Chapter 898: Returning Again

This residence was one of the Wei family’s safehouses.

There was no person or organization in the current universe that would dare claim that they were capable of existing forever. Even in ancient times, many enormous powers had simply vanished into the river of history, and since the members of the Wei family were very smart, they had prepared more than one backup plan. 

This fallback was only able to guarantee their safety, but it would be simply too difficult for them to stage a comeback. 

The atmosphere within the residence was very depressed. After the members of the Wei family arrived here, they rarely stepped outside. This was mostly because there were many people from the Great Eastern Alliance who were keeping a watch on them. 

The Wei family was being used as bait; whoever offered them shelter would be Lu Yin’s next target. It was precisely because of this bait that Wei Baichuan had not escaped when the Wei family’s home planet had been conquered, as he intended to render Lu Yin’s plan useless. 

The Wei family in Millions City was still being used as bait, and the Great Eastern Alliance would not allow them to roam free. 

“I can’t take it anymore! We’re just hiding like mice all day. I’m going to go up against them!” a Wei family youth shouted and moved to run out the front door. However, he was stopped by the other family members.

“The young master’s status is still unknown, and the Great Eastern Alliance hasn’t used the patriarch’s life to threaten the young master yet, which is a silver lining. We can’t give the Great Eastern Alliance any opportunity to exploit an opening,” a Wei family elder scolded. 

The other people in the area all lowered their heads, looking very distraught.

The glorious Wei family had fallen to such a pathetic state.

Nobody knew where Wei Rong was aside from one person: Qiong Xi'er. Actually, she had been the one to hide Wei Rong.

Wei Rong was not facing a difficult situation like what others believed, and he was actually perfectly fine. Even though the Wei family had been defeated, Wei Baichuan, Wei Xin'er, and the others had not been killed, and quite a few other members of the Wei family had also hidden themselves in Millions City. Thus, they would be able to rise to power once again as soon as Wei Rong was capable of such. 

“Are you really not afraid of Lu Yin dealing with your family? Your father is still his prisoner and can lose his life at any moment.” Qiong Xi'er glanced over at Wei Rong, whose calm face made her feel a little disgruntled. 

Wei Rong smiled. “Lu Yin won’t do that. The greatest difference between him and me is that he has a bottom line. He can ruthlessly slaughter his enemies, but he cannot emotionlessly kill those who don’t have the ability to fight back, particularly when those people can still be useful to him.” 

Qiong Xi'er sneered. “He’s still dreaming of winning you over to his side?”

Wei Rong grew serious when he looked at Qiong Xi'er. “It may seem impossible from your perspective, but not necessarily from his. This is the difference in terms of ambition. His dream is to unify the entire Outerverse, and thus, he won’t be able to accept a tiny failure like me. He is confident of achieving anything, which is a good thing as it allows him to grow without limit.”

Wei Rong’s lips then curled upwards. “However, it’s also a bad thing, since he can easily crash and burn.”

Qiong Xi'er propped her chin on her hand and looked at Wei Rong. “When the Wei family was still around, you still weren’t able to deal with Lu Yin. But now that your family has been scattered to the wind, you’re confident?” 

Wei Rong shook his head. “It’s not confidence—just luck. I’m waiting for the day when his luck fails. So, I’m sorry to impose on you, but I may have to hide here for a long time.”

Qiong Xi'er rolled her eyes. “It’s up to you. I’m only keeping you hidden here because I hope that you won’t die too soon.”

“You’re worried that Millions City will be targeted by Lu Yin, and so you’re looking for someone to work with and create a plan,” Wei Rong replied.

Qiong Xi'er snorted. “Even if that were the case, I’d go looking for Wang Wen.”

Wei Rong’s eyes flashed, and he grew serious once again as he looked at Qiong Xi'er. “It would be best if you didn’t. Wang Wen is determined to follow Lu Yin.” 

“Why?” Qiong Xi'er was confused by this. She was very gifted in commercial affairs, and she was also extremely intelligent and on the same level as Wei Rong and Wang Wen. However, when it came to spirit and boldness, she was slightly inferior to the other two. 

