Chapter 900: Command Of The Ten Arbiters

Atop the high tower that stood in East San Dios, Lan Si stood with his hands clasped behind his back as he stared outwards. He knew what the people were waiting for, but they simply did not know what he was actually going to do. 

As for Lu Yin, Lan Si had appreciated the youth from the very beginning, and he had even come to view Lu Yin as someone on the same level as him. This person had simply shocked Lan Si too many times, and he knew that it would not be wise to become enemies with such a person. Lan Si had also managed to escape from the Starfall Sea’s calamity in part due to Lu Yin’s assistance, but some matters could not be avoided. 

There were three people standing behind Lan Si; one was Tie San, who had challenged Lu Yin when climbing Mt. Stacks Dojo’s gravitational landmasses while the other two were also from the same dojo. They were all Lan Si’s juniors, and all three of them were Cruisers. 

Although Tie San had lost to Lu Yin, he was in no way weak, since he was a disciple of Mt. Stacks Dojo, and that wasn’t even mentioning how he was not even forty years old yet. Even if he would cease to be a part of the younger generation in just a few more years, he was not too far from the Top 100 Rankings despite not being ranked. 

Neither of the other two had weak auras either.

Three new Councilors had been appointed in just a short amount of time, and they quickly filled the empty seats in East San Dios. Their appointment also demonstrated that Lan Si wielded absolute control within East San Dios as well as his resolution towards the city and the entire Outerverse Youth Council. 

Before the Outerverse was isolated from the Innerverse, Lan Si had enjoyed some degree of influence in West San Dios, but not much influence in East San Dios. However, at this moment, he was able to determine everything concerning the entire Outerverse Youth Council. 

Wendy Yushan and Liu Shaoge stepped onto the tall tower and exchanged glances before slowly approaching the top level.

“Arbiter Lan.”

“Arbiter Lan.”

Lan Si turned around and smiled at the two new arrivals, his eyes lingering on Wendy Yushan slightly in particular. “Please, sit, both of you.”

Neither Wendy Yushan nor Liu Shaoge stood on ceremony, and they both sat down.

Lan Si similarly sat down, though Tie San’s trio remained standing behind Lan Si.

“I’ve come to understand the current situation of the Outerverse Youth Council. As Councilors, do the two of you have anything to say?” Lan Si asked.

Wendy Yushan was typically cold to other people, and she did not really talk much.

Liu Shaoge smiled. “From the time the Outerverse was first separated from the Innerverse, the Outerverse Youth Council’s influence has dropped precipitously, though that’s because of our lacking ability. Arbiter Lan should punish us as you see fit.”

Lan Si shook his head. “Without the support of the Ten Arbiters Council, you guys are very limited in what you can do. I know this, so I came here this time to restore the Outerverse Youth Council’s authority over the Outerverse’s younger generation. Do the two of you have any questions?” 

“With Arbiter Lan’s guidance, there will naturally be no problems,” Liu Shaoge answered happily.

Wendy Yushan looked at Lan Si with cold eyes. “Does Arbiter Lan have any thoughts concerning the Great Eastern Alliance?”

Lan Si’s eyes flashed. “Why is Councilor Wendy asking about this?”

Wendy Yushan coolly replied, “The Outerverse’s situation has changed a great deal during this time. I hope for Arbiter Lan to please understand it a bit more.”

Lan Si smiled. “I already understand things quite well, so there’s no need for Councilor Wendy to worry.” 

Wendy Yushan’s eyes remained sharp, but at this moment, Liu Shaoge spoke up. “I wonder, when is Arbiter Lan planning to formally announce this? Right, these three must be the newly appointed Outerverse Youth Councilors of East San Dios, correct?” 

Lan Si answered, “I will make a public announcement that the time is coming, but it won’t be much later. These three are my juniors, and they are all newly appointed Councilors.”

Wendy Yushan looked over and was about to say something, but Liu Shaoge interrupted her once again. “In that case, we will once again thank Arbiter Lan for leading us to restore San Dios’s glory. Thank you, Arbiter Lan.” 

Wendy Yushan frowned, but she made no further efforts to speak up.

Lan Si was not concerned with Wendy Yushan’s attitude, though he did look at Liu Shaoge a bit more. He was aware that this person had been recommended by Nightking Zhenwu and that he had most likely been sent to East San Dios with the intention of countering Lu Yin. 

