Chapter 886: Shock

At this time, Lan Baobao regretted her previous actions, as she felt like she should not have told Lu Yin that he could climb the gravitational training grounds. She had wanted to thank Lu Yin, and so, she had used the allure of the Hundred Stacks to entice him to try climbing the landmasses. However, her intention had only been to see what Lu Yin was capable of. She had actually planned to ask her father to help Lu Yin deduce the maximum number of stacks of the Overlaying Stacks Path that the youth could withstand since she had never believed that he would be able to climb all the way up to the tenth level. In her mind, that was impossible, and it shouldn’t happen. 

He drew closer and closer to the land that made up the tenth level, and Lu Yin could already see the final level. 

By now, Hai Dashao had also left the seventh level and returned to the ground, where he was panting heavily. The seventh level was not his limit, and he was actually capable of reaching the eighth. However, he also wanted to see what level Lu Yin would ultimately reach. 

Hai Dashao looked up, and his pupils shrank. The moment his eyes landed on Lu Yin, Lu Yin’s foot landed on the tenth level. The dust swirled up from the ground like a tornado, and it moved despite there being no wind, ruffling Lu Yin’s medium length hair. 

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards, as he was indeed able to withstand a gravity 1000 times greater than normal. 

Mt. Stacks Dojo fell silent at this time, and everyone stared at the youth, dumbfounded. In particular, the disciples of Mt. Stacks Dojo were in utter disbelief. 

Lan Baobao closed both of her eyes: this person had actually broken her eldest brother’s record.

This was the second time that he had done this. First, Lu Yin had broken her brother’s record back in the Astral Combat Academy, and now, Lu Yin had broken her brother’s record within Mt. Stacks Dojo. This person was too scary. 

Hai Qiqi was also shocked, though she was also very inspired.

Hai Dashao, on the other hand, was in agony. The best that he could do was reach the eighth level, and he could not reach the ninth. As for the tenth level, he would have to reach the peak Cruiser realm at the very least, or maybe even the Hunter realm, before he could consider it. On the other hand, this kid was an Explorer! Just an Explorer.

Dojo Master Lan withdrew his gaze. “Continue the discussion.”

The Bluearch Dojo Master’s eyes were bright as he looked at Lu Yin. If they were not at war, then he would definitely find a way to make this child his disciple, as this Lu Yin was going to be the next Lan Si.

The Bluearch Dojo Master was not the only one with such thoughts, as the other dojo masters’ were exactly the same. It was possible that even Dojo Master Lan’s mind had gone down this same line of thought. 

However, Dojo Master Lan was aware of Lu Yin’s true identity, and he knew that this person was a part of the Sea King’s Dome since he was already the Sea King’s own son-in-law. Thus, this youth was destined to not belong to Mt. Stacks Dojo. 

The next person to join the Ten Arbiters would be from the Sea King’s Dome. 

The tenth landmasses’ 1000 times gravity was enough to make Lu Yin have a difficult time moving about. In the distance, there was a hand imprint on a wall, and there were also several people around it. 

These people were wearing the training uniform of Mt. Stacks Dojo, and they should all be Hunters from the dojo. 

When they noticed Lu Yin, the handful of powerhouses were very surprised, but they did not speak. 

Lu Yin walked towards the base of the wall, and when he reached it, he positioned himself no more than ten meters away from the handprint. There, he sat down, cross-legged, and began to recover his strength. 

Below the stacked landmasses, the crowd no longer paid any more attention to Lu Yin. He was not able to continue any further after reaching the tenth level. 

The greater the gravity, the harsher the physical requirements to withstand it were. 1000 times gravity was a watershed threshold that separated ordinary peak Hunters from Enlighters. Only after reaching the Enlighter realm would these ordinary cultivators’ physical bodies transform and be able to endure these stronger gravities. Of course, cultivators who specially focused on training their physique and those with strange innate gifts were an exception to this rule. 

Lan Baobao shifted her gaze, her eyes looking lost. She felt as though she was the reason why her brother’s record had been broken. 

Many of Mt. Stacks Dojo’s disciples were distracted. They had firmly believed in Lan Si, but his record had just been broken. This was a massive mental blow to them that could not be understood by others. 

Hai Qiqi did not understand her friend’s mood, and she continued to talk to Lan Baobao, who did not even hear a single word. 

