Chapter 885: Arbiter's Record

After arriving at the seventh level, Hai Dashao assumed that Lu Yin would take a rest, or at least slow down his pace.

Unfortunately, the Sea King’s son was quickly shocked, as Lu Yin simply smiled before continuing onwards with giant steps. He proceeded with the exact same speed that he had used to pass through the previous six landmasses. The youth did not rest at all. 

Hai Dashao instinctively tried to follow, but his body was currently under the pressure of 700 times gravity. It was as if there was a huge mountain on his back, and Hai Dashao was unable to keep up with Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin casually waved a hand. “See you later.”

Hai Dashao was furious, and he growled as he took a step forward. His physical strength had greatly improved since his last visit to Mt. Stacks Dojo. Last time, he had only been able to reach the seventh level, and upon doing so, he had been frozen in place, only able to wait at the entrance. This time, he was able to move, and this was even after using up a great deal of his strength to race through the various levels with Lu Yin. Still, what did it matter if Hai Dashao could still move while on the seventh level? Lu Yin had already run off. 

Hai Dashao did not want to admit defeat, but he had no other choice. All he could do was blankly watch on as Lu Yin’s figure began ascending the steps that led to the next level, gradually vanishing into the distance. 

Below, countless people were stunned by this development. 

“Hai Dashao was just cast aside, but that fellow is still racing up the stairs so quickly. Is he even human?” 

“He’s an Explorer, not an Enlighter. Just how is he moving so fast? Even a peak Hunter from our Mt. Stacks Dojo who can endure a 1000 times increase in gravity will slowly walk across the seventh level so that they can perfectly adjust their physical strength. This person must be nuts!” 

“That’s too terrifying. It’s no wonder why he was able to survive a fight against an Imprinter.”

Hai Qiqi had already been mentally prepared for this. In the Outerverse, even though she had not followed Lu Yin the entire time, she had still heard all of the news about his achievements. Most of it had been about how Lu Yin had defeated a certain Enlighter or killed some other Enlighter. Even if he had relied on external items to do so, Hai Qiqi could still tell that Lu Yin’s power was absolutely terrifying. 

And her impression of Lu Yin’s strength became especially clear after seeing him go up against Hong Ying. She had personally witnessed Lu Yin’s strength for the first time then, and it had been completely overwhelming. What made her certain that Lu Yin had surpassed Hai Dashao was the battle at Sea King’s Dome, as Lu Yin had forced even Granny Gui back. During that battle, Hai Qiqi had been able to see Granny Gui’s true strength, and the battle had completely rewritten the girl’s understanding of Lu Yin’s strength. 

In contrast, Lan Baobao’s gaze kept flickering, and absolute shock could be seen in the depths of her eyes. Even though she had already formed some conjectures before, when the facts were laid out in front of her, she was completely stunned. Lu Yin had truly surpassed Hai Dashao. 

Although climbing up stacked landmasses was not actually related to one’s fighting strength, Lan Baobao was certain that Lu Yin had completely surpassed Hai Dashao. Lu Yin could likely place within the top five or perhaps even the top three of the Top 100 Rankings. However, she was not certain about this judgement, as she had never seen the top three powerhouses’ true strength. Still, Lu Yin had fought against an Imprinter and survived, so he should at least place within the top three. 

“Qiqi, Lu Yin abruptly rose to power only in recent years, right?” Lan Baobao asked in an uncertain tone. 

Hai Qiqi did not want to give her friend too terrible a blow. From what Hai Qiqi knew, Lu Yin had not even cultivated for ten years so far. He was truly a monstrous genius. 

“Perhaps, when Brother Lan Si leaves the younger generation, this person will be a contender to join the Ten Arbiters,” Lan Baobao said. 

Hai Qiqi looked up at Lu Yin. When Lan Si abdicates his position? She did not know why, but she felt that Lu Yin’s personality did not allow him to sit back and wait for others to move on. It was far more likely that he would try to force someone out. 

After leaving Hai Dashao behind, Lu Yin’s pace grew more steady. He was also able to feel the heavy pressure, and although it was not overwhelming for him, it was a sign that the current gravitational force was starting to approach what he was capable of enduring. 

Everyone stared at Lu Yin, including Dojo Master Lan and the other powerhouses.

