Chapter 897: Qualification And Authority

On the other side of the disconnected call, beneath the surface of an icy planet, Starfox lowered his gadget and looked at some nearby people. Black Mask and the child-like killer were both present beside him. 

“Over the last half a year, a great deal of our Aegis’s intelligence has been taken by the Great Yu Empire. There’s no need to mention their motives, as they obviously want to use that information to plant hidden agents in other organizations so that they can easily conquer the entire Outerverse in the future. Are we really going to allow them to infiltrate everything just like that?” Starfox could not help himself from asking this, as he was still unwilling to accept these changes since he felt that Lu Yin always tended to instigate problems.  

Black Mask answered in a gloomy tone. “No matter what he does, our objective is still to protect Aegis. Before we can completely protect ourselves, we need to rely on him.”

“With the Hall of Honor as our protective talisman, we are indeed able to act a bit more boldly. However, I also feel that this Lu Yin is not so simple. We are relying on his status within the Hall of Honor, but is he merely using our intelligence? This person’s ambitions are greater than the heavens,” the child-like killer commented. 

Starfox strongly approved of this comment. Even a child in the Outerverse was aware of Lu Yin’s ambition, as he definitely wanted to unify the entire Outerverse.

Black Mask had a frigid expression, but in the depths of his eyes, one could see complicated emotions that included a bit of helplessness. 

Aegis was one of the Outerverse’s four great conglomerates, and it was an existence that had gathered both offensive and defensive fame by gathering countless mercenaries and assassins under their banner. They had ruthlessly spread throughout the entire Outerverse, which was something that outsiders were able to see. However, how many were able to see their helplessness? 

Lu Yin had witnessed it, and he had taken advantage of it. All they could at this time was cooperate with him, as he had claimed the true top seat. 

So what if he was just an Explorer? Clouds and rain would form when he moved his hand. This could be seen in how he had unified the eastern region of the Outerverse, and how he was now moving to unify the entire Outerverse. 

Becoming a subsidiary of the Hall of Honor had been very attractive to the assassin, but there was one other detail that while he might not want to admit, had no choice but to do so. In the future, they would have to rely on Lu Yin, as this person’s future would be incomparably glorious. 

For an unknown amount of time, the circumstances of the universe had begun to change. The various independent weaves of the past had gradually started to come together, much like a fleet of large ships, and Lu Yin was the flagship. The moment they had agreed to let this person join Aegis’s first level of management, they had already joined this large fleet that was being led by Lu Yin, and they could not leave after joining. 

“Sometimes, one’s circumstances are much like an arrow that has already left the bow. Once it has been loosed, there’s no turning back. Let’s just await his arrival!” Black Mask said.

Starfox and the child-like killer did not reply. 

Assassins were often cold-blooded. Aegis’s planetary headquarters was usually frozen to maintain cryostasis, and its astral location was quite remote. In particular, there were many dangerous cosmic phenomena around this area of outer space, so very few could reach this planet. 

Lu Yin followed Starfox’s coordinates and eventually arrived at a very ordinary-looking, frozen white planet. 

There were not many rune lines to be seen on this planet, and there were possibly none at all. The moment Lu Yin had joined Aegis’s first level management, he had used his new clearance to learn about the methods that Aegis employed to hide their runes, which turned out to be a strange mineral known as cloakstone. It was able to completely restrain one’s star energy, and it looked like a rock. 

This stone was very rare, and not even Aegis had much of it. Thus, the only ones qualified to use the stones were all individuals who were ranked within the top ten.

Lu Yin intended to use this visit to ask for a piece as well.

There was nothing but a world of white outside the spacecraft as it slowly landed on the surface of the planet. A current of white air softly blew on the sides of the vessel, making it look like a passageway that had frozen over. 

A rumbling sound came out as the spacecraft touched down on the ground, and Lu Yin let out a long breath when the hatch opened. The air flowing out of the cabin actually froze, showing just how cold this place was. Fortunately, such temperatures could not do much harm to cultivators like him. 

The white color extended into the infinite distance, and only a single blemish of black entered his eyes. This was the location of the underground facilities’ entrance.