On the tenth level, after resting for a long time, Lu Yin rose to his feet and walked over to the palm imprint. He then lifted his right hand and pressed it against the imprint. At that moment, a bizarre force rebounded towards him like a feedback to his hand pressure. The same sensation had appeared when the mentor from Astral-10 had helped him to deduce the Overlaying Stacks Path’s Ten Stacks and Thirty Stacks. This time, it continued on to Fifty Stacks before finally stopping at One Hundred Stacks. Lu Yin’s right arm lightly quivered, and he involuntarily retreated several steps. 

This was One Hundred Stacks! He was very excited, and he immediately clenched his right fist and began to practice what he had just experienced. From Thirty Stacks, he had skipped all the way to One Hundred Stacks, which was truly a mountainous leap. He believed that once he completely grasped these One Hundred Stacks, he would no longer be forced into such a miserable position if he faced that Imprinter, Mr. Yi, again. 

To the northwest of Mt. Stacks Dojo, in an open marsh, there were tens of thousands of cultivators embroiled in a fierce battle. 

In the sky above them, an elder with a wretched expression released a sharp shout. Across from him, there was a Sixth Mainland powerhouse who was looking at his opponent proudly. His imprint was active, and it had also been further reinforced by his martial print. With the combination of the two, he drove the old man down into the marsh with a thump. 

“Gan Dojo Master, I’ll give you this chance to surrender,” the Sixth Mainland powerhouse said from high in the sky. 

Down in the marsh, the elder spat out a mouthful of blood. “I have wandered across Grayweed Continent for my entire life, and I don’t even know how to write the word ‘surrender.’”

As he uttered those words, a red dot appeared on the old man’s forehead, fresh blood trickling down from that red dot. The man collapsed into the marsh, already dead. 

In another part of the battlefield, Granny Gui emerged. “There’s no need for any nonsense. Just kill them.” 

Next to her was Hong Ying, who had a cruel look on her face. She leaped up and brandished her spear, killing multiple enemy cultivators in one swing. Compared to back at the Sea King’s Dome, her eyes were even more emotionless, and there was also a permanent chill deep within them. It was evident she carried a deep grudge, as Lu Yin had buried her in the ground, where she had remained for several days. She was still in a rotten mood. 

To the southwest of Mt. Stacks Dojo, in the sky above a forest, there was a floating piece of land with countless cultivators from the Tong family upon it. Beneath them, there were tens of thousands of Grayweed Continent cultivators who had fallen into despair. 

These people had abandoned their dojo and had been in the process of retreating to Mt. Stacks Dojo, but their enemies had still caught up to them. 

Tong Zhan shouted loudly, prompting countless Tong family cultivators to leap downwards. 

Tong Tong was also on this floating land. She was an Explorer, but when she used her imprint and martial print in tandem, she was powerful enough to fight against Cruisers, and she could even achieve victory sometimes. 

To the southeast of Mt. Stacks Dojo, a group of cultivators from Grayweed Continent had alarmed expressions as they fled towards Mt. Stacks Dojo. Behind them, figures that looked like shadows flickered after them. 

These Grayweed Continent cultivators were completely terrified, as these shadows were actually all corpses. 

Soon, the entire group of cultivators was wiped out. 

A detached-looking youth rushed over. His face was pale, and he stared coldly at the fresh corpses as he uttered words that completely contradicted his expression. “Why are they all dead? This can’t be. Their deaths must have been miserable! I didn’t plan on killing you all, so you guys must have been scared to death. Wait a second, scared to death? Could something like a ghost exist? How scary. 

"Actually, I just wanted to ask you guys a question. Right, do you know where Mt. Stacks Dojo is? No, you guys are all dead. How frightening, you’re all dead. Is there anyone still alive? Answer me. 

“I’m a kind person, though some say that I speak too much. But what else can I do if I don’t talk to the dead? If I don’t talk to them, then there’s no one else who will talk, and that would just be awkward.” 

In all directions around Mt. Stacks Dojo, the dojos that had once stood strong were now being toppled one by one. Flying Horse Manor’s experts had joined the Sixth Mainland’s efforts on Grayweed Continent, and their experts had joined with the Tong family’s to execute an all-out push. They were determined to completely take control of Grayweed Continent. 

Ten days later, within Mt. Stacks Dojo, atop the tenth level of the stacked landmasses, Lu Yin raised his right fist and released a vibration in the direction of an empty area. Countless sonic booms rang out, and they formed visible ripples that warped the void. This surprised the few nearby experts, as this youth had just unleashed Fifty Stacks. How had he comprehended it so quickly? 

Lu Yin lowered his arm. Fifty Stacks was much more powerful than Thirty Stacks, but it still was not enough for him. He needed to continue. 

