Chapter 890: Lu Yin And The Divine Fist

Lu Yin’s hand did not cause the magma to stop, as the drop also contained at least Ten Stacks within it, which canceled out Lu Yin’s attack. The drop continued traveling towards Lu Yin at a normal speed. 

Lu Yin arched his brow. Twenty Stacks, Thirty Stacks, and even Forty Stacks proved useless against this drop of magma. 

The people around them were shocked, as that small drop of magma contained a tremendous amount of power. 

When the magma was just one meter away from Lu Yin, he used Fifty Stacks to try to resist it, but it was still useless. It was just a small drop of magma, but it seemed to contain limitless force.

Lan Si’s eyes started to gleam. He had not expected Lu Yin to be able to use Fifty Stacks. After all, Lu Yin had only trained at Mt. Stacks Dojo for a short amount of time, but he had still been able to comprehend up to Fifty Stacks. 

When Lu Yin used Sixty Stacks, Lan Si, Dojo Master Lan, the Bluearch Dojo Master, Tian Yanzi, and the Sea King were all shocked, as Lu Yin was still just an Explorer. 

In the end, Lu Yin used Seventy Stacks, which was his current limit.

The fire dragon roared in the underground hall as it had felt something. At the same time, a pair of enormous eyes opened in a nearby cave, and they shifted to look at Lu Yin.

The magma drop trembled before finally stopping and falling to the ground right before it would have struck Lu Yin. 

Everyone stared at Lu Yin in shock. He had deduced Seventy Stacks, which was scarily powerful. If anyone had told them before this that an Explorer would be able to use seventy stacks, none of them would have believed it. Additionally, even if that was possible, they would have only expected a single person to be capable of that feat: Lan Si. However, there was now another person who had achieved that feat in front of their eyes. 

Even the most elite Hunters in Mt. Stacks Dojo might not be able to use Seventy Stacks, as this was something that was completely different from merely enduring increased gravity. 

Lan Si had been leisurely leaning against the wall, but after this took place, he stood up straight. A flicker of fear flashed through his eyes as he started clapping. 

Loud applause could be heard from around the hall.

Lu Yin turned to look at Lan Si once more. Lan Si’s expression had changed, and the way he looked at Lu Yin had also changed. Now, the gaze in Lan Si’s eyes indicated that he was looking at an equal, which meant that Lu Yin had managed to gain Lan Si’s respect.

Lu Yin was very emotional. He had trained for almost ten years, and it had also been about ten years since he had first heard of the Ten Arbiters. Back then, the Ten Arbiters had stood far above him, and their mere words were enough to decide the fate of countless peoples. Normal people weren’t even allowed to say these people’s true names, and they had long since been shrouded in mystery. 

When Lu Yin had first broken Lan Si’s record in the Astral Combat Academy, Lan Si had contacted Lu Yin and attempted to recruit the youth. 

However, now, the Arbiter respected Lu Yin. This youth was no longer an ant, and he had earned the right to look the Ten Arbiters in the eyes. 

“You’ve truly surprised me, Lu Yin. This is not our first time speaking.” Lan Si smiled. 

Lu Yin’s expression became solemn. “I’m honored to hear that the Divine Fist still remembers me.” 

Lan Si looked at Lu Yin with a glint in his eyes.

At this moment, the Sea King spoke up. “This isn’t the time to chat.”

He then turned to Lu Yin. “Come here and show me the back of your hand.”

Lu Yin was confused, but he still obeyed the Sea King’s instructions.

Tian Yanzi placed his finger on the back of Lu Yin’s hand, and Lu Yin felt as if he had just been burnt. He reflexively jerked his hand back, and when he did, he saw that there was the symbol of a flame on the back of his hand now.

“Alright, you can go now. Qiqi, you should leave too,” the Sea King said.

Hai Qiqi didn’t want to go, and she stubbornly tugged at the Sea King’s shirt.

The Sea King patted her head. “We have lots of time now, and I still want to hear about your time in the Outerverse. Alright, you should go now.” 

