Chapter 899: Gu Yue’s Name

After hearing the white-haired Ming Yan’s question, Lu Yin was taken aback, but he still took out the upgraded vitality poison. “This?” 

She grew excited. “Give it to me!”

“For what?” Lu Yin was wary. He had not forgotten about how Ming Yan had swallowed the poison in the past. If not for Mister Mu’s secret technique that had resulted in her split personality, she would have died.

“I can absorb these kinds of poisons to increase my strength,” she answered.

Lu Yin blinked. “Absorb poisons like this?”

She nodded. “Give it to me.”

Lu Yin held it tightly. “Are you sure about this? You won’t die from it right?”

The white-haired Ming Yan started to become impatient. “No! Give it to me.”

Lu Yin really did not want to pass the vial of poison over to her, as he did not want to take such a huge risk.

The white-haired Ming Yan reluctantly closed her eyes as her hair gradually returned to a dark color. She became the black-haired Ming Yan once again.

Lu Yin felt more comfortable when he saw this version of Ming Yan, and he could not hold himself back from hugging her again, which caused Ming Yan’s face to flush. “Brother Lu, that poison, you can give it to me.”

Lu Yin swallowed his saliva. “What she said is actually real? Can you really safely absorb this?”

Ming Yan nodded. “Relax. Are you afraid that I’ll try to kill myself? If I wanted to die, I would have died long ago. There would have been no need for me to wait until you returned.” 

Lu Yin found her answer reasonable, and only then did he pass the poison over to Ming Yan.

The vial contained the Neohuman Alliance’s vitality poison, and it had taken Lu Yin 120,000 star essence to upgrade it just once. He had actually upgraded it twice, which had cost him a total of 420,000 star essence. This made the poison incredibly valuable, and he could not bear to use it. 

However, if this poison could truly increase the white-haired Ming Yan’s strength, then that would be a pretty decent use. Also, if she was able to absorb such poisons, then she was basically the Neohuman Alliance’s nemesis. 

“Thank you, Brother Lu!” Ming Yan was very happy, and she even took the initiative to kiss Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was delighted, and he lowered his head, only to be welcomed by a pair of cold eyes. The hair of the girl in front of him had turned white once again.

“You still dare to be disrespectful to me,” the white-haired Ming Yan scolded him.

Lu Yin was furious and decided to just ignore her and proceed to kiss her.

Her eyes went wide, surprised that Lu Yin had continued to kiss her. She was so shocked that she momentarily could not react. 

After a few seconds, she returned to her senses and shoved Lu Yin back to berate him. When her hair turned black once again, Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin apologetically. “I’m sorry, Brother Lu. That… this… her…” 

Lu Yin was rendered speechless. He felt that he would become depressed at the rate that things were going.

Half a day later, Lu Yin and Ming Yan were sitting in the garden behind the study, and Lu Yin was holding Ming Yan’s hand. The atmosphere was very comfortable. 

“Brother Lu, there’s something that I want to tell you,” Ming Yan mentioned, but then she hesitated.

Lu Yin was amused by her behavior. "What's the matter?”

Ming Yan pursed her lips, resolved herself, faced Lu Yin, and seriously said, “I’ve visited the bottom of the Tower of Resonating Light.”

Lu Yin’s expression changed. “The bottom of the Tower of Resonating Light?”

Ming Yan nodded.

“That place was sealed, and there wasn’t even anything there,” Lu Yin said.

Ming Yan shook her head and gently explained, “I went past that seal.”

Lu Yin was surprised, as he had not been able to bypass that seal no matter what he tried. “You made it past the seal? Was it removed?”

“No. Others can’t enter it, but I can. Also…” Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin and softly said, “I received a senior’s inheritance. Someone called Gu Yue. He passed a battle technique onto me, and it’s called Moonstar.” 

“Moonstar?” The Ghost Monkey was shocked. 

Lu Yin’s eyes sharpened, and he gripped Ming Yan’s hand. “Were you in any danger when you went past that seal?”

Ming Yan smiled. “There was no danger towards me. I’ve already taken Gu Yue as my master.”

“How did you get in?” Lu Yin was puzzled.

Ming Yan looked to be a bit puzzled herself. “I don't know either. About a year after you left, I felt curious, and I headed to the bottom of the Tower of Resonating Light, where I simply entered just like that. The seal did not stop me in the least.”

