Chapter 892: Lu Yin And Bai Ling

Lan Si suddenly appeared, slapping out with a hand as he did so. This attack caused the sky itself to turn dark as an immense, boundless pressure descended from the sky even though there was clearly no one in front of the Arbiter. 

Lu Yin was overwhelmed, as Lan Si had actually attacked the correct position. Bai Ling truly was in that empty space. 

The palm print was suddenly encircled by countless lines, weakening the palm strike by multiple steps. Bai Ling then stepped out from the void and looked down, though her eyes had widened slightly. On the battlefield, strange shapes formed from sound appeared everywhere, which were the manifestations of sound itself. Explosions occurred shortly after they appeared, and not only did they cause mass destruction, but they also made people feel as if their bodies were being torn apart. 

Lu Yin was also affected by the explosions, as the force tearing people’s physical bodies apart was spiritual force. Bai Ling was adept at spiritual force attacks, and her spiritual force battle techniques were hidden within the sound waves that had been given form. It was impossible to effectively defend against her attacks, and they instantly affected the entire battlefield. 

In an instant, countless cultivators revealed stunned looks on their faces as they collapsed to the ground. 

This attack had targeted not only Grayweed Continent’s cultivators, but the Sixth Mainland’s cultivators as well. 

Lu Yin was petrified, as this attack was the martial print that could vanquish all others.

Lan Si was furious, as that momentary gap had allowed Bai Ling to unleash an unimaginable amount of destruction that he could not stop. 

Still, Bai Ling’s attacks were ineffective against Lan Si, and she could not defeat him.

Since Lu Yin had been influenced by Bai Ling’s attack, he was temporarily frozen in place, and Corpse Looter took advantage of this opening to attack him. A stooped figure appeared behind the cold-faced young man, which was his imprint. He then raised a hand and slapped out, and surprisingly, it was reinforced with eight lined battle force. 

Most cultivators of the Sixth Mainland felt that battle force and domains were beneath them. Instead, they focused wholeheartedly on cultivating their imprints. Lu Yin had not expected Corpse Looter to actually possess eight lined battle force, and Lu Yin was not able to react in time to protect himself from the attack, and he was struck in the arm. The force blasted Lu Yin’s entire body underground, but Corpse Looter did not let Lu Yin off there. The youth’s fingers curled as a trace of what looked like black gas floated out from his palm, emanating the stench of death. This was another manifested martial print, which was something that only those who were unbelievably talented could achieve. 

The manifested martial print twisted like a black gas as it followed Corpse Looter’s body, encircling his arm, and eventually, his entire body. The next moment, Corpse Looter growled, leaped up, and lifted his right leg high into the air before slamming it back down on Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin had already been knocked underground when he saw Corpse Looter’s kick descending towards him. His Fatesand moved to block the approaching attack, but Lu Yin was sent even further underground with a loud thump. 

Corpse Looter flew up to the surface and stared hard at the ground. He then inspected his own right leg, as the impact of the last attack felt like it had not had any effect. 

There was a whoosh as Lu Yin flew out of the hole, rubbing his chest before looking at Corpse Looter in astonishment. This fellow’s strength was even greater than Autumnfrost Qing and Hong Ying’s. That last attack in particular had almost reached the level of nine lined battle force. Lu Yin had not noticed this person’s physical strength earlier, and he had assumed that this person merely relied on his corpses to fight. However, it turned out that Corpse Looter was actually quite a brutal person. 

“Sorry, I’m not fighting anymore.” Corpse Looter was very blunt, and he turned to flee.

Lu Yin was about to attack, but he was stumped by this sudden change. He was fleeing?

“Seventh Bro, how could that fellow just thrash you once before running?! Chase him down! Don’t let him take advantage of you!” the Ghost Monkey shouted in indignation, as if someone beating Lu Yin was the same as beating him. 

Lu Yin was also frustrated, as this person wanted to run after kicking him down. He thought about it, and then his figure flashed as he chased after Corpse Looter. 

Corpse Looter constantly tossed out corpses to stall Lu Yin. “Bro, we can’t make friends if we don’t fight, so there’s no need to fight to the death. There are so many other people on this battlefield that you can pick on, such as that Tong Zhan. He needs a beating more than anyone else. Also, there’s that Hong Ying woman or that Bai Ling. Go look for them.” 

Lu Yin snorted and smacked out with a full powered Seventy Stacks, Hundredfold Shockwave Palm. This attack shattered all of the corpses blocking Lu Yin’s path, and it even crossed the distance between Lu Yin and Corpse Looter to land on the cold-faced youth’s back. 