Wei Rong frowned. “I don't actually know, but I have a feeling that the moment Wang Wen knows I’m hiding in Millions City, Lu Yin will also know. I also have a premonition that Wang Wen will sooner or later become the brains behind Lu Yin’s forces.” 

Qiong Xi'er grabbed her forehead. “How annoying. Why did such a person appear in the Outerverse? He even came up with something like unifying the Outerverse.”

Wei Rong looked up into the sky. Even if Lu Yin had not appeared, Wei Rong himself would have acted. As soon as the Outerverse had been isolated from the Innerverse, an unprecedented golden opportunity had appeared, and Wei Rong had felt like he wouldn’t be a man if he had not tried to take advantage of the situation. 

Qiong Xi'er was about to leave, but then her gadget suddenly beeped with an alert. She glanced at it, and her expression drastically changed. “The Ten Arbiters have reappeared.”

Wei Rong was shocked. “What did you just say?” 

Qiong Xi'er looked at Wei Rong with a solemn expression. “The Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist has appeared. He’s in the Outerverse.” 

This sentence threw Wei Rong’s thoughts into a jumble. “The Innerverse has reconnected to the Outerverse?”

Qiong Xi'er shook her head. “I don't know. I don't actually know any details about this. All I do know is that the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist is leading a bunch of experts and that he has suddenly appeared in the Outerverse. It’s not just that—a bunch of experts have appeared in the western region of the Outerverse, and the rumors claim that they are all from the Sea King’s Dome.” 

Wei Rong’s eyes danced about as he deep fell into thought.

Qiong Xi'er did not leave either, as her thoughts had been thrown into confusion.

To the average person, this news did not matter much, but things were completely different for the younger generation as the Ten Arbiters were the masters of their generation. Those ten individuals had the authority to judge, supervise, and even punish all other youths. Their authority was publicly recognized by the entire universe, and to the younger generation, the concept of the Ten Arbiters was like the heavens towering high above them. Even if the circumstances of the Outerverse had changed a great deal in recent years, the Ten Arbiters were still existences that could not be ignored. More importantly, the Divine Fist had brought a bunch of experts with him, which was testament to his power. 

The two youths fell silent for a long time. 

Wei Rong finally took a long breath. “Lu Yin’s in trouble.”

Qiong Xi'er looked up at him. “The Ten Arbiters Council?”

Wei Rong nodded, though he still appeared to be mulling something over. “After the Innerverse and Outerverse were separated, the Outerverse Youth Council became completely crippled. As a result, Lu Yin was able to sweep across the Outerverse and even become the number one member of the younger generation in the entire Outerverse. Now that an Arbiter has appeared, the Youth Council’s authority will definitely be restored, and the two will definitely have some conflicts.” 

Wei Rong looked over at Qiong Xi'er and then said, “Let’s not beat around the bush. You are worried that Lu Yin’s ambition will grow and that he will eventually swallow Millions City. I also hope that someone will be able to hold him back. Thus, for this confrontation between the Arbiter and Lu Yin, we have to play some small tricks.” 

“I won’t. Even if Lu Yin is able to successfully unite the Outerverse, that is still unrelated to Millions City, as he can't touch us.” Qiong Xi'er refused.

Wei Rong’s eyes grew intense. “Back during the battle in Millions City, do you remember what happened underground?” 

Qiong Xi'er’s expression twisted. “Everyone lost those memories.”

“That’s right, so you don’t know what happened. Thus, can you be absolutely certain that Lu Yin has no method to deal with Millions City?” Wei Rong asked sternly.

Wei Xin'er stared at him. “Don’t bother trying to scare me. He can’t remember anything about that period either.”

Wei Rong was bemused by her response. “But if there’s even the most remote possibility, I would absolutely destroy it, especially when against Lu Yin.” 

Qiong Xi'er considered his words for a long time. “What are you thinking?”

“We don’t have to do anything for now. The two will naturally come into contact. You can simply spread some information regarding the devastation of East San Dios. The Divine Fist will not remain indifferent, and what happens after that is none of our business,” Wei Rong said.

Qiong Xi'er stared up at the sky. The Outerverse had changed once again.

News of Divine Fist Arbiter appearing in the Outerverse quickly spread, and while most people did not even know which Arbiter had come, just the name of Divine Fist was enough to shock everyone.

