Chapter 89: Marriage??

Gerbach nodded with an almost-reverent gaze, “What do you think? Inconceivable, right? But those are the facts. There are rules to the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons; anyone who can defeat a captain can replace them. Beating the Second Captain was the only thing she did since coming out of the Innerverse; no one else knows how strong she is, because no one in the Empire is worth her time.”

Lu Yin was shocked, and incredulity welled up in his heart. The Thirteen Captains were all Cruisers; their combat level were over 50,000. That woman had actually reached that sort of standard? How was that possible? Gerbach and the other hall masters were just Melders! They couldn’t even begin to compare. It was no wonder that woman didn’t bother with the younger generation of the Empire; she was a genius above the rest across the entire universe.

“Top 20 in the Astral Combat Ranking, terrifying power that can sweep through the Frostwave Weave, and the capability to push the older generation down with force. Not many people in the Great Yu Empire can beat her; she’s earned the right to look down on us,” Gerbach sighed.

At this point, the screen lit up again; it was Schutz, “Gerbach, defer my battle with Lu Yin. I want to test how strong the Outerverse Youth Council members are.”

Gerbach nodded, “I want to try it too. They must be powerful if Wendy fancies joining them. You need to adjust yourself accordingly; our Great Yu Empire cannot be looked down upon.”

Schutz ended the call, and Gerbach looked at Lu Yin, “You can leave for now. The battle with Schutz will take some time, at least until after the Outerverse Youth Council members have arrived.”

Lu Yin acknowledged with a grunt, and left with complicated feelings. His fiancee was a little too powerful, a sensation not just in the Great Yu Empire. Foreigners might think it was a good thing; she was the Empire’s princess after all.

It was perhaps due to this abrupt rise in power that the Huo Family suddenly rejected the Fireforge Planet’s marriage proposal.

“Your Imperial Majesty, Young Master Yan Feng and the Huo Family’s eldest daughter had been arranged into marriage a long time ago, and they suddenly back out of the deal today. Are they looking down on the Fireforge Planet?” Yan Gang thundered in the royal court.

The courtiers in the audience looked on with cool gazes as Crown Prince Dorren spoke, “The Great Yu Empire has always been on good terms with the Fireforge Planet, and a marriage would only solidify that relationship further. But this is the Huo Family’s own decision, and it won’t be good for the Empire to involve itself.”

Yan Gang gritted his teeth, “Your Highness means that the Empire is not concerned?”

“It is simply an internal matter of the Huo Family, and not within our jurisdiction. His Imperial Majesty does not dictate such things, and this is not a large diplomatic issue. Both sides can dictate results by yourselves,” Dorren said with a smile.

Yan Gang glared at the man with fiery red hair just below Dorren Yushan. This man was none other than Huo Qingshan, the Fifth Captain. Unlike when he was testing Zhang Dingtian with blazing aggression, he seemed somewhat normal now, “I never agreed to marry Xiaoling into the Fireforge Planet. Your young master speaks for himself, and that has nothing to do with me.”

Yan Gang clenched his fists tightly and felt extraordinarily humiliated. When did the Fireforge Planet ever receive such humiliation? And yet, he had to endure this, especially now that Wendy Yushan had entered the Outerverse Youth Council. It was not wise to make the Great Yu Empire his enemy. He raised his head towards The Undying Yushan and saluted respectfully, “Your Imperial Majesty, since the Huo Family has deemed it appropriate to alter our agreement without warning, the Fireforge Planet has nothing to say. I will replace my master and bear this humiliation.”

The Emperor seemed tired, “Don’t be too rash, young friend. This is no humiliation, only a difference in views on love amongst youths.”

Yan Gang was left without choice, and he suddenly looked behind Huo Qingshan at the man who was emitting a frostiness all over his body. His eyes brightened, and he spoke with a deferential tone, “The Huo Family’s betrayal will make my Young Master the laughingstock of the entire Frostwave Weave. I wonder if this humble servant can ask for a different partner on his behalf?”

Everyone was flabbergasted and looked at Yan Gang. A mere Melder bodyguard of Yan Feng had such power to make decisions on behalf of his master? Duque glanced over, “I heard you and Yan Feng have been friends since youth, master and servant in name, yet brothers in reality. Looks like those rumors had a basis, you actually dare to help him pick another partner in marriage.”

