Chapter 884: Forging Onwards With Large Strides

Hai Qiqi saw Lu Yin and was about to call out to him, but she was stopped by Lan Baobao. “Let’s see what level he can reach.” 

“So you’re the one who tricked him into going up there,” Hai Qiqi said with certainty.

Lan Baobao calmly responded, “I only told him that the method for One Hundred Stacks is on the tenth level.” 

Hai Qiqi rolled her eyes. “And what if he can’t get that high?” 

Lan Baobao seriously answered, “In order to thank him, I’ll ask Father to help him deduce Fifty Stacks and maybe even Seventy Stacks.” 

Hai Qiqi rolled her eyes and stepped closer. “Baobao, let’s make a bet. I bet that he’ll be able to get to the tenth level.” 

Lan Baobao’s lips curled upwards. “I’m not gambling.” 

Hai Qiqi was stumped. “Why? Do you also think that he can make it to the tenth level?”

Lan Baobao replied, “That’s impossible. Nobody can beat my brother’s record.”

“Then that won’t do. I’ll bet that he climbs all the way to the tenth level, so let’s bet.”

“I’m not gambling. It’s bad for your health.” 

“Baobao, you’ve changed.” 

Lan Baobao fundamentally did not believe that Lu Yin could climb all the way to the tenth landmass, even if their handshake had revealed that the youth was basically a dinosaur in human skin. A thousandfold increase in gravity was simply too exaggerated for an Explorer to bear. In fact, the only person who had ever been able to ascend to the tenth level as an Explorer was her elder brother: the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist, Lan Si. 

Lu Yin stepped onto the stone steps and moved up them at a quick pace. He did not walk up step by step, but rather took long strides that covered ten stone steps with each movement. 

Tie San followed close behind Lu Yin. He wanted Baobao to see how he would suppress this newcomer, as he was sure that Baobao would be watching this stranger. 

Hai Dashao also remained alongside Lu Yin, matching his stride.

Although Elder Tong’s words had informed Hai Dashao that Lu Yin was unrivalled within his realm, the Sea King’s son still felt that this youth had relied on his secret technique to obtain his position. In Hai Dashao’s mind, if he also had a secret technique, then he would definitely be stronger than Lu Yin. At this time, they were both advancing up the stairs and towards the landmasses with increased gravity. In this situation, Lu Yin’s secret technique was useless, and Hai Dashao wanted to see what level this person would reach with his own strength. 

Countless people looked up at Hai Dashao, and they were astounded by his confident stride.

Everyone believed that Lu Yin and Tie San were being spurred on by Hai Dashao’s pace, as all of them were covering massive distances with each step that they were clearly not concerned about spraining their muscles. 

The first level was easily passed by them, and Lu Yin continued straight on towards the second level with the same huge steps. 

Tie San and Hai Dashao continue to match Lu Yin’s pace with relaxed expressions. One of the two was ranked within the top ten of the Top 100 Rankings while the other had cultivated in the Mt. Stacks Dojo since a young age. Tie San’s physical strength naturally greatly surpassed those of the same realm. The second level was also passed by all three of them in a very relaxed manner. 

Next, they approached the third level, and Lu Yin maintained his large steps. 

The trio soon passed by a few cultivators, and they easily arrived on the third level. Their current speed was unprecedentedly fast. 

The spectators were all a bit surprised. “Who’s that guy?”

“Which one?”  

“The one between Hai Dashao and Tie San. He’s moving incredibly quickly, and he’s not lagging behind the other two by even the slightest bit.” 

“I don’t recognize him, but he should have come from one of the other dojos or from the Starfall Sea. But none of that matters, as he won’t be able to endure for much longer. How could it be easy to become famous by trying to match up to Hai Dashao?” 

“Just wait a bit. That fellow wants to be in the limelight, but he’ll soon fall to his death.” 

Among the onlookers, there were some who tore through the void to follow behind the trio, and the Bluearch Dojo Master was one of them. When he heard the crowd’s thoughts and predictions, his face remained expressionless. That youth had driven back an Imprinter, his strength was unfathomable, and he might even surpass Hai Dashao. Just wait. All of your jaws will soon fall off from shock. 

The third level’s gravity was 300 times stronger than normal, and it was the extreme limit of what the average Cruiser could endure. 

