Chapter 901: Lu Yin’s Attitude

Lu Yin paused when the expert blocked his path. But just when the peak Hunter from Mt. Stacks Dojo thought that the youth would actually back away, Lu Yin lifted his foot once again and continued moving forward. 

The expert became furious, as he did not put some puny Explorer in his eyes regardless of how impressive their status might be in the Outerverse. In the Hunter’s eyes, this Explorer was still just an ant. Thus, when he decided to act, the Hunter held back. Since there were many people watching this outside, the Hunter would not allow anything to adversely impact his young master’s image. 

While thinking of this, the peak Hunter from Mt. Stacks Dojo moved one step to the right and bumped into Lu Yin’s shoulder. He wanted to force this person back in the most unassuming manner possible; he had to both avoid giving others the impression that he was bullying a junior and also show this person that he had to be obedient. 

As their shoulders met, a shockwave swept out in all directions. The peak Hunter had automatically assumed that the youth would evade, and he had not even considered the possibility that this Explorer might unhesitatingly collide with a Hunter’s shoulder without even looking. It was as if Lu Yin did not even place this Hunter within his eyes. More importantly, this youth was actually trying to force his way past the Hunter, which irritated the expert. So, he increased the force in his shoulder. 

There was another bang as a second shockwave swept out. The peak Hunter was stunned, as this person was not being forced back. The powerhouse then immediately used the Overlaying Stacks Path. As someone who had trained at Mt. Stacks Dojo, he naturally had learned the Overlaying Stacks Path. 

He instantly used Ten Stacks, as he wanted to make this puny Explorer take at least ten steps in punishment. 

However, in the next moment, the Hunter’s expression changed, as this youth had responded with Ten Stacks as well. The Hunter snorted, as this person clearly did not know what was good for him. The powerhouse then jumped directly to Fifty Stacks without considering anything else. However, to his shock, he was matched yet again as Fifty Stacks pushed back against him. 

This peak Hunter was astonished; how could a puny Explorer actually use Fifty Stacks? That was impossible! So how was this person doing it? How could this youth’s physical body endure such a monumental force? 

Lu Yin looked up, and his pupils transformed into runes as the peak Hunter’s strength mysteriously weakened. Without giving the older man any more time to think, an overflowing pressure surged from Lu Yin as he quickly used Seventy Stacks to push the peak Hunter back a dozen steps. The man left a deep footprint in the ground with each step he took. 

Although it took many words to describe their exchange, it actually took place instantly. In fact, it looked as if their shoulders had only touched before that Hunter expert was forced back. 

Countless people were astonished. Although the crowd knew that Lu Yin’s strength was extraordinary, he was still just an Explorer. But despite his low realm, they had just witnessed him overwhelm a peak Hunter with his own power. Didn’t people say that Lu Yin had to rely on external items and tools to kill Hunters and Enlighters? 

Countless people throughout the Outerverse felt their scalps go numb, as they had just watched an Explorer forcefully push past a peak Hunter, which was unbelievable. This show of force truly demonstrated the strength of Lu Yin’s talent as well as his immeasurable future. 

At this moment, no one was more stunned than the peak Hunter himself. He had actually been pushed back! His pupils shrank, as he could not understand how an Explorer had repelled him. Also, he had realized that this person had actually used Seventy Stacks to push him back despite merely being an Explorer. It was only then that the Hunter suddenly remembered that, right before they fled from the dojo, an Explorer had visited Mt. Stacks Dojo, climbed to the tenth level of the gravitational training grounds, and beaten the young master’s records. This Hunter had been on the ninth landmass himself during that, but could this youth have been this person? 

Lu Yin looked towards the inner regions of East San Dios where Wendy Yushan was also looking out at him. 

Lu Yin began walking towards her. 

That peak Hunter still wanted to stop Lu Yin, but Lan Si appeared and waved his hand, causing the expert to back down. The Arbiter then exchanged glances with Lu Yin.

Lu Yin similarly looked at the older youth.

“This show of strength was not wise,” Lu Yin commented.

Lan Si clasped his hands behind his back. “This isn't about a show of strength; I’m simply exercising my authority. This is the authority of the Ten Arbiters, and this place is under the Ten Arbiters Council’s territory. You are trespassing.”

Lu Yin’s eyes grew sharp. “Dojo Master Lan’s body hasn’t even turned cold yet, but instead of grieving, you’ve actually come here instead to make a fool of yourself.”