Yan Gang replied grudgingly, “The entire Frostwave Weave and even Grandtop Weave know that the Fireforge Planet has proposed marriage with the Great Yu Empire. If that is not completed, my planet will become a joke. I trust His Imperial Majesty does not wish for that to happen, either.”

“Who are you proposing?” the Emperor asked.

Yan Gang bowed, “Miss Jenny Auna.”

Everyone was shocked, and the man behind Huo Qingshan glared coldly at Yan Gang, “No.”

Yan Gang had a blank look, “Why?”

The Undying Yushan and the rest also looked at the man—Rocky Auna, the Ninth Captain and Jenny’s uncle, “Jenny has a long-standing marriage contract with someone else.”

Yan Gang smiled, “Captain Rocky must be mistaken. I’ve just participated in Earth’s trial with Miss Jenny and can be considered acquainted. I also asked her, and she’s said she isn’t engaged yet.”

Rocky’s gaze frosted over, “That was before. My Auna Family has a marriage contract with the Zishan Family; everyone in the Great Yu Empire knows this, you can try asking around.”

Yan Gang could not help but look at The Undying Yushan, who glanced at Rocky and nodded, “That is correct.”

Yan Gang frowned, “Your Imperial Majesty, from what I know, Miss Jenny does not want to be married to King Zishan as there is animosity between them.”

“As if she can make a decision on something as big as her marriage!” Rocky barked.

Yan Gang was furious, but his hands were tired, “Since that is so, I understand. I will report back to my superiors and Young Master. He has just caught wind that Princess Wendy Yushan has joined the Outerverse Youth Council, which he has always looked forward to. He will participate in the selections in a few days, and might have an opportunity to work with her. They can discuss matters again then.”

Everyone was startled as they heard this news. Was Yan Feng qualified to join the Outerverse Youth Council? They didn’t know, and if it was true, it would be troublesome. Hold on. They suddenly all realized what had happened here; the Fireforge Planet had been targeting Wendy all this while! Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Auna were just excuses, those refusals by the Great Yu Empire made it easier for them to chase after her. The Great Yu Empire had already rejected Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Auna to be wedded to the Fireforge Planet, but if Yan Feng successfully wooed Wendy Yushan, it would be difficult to reject them again.

It was more possible the more they thought about it. Many looked at The Undying Yushan, though he remained calm and showed no signs. Yan Gang still seemed to seethe with anger. Huo Qingshan and Rocky Auna looked at Yan Gang with icy gazes. They had been used as tools in this matter, and would not let it slide.

“Alright, I’m tired, you can leave,” the Emperor lethargically waved his hand, and the audience left the court. “Summon King Zishan to the palace to meet me.”

Not long after, Lu Yin’s plane flew over to the palace. The Zishan Residence was far too close to the palace, so he had arrived before the courtiers were even out of the Grand Astral Gate. With Bronsen about ten meters away, he greeted several of them. Sicar even smiled and was extremely polite.

Quite a few officials were unhappy after being extorted by Lu Yin, and a few hid from him to prevent being targeted. Lu Yin waited until they’d all left before walking in without a hurry.

“Your Majesty,” a voice rang beside his ear.

Lu Yin turned and saw an indifferent Rocky Auna, “Captain Rocky, good day.”

“Be more earnest in handling things, and cautious in both word and action. Don’t trust others too readily; you can always look for my family if you need help,” he stated. He had personally mentioned the marriage contract in the royal court, so Lu Yin was now the Auna Family’s future son-in-law. He left a chill behind in the air as he turned to walk away.

Lu Yin was stunned. What was that supposed to mean?

“Your Majesty, His Imperial Majesty is awaiting you,” the palace maid reminded, and Lu Yin promptly followed her in.

A short while later, Lu Yin’s cry rang through the courtyard, “What? Engaged to the Auna Family?”

The Undying Yushan smiled and nodded, “Yes, this was the agreement between the Zishans and the Aunas. Rocky personally confirmed it in the royal court today; you should prepare for the marriage and look for a good day, you’re not that young anymore.”

“With whom?” Lu Yin asked.

“The direct heir, of course. Jenny.”

The image of an arrogant woman sprang up in Lu Yin’s mind, in a scene where she’d been tied up and was being used by him to threaten Sigmund after the decisive battle with Qingyu. That woman hated him to the core, and didn’t even look at him properly once on their way back. Marriage? He was doomed!

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