Lu Yin sat down again and continued comprehending the Overlaying Stacks Path atop the tenth level, not looking down towards the ground. Beneath him, a familiar figure had arrived in Mt. Stacks Dojo: Zhang Dingtian, who was currently known as Lan Dao. 

The Blacktop Dojo had been destroyed, but Zhang Dingtian had managed to escape with his life, and he had spent more than ten days traveling to Mt. Stacks Dojo. 

He was not the only one to do so, as quite a few other cultivators from all over Grayweed Continent were still converging at Mt. Stacks Dojo, both in large groups and scattered numbers. 

At this time, Mt. Stacks Dojo had become Grayweed Continent’s final hope. 

Zhang Dingtian was the only survivor of the Blacktop Dojo, and he was also the person who had revived the Blacktop Dojo.

Zhang Dingtian’s arrival at Mt. Stacks Dojo drew the attention of Dojo Master Lan and the others. 

After he reported the fallen Blacktop Dojo’s fate to Dojo Master Lan and the others in detail, Zhang Dingtian met with Lan Baobao, who was staring up at the gravitational landmasses. 

“Lan Dao? You’re still alive?” Lan Baobao was surprised to see him. He had been regarded highly by her brother, Lan Si, when Lan Dao had first arrived on Grayweed Continent despite how weak his cultivation base had been at that time. Lan Baobao did not understand why her brother had regarded this person so highly to the point where he had even given him the name Lan Dao before throwing him to the abandoned Blacktop Dojo. 

However, the following events had proven that her brother had excellent foresight. Lan Dao had managed to obtain the Blacktop Dojo’s inheritance, improving by leaps and bounds before surpassing even Lan Yu. Out of Mt. Stacks Dojo’s entire younger generation, this person stood second only to Lan Baobao’s eldest brother, Lan Si, and her. 

Zhang Dingtian nodded. “I’m the only survivor from the Blacktop Dojo.”

Lan Baobao fell silent. Then, she looked back up towards the stacked landmasses.

Zhang Dingtian did not speak any more words, and he instead started walking towards the gravitational training grounds. Every time he visited Mt. Stacks Dojo, he would climb these levels and cultivate on one of them. He was extremely diligent. 

Lan Baobao suddenly thought of something. “Lan Dao, do you remember how, back during the Sea King’s son-in-law competition, you met a person called Lu Yin?”  

Zhang Dingtian’s eyes went wide, and he turned to look at Lan Baobao. “Why are you bringing him up?” 

Lan Baobao did not notice Zhang Dingtian’s abnormal reaction, and she simply asked, “Back then, was he really just a Limiteer?” 

Zhang Dingtian nodded. “Yes.”

“What do you think of his talent?” Lan Baobao asked.

Zhang Dingtian frowned. “Why are you asking about him?”

Lan Baobao’s expression became complex, and she pointed up at the tenth level. “He’s up there.”

Zhang Dingtian was surprised, and delight flashed through his eyes as he looked up at the tenth level ground. Then, the shock struck him. 

Zhang Dingtian had already broken through to the Explorer realm, and during the last few years of war, his power had improved rapidly. However, ever since the Starfall Sea had been isolated by the Tong family, his achievements had not left the immediate area. Otherwise, he definitely would have been granted the title of General. 

Zhang Dingtain felt that he had improved very quickly, but even then, he was only able to ascend to the fifth landmass, and he was still a bit weaker than Lan Baobao. Based on Zhang Dingtian’s power, he could match up to someone who was ranked around fortieth on the Top 100 Rankings, which was an incredible improvement from where he had started.

However, Lu Yin had not even cultivated for ten years, but he had already set foot on the tenth level. 

That was the tenth level! Zhang Dingtian was also aware of Lan Si’s record. Mt. Stacks Dojo had an inheritance that included records that had been passed down since ancient times. However, throughout their entire history, only Lan Si had ever reached the tenth level while in the Explorer realm, and he was practically worshipped as a deity by countless disciples. Zhang Dingtian had also been shocked at Lan Si’s record, and he admitted that he could not match it. However, Lu Yin had accomplished it. 

“What’s his strength now?” Zhang Dingtian asked, his voice still a little hoarse.

Lan Baobao dejectedly replied, “An Explorer with three cycles.”

Zhang Dingtian took a deep breath, and then he suddenly smiled.

Lan Baobao was puzzled. “What are you smiling for?”

Zhang Dingtian proudly answered, “After being separated from him for so long, I’d almost forgotten that this person is a genius who surpasses both of us. You can’t view him in a normal light.”

He looked back at Lan Baobao as he said, “In the future, use the Ten Arbiters as a benchmark to measure him.”

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