Behind Lan Si, Tie San roared, “Outrageous! How dare you talk to an Arbiter like that!”

Lan Si did not mind Lu Yin’s words, as he had already come to see Lu Yin as someone who was on the same level as the Arbiters. “After my birth, my father told us that if we chose to live as commoners, then he would be able to guarantee that we would lead a life without worries that was full of happiness. However, if we chose to cultivate, we might die at any moment. This choice also applied to him. The universe is cruel and the only law is the survival of the fittest. Do you think that you can survive?”

Lu Yin was amused by Lan Si’s response. “At least I’m sure that you can’t determine my survival.” 

Liu Shaoge walked out and stood about ten meters behind Wendy Yushan as he watched the situation unfold with great interest.

Barley and the others also came out, and they warily watched the confrontation. Ever since this Arbiter had arrived in the Outerverse, they had already known that this moment would arrive. However, they had not expected it to arrive so quickly, much less that it would take form in such a direct confrontation. 

“You’re quite confident,” Lan Si commented. 

Lu Yin stared at the other youth. “I heard that you want to reorganize the councilors and reestablish the council's authority to supervise and judge the Outerverse’s younger generation. And will that include the Great Eastern Alliance?” 

Lan Si’s lips curled upwards. “Not only the Great Eastern Alliance, but also you.”

Wendy Yushan’s expression changed, as this sentence was essentially a declaration of war. Lan Si wanted Lu Yin to submit.

Outside East San Dios, countless people were so nervous that they could hardly breathe as they watched on in trepidation.

Lu Yin alone represented the entire Great Eastern Alliance that had risen to influence the entire Outerverse. In addition, he was also supported directly by the Hall of Honor.

On the other side, there was one of the Ten Arbiters, who similarly represented the powers behind him. He was someone who stood at the peak of the younger generation, and he was similarly backed by the Hall of Honor. 

The conflict between these two not only involved the Outerverse Youth Council, but it also extended much further to cover the entire Outerverse’s situation. 

When Lan Si had arrived in the Outerverse after fleeing from the Innerverse, Yuan Shi had not paid any attention to the youth. This was because Yuan Shi had the power to do so. The Sea King’s Dome had Elder He who could similarly ignore the Arbiter, but it would be different if Elder Da or the others were present. The Ten Arbiters’ influence had not yet reached the level where they could rival an Envoy’s, but they certainly surpassed the importance of an average Enlighter. 

In Millions City, Qiong Xi'er and Wei Rong were both watching the livestream. Even Wei Rong was feeling a bit nervous at this moment, as nobody knew which direction the situation would develop in. 

The Great Yu Empire, the Vastdearth Sect, the Neo-Vestige Sect, and even Ironblood Weave and distant Southside Weave had people who were watching this take place.

Lu Yin smiled. “You really don’t understand the current situation, and you certainly don’t understand me.” 

“Try explaining it then.” Lan Si remained calm.

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide as he raised his head and sharply said, “In the current Outerverse, if I, Lu Yin, want San Dios to have influence, then it will have influence. And if I don’t wish it, then it will not. This is unrelated to the Ten Arbiters.” 

Countless people felt their hearts race, as this was basically another declaration of war.

Tie San and the others became furious, but not one of them dared to intervene. They could tell that their young master held this person in very high esteem despite him only being an Explorer.

Eh? Hold on. An Explorer? Tie San suddenly recognized this person’s identity, as there was only one person who could possibly earn the young master’s respect as an Explorer. Not many freaks of that caliber could be found throughout the entire universe, and it was already shocking that one had appeared. Thus, this Lu Yin absolutely had to be the same person. 

“Hahaha.” Lan Si laughed to his heart’s content. “This is a rather unfamiliar feeling. Ever since the ten of us were appointed as the Ten Arbiters, no one else in the same generation has ever been able to challenge us. Lu Yin, you are the first! Hahaha, how refreshing.”

Lu Yin shook his head. “You guys were able to eliminate the others, so I can naturally eliminate you as well.”

“Well spoken. You want to replace me as one of the Ten Arbiters?” Lan Si barked.

Lu Yin tightly clenched both of his fists. “Not replace—banish.”

He said this in a very provocative tone. Lan Si had wanted to subdue Lu Yin in front of everyone and then supervise and judge Lu Yin along with the rest of the Outerverse’s youths. If the Outerverse was not still isolated from the Innerverse, then Lu Yin would have had no choice but to tuck his tail between his legs and survive. However, not only were the Innerverse and Outerverse still separated, but Lu Yin had also established the Great Eastern Alliance and even become an Honored Chosen of the Hall of Honor. Lan Si still dared speak to Lu Yin in such a condescending manner, which was the same as insulting him. 

