. Tradeo had a feeling that this wedding would not proceed smoothly, but he did not mention this matter to anyone. When he had first seen Lu Yin, Mr. Tradeo had received a very strange feeling. All he knew was that he could not offend this person, absolutely not. 

Who wrote history? Time had not been created by man, and nobody could know whether time was a part of the environment or some strange cosmic phenomenon. However, some people were able to use certain methods to transcend the river of time and glimpse or feel certain things in the future. These methods were called—divination. It was mysterious and incomprehensible, but it indeed existed. 

The passage of history was made up by time. The path of this timeline was fixed, and it would proceed along this path for 100, 1,000, 10,000, or even 100,000 years. If the timeline was viewed as a solid line, then certain individuals were able to walk along this solid line and look into the future. 

Perhaps, deep in the universe, there was an existence that could touch time. And those who knew of such existences were those who could perform divination. 

However, seeing more was not necessarily always a good thing. Mr. Tradeo was frightened by his premonitions, and he was now unwilling to offend Lu Yin no matter what. 

At the same time, Lu Yin was feeling quite depressed. He had repeatedly risked offending the Zi family in order to speak with Bai Xue, as he had hoped to be able to save her. Unfortunately, despite everything, the woman refused to speak. Not only had Lu Yin accomplished nothing, but he had also offended the Zi family in the process. 

If not for the fact that they were both from Earth, Lu Yin really felt no desire to ever try helping this woman again. 

Now that the wedding was imminent, Lu Yin could barely bring himself to even care anymore. Everyone had their own path, and just as he had said, he had already done what he could. 

At that moment, his gadget beeped with a notification, and Lu Yin looked down. The message caused his expression to change slightly, and he checked his surroundings before suddenly vanishing.

Soon after, Lu Yin appeared atop a wooden bridge spanning a thin river. Joining him on the bridge was Luo Shen, whose white clothes were fluttering in the breeze. Her golden hair hung to her waist, showing off her supple and beautiful body. Even though she had a noble aura that seemed to seep from her bones, she also had a peaceful and accepting expression. She looked like the girl next door, but her golden hair also seemed to belong to a lofty empress. The conflicting auras made those who saw her have a very strange feeling. 

“Were you looking for me?” Lu Yin asked. 

Luo Shen turned to look at Lu Yin, and obvious delight flashed through the depths of her eyes. “Ah, Brother Lu, please save Sister Bai Xue.” 

Lu Yin shook his head. “I’ve already done my best. If she doesn’t say anything, then how am I supposed to save her?” 

Luo Shen’s restless fingers fiddled with her hair, and she looked as though she was hesitating about whether to say something. 

Lu Yin walked over next to the young woman and looked down at the flowing river water. It was so clear that he could see the riverbed as well as the fish swimming through the water. The entire scene was very peaceful. 

There was also an older person off in the distance, fishing.

This was Skylush Planet, and those who could stay here had either been born to privilege or had moved here later on in life after gaining privilege. 

Although Skylush Planet was not as safe as Millions City, it was still one of the safest places in the Outerverse. The people who lived here were all very content and did not lack wealth.

Anything on this planet could be sold at extravagant prices. 

Compared to any other place in the universe, everything on the Skylush Planet could be considered a local specialty, even if it was just a fish.

Coincidentally, a fish leaped up into the air and spat a stream of water at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin smiled, reached out to grab it, and gave it to the fisherman.

The old man expressed his thanks. 

“Brother Lu, I don’t know why Sister Bai Xue isn’t telling you anything. I know that she’s facing a problem, but perhaps it’s because she doesn’t even really know what the problem is,” Luo Shen said in a soft tone but firm gaze. It looked as though she had finally decided to speak up. 

Lu Yin grew curious. “Explain.” 

"Zi Rong likes Sister Bai Xue, and that much is true. However, there’s one more detail: he wants to absorb Sister Bai Xue’s innate gift.”

Lu Yin furrowed his brow. “Absorb her innate gift? What do you mean?”

An innate gift was something that belonged to an individual. Aside from the Lingling Clan, Lu Yin had never heard of anyone else being able to absorb someone else’s innate gift. Even his die’s Gift Copy could only borrow someone else’s innate gift.

Luo Shen’s face went pale. “Actually he doesn’t really want to absorb her innate gift. Sister Bai Xue’s innate gift is the gift of blue glacier even though it looks like the gift of frost. Her blue glacier has a mythical characteristic: it can contain other people’s person’s spiritual force. Through an unknown method, Brother Zi Rong has managed to place quite a few people’s spiritual force into Sister Bai Xue’s innate gift. Although this seems to be helping her, the truth is that he actually wants to use her innate gift to accomplish his own goals.” 

Lu Yin was astonished. “How do you know all this?”

Luo Shen softly answered, “Brother Zi Rong sometimes seems to act strangely out of character, and I accidentally overheard it.” 

“Does Bai Xue know about this herself?”

“I don't know. Perhaps, but perhaps not. Brother Zi Rong hasn’t told her this, and so far, he’s only helped her improve her power and use her innate gift of blue glacier to absorb spiritual force.”

