Chapter 891: The Ten Arbiters And The Realmlings

Ever since the Sixth Mainland started their invasion of the Innerverse, whenever a World Imprinter powerhouse had taken to the battlefield, they had proven to be practically invincible. There were very few even in the Innerverse who could fight against such experts, and Madam Hong’s reputation was very impressive. 

When the Sea King and the others saw Madam Hong appear, all of their expressions changed. They were aware that Venerable Tong had gone into seclusion, but they had never imagined that the Tong family would actually ask Madam Hong to assist them. Even if she suppressed her power level to under 200,000, the power that Madam Hong was capable of unleashing was something unimaginable to the defenders. 

It was like, between two children fighting, if one had an adult’s consciousness. The two would not be on the same level.

When Madam Hong arrived, Mr. Yi and the others all bowed to her. 

Her charming eyes moved over all the people gathered at the Skyblaze Dojo, and her lips curled upwards to reveal an enchanting smile. She focused on the Sea King. “I find you admirable. Surrender to me, and I can allow all of you to join the Flying Horse Manor.” 

The Sea King laughed in response. “Beat us first.” 

A lovely laughter emerged from Madam Hong’s throat. “Very manly! Very well, I will make you yield.”

After speaking, she stretched her delicate hands forward. The magma that had been shielding the Skyblaze Dojo suddenly stopped flowing, and as soon as Madam Hong made contact with it, everything changed. The ground, the air, the underground regions, the magma, and even the thoughts of everyone present changed. Every single cultivator felt their blood run cold. 

The magma gradually disappeared, and the defenses that had protected the Skyblaze Dojo for so long crumbled in just a moment. 

Many cultivators from the Skyblaze Dojo fell into absolute despair, as this was the strength of a World Imprinter. Such a person could not be faced or understood.

The Sea King’s eyes went wide, and his trident pierced through the void to stab at Madam Hong. 

Mr. Yi suddenly moved to obstruct the trident, and a massive martial print pressed down from the sky. However, when the martial print met the Sea King's Trident, it instantly crumbled away. The Sea King's Trident pierced through the martial print, throwing Mr. Yi back as it continued on towards Madam Hong. 

Mr. Yi was stunned, as he had not expected the Sea King to be this powerful. Mr. Yi’s power level was over 600,000, and it was actually very close to 700,000. And from this single exchange, he thus estimated the Sea King’s power level to be very close to 800,000, as he was one level inferior to the Sea King. 

After thinking about it, Venerable Tong appeared behind Mr. Yi as an imprint while his martial print materialized once again and pressed downwards. 

Madam Hong frowned, and she casually waved a hand, causing the martial print to turn to dust. “Back off. He’s mine.” 

At the same time, the fiery dragon snarled, and it wrapped itself around Tian Yanzi’s body as the two of them charged towards the Sixth Mainland invaders. The Bluearch Dojo Master and Dojo Master Lan also took action while the Sixth Mainland’s Granny Gui, Mr. Da, and Elder Yuan all made their moves. 

A devastating explosion occurred when the top-notch experts collided, and thousands of cultivators on both sides were overwhelmed by the aftershocks. 

In the area furthest ahead, there was one figure who was exceptionally eye-catching. Lan Si pressed down with one hand, and that alone was enough to overwhelm both Hong Ying and Tong Zhan. Mr. Da had to personally move over to stop the Arbiter, but the Enlighter was also forced to take a step back. 

Hai Dashao and the others had solemn expressions, and at this moment, Hai Qiqi also revealed her unyielding spirit. 

If they were defeated in this battle, then everyone here would either die or become a slave to the Sixth Mainland, which was unacceptable to everyone who had gathered at the Skyblaze Dojo. 

Lu Yin’s hands made some quiet sounds as he stared at Mr. Yi before proceeding to pull out the smelly, fruit-like object. 

Everyone knew when Lu Yin took action, as a vile scent pierced straight through their senses, directly targeting their brains. 

Madam Hong grabbed the Sea King's Trident, and her bright eyes locked onto the Sea King. She was just about to say something when the awful smell wafted over. Her expression changed, and she looked down at the Skyblaze Dojo and the smelly object that had just appeared. “What is that?” 

The Sea King frowned, as he had smelled the same thing, and it was indeed very nasty. “A new weapon that we’ve developed.” 

Madam Hong sneered. “It’s just a smell.”

