Chapter 888: Unrivaled Lu Yin

Zhang Dingtian had been active in the recent past years in the war against the Sixth Mainland, and he had acquired a rich battle experience. However, he could tell that Lu Yin’s battle experience was no less than his in any manner. Lu Yin had once experienced a desperate battle that even those like Dojo Master Lan could not fathom, and as a result, Lu Yin’s vision had reached a completely different level. 

Lu Yin’s breathing had become slightly ragged, as this swordsman was even harder to deal with than Elder Song had been. Additionally, this opponent also had quicker reflexes. Otherwise, if Lu Yin’s palm had connected, then his opponent would have been severely injured if not killed outright. 

200,000 cultivators faced off against a hundred Sixth Mainland cultivators, but they did not hold any sort of advantage. There was a qualitative gap in their cultivation realms that could not be made up for with quantity. 

In the distance, the Enlighter swordsman was blasted underground, his impact leaving a tunnel thousands of meters long behind him while he was left in an absolutely miserable state. More importantly, the man’s hand was trembling, though not from fear. It was trembling because the massive amount of force in the previous attack had been too much for him to handle. 

The swordsman looked up at Lu Yin with an indignant expression, as he, an Enlighter, had just been sent flying by an Explorer. If word of this ever made it back to the Sixth Mainland, then he would no longer have the face to show himself among his peers. 

The man bellowed in rage, and he leaped up to attack Lu Yin. However, he was stopped midway by a burly, middle-aged man. This man was clearly an Enlighter from Mt. Stacks Dojo, and his sudden appearance caught the swordsman off guard when the burly man grabbed the sword hilt.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time.” With a holler, the muscular man exerted a fierce strength, causing the swordsman to wail. His wrist snapped as the sword fell from his grasp. 

Due to this angry outburst, the swordsman’s imprint of Venerable Tong turned even clearer behind his back. He then lifted his hand, revealing a small sword rotating around the center of his palm. The tiny blade then streaked out with a whoosh, piercing through the burly man’s body and causing blood to drip down his back. Still, the burly man did not release his grip on the swordsman as he unleashed a powerful punch at that sword expert’s abdomen and continuously pounded the swordsman until the man spat out a mouthful of blood. 

The burly man was using a tactic of mutual destruction, and the only thing left to be seen was who would die first. 

Multiple similar scenes played out all over the battlefield. In terms of strength, the cultivators from Grayweed Continent were indeed much weaker than the cultivators from the Sixth Mainland. The Fifth Mainland cultivators suffered from an innate suppression, and the Sixth Mainland cultivators also had their imprints and martial prints, which had an overwhelming effect on the battlefield. Even if there were two cultivators of the same realm, only the cream of the crop from the Fifth Mainland would be able to resist those of the Sixth Mainland, and there were simply too few people who met that criterion. 

Lu Yin was right about to join the battle in front of him when Mr. Yi finally made a move in the sky. He suddenly attacked Dojo Master Lan. 

Dojo Master Lan had been on guard against Mr. Yi this entire time. However, being vigilant against an ambush was one thing while being able to defend against it was something else entirely. Mr. Yi’s strength greatly surpassed the dojo master, and when the dojo master’s severe injuries from before were factored in, Dojo Master Lan was unable to block the Imprinter at all. 

“Uncle Lan can’t handle it anymore! Lu Yin, go!” Hai Qiqi shouted.

Zhang Dingtian and Lan Baobao felt that this was extremely strange. “Lu Yin, go?” Does that battle even concern him?

Lu Yin leaped up and waved his hand. The smelly, fruit-like object immediately appeared, and he then used the Yu Secret Art to move it through the battlefield. 

Dojo Master Lan spat out a mouthful of blood as he raised both hands. An attack with the Overlaying Stacks Path was launched with an expertise that greatly surpassed Lu Yin’s, and it shattered the void as it enveloped an entire region of space. 

Mr. Yi was like a drifting leaf as he avoided all of Dojo Master Lan’s palm attacks, and he raised a hand in retaliation. From the sky, a giant martial print that covered the sky appeared before smashing down towards Dojo Master Lan. 

This was the Imprinter’s martial print’s manifestation, and only those with exceptional talent could use their martial print like this. At best, normal cultivators from the Progenitor of Combat’s territory could borrow the strength of their martial print to slightly increase their power level. Only those who had thoroughly comprehended their martial print could manifest and use it to suppress all others. 

Dojo Master Lan had previously been injured precisely by this martial print, and he now faced it once again. The last half month of preparations that he had made felt like they had been for nothing, as he still could not block this attack. 