Hai Qiqi reluctantly agreed. 

Lu Yin glanced over at Lan Si and then left the cave with Hai Qiqi and Hai Dashao.

“Qiqi, what’s this all about?” Lu Yin asked.

Hai Qiqi shook her head. “I don’t know either.”

Lu Yin turned to Hai Dashao.

“I don’t know.”

“I already knew that you wouldn’t know,” Lu Yin said.

Hai Dashao raised his brows. “I don’t see you for a few years, and you’ve become very sarcastic.”

“I learned it from your sister,” Lu Yin quipped back.

Hai Dashao opened his mouth, but then realized he had no words. He instinctively glanced over at Hai Qiqi. 

Hai Qiqi gritted her teeth and glared at Lu Yin. “You’re ugly, evil, and even sarcastic now! You’re becoming more and more like a piece of scum, and soon, you’ll never be able to recover.” 

“It’s still your fault,” Lu Yin replied casually.

Hai Qiqi was furious. She had always felt like her tongue was the most vicious, but at this current moment, she felt like Lu Yin was trying to challenge her position.

Suddenly, a large eye appeared in the cave and blinked as it looked down at the three youths.

HaI Dashao instinctively pulled Hai Qiqi behind him.

The large eye slowly retreated as a sylvan dragon appeared in front of them.

This dragon was much larger than the other sylvan dragons that Lu Yin had seen in the past.

He had heard that Tian Yanzi had saved a perverted sylvan dragon, and this must be the aforementioned creature. 

“It’s just three small humans.” The sylvan dragon flew out, causing magma to splatter everywhere. 

Hai Dashao immediately deflected the incoming magma, and when they looked back, the sylvan dragon had already left. Meanwhile, a strange black lump was falling towards them from above. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed, and he immediately moved back.

Hai Dashao and Hai Qiqi was curious about what was falling toward them, but as the black lump approached them, they both hastily fled. 

The black lump landed in the magma with a splash and was immediately incinerated, releasing a foul odor. 

It had been a pile of excrement.

The expressions on their faces were all very interesting.

This was especially true for Hai Dashao, as he was a young master of the Sea King’s Dome as well as someone who ranked among the top ten of the Top 100 Rankings. Thus, he had never encountered anything like this before. He was enraged, and he immediately flew into the sky to fight the sylvan dragon. 

“Second brother!” Hai Qiqi tried to stop him, but she was too late.

Lu Yin was also angry, as it was truly too much for the dragon to shit on them.

He had heard that the fire dragon had started burning away women’s clothes because of that sylvan dragon. It seemed that it was truly despicable.

Soon, a battle between a human and a dragon broke out high above the Skyblaze Dojo, and it was accompanied by the sounds of continuous chastising. This was something that the disciples of the Skyblaze Dojo were very familiar with. 

Two days later, the people in the Skyblaze Dojo received news that Mt. Stacks Dojo had been completely taken over by the Sixth Mainland. Many of the cultivators from the Sixth Mainland had tried to climb up the gravity training grounds as they were very curious about it. 

Most of the Fifth Mainland cultivators were depressed by this news, as it meant that the Skyblaze Dojo was the final place on Grayweed Continent that was still under the Fifth Mainland’s control. The other dojos had probably all been taken over by the Sixth Mainland. 

Lu Yin spent these two days training in the entrance to a cave. Although the temperature here was not able to reach the temperature of the furnace in the Daosource Sect’s ruins or Millions City’s energy cannon, it was still quite hot, and it greatly assisted in his training. 

Tens of thousands of cultivators settled down in the Skyblaze Dojo, as this would likely be their final resting place. 

Lu Yin opened his eyes and released a mouthful of hot air. The pile of star crystals laid before him were slowly disappearing. 

His cultivation speed in this place still felt too slow since he had already experienced the rush of crazily absorbing star essence in Millions City’s energy cannon. His speed in the Skyblaze Dojo wasn’t fast enough for him, even with the Cosmic Art. 