Lu Yin released his domain, letting it sweep through the entire capital. It shot out across the entire city before descending into the Tower of Resonating Light. Soon, it spread all the way to the Tower of Resonating Light’s bottom. He struck out with his domain, but the seal did not even quiver. He still could not enter, which was strange.

“Brother Lu, our Shenwu Continent’s five sealing planets were brought here by Master Gu Yue. It seems that he was a Lockbreaker,” Ming Yan continued to explain. 

Lu Yin was not surprised by this. In truth, after seeing the sourcebox arrays in Ironblood Weave and on Sourcepeak Planet, he had guessed that Shenwu Continent’s five sealing planets were actually massive sourceboxes. Sourceboxes of that size were rarely seen, but if a peerless powerhouse had acted, then it would still be possible to use them in an array.

“Right, give me a moment.” Ming Yan moved out of Lu Yin’s embrace and quickly walked out of the study. It seemed that she was going to fetch something.

“Monkey, have you heard of Moonstar before?” Lu Yin asked.

The Ghost Monkey’s voice betrayed his disbelief. “I saw it mentioned in some old powerhouses’ personal writings. ‘In the heavens filled with moons, the stars fell, and only dust was left behind.’ Moonstar is a battle technique that can intimidate an entire generation. Gu Yue was the ultimate powerhouse of his era, and there are rumors that he was framed and died under suspicious circumstances. Who would have thought that he was actually buried here on Shenwu Continent!? It’s no wonder why this continent has those five sealing planets that not even a powerhouse with a power level of greater than 300,000 can do anything about. So that’s why there’s such a powerful seal under that Tower of Resonating Light.” 

“A battle technique that was able to intimidate an entire generation? How does it compare to Night’s End, Daybreak?” Lu Yin was curious about this. 

The monkey thought about it before replying, “I don't know. However, they should be on about the same level. They weren’t from the same era, so they never crossed paths. However, they are definitely both fearsome battle techniques that shocked an era, and according to some personal documents that I saw, Gu Yue was a genius who was gifted in both combat and Lockbreaking. It’s a pity that he died too early, or else he might have become a Progenitor.” 

Lu Yin had never thought that the small Shenwu Continent would actually hide such a huge inheritance from such an impressive character. It was no wonder how this tiny Shenwu Continent had been able to produce so many talented experts or why its martial power was even a little stronger than star energy. This was all related to Gu Yue.

Lu Yin thought about it and then looked up towards the five sealing planets. In the past, everyone had assumed that Ming Taizhong was the one who had moved the planets there, but in reality, it had been Gu Yue’s strength that had accomplished such a thing. Ming Taizhong had most likely had borrowed Gu Yue’s power in order to accomplish that feat. 

A dead person was able to protect an entire continent from a foreign invasion. This was an absolute powerhouse. 

Ming Yan had received an incredible destiny. The white-haired Ming Yan was able to increase her strength with the vitality poison while the black-haired Ming Yan had obtained Gu Yue’s inheritance. This girl seemed to have been blessed by Shenwu Continent. 

“Seventh Bro, ask your girl if she can teach you Moonstar. If you learn that, then you will become much more powerful. That’s an incredible battle technique!” The monkey was incomparably excited. 

Lu Yin was not as excited as the monkey. Setting aside whether or not Lu Yin could even learn this technique, he was not too motivated to even try. Although he did not know where his Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation battle technique had come from, it was much more ancient than Gu Yue’s techniques since it had appeared in the Daosource Sect's ruins. It was known to be invincible once the nine battle techniques were combined. Such a battle technique was definitely the best one available to Lu Yin even when compared to the countless other inheritances of history. 

He already had his Nine Suns technique, and it would take an extremely long time for him to cultivate it to completion. He also had his Dream Finger, the Cosmic Art, the Overlaying Stacks Path, and many more techniques. He did not have the same desire for a powerful technique that he had once had in the past. 

What Lu Yin was most attracted to about Gu Yue was the man’s lockbreaking skills. Although Lu Yin was only slightly talented in that field, when he used his Cosmic Art and Truesight eyes, he could sense star energy much more clearly than many others. However, despite all that, his lockbreaking progress was moving rather slowly. Of course, he had not spent much time on lockbreaking, though he still hoped to improve quickly. If he could obtain some guidance from Gu Yue’s inheritance, then it would save him a great deal of time and effort. 