After saying that, she tried to block off the stench, but her expression quickly changed. She actually could not block it or isolate herself from it; that smell directly influenced even her brain. 

This shocked Madam Hong. She was a World Imprinter, an existence that could destroy the sky and one that had even wrecked the Starfall Sea. However, she could not block that vile smell. 

Mr. Yi also smelled the vile stench, and he waved a hand, prompting that Blackblood Realm expert who had previously sucked in the smell to appear. The man looked a bit frightened, but that did not stop him from taking in a deep breath. At the same time, another person appeared. This person only had the strength of an Explorer, but he was a strange organism. He also opened his mouth and began to vacuum up the smell from the air. 

Last time, one person had not been able to handle the smell on their own. Thus, Mr. Yi had dragged two people along with him this time. 

And in addition, the Imprinter’s entire body was also covered with special equipment that tightly encased him from head to toe. It was so complete that Mr. Yi’s face could not even be seen. He was doing his utmost to avoid the stench. 

Lu Yin was left helpless, as the smelly, fruit-like item had indeed been rendered ineffective. It seemed that it would not be possible for him to use the same method three times in a row against an expert of such caliber. 

Tian Yanzi waved a hand, and the fire dragon flew towards Mr. Yi. The dojo master did not expect Lu Yin to deal with this powerhouse. 

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators were locked in an intense battle in front of the Skyblaze Dojo, and Zhang Dingtian had already been injured. He held his sword tightly with a fierce look on his face. 

Hai Dashao and the others were also shouting as they killed the enemy.

Lu Yin was targeted by two people: Hong Ying and—Tong Tong.

Once Lu Yin took out his smelly fruit, he had drawn the attention of multiple people across the entire battlefield. Tong Tong had noticed him, and although several years had passed since their altercation, she still remembered the person who had beaten her in the futon plaza of Daosource Sect's ruins. 

She had never expected that person to be from the Fifth Mainland.

Tong Tong made her move as she released a battle cry, and she reinforced herself with her martial print as she attacked Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin casually grabbed the girl’s foot and exerted a bit of force.

Tong Tong stabilized herself in midair, and she stared at Lu Yin as bloodlust filled her eyes. “So you’re a native of the Fifth Mainland!”

Lu Yin frowned. “You have the guts to approach me all alone? How bold.”

“There’s also me!” someone else cried out in the distance, and Hong Ying charged over towards Lu Yin as she stabbed at him with her spear. This time around, she had also brought along a helper, and she was accompanied by the cold-faced man Lu Yin had noticed earlier who looked similar to those of the Neohuman Alliance. 

Lu Yin snorted. “You still haven’t learned your lesson even after being beaten twice.”

He grabbed her crimson spear, and Hong Ying instantly let go. The spear snapped, and the entire shaft of the spear seemed to come alive and firmly adhere itself to Lu Yin’s arm. 

Hong Ying sneered. “Let’s see if you can escape this.” 

Lu Yin released a breath, and his right arm trembled as he immediately unleashed Seventy Stacks. The crimson spear was reduced to shards that fell to the ground. 

Hong Ying’s pupils shrank. “Impossible, you-” But before she could finish speaking, Lu Yin had tapped at her with a finger. He used his Dream Finger, and the void congealed around Hong Ying, preventing her from evading in any way. 

As the finger approached her, another figure suddenly appeared in front of Hong Ying and attempted to defend her from Lu Yin’s finger. 

The finger crushed the figure’s brain, but Lu Yin frowned, as his fingertip had grown cold. That figure did not belong to a living being. 

“Impressive, you can shatter my baby. Let’s continue.”

The young man with the cold face attacked Lu Yin, and he immediately pulled out quite a few figures from his cosmic ring that charged towards Lu Yin. 

All of these figures were corpses, which surprised Lu Yin. However, he did not hesitate to enshroud himself with eight lined battle force and counterattack with one palm strike after another, each one shattering a corpse. 

These corpses were incomparably tough, and each one possessed a strength that could nearly match up to a Hunter’s. However, none of them could take more than a single palm strike from Lu Yin. 

Hong Ying took out another spear and stabbed at Lu Yin while Tong Tong used her martial print to boost her strength to the peak. Then, the three youths attacked Lu Yin together. 

Lu Yin raised both of his hands, converging his star energy and causing two suns to rise from his palms which were then slammed towards Hong Ying and Tong Tong. 

Two loud booms filled the air, and the shockwaves swept into the distance.