Lan Si was getting excited. “Alright, I’ll give you a chance. If you can beat me, then you will become one of the Ten Arbiters. However-” Lan Si suddenly grew deadly serious. “If you lose, then not only will you have to answer to the council’s supervision, but you must also forfeit a certain status.” 

Lu Yin frowned. “Status?” 

“Honored Chosen,” Lan Si slowly answered.

Lu Yin’s expression suddenly changed, and he solemnly stared at Lan Si. Lu Yin finally understood. This person had never placed the Outerverse Youth Council as his goal. This organization wielded great authority over the younger generation and was able to influence the conflicts of the Outerverse’s various organizations to some level. However, this authority would not be of much value to Lan Si unless he wanted to unify the Outerverse, though as someone from the Innerverse, it was impossible for Lan Si to even desire to unify the Outerverse. 

The reason why Lan Si had reorganized the council and had chosen new councilors was all in anticipation of Lu Yin’s arrival. Lan Si wanted to take advantage of this situation to force Lu Yin to surrender his position as an Honored Chosen of the Hall of Honor. In fact, this position was Lan Si’s true objective from the very beginning. 

Every person in the upper echelons of the Hall of Honor could only designate a single Honored Chosen. Not even the Ten Arbiters were guaranteed to become one. After all, they were not from the Neoverse. This was why Lan Si had plotted against Lu Yin. 

An Honored Chosen was not just a position of status and power, but also an opportunity to compete in the Astral Tower for the chance to obtain an inheritance from the Sierrasea. It was a chance to compete for a Progenitor's inheritance. 

It was no wonder why Lan Si had been focused on East San Dios. His actions had been completely illogical, but at this moment, everything became crystal clear. 

Lan Si’s eyes were fervent, as his objective was indeed the Honored Chosen position. Before the Outerverse had been isolated from the Innerverse, he had tried all sorts of methods and contacted many people in the upper levels of the Hall of Honor in order to become one of the Honored Chosen, as his final goal was to compete for an inheritance in the Sierrasea. The Hall of Honor’s Honored Chosen were not the only ones who were qualified to compete, as the Cosmic Sect, Mavis family, and other apex powers were also qualified to send contestants to compete for the Sierrasea’s inheritance. Lan Si had put in a lot of effort, but all of his attempts had failed. 

Lan Si had never imagined that there would actually be a powerhouse like Yuan Shi in the Outerverse. After fleeing from the Innerverse, he had discovered this opportunity the moment he laid eyes on Yuan Shi. Yuan Shi normally stayed in the Outerverse all year round, usually in cryostasis. Not only was this elder qualified to select a Chosen, but he had also likely not done so either. Lan Si had thus immediately requested to meet with some high ranking members of the Hall of Honor. 

Unfortunately, he had soon discovered that Yuan Shi had already designated his Honored Chosen and that he had given the position to Lu Yin. Lan Si had been one step too late. 

Lan Si had considered his options for quite a long time, and he had even specifically looked into everything concerning Lu Yin and what he had done over the last four years. After that, Lan Si had decided to reestablish the Outerverse Youth Council in order to use this organization as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Lu Yin. Otherwise, there would be no meaning for Lan Si to become enemies with Lu Yin just because of the Outerverse Youth Council. 

However, the Innerverse was currently cut off from the Outerverse, so even if Lan Si successfully managed to obtain the position of Honored Chosen, he still might not necessarily be able to visit the Neoverse and compete for the Sierrasea’s inheritance. Still, as long as there was even a trace of hope, he would not give up. 

Only by becoming the Sierrasea’s heir and becoming one of the Cosmic Five would he then have a chance of becoming one of the pinnacle experts in this universe. Then, he might even have a chance to become—a Progenitor. 

This was the dream of countless cultivators, and even Lan Si was no exception. 

Others were not clear on what being an Honored Chosen actually meant, and the members of the media had not even heard of the term before. There were only a select few in the universe who understood what Lan Si had even said. 

When these people learned that Lan Si’s objective was to become an Honored Chosen, quite a few quickly understood the point of all his actions up to this moment. 

“So this is your objective,” Lu Yin said slowly. Sure enough, the Ten Arbiters did not only rely on their backgrounds and brute strength to move forwards.  Their schemes had a certain unique quality to them as well.

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