Ironblood Weave, Shenwu Continent, Sourcepeak Planet, and many other places had all shown Lu Yin the importance and power of lockbreaking, especially if a Lockbreaker could use sourcebox arrays. Another, more frightening thought was that Lu Yin would definitely meet people capable of such things in the future. He would never forget the scene of when he had first seen a sourcebox array activate, and that feeling had made his blood run cold. 

Ming Yan soon returned, and she carried a yellowed book with her. “Brother Lu, this is for you.”

Lu Yin was curious as he received the book, and was soon delighted to discover what it held. What was it? Lockbreaking experience! He was excited, as the exact thing he had been hoping to find had been smoothly delivered into his hands. What he had desired most at this moment was Gu Yue’s lockbreaking experience, and it had really appeared in front of him. 

He could not determine what this book was used for, as it only had a dozen pages. The first page described the man’s experience as a Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker, but the end of the book actually described the sourcebox array sealing Shenwu Continent. Meanwhile, the middle sections were about the degree of control of one’s star energy, cultivation methods, and more. 

Delighted, Lu Yin gave Ming Yan a fierce kiss. "Yan'er, you’ve really given me a great gift!”

Ming Yan became shy, and she blushed brilliantly, despite looking extremely happy. “As long as you like it, Brother Lu.”

Lu Yin laughed and hugged her, feeling as though he was hugging his entire world.

“I’m sorry, Brother Lu, but Master instructed me not to pass Moonstar over to anyone else, unless it’s his own disciple. So…”

Ming Yan apologized very quietly, but Lu Yin quickly replied, “Silly girl, there’s no need to apologize. Brother Lu does not need to learn Moonstar. Just you learning it is good enough for me.”

Ming Yan’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Lu Yin, and an incomparable sweetness entered her heart as she grunted in acknowledgement. She was ecstatic that Lu Yin had not tried to force her to share the technique with him. 

She was very clear about how tempting an overpowering battle technique was to most cultivators. Lu Yin seemed to be demonstrating his sincere feelings for her by not pressing her to share the technique, and she was reaffirmed that this man was the one she would share her life with. 

After some further displays of affection, Lu Yin’s eyes rolled about as he coughed. He then gulped loudly and looked as though he was about to make an important decision.

Ming Yan blinked at him, looking quite confused.

Lu Yin did not dare look Ming Yan in the eyes. He took a deep breath and then said in a low voice, "Yan'er, tonight-”

But before he could get any more words out, he reluctantly noticed that Ming Yan’s hair had gone white. Then, a familiar voice rang out, “Release me, or else I shall bury you.”

Lu Yin held his forehead tightly, as this split personality was just too fearsome. He had firmed his resolve just now to pursue some night time activities, but how could he now proceed with this? He would easily develop a mental breakdown if things continued in this manner. 

“I like the cute Yan'er,” Lu Yin couldn’t help himself from saying.

A pair of cold eyes greeted him.

Lu Yin stayed on Shenwu Continent for seven days, but he did not reveal himself to anyone else. He always followed Ming Yan around, no matter if she was the black or white-haired version. Although he would wrap himself around the black-haired Ming Yan, the white-haired Ming Yan only ever mocked him.

After seven days, Lu Yin left Shenwu Continent. He had finally learned about the greatest secret that this continent held, and if there were any additional secrets, then they would definitely be related to the five sealing planets. Since those planets were five sourceboxes, he would definitely get something good if he managed to successfully unlock them. 

These huge, planet-like sourceboxes could not be found even in Ironblood Weave. Lu Yin wondered what he would obtain from unlocking them, but he also knew that he would have to be at least a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker at the minimum if he wanted to succeed. 

He stared enviously at the five sealing planets before leaving Shenwu Continent’s space station. Lu Yin was finally preparing to return to the Great Yu Empire. 

On this same day, the Arbiters’ Divine Fist appeared, and he intended to appoint new Outerverse Youth Councilors. 

There had originally been five councilors in East San Dios, but now, only Liu Shaoge and Wendy Yushan remained.

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