Corpse Looter helplessly whirled around while the black gas twined about his entire body as his martial print manifested again. “Dead Man’s Palm.” 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he activated the Yu Secret Art to redirect the black gas that was circling around Corpse Looter’s hand. The cold-faced youth was surprised by the sudden redirection, but it was already too late for him to pull his attack back, and his hand firmly collided against Lu Yin’s. There was a soft thump as a shockwave swept out in all directions while the ground beneath the two youths collapsed. The endless suppression from Lu Yin’s Overlaying Stacks Path forced Corpse Looter to continuously retreat, and sounds of bone cracking could be heard from his right palm. He could no longer endure the layered attack, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. 

The black gas returned to circling around Corpse Looter’s arm, and the imprint behind him became even more defined. It had reached the point where it was possible to recognize that the imprint was an old person who seemed to have emerged from a grave, and just the image of his stooped figure was enough to send chills running down one’s spine. Corpse Looter’s strength was greatly boosted by it, and he barely managed to endure Lu Yin’s Overlaying Stacks Path attack. 

Lu Yin’s hand transformed into a claw, and a Skybeast Claw crashed down next, reinforced with his eight lined battle force. Corpse Looter continued to throw out more corpses to stall the claw, but then, Lu Yin’s gaze trembled as he pulled his hand back. He then tapped out with a single finger, and the void congealed as that solitary finger pierced through Corpse Looter’s palm and caused his entire arm to shatter. 

Corpse Looter’s body was flung far into the distance like a stone, and he looked completely miserable. 

At this point, a chilly feeling came over Lu Yin from behind, as Hong Ying was stabbing at him with her spear, murderous intent all over her face. Lu Yin lightly tapped at her with a finger and diverted her spear to the side before tapping out again. The second tap caused wind to shoot towards Hong Ying and slam into her abdomen. He then casually waved his hand and sent her flying away, but he was stopped by an unknown object, which prevented him from killing her with that final attack. 

Lu Yin had faced two people on his own, and he had managed to defeat both Hong Ying and Corpse Looter. These two were both youths from forces that possessed World Imprinters, as one was from Flying Horse Manor while the other was from Justice Manor. Out of the Grand Martial Realm’s entire younger generation, these two were only inferior to Bai Ling, but they had both been defeated soundly. 

The moment Lu Yin had come into contact with the Sixth Mainland, he had encountered many elite youths on this level, such as Butcher, Autumnfrost Qing, Mojiang Xiao, and even Tong Zhan. 

And with Lu Yin’s great strength, he was able to crush opponents at their level, but there was still a considerable disparity between Lu Yin and the Realmlings. 

“Hong Ying, watch yourself!” Lan Baobao appeared from nowhere, and she swatted at Hong Ying with a palm that contained the power of the Overlaying Stacks Path. Blood stained Hong Ying’s lips red, and she tightly clenched her spear as she swept out with it, forcing Lan Baobao to retreat several steps. The girl then glared at Lu Yin with a frustrated expression. “Who the hell are you?” 

Lu Yin had no time to bother with this willful girl. The Bluearch Dojo Master was in imminent peril. He had originally been fighting against Granny Gui since he coincidentally countered her fighting style. But then, his opponent had suddenly changed to Mr. Da, whose power level not only surpassed Granny Gui, but whose battle style also completely countered the Bluearch Dojo Master’s. The larger the giant ape’s body became, the more disadvantageous his situation was. It looked as if the large man was about to meet his end. 

Lu Yin pulled the smelly, fruit-like item back out and threw it over. Although it was not able to influence Mr. Da to the same degree that it could with Mr. Yi, it would at least be able to disgust the man a bit. 

The outcome was that, not only was Mr. Da grossed out, but everyone on the entire battlefield also immediately became sickened.

The two cultivators whom Mr. Yi had brought along quickly started sucking in all the stench in the air.

But fortunately, because Mr. Da had been temporarily thrown off by the smell, the Bluearch Dojo Master gained a precious moment of reprieve. Lu Yin then flew up and dashed over to the two powerhouses, as he planned on joining forces with the Bluearch Dojo Master to fight against Mr. Da. However, the void in front of Lu Yin suddenly warped, and strange lines that looked like moving ripples appeared before him. 

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, as this was Bai Ling’s battle technique. He turned to flee without any hesitation, and the sound wave exploded right where he had just been standing as a spiritual force attack swept through the sky. Lu Yin was still the closest person to the blast, and he ended up receiving an attack that was equivalent to one of Bai Ling’s strikes. 

Tong Tong had been looking for an opportunity to take her revenge, and when she saw that Lu Yin had been affected by Bai Ling’s attack, she flew over and stabbed at him with her sword, attempting to kill him. 

However, Lu Yin suddenly whipped around, grabbed the tip of the sword, and shattered it with a bang before tossing it aside. The shattered sword fragments swept past Tong Tong’s neck as they shot towards the distant mountains. 