Lu Yin watched the river flow by. He seemed to be thinking about something. 

“Brother Lu, Sister Bai Xue has treated me very well. Actually, the name ‘Luo Shen’ that I use was given to me by her. She has also protected me many different times, and I don’t want her to be tormented by Brother Zi Rong,” Luo Shen pleaded. 

Lu Yin replied, “Even if Zi Rong absorbs her innate gift, that does not mean torture. Didn’t you say that Zi Rong likes her?”

She hurriedly shook her head. “Once her innate gift is absorbed, Sister Bai Xue will no longer be able to cultivate for the rest of her life. That’s what Brother Zi Rong mutters to himself when he’s out of sorts. He’s also in agony over this, but he keeps saying that he has to do this to transcend. I don’t want Sister Bai Xue to become a commoner for the rest of her life. I don’t want her to experience the fate of growing old as a commoner and dying. She is very pretty right now, so of course Brother Zi Rong likes her. However, once she becomes a commoner, she’ll rapidly age in just a few decades, and why would he continue to treat her nicely at that time? To a woman, looks are everything. Brother Lu, please save her.” 

Lu Yin frowned. “Why hasn’t Bai Xue told me anything herself?” 

“I don't know! I really don’t,” Luo Shen answered in anguish.

Lu Yin let out a deep breath. This was very troublesome, as he did not know if Luo Shen was speaking the truth. Lu Yin had interacted with Zi Rong on several occasions, and they had even gotten quite close when Cai Jianqiang, Zi Rong, and Lu Yin had all drunk together in the Great Yu Empire. Zi Rong’s forthcoming personality had left a deep impression on Lu Yin, and the powerful Hunter did not seem like someone who suffered from mental instability nor like someone who would sacrifice a loved one to improve his own strength. 

If Zi Rong was truly that kind of person, then Cai Jianqiang would have long since realized it, as the two had known each other for many years.  

In fact, Lu Yin’s impression of Zi Rong was pretty decent. Humans could deceive others, change their appearances, and hide their inner thoughts. However, the strength that they displayed could not be faked. Lu Yin had only experienced a single attack in the form of Zi Rong’s Battalion Slash, but it had carried an impressive perseverance within it. It had been precisely this perseverance that had slightly changed Lu Yin’s attitude. He actually respected Zi Rong, and Lu Yin hoped that the man was not the type of person Luo Shen was claiming him to be. 

“Brother Lu, you don’t believe me?” Luo Shen asked nervously. She pursed her lips.

Lu Yin did not hide his doubts. “What you’re telling me is simply too incredible, that he can absorb her innate gift? Only the Innerverse’s Lingling Clan can do such a thing. Zi Rong shouldn’t be able to.” 

Luo Shen gritted her teeth and seemed to struggle with something. She then passed Lu Yin a very small piece of surveillance equipment. “I’ll prove it.”

And with that, she headed back towards the Zi family’s ancestral home. 

Lu Yin remained standing in the same place as he silently watched her go.

Not long after, the elderly fisherman left, though he thanked Lu Yin once more before leaving.

Everything felt tranquil at the riverside. There were times where fishing seemed to be a very good hobby.

Lu Yin recalled the Astral River as well as fishing in the Astral River. That was also a pretty decent hobby, but one could easily be dragged in. 

Zi Xianxian streaked past him in the sky, her face twisted in anger. It seemed as though she was searching for something. 

Lu Yin laughed, as this brat was definitely looking for him.

Not long after, Qiong Xi'er also streaked by with the shameless Zhu San still following close behind her. 

A few powerhouses flew across the sky, and some of them were headed towards the Zi family’s ancestral home, which had become very busy. 

Lu Yin was the only relaxed person around. He sat beside the river, and nobody found him.

He activated his gadget and contacted one person: Zhang Dingtian.

Bai Xue’s big wedding was about to occur, and all Earthlings could be considered as from Bai Xue’s hometown. Thus, naturally, Lu Yin had to share this news with Zhang Dingtian.


In the Zi family’s ancestral home, Zi Rong’s anger still had not dissipated, but he was worried that Lu Yin would return. Thus, he simply stood guard outside his fiancée’s room, waiting for the wedding to occur. 

Luo Shen went to find Zi Rong. “Brother Zi Rong, I want to talk to you.”

Zi Rong was taken aback. “Talk to me? About what?”

Luo Shen hesitated and then looked at the room. “Let’s go somewhere else.”

Zi Rong was amused at this suggestion. “There’s nothing to hide, as there is nothing shameful between us. Speak.” 

“It’s about Sister Zi Xue’s innate gift of blue glacier,” Luo Shen said softly.

Zi Rong’s eyes went wide, and his expression turned ferocious like never before. He stared at her. “What do you know?” 

Luo Shen replied, “Does Brother Zi Rong still think that this is a suitable place to talk?”

Zi Rong’s eyes flashed before he grabbed Luo Shen and moved to another location.

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