Just as Mr. Yi was about to crush Dojo Master Lan, an object fell onto his bosom. In an instant, an indescribable stench permeated the entire region, causing Mr. Yi’s expression to change as his face instantly paled and his martial print vanished.

“Bastard! It’s you again!” Mr. Yi roared as he scanned the surrounding area for Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin was slightly embarrassed about taking out that thing while on such a deadly and serious battlefield, as it felt like he was going a bit overboard. Still, when he saw Mr. Yi’s furious and twisted expression, Lu Yin felt rather happy; he truly was this Imprinter’s nemesis. 

Dojo Master Lan was puzzled by this development, though he still backed up a thousand meters and pinched his nose since he also could not handle the stench. What was that smell? 

The entire battlefield was quickly enveloped by the stench, and many people could not help themselves from turning around to look at the accursed item. 

Mr. Yi tried his best to shake it off, and in the process, he raised his hand and manifested his martial print above Lu Yin’s head. 

Lu Yin smiled, and he casually waved his hand as he used the Yu Secret Art to send that smelly fruit straight towards the martial print. “Just try and smash it. Then, for the rest of your life, you will always remember that your martial print was stained by this thing.” 

Mr. Yi instinctively dissipated his martial print, and he resentfully glared at Lu Yin. The Imprinter screamed, “It’s your turn! Capture him! I want him to beg for death!”

Lu Yin grew cautious, as this person had indeed made preparations to deal with Lu Yin if he appeared on the battlefield at this time. 

A figure leaped out from the ground and took a tremendous, deep breath of the stinky fruit’s aroma. It was as if a whale was swallowing the ocean, and the figure absorbed everything in the air, including that horrible stench. 

And not only that, but this person’s mouth suddenly grew larger, and they looked like they were about to bite at the stinky item. The person’s entire face had transformed, and he looked like a monster. 

This was a bloodline, and Lu Yin was shocked to realize that this person was not an expert from the Progenitor of Combat’s territory. Rather, he was from the Progenitor of Bloodlines’ territory. Three realms had invaded the Innerverse, and the Blackblood Realm was one of them.

This person had clearly absorbed some monstrous bloodline since he dared to swallow even this horrible object. 

Lu Yin grew flustered. If this person was able to swallow the stinky fruit, then Lu Yin would have nothing left he could use to deal with Mr. Yi. At that time, who would be able to stop Mr. Yi? This clean freak would definitely kill Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin grew more and more nervous, and he subconsciously converged his star energy before throwing out a sun, which naturally flew towards the Blackblood Realm expert’s mouth, guided by his tremendous suction force. 

But Lu Yin’s attack was stopped. That Blackblood Realm expert was an Enlighter, and he would not be defeated that easily. 

Dojo Master Lan and the others had also realized the current situation of the battle, and they knew that they could not allow this person to swallow the smelly fruit. Thus, they all attacked at once.

Lu Yin also used the Yu Secret Art to redirect the smelly fruit towards Mr. Yi.

However, Mr. Yi ran behind the Blackblood Realm expert and sneered at Lu Yin. As soon as the smelly fruit approached Mr. Yi, it would be automatically swallowed into the bloodline expert’s stomach. Lu Yin’s Yu Secret Art could not be used repeatedly, and he needed to recharge between each use. 

This was troublesome, as Mr. Yi had actually found a way to deal with his smelly nemesis.

Even the stench in the air was being sucked away.

“Kid, I’ll make you beg for death,” Mr. Yi swore as he looked at Lu Yin with cold eyes.

But right after the man spoke, the Blackblood Realm Enlighter suddenly—vomited. 

The crowd stared at this scene, dumbfounded at this development. Many of them had strange expressions while others had looks of admiration. 

That stench was unendurable even with just a whiff, and that powerhouse had sucked in a tremendous amount of its scent. It would be strange if he did not vomit.

Mr. Yi’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately fled. When the Blackblood Realm expert vomited, an even more vile and intense odor spread out, and many of the combatants were unable to withstand the intense smell. 

This was especially true because this stench went straight into their brains, and they could not avoid the smell even if they wanted to. 

The atmosphere of the battlefield changed dramatically, and the Blackblood Realm Enlighter was rooted in place with a dazed expression. Many people felt fear towards the stinky fruit, as it was indeed too smelly. 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. He was also unable to stand the stench, but he also didn’t mind, because Mr. Yi was in a much worse position than him. 

At this moment, Mr. Yi had a pale expression. It was as if he had been severely injured, and his entire body was trembling. 

“Mr. Yi, come! Let’s have a death match!” Lu Yin shouted, and he brandished the stinky fruit as he charged towards the Imprinter. 

Dojo Master Lan and the others hurriedly moved away from Lu Yin. 