Ten days passed, after which Lu Yin arrived at Shenwu Continent’s space station, where he discovered that the Daynight clan members had already moved out. 

During the initial phase of the war with Armament Weave, the Daynight clan, the Sword Sect, and a few other Innerverse powers had tried to intervene. Now that Lu Yin’s influence had become even more overbearing, these different powers had also become afraid of being forced to repay their past debts. 

These people had been able to see things clearly; Lu Yin was fearless in the Outerverse now, especially since the border defense in Endless Weave had ended. At that time, he had finished off Armament Weave’s Wei family. Lu Yin’s backing was terrifying, and the Hall of Honor clearly supported this youth. Thus, not even the Daynight clan dared to stay behind. 

At this time, the one overseeing Shenwu Continent’s space station was an unfamiliar Hunter known as Arrel. He was from Darkmist Weave, and he had taken the initiative to apply to the Great Yu Empire for the task of overseeing the space station, and he had received permission from the Imperial Cabinet. 

Although Shenwu Continent was located in Darkmist Weave, the authority to make decisions regarding the continent remained with the Great Yu Empire. This was the might of the Great Yu Empire. 

When Arrel saw Lu Yin arrive, he jumped in fright and hurriedly made his way over to pay his respects. 

Lu Yin shook hands with the Hunter. “Without my express order, nobody is to enter Shenwu Continent.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Arrel respectfully acknowledged his orders.

Soon after that, Lu Yin entered Shenwu Continent and landed near Mingdu. He gathered his bearings and then headed straight toward Mingdu. 

In Mingdu’s imperial palace, within an office, Ming Yan was looking over reports and memos, reading various papers from time to time. 

Bei Hong respectfully stood behind the empress.

After some time, Ming Yan finally finished going through the pile of memos, and she then looked up at Bei Hong. 

“Act according to your instructions,” Ming Yan gently told the man, though there was also an imposing undertone in her voice. 

Bei Hong accepted a paper. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

He then respectfully withdrew from the study.

Ming Yan then dismissed everyone from the office. Once she was alone, she held her head and revealed an exhausted manner as she massaged her head. 

The warm sunlight streamed into the room.

Unknowingly, she had already held this position for more than two years. Two years had passed since Lu Yin had left, and he had not returned this entire time. “Have you forgotten about me?”

“Nope,” a voice rang out from behind Ming Yan.

Ming Yan was startled, and she whirled around to see Lu Yin, delighted. “Brother Lu!”

Lu Yin looked down at Ming Yan and held her. “I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy to come see you recently.”

Ming Yan blushed. She had a split personality, and the current one that was dominant was the simpler one. Still, she had led the life of an empress for two years already, and it had forced her to become more decisive and dignified. However, she returned to being just a little girl once more when she was alone with Lu Yin. 

If not for Lu Yin, she would have crumbled in the past.

When Lu Yin hugged Ming Yan, he felt as though he was complete. Although he was not able to see this woman frequently, she occupied a very important position in his heart. 

Ming Yan leaned over, completely at peace in Lu Yin’s embrace. She even closed her eyes. Only in this person’s embrace was she able to feel at ease and let go of everything. 

There was no need for words between them. One hug was enough to demonstrate the other’s feelings.

Lu Yin lowered his head and kissed Ming Yan. Suddenly, icy-cold eyes stared back at him, and Ming Yan’s long hair turned white. “How bold! Do you believe that I will not bury you?” 

Lu Yin reflexively released the girl and coughed awkwardly. 

The white-haired Ming Yan snorted and stared at him. “If you dare act so disrespectfully again, I will truly bury you.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes. “You can’t beat me.” 

She arched a brow at him. “What did you say?”

Lu Yin laughed dryly. “Nothing much. Uh, shouldn’t you only come out at night?”

She answered coldly, “She’s too weak, and she can’t resist when she’s in front of you. Who knows what you might do to her with your ulterior motives.” 

Lu Yin was left speechless. 

Ming Yan frowned, sniffed vigorously, and then looked at Lu Yin’s cosmic ring. “Do you have that sort of poison in there?” 

Lu Yin was puzzled. “What poison?”

“The poison that made me like this,” the white-haired Ming Yan asked expectantly.

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