Lu Yin’s figure vanished before reappearing at the entrance to the underground complex, and he calmly descended down the stone steps carved deep into the earth. Before long, he arrived at the room where Black Mask and the few others would preserve themselves in cryostasis. 

Suddenly, Lu Yin felt his scalp go numb. An icy cold killing intent had locked onto him in the dark as a smear of frost streaked past behind him. Lu Yin casually waved a hand, shifting the frost attack away, but even more cold reflections flickered out and stabbed at him. 

Lu Yin’s eyes filled with star energy, and he weakened the rune lines of the cold lights before tapping out. The void congealed, and the multiple shards of cold light shattered. He then tapped out again, sending another finger strike into an empty region of space that was in front of him.

Although these attacks had seemingly come out of nowhere, they had not ended yet. All of these points of light converged together, releasing the indescribable killing intent of an attack that surpassed a power level of 200,000. This attack caused the void to begin quivering and warping. This was the strength of an Enlighter. 

Lu Yin smiled grimly, pulled out what looked like a walnut from his cosmic ring, and then casually tossed it up and down. 

“Stop,” a voice barked out as Black Mask stepped out and moved over next to Lu Yin while staring at a nearby corner. The underground lights turned on, and the child-like killer stared at Lu Yin with amazement and incomprehension in his eyes. 

“Xiao Zheng, come over and apologize to Alliance Leader Lu,” Black Mask ordered, his expression looking uncommonly severe while his entire face had turned pale.

The cold light at the fingertips of the child-like assassin dissipated, and Lu Yin was able to see that they were actually pieces of crystal before the assassin quickly stored them away. He then approached Lu Yin while slowly bowing. “I’m sorry, Alliance Leader Lu.” 

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards as he looked at the child-like assassin. “Is this how Aegis greets its guests?” 

Black Mask did not respond. Instead, Starfox stepped out. “You are no guest of ours—you are a member, and so, we must know exactly how powerful you are.” 

Lu Yin nodded and put the walnut away. “Got it. So, do you know now?”

Black Mask watched Lu Yin put the walnut away and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. When that little thing had first appeared, his entire body had gone cold. An instinctual panic that came from his very cells had nearly caused him to flee. That thing was definitely a terrifying weapon, and he was certain that he would not be able to flee from it if it was used. 

“Sorry, Alliance Leader Lu,” the man apologized personally.

Lu Yin waved a hand to dismiss the apology as he surveyed his surroundings curiously. Around him was five coffin-like cryostasis pods. Five people had founded Aegis,  but only these three remained, which seemed a little miserable. Still, only the Neo-Vestige Sect, the Dark Phoenix family, Millions City, and a few other powers in the entire Outerverse were able to rival Aegis, and Black Mask was the true hidden trump card of Aegis. 

“This is the place where Aegis became powerful. It seems that, during that calamity of the assassins in the past, you guys hid here,” Lu Yin commented. 

Black Mask replied, “Yes, when that calamity swept through the entire Outerverse, every assassination organization with some degree of influence was included, including the Great Eastern Alliance’s Mafioso Planet. However, Mafioso Planet was able to withstand it and survive whereas the majority of the other assassination organizations were all wiped out.” 

At that moment, Lu Yin recalled that the bespectacled Mistchild had once mentioned that Mafioso Planet’s inherited power vessel had been used in the past. It seemed that it had been used during the calamity that had rocked the Outerverse’s assassins. 

Mafioso Planet had been able to survive not only because of its power vessel, but also because its influence had always been limited to just the weaves in the eastern region of the Outerverse. Even at its peak, its influence had never spread across more than seven weaves. Also, they had never gathered intelligence on those who were truly in power. Otherwise, they would not have been able to withstand the calamity either. 

“Right, shouldn’t he be protecting the border? How was he able to leave after just half a year?” Lu Yin was puzzled. He was referring to the child-like assassin, who was apparently called Xiao Zheng. 

“We are assassins, not mercenaries. Thus, there’s not much meaning to having us participate in a unified defense. Instead, we will head out so long as we receive a request. Moreover-” The child-like assassin paused for a moment as he looked at Lu Yin. “We also belong to the Hall of Honor now, though we only answer to Alliance Leader Lu’s orders. Before a war starts at the border, we can choose to not participate in the defense.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “I came here in part to confirm that, as a member of the first level management, I qualify to mobilize all of Aegis’s manpower, physical resources, and even… financial resources?” 