Unwittingly, Lu Yin had become the most notable person in Mt. Stacks Dojo at this time. 

When Lu Yin reached the eighth level, his face grew more serious. An 800 times gravity truly was not something simple, and after thinking about it, Lu Yin unsealed his three grains of Fatesand and allowed his physical strength to reach its maximum. 

His Fatesand sealed his physical strength, but it was also able to gradually improve his physique. Unfortunately, in recent times, he had often used his Fatesand in battle, and so, his Fatesand had not improved his physical body much. 

Although the Fatesand had helped improve his physical body, it could not compare to how Lu Yin’s body strengthened itself all on its own. This incomprehensible, natural gradual improvement was only impressive after slowly accumulating over a long period of time. Otherwise, there was no way Lu Yin would have such terrifying physical strength while still in the Explorer realm. 

His cultivation was only one aspect of his strength, and his physique’s unique development was another. 

When Lu Yin had first become an Explorer, his body had been physically strong, but he had not been able to withstand blows from Hunters without the aid of his universal armor. But after just a few years, he could already rely on nothing more than his physical strength to contend against Enlighters whose power levels were suppressed to under 200,000, and he could even fight against Imprinters. If others knew about this rapid improvement, Lu Yin would have been captured and carved up to be researched. 

Lu Yin even somewhat wanted to research his body himself.

Under the pressure of the 800 times gravity, Lu Yin did not move forward with the same long strides that he had used before, and his progress slowed a great deal. However, to the spectators, his speed was still very fast. 

He had practically been running through the stairs before, but at this moment, he was only walking.

Ever since Mt. Stacks Dojo was first established, Lu Yin was the first to climb up the landmasses in this manner. Even an Enlighter ascending these gravitational training grounds for the first time would not be as overbearing as Lu Yin. 

Tie San had already moved down to the ground, as he wanted to see which level the bastard would collapse upon after running up so quickly. 

However, when he looked up, the sight that greeted his eyes was something that he would never forget for the rest of his entire life. He searched through the fourth, fifth, sixth and even the seventh levels. As Tie San searched, he saw Hai Dashao sitting down, but he still could not find that other person. Finally, on the eighth level, Tie San finally saw Lu Yin. The young man had just stepped onto the stone stairs leading to the ninth level. 

Tie San’s mind was thrown into chaos, and he felt as though he was dreaming. He even pinched himself to see if he was sleeping. Someone had actually reached the ninth level with such an impressive speed. Not even an Enlighter would move that fast. 

At this time, Lu Yin had truly gathered the attention of everyone onto himself, regardless of if they were disciples of Mt. Stacks Dojo or from somewhere else. Even Dojo Master Lan and the Bluearch Dojo Master were looking at him. 

Under all of their gazes, Lu Yin maintained his steady pace and stepped onto the ninth level. 

Under the suppression of 900 times gravity, Lu Yin’s breathing finally became irregular. He quickly adjusted his breath and stepped forward. Ahead of him was a middle-aged man with a robust body who looked at the Explorer with an odd expression. “Who are you?” 

Lu Yin replied, “I’m from the Starfall Sea.” 

The middle-aged man was astonished. “You’re just an Explorer, but you’ve reached this ninth level, and-” He paused as he seriously studied Lu Yin up and down. “Your body has gone through refining, and it has even shone with light on one occasion.” 

“Seventh Bro, isn’t he scolding you? Shone? Only the dead are able to give off light,” the Ghost Monkey shouted. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, as his body had indeed shone with light once before. Back in the space with the golden ocean, Mister Mu had upgraded Lu Yin’s physical strength to a Limiteer’s true limits of a Limiteer. After doing so, Lu Yin’s body had to be suppressed by Fatesand, and he had actually needed three grains at that. During that process, his body had shone with light, which was a symbol that one’s physical body had been refined. This improved physical strength was what had allowed him to survive in the vacuum of outer space while still a Limiteer, as he had adapted to the universe while still in a premature realm. 

Shining with light—was that some kind of symbol or status? If, as an Explorer, his physical body was improved until it shone with light again, then would that indicate that Lu Yin had once again reached the extremes of strength for an Explorer? 

Lu Yin walked forward step by step, though his pace was much slower than what it had been on the eighth level. Still, in everyone else’s eyes, being able to walk across the ninth level was already something completely abnormal. 