Tie San was a Cruiser, and he had cultivated his physical body from a young age. Even though he was not a peak Cruiser, he could still endure the 300 times gravity and even challenge the fourth landmass. However, at this moment, he was left completely speechless, and the reason was obvious. He watched on in shock as Hai Dashao and Lu Yin continued moving onwards with the same large strides as before. But just how was that possible? Also, why could that bugger still even walk? 

“Tie San has fallen behind, but that other fellow is still able to match Hai Dashao’s pace. Just who is he?” 

“It’s perfectly normal for you guys to not recognize him. He’s very powerful, and on the way here, he took care of an Enlighter and even repelled an Imprinter.” 

“What? He’s that powerful? What’s his name?”

“I don’t know, but he calls himself Seventh Bro.”

“I seem to remember that the Sea King’s Dome’s little princess often asks others to call her Sister Qi. Could he be the Sea King’s Dome’s son-in-law?” 

“I remember that the Sea King’s Dome’s recruited a son-in-law a few years ago, and he was an unequalled Limiteer called Lu Yin. Could this be him?” 

“That person disappeared into obscurity a long time ago. I haven’t heard anything at all about him in years. He’s probably already dead.”

As she listened to the conversations take place around her, Hai Qiqi’s expression became quite strange. If Lu Yin revealed his true face, then it would truly cause most people’s jaws to drop. 

Tie San had fallen behind. Or to be more accurate, after the three youths arrived at the third level, Lu Yin and Hai Dashao had continued forward with their huge strides while Tie San had faltered. He had barely made it to the middle of the stairs connecting the third and fourth levels, but at that point, he was unable to continue any further. All he could do was stare at Lu Yin’s back like he was looking at a monster. 

In Hai Dashao’s eyes, Tie San had never been a part of anything. Hai Dashao had only ever been focused on Lu Yin, and he could acutely sense Lu Yin’s breathing, heartbeat, and stride. Hai Dashao was already slightly shocked, as Lu Yin had not shown any signs of fatigue even at this moment; it was as if he was only on a light jog. 

Lu Yin truly had not exerted much effort thus far. Even in the past, as a Limiteer, he would have been able to reach the fourth landmass. Now that he was an Explorer that had completed three cultivation cycles, his strength had increased several times over. To be honest, he himself did not even know what level he would reach in the end. 

His physical strength constantly increased as he cultivated, and honestly, it was a little strange. His domain was the same, and both aspects of him had been continuously improving themselves. Lu Yin had not shared this information with anyone. 

He merely felt that his physical body possessed a limitless potential that he could not grasp. This potential was constantly burgeoning, which was both very strange and invigorating. 

There were only a few cultivators on the fourth level, and their numbers were much fewer than the third level’s. This was because, normally, only Hunters could reach the fourth level. 

There was a soft thumping sound as Lu Yin’s foot landed on the fourth level’s ground. His body instantly felt much heavier, as this place’s gravity was 400 times that of normal. The average Explorer simply could not reach this place, but Lu Yin had done so easily. 

On the other side of the stairs, Hai Dashao also stepped onto the fourth level, though he did not pause as he immediately continued on towards the fifth level, still moving with the same rapid pace and large strides. 

Lu Yin smiled and followed along. 

The few people on the fourth level all looked up in surprise. One of these two was an Explorer and the other was a Cruiser, but despite their low cultivation realms, these two youths were vastly superior to the people on this level. They were moving across the ground too quickly for anyone else to follow. 

Tie San could not even see their backs any longer. 

Beneath them, countless others watched their progress. More and more people came to learn of Lu Yin’s battles, and they also learned that he was not necessarily inferior to Hai Dashao in any way. 

Some distance further away from the stacked landmasses, at the mountain that stood behind the Mt. Stacks Dojo, was the place where Dojo Master Lan and the others were making their plans. There were a dozen experts gathered here, and they had all come from various large dojos or a region of the Starfall Sea. When Hai Dashao and Lu Yin stepped onto the fourth level, the group of powerhouses involuntarily glanced over, though, of course, they did not pay much attention to the youths. 

The pair continued advancing with huge strides, and Hai Dashao even deliberately tried to shake off Lu Yin, lengthening his stride until he reached the point where he was practically leaping across the stone steps. However, Lu Yin did not lag behind in the slightest, and his breathing remained perfectly even. 