He had not expected these two people to be very cooperative, let alone as accommodating as Liu Shaoge was acting. This attitude was a little outside of Lan Si’s expectations. 

Before much more time passed, Lan Si led Tie San and the others away, leaving Wendy Yushan and Liu Shaoge alone at the top of the high tower. 

Wendy Yushan stared coldly at Liu Shaoge. “Don’t think that you’ll be able to attach yourself to Lan Si. Although he’s one of the Ten Arbiters, he isn’t that much more influential than Lu Yin in the current universe. You’re too desperate.”

Liu Shaoge smiled. “Desperate? About what?”

Wendy Yushan could not be bothered to speak any further with the man.

Liu Shaoge revealed another strange smile. “You are the one who is too anxious. Some things are fated to happen, so why bother being so rushed? Take your time, and also-” He paused as his face grew much more serious at this moment. “I understand the Ten Arbiters much better than you. They have their positions for more reasons than just their personal power and backgrounds. Do not underestimate them.” 

Wendy Yushan frowned, as she could not see through Liu Shaoge. However, neither could she even be bothered to try.

She had already tried to contact Lu Yin several times, but she had not been able to reach him. After thinking about it, she continued to try calling him.

At this time, Lu Yin had just left Shenwu Continent’s space station when Wendy Yushan’s call came through. 

“Wendy, what's the matter?” Lu Yin asked.

Wendy Yushan heaved a sigh of relief, as she had finally connected with him. “The Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist has appeared in the Outerverse. Did you know that?”

Lu Yin murmured an assent. “I was the one who led him to the Outerverse, or rather, it would be more accurate to say that we fled here together.” 

“He’s currently at East San Dios, and he’s announced that he will reestablish the Outerverse Youth Council and that it will resume its position to supervise, test, and judge the Outerverse’s younger generation. He also appointed several new Councilors. You should hurry back to East San Dios,” Wendy urged. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed, as he had forgotten that the Ten Arbiters were the overseers of the Outerverse Youth Council. Lan Si’s arrival was actually the greatest support that the Outerverse Youth Council could possibly receive. The moment the Outerverse had been isolated from the Innerverse, the Outerverse Youth Council had gradually fallen from glory without the support of the Ten Arbiters, and not even a peep had come from the council for several years. Now that one of the Ten Arbiters had appeared in the Outerverse, the council’s power and influence would naturally return to normal. 

To others, this incident may be just a bit of commotion, as reopening the Outerverse Youth Council was meaningless to most. However, things were different for Lu Yin. East San Dios’s presence was equivalent to someone else monitoring the entire Great Eastern Alliance’s younger generation, and as long as those overseers wanted to, they could intervene in any bit of warfare by using a myriad of excuses. It was just like what Lu Yin had done when he had been a proxy Outerverse Youth Councilor in the past; he had prevented Firesmelt Planet’s troops from moving, thus allowing a planet to be destroyed. 

This was the unexpected entrance of an unstable variable; it was one that could escape from Lu Yin’s control at any moment and also one that could exert some control over him as well. 

Lu Yin frowned, and he immediately turned towards East San Dios. No matter what, he would not allow something that he could not control to appear within his territory, and even the Ten Arbiters were no exception to this. 

The Outerverse had entered a frenzied state at this time, and the eyes of countless media outlets were focused on East San Dios as numerous reporters converged upon the Prairie Flame Continent.

The once glorious Outerverse Youth Council of the past had been waning for several years. But now that one of the Ten Arbiters had appeared, the Outerverse Youth Council would once again rise to the peak, and it might even surpass its former glory. This was completely because none of the Ten Arbiters had ever directly overseen the Outerverse Youth Council in the past, but now, one of them was at East San Dios. 

Countless people went crazy with this news, as they all wanted to catch a glimpse of an Arbiter in action. 

The most brilliant star in the Outerverse had been Lu Yin, and when he had defeated the Wei family, it had shocked the entire Outerverse. No one else from the younger generation had dared to fight him for the spotlight, and even some members of the older generations were cautious of Lu Yin. However, once an Arbiter appeared, everything changed. Those ten youths symbolized the true peak of the younger generation, and they were also authorized to supervise the entire universe’s younger generation, which included Lu Yin. 

Countless reporters caught the whiff of some sensational news: an Arbiter and Lu Yin. There was bound to be some conflict between the two that could not be easily reconciled. Lu Yin might submit to the Ten Arbiters’ supervision and acknowledge East San Dios’s authority, in which case the youths of the Great Eastern Alliance would be supervised and overseen by the Outerverse Youth Council. On the other hand, one of the Ten Arbiters might be replaced, at which time Lu Yin would genuinely stand at the peak of his generation. 