Tong Tong spat out a mouthful of blood and was thrown into the distance. 

Hong Ying did not have it much easier, and she was thrown back 100 meters.

Lu Yin had acted too suddenly, and although the power contained within one sun was not that great, Tong Tong was still unable to withstand it. At the most critical moment, she had used her power vessel to withstand the blow, but she had still been severely injured from the attack. 

Lu Yin’s eyes landed on the young man with the cold appearance. “It’s your turn.”

“I’m Corpse Looter. Actually, I don’t want to fight you, and I only want to take a few corpses back with me. Justice Manor is too cheerless, and besides corpses, there are only more corpses there. So, there’s not a single one that can talk. I…”

Lu Yin was puzzled. This person looked cold, but he was actually a chatterbox.

The Sixth Mainland cultivators charged at Lu Yin from all directions, but they were all easily dispatched by him. 

Nobody noticed that, within the clamor of the battlefield, some of the sounds had solidified and turned into flying birds. As the battle progressed, more and more sounds turned substantial and hovered at a low altitude. 

In front of the Skyblaze Dojo, Lan Si suddenly shouted as he punched his fists against each other. The resulting terrifying shockwave rippled outwards as it expanded, and the very air seemed to turn to water as the ripples spread out. These ripples did nothing to the human combatants, regardless of if they were from Grayweed Continent or the Sixth Mainland. However, any of the sound wave figures exploded as soon as the ripples swept over them. 

“Bai Ling, since you’re already here, come out!” Lan Si shouted as he looked up into the distance. 

Lu Yin raised his head. Bai Ling? That was the Grand Martial Realm’s Realmling as well as someone on the same level as the Ten Arbiters. 

Countless people paid attention to this name. After four years of brutal warfare, the people of the Fifth Mainland had also come to understand the strength of the Realmlings, and it was common knowledge that the Realmlings were the strongest powerhouses of their generation. Strength was synonymous with the title of Realmling, and they held an equal status to the Innerverse’s Ten Arbiters in the hearts of the Sixth Mainland cultivators. 

Bai Ling had been a nightmare to the Starfall Sea cultivators. Even though she was not an absolute expert like Madam Hong was, the Realmling’s battle technique had too much destructive potential, and when it was used in tandem with her innate gift, she basically became a killing machine. It had even reached the point where she was considered more intimidating that a powerhouse like Mr. Yi. 

Although Lan Si and Bai Ling were both at the same level, Lan Si’s attacks could be dodged while Bai Ling’s attacks had no specific form. 

On the distant horizon, an ordinary-looking girl with cold eyes moved towards the battlefield, stepping onto strange lines as she slowly approached.

Many cultivators from the Skyblaze Dojo were shocked at her appearance, but she was indeed Bai Ling. 

The faces of Elder Tong, the Bluearch Dojo Master, and the other powerhouses turned ugly. At this moment, on Grayweed Continent, there were only two youths who could battle against Enlighters: Lan Si and Bai Ling. Bai Ling was an especially difficult opponent. 

After being thrown back by Lu Yin, when Hong Ying saw Bai Ling arrive, the spear wielder grew incredibly excited, as she basically worshipped Bai Ling.

That cold-looking man also saw Bai Ling appear, and he started to babble endlessly about some new nonsense. 

On another side of the battlefield, Tong Zhan had been fighting against Hai Dashao when he saw Bai Ling, and he grew extremely wary. This woman was very scary. 

Even powerhouses like Madam Hong and the Sea King glanced to the side.

All of this attention was because Bai Ling was too famous, and she had achieved her fame through slaughter. In fact, her reputation had even overshadowed Lan Si’s.

Lu Yin stared at the sky. Was that girl Bai Ling, the Grand Martial Realm’s Realmling? There was a rumor about her that went, “Once her martial print is used, all others will be vanquished.” 

When Bai Ling appeared, Lan Si ignored everything else on the battlefield and flew into the sky. “You still came.” 

Bai Ling calmly responded. “Should I not have come? Don’t try to force me to leave by deceit. Your methods are very low-class.” 

“What a pity.” Lan Si sighed.

One moment later, the two youths vanished at the same time, and an intense rumbling soon rang out from the sky. The void twisted and ruptured as spatial cracks shot out in all directions, all of which were accompanied by strange lines. These lines easily penetrated through anyone who dared to touch them, and not even Hunters could resist their power. These lines were a manifestation of sound.

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