There were even fewer people on the fifth level, with only two or three cultivators present. One of them had stopped right at the entrance to the fifth level. It seemed that he had used his full power to reach this area and that he had prepared to rest upon arrival. 

When Hai Dashao stepped onto this level, his foot caused dust to swirl up before it was swept away in all directions by the wind. 

The person at the entrance to the level frowned, and he waved a hand to disperse the dust as he snorted. Right when he was about to speak up, Lu Yin’s foot landed, stirring up another cloud of dust. The person had just opened his mouth, and the second cloud of the dust blew into his face. He instantly started coughing, and his expression turned ugly. 

Lu Yin apologized, but he continued striding onwards with large steps.

The person was furious and wanted to chase after the two young men, but he could not move a single leg. The 500 times increased gravity was already strenuous when he was just sitting, so he could forget about chasing after them. 

At this point, he returned to his senses; were those two actually taking large steps? Did the increased gravity not have any effect on them? 

Lu Yin did not feel any great suppression from the 500 times gravity. However, it was different for Hai Dashao; he was still able to overcome this level of gravity, but it took him a great deal of effort to continue striding forward with such large steps. He was already finding it difficult to endure, but he had to continue, step by step. When he had ascended to the seventh level last time, he had not rushed up the steps like he was attempting to do now. 

Hai Dashao glanced over at Lu Yin, unwilling to admit defeat. He then gritted his teeth and persevered, continuing on with his huge steps. 

Only one person was on the sixth level, and they were a woman. Lu Yin glanced at her from the side, as there were very few women who cultivated their physical strength. This woman was very powerful, and she might even be a peak Hunter. 

They were already on the sixth level, and for most Hunters, this 600 times gravity was very difficult for them to endure, and this caused more and more people to pay attention to Hai Dashao and Lu Yin. 

However, what attracted the most attention was that the two were still continuing upwards at great speed.

“Brother Hai is almost at his limit,” Lan Baobao commented. 

Hai Qiqi could see this as well.

Many others had noticed the same thing.

Lu Yin continued on with large steps as they climbed the stairs that led from the sixth level to the seventh level, covering a great deal of ground with each step. Hai Dashao had already begun to gradually lag behind. He wanted to push on, but he truly could not keep up with his earlier pace. 

Lu Yin suddenly stopped, and he turned around to look at Hai Dashao. 

Hai Dashao’s eyes lit up; was this kid finally unable to endure? 

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Lu Yin asked in a kindhearted tone.

Hai Dashao’s expression twisted as he gnashed his teeth before bellowing, “Go!”

He then took a step forward. 

Lu Yin smiled and similarly continued on his way.

Hai Dashao had managed to catch up. 

With a thump, Lu Yin stepped onto the seventh level. The moment he did so, a mountain seemed to press down upon his entire body, and the impact of this heavy pressure made a muffled sound. Lu Yin took a deep breath. This 700 times gravity was truly heavy and its pressure intense. 

On the other side of the steps, Hai Dashao had also stepped onto the seventh level. This was his second time reaching this height, and his strength had clearly improved a great deal since he last visited this place. However, he was even more exhausted this time around since he had climbed the stairs at high speed. When he glanced over at Lu Yin, he was surprised to see that this kid could actually still endure it. 

A normal Hunter’s endurance limit was a thousandfold increase in gravity, but typically, any Hunter who could withstand such pressure was a peak Hunter. 

The fact that Hai Dashao could reach this level while still only an Explorer indicated that he had the strength to contend with Hunters, even the average peak Hunter. This was the strength that someone ranked seventh on the Top 100 Rankings possessed. 

The spectators were all aware of Hai Dashao’s strength, but Lu Yin had truly shocked them. Even those who had heard of his battles were stunned in disbelief. 

At the mountain behind Mt. Stacks Dojo, the Bluearch Dojo Master observed the stacked landmasses with an expression of appreciation. “If this kid doesn’t die early, then this part of the universe will have a place for him in the future.” 

The crowd all stared at the two of them together, and all of them were shocked. An Explorer had actually managed to step food onto the seventh level. When they had been Explorers themselves, they may not have necessarily even made it to the fifth level. 

Even further away, Dojo Master Lan had a penetrating gaze that was focused on Lu Yin. He almost felt as if he was looking at another Lan Si.

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