As far as anyone in the universe knew, becoming one of the Ten Arbiters was not just receiving a title, but rather becoming a symbol of status. If Lu Yin replaced the Divine Fist as a new Arbiter, then his status in their hearts would undergo a complete transformation. Even if the Innerverse was reconnected to the Outerverse, countless people would still dare to follow him. 

Human lives were filled with accidents, which was why many people bought insurance to relieve themselves of future worries. 

Lu Yin was quite stylish, and he had become a celebrity in the Outerverse after his influence spread everywhere. However, when all was said and done, it was still just the Outerverse. Many were worried that Lu Yin’s glorious performance would prove to be short-lived. Although he would still be able to leave his name in history, that would be the end of it. Hence, many still had some misgivings regarding the youth. However, if Lu Yin replaced one of the Ten Arbiters, then this apprehension would basically all disappear. 

To those from the Great Eastern Alliance like Meng Tianlong and Mu Nichang, they were focused on the recent developments, and even people like Gong Ling of the Neo-Vestige Sect were paying attention. They did not contact Lu Yin at this time, as they all wanted to see what he would do, and what he was capable of. 

This was an unavoidable conflict.

Above the Prairie Flame Continent, quite a few spacecraft floated around East San Dios, and countless lights illuminated the area as everyone waited for the critical moment to erupt. 

To most people, the Ten Arbiters were very mysterious. As such, the media was not waiting to report the news about the Arbiter restoring the Outerverse Youth Council, but rather to simply publicly show the appearance of the Arbiter to the public as soon as possible. 

It did not take too long for Lu Yin to arrive at the Prairie Flame Continent from Shenwu Continent. When he arrived, he saw countless vessels floating in the area. In the past, East San Dios had almost been like a wasteland that no one visited, but now, so many people had come. 

Lu Yin’s arrival was completely sensational, and all of the reporters and scouts from the various powers focused on him. 

Lu Yin docked his spacecraft and stepped into East San Dios. 

The guard at East San Dios’s gate raised a hand. “I’m sorry, but by the command of the Ten Arbiters, from now until the new Councilors are officially appointed, nobody is to step foot inside.” 

Outside East San Dios, countless lights were focused on Lu Yin, as everyone wanted to see what he would do next. 

At the same time, many people everywhere throughout the Outerverse watched a live broadcast with rapt attention when they saw Lu Yin being stopped. 

Ever since Lu Yin had established the Great Eastern Alliance, he had not encountered such a situation before, as he had basically become an emperor in the Outerverse.

Lu Yin’s expression remained calm, and he looked at the gatekeeper with an indifferent expression. However, this indifference actually caused the gatekeeper to shudder with fear.

He had witnessed Lu Yin’s ironfisted cruelty before, and he had also seen how Lu Yin had dealt with Puyu. The guard was aware of just how ruthless this person was, and he also knew that Lu Yin was currently at the peak of his power and that he was capable of suppressing the entire Outerverse. Although the guard was a Hunter, Lu Yin had already killed multiple Enlighters. The longer Lu Yin stared at him, the more panicked the guard became. As he continued to assess his situation, his face paled, and he slowly lowered his hand. Finally, he took several steps back and bowed his head deferentially. 

Lu Yin’s gaze flitted past the guard, and he calmly stepped inside East San Dios. 

Before he took much more steps, someone else stopped him. But this time, it was someone from Mt. Stacks Dojo. He was one of the elites who had followed the crowd fleeing to the Outerverse, and he was also a peak Hunter. He was an expert from Mt. Stacks Dojo who was second to Elder Tie.

This person did not recognize Lu Yin, as he had altered his appearance during his time in the Innerverse. Very few people had recognized Lu Yin during his time there, and this person was not one of them.

“Back off! By order of the Ten Arbiters, from now until the new Councilors are appointed, nobody is allowed to step foot inside.” 

Countless nervously watched on as the events unfolded.

Within East San Dios, Wendy Yushan and Liu Shaoge were also watching everything.

Lan Si and the three Mt. Stacks Dojo juniors standing behind him were naturally watching everything as well.

An expert from Mt. Stacks Dojo expert had stopped Lu Yin, and what the youth did next would clearly demonstrate his attitude.

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