Chapter 887: Reunion With An Old Friend

When Lan Baobao heard Zhang Dingtian’s words, she arched a brow. “Do you know him well?”

Zhang Dingtian nodded, as there was no need to hide their connection. Zhang Dingtian had already shared his history with Lan Si, after which he had subsequently changed his name to Lan Dao of his own volition. This name that Zhang Dingtian had chosen represented the expectations of countless Earthlings, and it was a synonym for being invincible. He hoped that, one day, he would be able to represent the same ideal to the universe as he had back on Earth. He wanted to protect the people he wished, and after he obtained that power, he would change his name back to Zhang Dingtian. 

“You-” Lan Baobao was about to say something, but a loud alarm suddenly rang out and interrupted her.

Everyone’s expressions changed, and they all looked toward the west. The enemy was approaching. 

Mt. Stacks Dojo was located at the center of Grayweed Continent, so it had not been faced with the Sixth Mainland’s frequent attacks. However, invaders would still occasionally make an appearance. This same alarm would go off whenever the enemy attacked. 

Zhang Dingtian and Lan Baobao both rushed out of the dojo without any hesitation.

At this same time, Dojo Master Lan, the Bluearch Dojo Master, and the other various experts at the level of a dojo master all tore through the void and moved outside of Mt. Stacks Dojo. 

An intense gale constantly scoured the ground, bringing with it an incomparable pressure that swept Zhang Dingtian and the others back inside Mt. Stacks Dojo before they could even reach the edge of its territory. 

In the sky, Mr. Yi had a gloomy expression as he scanned the countless faces within Mt. Stacks Dojo. He was trying to find that detestable person. A puny Explorer had actually forced him back, which was unforgivable. 

Granny Gui was standing beside Mr. Yi, and they were accompanied by a group of Enlighters, including Elder Yuan. 

“Today, we will vanquish Mt. Stacks Dojo!” Mr. Yi barked before his figure suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he had already torn through the void, forcing Dojo Master Lan and the others out. 

Dojo Master Lan raised his hands before pressing downwards with both palms. The sky crumbled, and multiple layers of force descended. This was a terrifying power, but it was still precisely controlled to be under a power level of 200,000. 

Even an Enlighter with a power level approaching 300,000 would find this palm attack nerve wracking. However, Dojo Master Lan had managed to unleash it with a power level of less than 200,000. 

Mr. Yi snorted, and he similarly raised his hand.

There was a thump, and a giant spatial crack that spanned the sky above Mt. Stacks Dojo appeared. It was as if a hole had been torn in the sky.

The Bluearch Dojo Master bellowed as nine lined battle force shrouded his body before he transformed into an ape 100 meters tall that slapped out at Granny Gui. 

Granny Gui’s pupils shrank as she retreated several steps. In her place, Elder Yuan moved forward to attempt to defend against the Bluearch Dojo Master’s attack. However, the old man was instantly swatted away, and he crashed heavily into the mountain range. 

With that time, Granny Gui casually pulled out her invisible needles. These needles were filled with poison, and they shot straight into the Bluearch Dojo Master’s body, but they did not affect him whatsoever. 

Granny Gui frowned, as this type of thick-skinned opponent was what she hated fighting against the most. This person did not even use star energy, and he relied purely on physical strength, which was very frustrating to her. 

“Granny Gui, leave this person to me.” Mr. Da was the one who had wiped out the Blacktop Dojo, and he stepped out from behind the old woman as he lightly waved his fan. It looked like a gentle movement, but it forced the Bluearch Dojo Master a dozen steps back. 

The Bluearch Dojo Master had not reached the Envoy realm yet, and he was still one level below Imprinters. Fortunately, with his innate gift and nine lined battle force, he was still able to fight against one. 

Elder Tong and a dozen other dojo masters held back the Sixth Mainland cultivators in the sky. 

Three Imprinters from the Sixth Mainland had come on this attack, and they presented a formidable force to be reckoned with. If not for the cosmic phenomenon’s suppression forcing them all to restrict their power levels to under 200,000, Mt. Stacks Dojo would have already been lost. 

Even so, the result of the battle was miserable.

Half of the ten-plus dojo masters were killed, Dojo Master Lan was severely injured, the Bluearch Dojo Master broke one of his arms, and Elder Tong was left in a pathetic state. As for the various disciples, they did not suffer too many casualties. Mt. Stacks Dojo had been attacked by a party of powerhouses, and even Hong Ying had not participated. Rather than a battle, this was more like a scouting attempt. 