Half a month ago, Dojo Master Lan had heard about how Lu Yin had repelled Mr. Yi, but the dojo master had not taken the story seriously. Anyone who had managed to cultivate to Mr. Yi’s level would not be taken advantage of with similar methods. However, at this moment, the dojo master’s thoughts changed. Lu Yin truly lived up to his legends, and he even had this strange item. Forget a clean freak like Mr. Yi; even Dojo Master Lan would not be able to handle himself if he was continuously assaulted by this stench. 

This horrid stench was able to influence Envoy-level powerhouses and daze Enlighters, and it really was not an average stench. 

Mr. Yi retreated 10,000 meters, but that still was not enough. Without any other option, he continued backing further away. 

Every time the Imprinter moved backwards, Lu Yin would move forwards, and he chased after the Imprinter relentlessly. 

Countless onlookers were stupefied—was that Explorer actually chasing an Imprinter? That Imprinter was someone who surpassed even Dojo Master Lan. This was absolutely awesome. 

At this moment, Lu Yin was practically radiant.

Without the pressure from Mr. Yi, Dojo Master Lan was able to attack the other experts from the Sixth Mainland, and the balance of the battlefield changed instantly. Although the Fifth Mainland cultivators could not defeat that many enemy experts, their crisis had momentarily abated. 

Granny Gui and Mr. Da wanted to stop Lu Yin and destroy that vile fruit, but Dojo Master Lan, the Bluearch Dojo Master, and all the other powerhouses from the Fifth Mainland went all out to stall them. 

Over 200,000 cultivators watched this bizarre scene of Lu Yin chasing Mr. Yi around in the sky. As they breathed in that weird stench, it felt like they were watching an impossible scene.

Finally, Mr. Yi escaped. 

He truly could not stand that awful smell, and Lu Yin even used the Yu Secret Art to occasionally throw the stinky fruit toward the Imprinter’s body. To Mr. Yi, that was a fate worse than death. 

The other Sixth Mainland experts glumly watched on as Mr. Yi left, and they did not intend to stay behind and struggle. As soon as Granny Gui and Mr. Da broke away, all of the other powerhouses similarly withdrew, leaving behind dozens of corpses. As for Grayweed Continent’s cultivators, their casualties had been quite higher. 

The 200,000 people had not been of much use either, as group tactics were not effective against these high level experts. 

Lu Yin returned, and he put the stinky fruit back into his cosmic ring, treating it as though it was a treasure. His face was calm as he stared into the distance. Mr. Yi, I await your next visit. 

It was entirely possible that Mr. Yi had been truly frightened by Lu Yin during this battle because, for several days afterwards, no one from the Sixth Mainland appeared to stop the retreating cultivators. Thus, they managed to successfully arrive at the Skyblaze Dojo. 

The ground before the dojo was red, but it was possible that it had not always been that color. Rather, the ground had been baked at a high temperature for so long that it had naturally turned red due to the heat over an unknown period of time. 

Many of the cultivators who were below the Melder realm burned their feet the moment they stepped onto this soil. 

Everything was an expanse of red that stretched as far as the eye could see.

“This is the Skyblaze Dojo, which is second only to the Mt. Stacks Dojo in the entire Grayweed Continent. When the Sixth Mainland first invaded Grayweed Continent and all seventy two dojos faced a crisis, only a minority managed to defend themselves. The Skyblaze Dojo was one of them, and Tian Yanzi, the dojo master, even borrowed the power of a subterranean fire to incinerate a Grand Martial Realm Imprinter to a crisp. Tian Yanzi is an Envoy-level super powerhouse from Grayweed Continent who is just as famous as Dojo Master Lan,” Zhang Dingtian told Lu Yin, who was beside him. 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. Subterranean fire? He had been looking for a powerful flame for a long time, and the entire Great Eastern Alliance had also been searching. However, they had never found anything satisfactory. He had never thought that Grayweed Continent would have a dojo like this. 

Although the cosmic phenomenon’s suppression was able to eliminate anything whose power level surpassed 200,000, this sort of environmental existence was somehow exempt, which was very mysterious. This was similar to a secret technique, since Progenitors possessed an almighty force that was capable of changing everything. However, even if someone borrowed this environmental power to enhance their attacks, if their attack ever exceeded a power level of 200,000, they would still be erased by the cosmic phenomenon. This rule could not be circumvented. 

Tian Yanzi had borrowed the power of that subterranean fire to incinerate the Imprinter, though his power level definitely had not surpassed 200,000 while doing so. Otherwise, he would have been eliminated as well. 

The temperature of that subterranean fire was definitely terrifying.

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