Then, Lu Yin looked at the fire dragon outside the cave and realized that it might be able to help him.

Lu Yin was still thinking about how he could get the fire dragon to help him when the ground trembled. When he looked up, Lu Yin saw countless rune lines descending upon the dojo. The Sixth Mainland had arrived, and they were starting their attack.

He had known that the Sixth Mainland would not allow them too much free time, but he had not expected them to arrive so quickly. 

Red hot magma erupted outside the Skyblaze Dojo and formed a shield outside the dojo’s boundaries. This magma had been reinforced with extra power, but it had been added artificially. Thus, the power level was still technically below the limit of 200,000. 

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland had relied on their powerhouses to arrive at the Skyblaze Dojo, and they looked at the dojo excitedly. This place was Grayweed Continent’s last hope, and once they successfully conquered this dojo, the entire Starfall Sea would be theirs. 

Mr. Yi, Mr. Da, and Granny Gui stood in front of tens of thousands of cultivators, and there were also some Enlighters among the attackers. However, they all seemed to be waiting for somebody. 

The Sea King emerged from the Skyblaze Dojo, followed by Tian Yanzi, Dojo Master Lan, the Bluearch Dojo Master, and Elder Tong. 

The tens of thousands of cultivators who were inside the Skyblaze Dojo all held their breath, and the fire dragon glared at Mr. Yi, who was standing high in the sky. Mr. Yi was the person who had almost killed the fire dragon during the Sixth Mainland’s first attack on the Skyblaze Dojo. 

The sylvan dragon also kept his eyes fixated on what was beneath him. However, he was not looking at the people from the Sixth Mainland. Instead, he was looking behind the dojo. It looked like the dragon was planning on escaping the moment anything serious happened. 

Lu Yin walked out of the cave and looked at the people who were approaching the Skyblaze Dojo. Apart from Mr. Yi and the other powerhouses at the front, he also noticed some other people whom he was familiar with, like Hong Ying, Tong Zhan, Tong Tong, and other elites from the Sixth Mainland’s younger generation. However, he was not able to recognize most of the gathered attackers. 

One person in particular drew Lu Yin’s attention; he was a young man with a pale face. He was very similar to a person from the Neohuman Alliance, and Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be the Neohuman Alliance, right? The Neohuman Alliance had not helped the Outerverse despite the invasion from the Sixth Mainland. Instead, the Neohuman Alliance had actually created even more trouble for the Human Domain. Although the Neohuman Alliance was based in the Fifth Mainland, it did not belong there, and so, Lu Yin would not be surprised if they had started cooperating with the Sixth Mainland. 

“Young one, I’ll leave Mr. Yi to you. Can you handle him?” Lu Yin heard the Sea King’s voice.

Lu Yin looked at Mr. Yi. Since this Imprinter had dared to show himself at this place, he must have come up with another way to deal with the smelly fruit-like object. Thus, Lu Yin wasn’t sure if he could hold the Imprinter back this time around.

At the same time, Mr. Yi’s gaze swept over the crowd before finally locking onto Lu Yin. The Imprinter’s eyes were filled with a deep hatred, and a disgusting feeling instinctively washed over him. Mr. Yi’s expression changed in an instant. 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, and he mimed the action of throwing something.

Mr. Yi reflexively took a step back.

Granny Gui and the others next to the super powerhouse all frowned.

Lu Yin’s confidence surged. Could it be that the old man really had not found a way to deal with the smelly fruit? 

After a few hours of glaring at each other through the magma shield, a figure suddenly arrived and moved in front of Mr. Yi and the other experts. 

This person was a middle-aged woman who had a voluptuous body and gorgeous face. Although she wasn't young, she had a deadly charm about her, and even from afar, one could sense an alluring fragrance from her. This was Madam Hong. 

At that moment, anyone among the defenders who could recognize Madam Hong fell into despair. Madam Hong was a World Imprinter from the Grand Martial Realm, and her power was just below Elder Tong’s. She had a power level of more than 800,000, and she was extremely powerful.

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