The middle-aged man stared blankly as Lu Yin moved past him, and the man sucked in a breath of cold air. Suddenly, the image of an arrogant young person appeared in his mind, and he felt that this person might even overtake the Ten Arbiters in the future. 

On the mountain behind Mt. Stacks Dojo, the Bluearch Dojo Master looked at Lu Yin before suddenly saying, “Dojo Master Lan, I recall that your son, Lan Si, ascended all the way to the tenth level while still in the Explorer realm.” 

The rest were stunned, and they all looked at Dojo Master Lan. They were aware that the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist Lan Si had outstanding talent, but they did not know any details since Mt. Stacks Dojo had always kept this information under wraps. 

Dojo Master Lan looked at the Bluearch Dojo Master with a deep gaze. “That’s right.”

The Bluearch Dojo Master was shocked by the confirmation. “These youths nowadays are outstanding, as formcast models can save a great deal of time. They have already completely surpassed the older generation. Before there were formcast models, many youths with high potential received instructions from their elders, and they were able to save time in that manner. However, the youths that had access to such education were simply too few, and too many geniuses were overlooked in that era. Now, any youth with a little talent can simply rely on a formcast model to make a name for themselves. In just a few decades, this part of the universe has changed greatly.” 

Across from him, an old man sighed. “The times have changed. First, the Universe Youth Council was changed into the Ten Arbiters Council, and they represent the power of the current generation’s youths. Ten youths have unrivalled influence. And when I look at this fellow now, I can imagine that, if we are still alive in ten years, he will definitely replace them to become a part of the next generation’s Ten Arbiters.” 

Lu Yin spent much more time making his way across the ninth level to reach the stone steps leading to the tenth landmass. In fact, it took him more time to do this than to climb from the ground to the ninth level itself. Still, this caused a great deal of shock among the spectators; people were more impressed than ever before, and everyone was staring at Lu Yin. 

The tenth level was a major threshold, but most outsiders did not know this. Only those from Mt. Stacks Dojo or those who were familiar with it knew that there was a handprint on the tenth level, which contained the One Hundred Stacks of the Overlaying Stacks Path. 

Before too long, Lu Yin stepped onto the stone stairs that led up to the tenth level, and at that moment, he paused. 

Everyone’s eyes widened; was he unable to endure any more?

Lan Baobao’s eyes also went wide, and she had unconsciously clenched her fists. She actually cared about whether or not Lu Yin could step foot onto the tenth layer more than anyone else, as it was her brother, Lan Si, the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist, who had stepped onto the tenth level while still in the Explorer realm. If Lu Yin could do the same, then that would imply that he had reached the same level as her big brother. No, her brother had already reached the peak Explorer realm when he had stepped foot onto the tenth level, and he had only been one step away from becoming a Cruiser. This Lu Yin had merely completed three cultivation cycles, and there were still two left before he reached that level. If Lu Yin was able to step onto the tenth level, then it actually meant that Lu Yin would have surpassed her brother. 

Divine Fist Lan Si was special throughout the entire Grayweed Continent. He had the authority to judge and supervise the entire Starfall Sea’s younger generation, and at a whim, he could summon any dojo’s disciple to follow him. This was not limited to Mt. Stacks Dojo’s disciples; for everyone on Grayweed Continent, Lan Si was their pride and joy. 

This was even more pronounced in those from Mt. Stacks Dojo, as they revered Lan Si like a deity, as in their eyes, only a deity could have accomplished what Lan Si had. Lan Baobao also believed this to be the case. 

But at this moment, one of Lan Si’s records was about to be broken. She did not wish for her eldest brother’s achievement to be surpassed like this. 

The other disciples of Mt. Stacks Dojo all fell silent as they closely watched Lu Yin. Quite a few of them were aware of Lan Si’s records, and so, they were all aware that Lan Si had only stepped onto the tenth landmass when he had been a peak Explorer. They all hoped that nobody would be able to break his record. 




Lu Yin paused to adjust his breathing once again. Then, step by step, he made his way up the stairs toward the tenth level. His pace was slow, and he only took one step for each of the stone steps. His movements were slow and steady. 

Countless disciples of Mt. Stacks Dojo were hoping that Lu Yin would not be able to persevere, as he could not break Lan Si’s record!

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