Blood sprayed from Tong Tong’s neck, and she slowly sank to the ground, already dead. 

“Young Lady!” Quite a few cultivators rushed over from a distance, and all of them stared at Tong Tong’s corpse in disbelief. 

This woman had been struck by one of Lu Yin’s suns earlier and had thus been forced to use her protective power vessel to survive. This time, she had been mercilessly killed by Lu Yin in an instant. 

There were a few experts from the Tong family here, and in particular, Tong Tong’s bodyguards were present. All of them were at least at the Hunter realm, and one was even an Enlighter. They glared up at Lu Yin with hatred in their eyes. “Bastard, we’ll make you pay!” 

These few people all acted as one.

Lu Yin’s face turned cold. On the battlefield, there was no guarantee as to who would live or die. Lan Yu had been the son of Dojo Master Lan, but he had still died. 

Lu Yin grew serious when he saw that he was surrounded by experts with even an Enlighter among their group. At this moment, numerous Grayweed Continent cultivators were doing their best to hold those powerhouses back, and they also had some Enlighters among their ranks. 

At this time, all of the elites and powerhouses of Grayweed Continent had gathered at the Skyblaze Dojo. They were all people who had escaped from the Sixth Mainland’s endless slaughter, meaning that they were all top-notch experts, and there were quite a few Enlighters among their numbers. There were enough of them to challenge the Sixth Mainland experts of the same realm, and these powerhouses were very difficult to deal with. 

Lu Yin heaved a sigh of relief, as he had no desire to be surrounded. Despite being unafraid, he still looked up toward a distant part of the sky. That previous attack had definitely been intentional, which meant that Bai Ling was targeting him. 

In the distance, Lan Si had realized the same thing; Bai Ling was not focused on Lan Si, but rather on Lu Yin. 

“Is that person also from your Mt. Stacks Dojo?” Bai Ling calmly asked as she looked back at Lan Si. 

Lan Si frowned. “Are you that concerned about him?” 

Bai Ling replied, “He defeated both Hong Ying and Corpse Looter at the same time. Thus, the only person in the younger generation of my Grand Martial Realm who stands above him is me. More importantly, he’s still just an Explorer. If he becomes a Hunter, then it’s possible that neither of us will be his opponent. He’s a threat, and so I’ll either subdue him or take him out.” 

Lan Si shook his head. “As long as I’m around, you won’t be able to.”

Bai Ling’s eyes narrowed. “Just try me.”

With her palm facing upwards, she lifted her hand until her arm was level with the ground. After that, the clamor of the entire battlefield suddenly vanished, stunning countless combatants. All sound had disappeared, transforming into what looked like birds as they all flew towards Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank, and he saw the cold killing intent in Bai Ling’s eyes. He cursed and then charged underground, heading toward the magma. 

Countless sound wave birds chirped as they flew at him from all directions, which stunned everyone witnessing the scene. Even Lan Si was unable to do anything to stop Bai Ling. He was confident of being able to defeat Bai Ling in a head-on fight, but blocking her from attacking someone else was very difficult for him. 

Lan Si was not the only one who would struggle to do so. In fact, aside from Madam Hong, there was likely no one on the entire battlefield who could block so many sound wave birds. After all, Bai Ling’s battle technique was merged with her spiritual force. 

It was as if a whole flock of birds was migrating as they chased after Lu Yin, flying towards the magma pool underground.

As long as there was sound, Bai Ling was capable of doing anything. This was the Grand Martial Realm’s Realmling. 

Lu Yin quickly fled into a cave. He had fled not out of fear, but rather because he did not want to expose the fact that he was capable of withstanding the Realmling’s spiritual force. If the strength of his spiritual force became widely known, then he would be viewed as even more of a threat. Thus, he wanted to conceal this aspect of him for as long as possible. 

He was actually quite confident in his ability to withstand the attacks from the bird’s explosions. 

Once Lu Yin arrived underground, he did not see an empty cavern. Instead, he was greeted by a giant sylvan dragon who looked at him in astonishment. 

The two stared at each other until the sylvan dragon finally spoke first. “There’s already someone here, so go find another cave.” 

Lu Yin blinked, and a strange expression formed on his face. He then slowly turned around, only to see countless birds charging at him. 

The sylvan dragon was stunned at the sight. “What the hell!”

The moment it uttered those words, the first bird exploded, followed by countless others exploding the next moment. 

Lu Yin instinctively hid behind the sylvan dragon. While he was capable of withstanding the birds’ spiritual force attack, the physical force of their explosion was not something that he could simply ignore. Luckily for him, there just happened to be something present that was able to block the explosions for him.

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