The Sixth Mainland was testing Mt. Stacks Dojo’s hidden trump cards. It seemed that the next battle would be a complete massacre. 

Lu Yin was still immersed in comprehending the Overlaying Stacks Path, and he was not influenced by the battle, especially since nobody bothered him either.

Half a month after the battle, Lu Yin opened his eyes. At this moment, his comprehension of the Overlaying Stacks Path had reached Seventy Stacks. 

It was not that he did not want to continue studying the technique, but rather that he had been interrupted by someone. Everyone had just been ordered to withdraw from Mt. Stacks Dojo. 

They were going to abandon their current base.

When Lu Yin learned of the outcome of the battle that had taken place half a month ago, he felt a bit of fear and a hint of pity. If he had known that Mr. Yi would appear, he would have lent that smelly item to Dojo Master Lan. Even if Mr. had Yi made preparations, he would still be disgusted by the item. Then, it would just be a matter of whether or not Dojo Master Lan was able to withstand the odor. 

At this moment, more than 200,000 cultivators had retreated to Mt. Stacks Dojo, and the dojo was full of people. 

Lu Yin flew down from gravitational landmasses, planning to look for Hai Qiqi. However, he suddenly noticed someone familiar within his domain: Zhang Dingtian.

He was delighted to discover that Zhang Dingtian was still alive. 

When Zhang Dingtian noticed Lu Yin, he also looked happy.

“You’re still alive.” Lu Yin smiled at Zhang Dingtian.

Zhang Dingtian was quite excited to bump into an old friend, especially during this chaotic time. When he saw Lu Yin, Zhang Dingtian’s gloomy mood instantly became much more cheerful. “It’s been a long time.”

Lu Yin looked at Zhang Dingtian. “You’re quite strong now.”

“I still can’t compare to you. You were able to step foot on the tenth level while still in the Explorer realm. Throughout this place’s entire history, only Lan Si has ever managed to do that,” Zhang Dingtian marveled. 

Lu Yin was astonished at this bit of information. “Lan Si the Arbiter?”

Zhang Dingtian nodded.

“Last time, at the Sea King’s Dome, I wanted to ask you this, but there wasn’t any time. How did you get to Grayweed Continent?” Lu Yin asked. He wanted to corroborate Huo Qingshan’s story, as Huo Qingshan had told Lu Yin that the Hidden Earth Society had taken Zhang Dingtian and the others away.

Zhang Dingtian nodded. “I don't know. When I came to, I was already on Grayweed Continent.”

“Not a single memory?” 


“Then forget about it. It’s fine as long as you’re still alive.”

“Do you know where Bai Xue, Xu San, and Seruzen are?”

Lu Yin shook his head.

After a while, Hai Qiqi found Lu Yin, and she had brought Hai Dashao and Lan Baobao along with her. Hai Qiqi informed Lu Yin that they had been ordered to immediately leave Mt. Stacks Dojo, but not even Hai Qiqi knew where they were headed. 

Over 200,000 cultivators moved as one group, which created a massive commotion. Fortunately, these cultivators were all elites who had broken through the Sixth Mainland’s encirclement, so they were able to move rather quickly. 

Lu Yin and the others were located at the center of the crowd of cultivators. As they traveled, Zhang Dingtian told Lu Yin quite a few things about his time on Grayweed Continent, and Lu Yin also informed his old friend about the situation in the Outerverse, as well as what had happened on Earth. 

Earth could offer Zhang Dingtian nothing at this time, but it was still what most of his questions were about. It was his home after all, and it was where his family was from. 

“If I have the bad luck of dying while you survive, do your best to take my corpse back to Earth and bury it there,” Zhang Dingtian said to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin silently nodded his assent. 

“Eh, if you croak and die, I’ll also do my best to drag you back to the Outerverse,” Hai Qiqi said as she appeared behind Lu Yin and looked at him with a serious expression. 

Lu Yin was left speechless.

Lan Baobao rolled her eyes.

Zhang Dingtian glanced over at Hai Qiqi. This brat really knew how to use her razor tongue.

“Seventh Bro, if I die-” The Ghost Monkey was quickly screened off by Lu Yin before he could finish spouting his nonsense. 

The crowd quickly maneuvered through a forest, like a powerful current racing into the distance. 