The three old assassins exchanged glances, and Starfox in particular looked extremely wary. However, he had no choice in this matter either. 

Black Mask nodded. “Of course. You now have the authority to make decisions.”

“That’s good. I want to mobilize Aegis’s forces to search for Wei Rong’s whereabouts, and I also want to know the backgrounds of all the members who are a part of the second level management, as well as the reason why they first joined Aegis. All of this information can be sent over to En Ya after you’ve sorted it out,” Lu Yin said. 

“Alliance Leader Lu, I hope that you understand that we are an independent organization.” Starfox could not help himself from speaking up. 

Lu Yin looked at the man. “You have the right to refuse.”

Starfox was about to respond, but he was stopped by Black Mask. “Alliance Leader Lu’s request is not overboard. We will do as requested.”

“Thank you.” Lu Yin smiled.

He and Aegis each took what they needed from the other. They would have been fine if they had not joined the Hall of Honor, but the moment they had, it had become almost impossible for Aegis to leave Lu Yin’s side.

Lu Yin did not spend much time with the three old men before leaving. He headed to Shenwu Continent next, as he had not seen Ming Yan in a long time. 

Before he left, Lu Yin requested a piece of cloakstone. 

In the underground room, Starfox could not help but blurt out, “We had an agreement before that we would only be under his authority in name only! In fact, Aegis does not need to listen to his orders, and he is not qualified to mobilize Aegis’s forces. His motives have already been revealed in just half a year.” 

“If we’re going to play at all, then let’s go big. At worst, we’ll start over from scratch,” Xiao Zheng rarely said much, but he usually went straight to the point. 

Black Mask replied, “That’s true. Since we’ve boarded this vessel, then there’s no logic in having the captain row his own boat. We must help. We’ll supply all the manpower or money that he requires, and we’ll see just how far he can go.” 

Starfox released a grudging sigh. Aegis had indeed changed the moment Lu Yin had joined it. They had become Lu Yin’s knife in the dark. 

At this moment, Starfox was worried about just one thing: money. He understood Lu Yin quite well, and he was well aware that this person was deeply concerned about money, especially since he had specifically mentioned Aegis’s financial resources. This fellow was definitely plotting after their money. 

Starfox had not guessed wrong, as Lu Yin was indeed plotting to obtain Aegis’s resources, but he was simply too embarrassed to demand it. However, he was in no hurry, and he would do things one step at a time. Aegis was one of the Outerverse’s four great conglomerates, and it had become a wallet that he could access at any time. Joining the Hall of Honor under Lu Yin’s name was not something that had no strings attached.


During the previous defense of the Sixth Mainland’s invasion at the border, before Millions City had headed over to Endless Weave, they had sent most of the mobile fortress’ inhabitants to stay on various planets. During the intense battles, Millions City had been badly damaged, but fortunately, its foundation had not been ruined. 

Many cultivators had used the past half year to somewhat restore Millions City to its previous condition. 

Many of the city’s original skylines were now gone. 

However, due to the border defense, Millions City had become far more famous than before, mostly because it had become common knowledge that the mobile fortress was capable of unleashing attacks with power levels of more than 500,000. This had delighted many forces in the Outerverse, and more people surged towards Millions City than ever before. 

The number of people who hoped to stay in Millions City had clearly risen.

Millions City was massive, but every street was packed to the brim.

On the northern side of the city, there was an absolutely massive residence in a certain corner of the city that had almost no one staying there. Half a year ago, when Millions City had first begun repairing itself, there had been some people who had stayed at this place for a period of time, and their numbers had not been few. The people who had lived inside here had all been from the Wei family. 

The Wei family had suffered a total defeat in Armament Weave, and their clan had been scattered. Wei Baichuan and Wei Dan had both been captured while Wei Xin'er was still on Planet Hydrotink. Wei Rong had gone missing, and the other, less important members of the Wei family had all headed to this residence.

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