The person in the front was Dojo Master Lan. He had a solemn expression, and he occasionally glanced up at the sky. 

The Bluearch Dojo Master remained at the very back while Elder Tong guarded the middle along with a few Enlighters who were scattered throughout the crowd of cultivators.

After two days of traveling, while everyone was rushing forward like normal, Dojo Master Lan suddenly froze and looked up. 

A crack had appeared in the sky, and Mr. Yi, Granny Gui, Mr. Da, and a few other Sixth Mainland powerhouses emerged from it. There were at least a hundred people in the sky, and even the weakest of them were still Hunters. 

Even more alarmingly, there were at least twenty or so people who seemed to be Enlighters.

“Kill.” Mr. Yi waved his hand, as he had no time to waste on nonsense. The Sixth Mainland cultivators rushed towards the ground with Elder Yuan leading the charge and more than twenty Enlighters closely following behind. They formed an arrowhead formation that shot into the crowd of cultivators and immediately drew blood. 

Zhang Dingtian clenched the hilt of his blade as he slashed out, and at the same time, a storm of blade qi flew into the sky from the side of the Fifth Mainland cultivators. 

Unfortunately, these attacks were casually shattered by Mr. Da, who stepped forward and then reappeared on the ground. A scattered rain of blood followed behind his flickering movement. 

Granny Gui lifted a hand, and her invisible needles fell down like raindrops. Dojo Master Lan’s expression changed, as there were just too many needles. If this old woman was not stopped, then she would only need to unleash a few more attacks to wipe out their entire group.

The Bluearch Dojo Master once again transformed into a giant ape and slapped at Granny Gui.

Hai Dashao and Lan Baobao had already charged forward, and they joined forces to hold back an Enlighter. This Enlighter was an expert swordsman, and with one slice of his blade, he easily injured Lan Baobao. Hai Dashao stabbed forward with the Sea King's Trident, but his attack was similarly repelled by that sword. 

Zhang Dingtian’s blade chopped down.

“Know your own strength,” the Enlighter swordsman spat out in disdain, and he lightly tapped out with the tip of his sword. Each move of his put pressure on the section where Zhang Dingtian grasped his sword. This precise maneuver left Zhang Dingtian unable to retaliate in any way, as he could not even hold his blade steady. 

No one nearby was even able to approach them. 

The Enlighter swordsman was arrogant, as he was an expert whose power level surpassed 300,000. Even if his power level was suppressed to below 200,000, this group of people could not do anything to him. Then, his sword suddenly slowed, and the image of the sword lingered in the void. This attack caused many people’s scalps to go numb, as they could not do anything to stop this sword. 

There was a whooshing sound as Lu Yin caught up to the crowd and slapped out with a palm. At the same time, his eyes flickered as his pupils transformed into mysterious runes. The Enlighter swordsman suddenly hesitated, as he felt his strength strangely falter. Before he could investigate any further, Lu Yin’s palm was already upon him. 

“Seeking death!” With a shout, countless sword shadows shot through the void and sliced at Lu Yin. 

The images were so fast that they were practically invisible, which made any evasive maneuvers unrealistic. However, Lu Yin did not even pay any attention to the sword shadows, as he was focused entirely on the rune lines before him. He dodged all of the rune lines sweeping towards him before slamming his palm into the Enlighter. However, Lu Yin’s palm was met by the cold, hard tip of a sword. The Enlighter had quick reflexes, and although his strength had been mysteriously weakened by Lu Yin without any warning, the swordsman had still managed to pull his sword back and block the impending attack. 

“Seventy Stacks, One Hundredfold Shockwave Palm.” Lu Yin released a fierce shout, and with a bang, the Enlighter swordsman felt a pure wave of immense strength from the Overlaying Stacks Path flood over him, and he was almost unable to hold his blade steady. He reflexively used both his imprint and martial print to reinforce his blade, but his body was still sent flying backwards while his internal organs were jostled. 

Hai Dashao was astonished, as this was the first time he had seen Lu Yin fight. When his small group had joined forces, they had not even been able to stand up to a powerhouse. However, that same, insurmountable expert had just been sent flying by one palm from Lu Yin. This was even more shocking than when Lu Yin had ascended to the top of the gravitational training grounds. 

Lan Baobao and Zhang Dingtian also saw Lu Yin fight for the first time. His ruthlessness and decisiveness was indicative of his extensive battle experience.

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