Chapter 883: Overlaying Stacks Path

The middle aged man’s glare faded, he finally forced out a smile and said, “Head on in.”

But after speaking, his eyes swept over the crowd, and Hai Qiqi caught attention. Alarmed, he cried out, “Qiqi? Why are you here?” 

Hai Qiqi stepped forward. “Uncle Tie, it’s been a long time since I last saw you.”


A cry of surprise rose in the distance, and Hai Qiqi’s body trembled as she spun around. With great glee, she cried out, “Baobao!”

Lu Yin’s eye twitched. Baobao? This name, strangely enough, reminded Lu Yin of the pink sofa that he had seen on the top floor of Amethyst Exchange. The two felt like they belonged together. 

Lan Baobao was the individual ranked twenty fifth on the Top 100 Rankings. She was an absolute talent within the younger generation, and this was Lu Yin’s first time seeing her in person.  

Truth be told, this woman did not fit in with the rest of the Mt. Stacks Dojo members. This place was a haven for muscled men, and all of them were drenched in sweat with sculpted bodies. Lan Baobao, on the other hand, was a petite and cute girl who looked a great deal like Hai Qiqi. Lan Baobao also had a cute, round little face that had a childish look to it despite her being older than Lu Yin. 

It was no wonder why she had been named Lan Baobao.1

Lu Yin was not interested in the two women’s conversation, and instead, his eyes focused on the landmasses that filled the sky. 

“Each landmass is separated by one hundred steps, and each landmass comes with an increase in gravity. To sum it up, the gravitational force of each landmass is an additional hundred times stronger than the previous,” Hai Dashao said. 

Lu Yin was shocked to hear that the gravity between each level was a hundred times than the last. That meant that, on the top level, the gravitational force would be two thousand times stronger than the normal gravitational force. 

Up till now, the strongest gravitational force that Lu Yin had ever experienced was 300 times that of normal gravity. It was not that he was unable to withstand a stronger force, but rather that he had simply never had the opportunity to experience such an environment. Given his current physical strength, he could withstand a gravitational force at least a thousand times greater than normal. 

A thousandfold increase in gravitational force would be the limit for most ordinary Hunters. Lu Yin was certain that his body was not any weaker than even the strongest average Hunter. In fact, he felt that he was likely even stronger than them. 

“What do you think? Do you want to try it?” Hai Dashao looked at Lu Yin with a hint of provocation. He was really curious about what level Lu Yin was capable of reaching. 

Lu Yin glanced over at Hai Dashao before asking, “What’s the highest level that you can reach?” 

Hai Dashao’s eyes narrowed. “The seventh level.” 

Lu Yin let out a sigh and shook his head. “How weak.” 

“You!” Hai Dashao grew angry. 

Lu Yin turned around and left, completely ignoring the angry young man.  

Hai Dashao gritted his teeth. He did not understand why he had not found this youth so aggravating in the past. However, Hai Dashao suddenly remembered the scene where Starsibyl had asked Lu Yin how one became stronger and how Lu Yin had actually replied that money was the way to get stronger. Ever since then, Hai Dashao had already developed an innate dislike for Lu Yin, as he saw this man as someone with base ambitions. Hai Dashan suddenly found his dislike for Lu Yin growing even stronger.  

It required a certain level of pressure to deal with people like Hai Dashao, and Lu Yin suddenly resonated with the haughty arrogance that Hai Qiqi often demonstrated through her vicious tongue; it felt quite good. 

Currently, most of the cultivators in the Mountain Stacks Dojo were not originally dojo disciples. They had predominantly come from other dojos or even other regions of the Starfall Sea. As a result, quite a number of highly talented people had gathered at this place. 

The easiest way to compare these people’s levels was by looking at the landmasses that towered high into the sky. There was a good number of people who had unexpectedly already reached the ninth and even tenth levels. A few had managed to go even higher, and it was likely that those people were Enlighters. Among these peak experts, it was certain that there were some dojo masters! 

No one greeted anyone, and no one was in the mood to speak even a single word.

Lu Yin continued to look around the Mountain Stacks Dojo alone, as this place had once been the cultivation grounds of an Arbiter. 

In another part of the dojo, Hai Qiqi and Lan Baobao were happily chatting away. They shared a complicated relationship, as they were the best of friends, but there was also an occasional spat of animosity between them. 

“What? That Hong Ying woman was beaten by Lu Yin?” Lao Baobao asked in shock. 

Hai Qiqi nodded. “I heard that Hong Ying hurt you. Are you alright?” 

Lan Baobao’s face twisted into a pained expression. “I’m fine. I recovered after just a bit of rest, but Lan Yu can’t come back anymore.” 

Hai Qiqi grew sad. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t help avenge Lan Yu. Lu Yin promised to let her go when we reached Grayweed Continent, and he didn’t want to go back on his word.” 

Lan Baobao forced out a smile. “It’s not your fault. There’s no guarantee that everyone can walk to the end of the path of cultivation. From the moment we first started cultivating, my father gave us two choices. The first was to live as an ordinary person, receive his protection, and live without any fear of pain or suffering until we naturally reached our end. The second choice was to proceed down the path of cultivation without any protection. Death is not anything strange.” 

Even though Lan Baobao said this, Lan Yu had still been her younger brother, and it was impossible for her to feel nothing over his death. She harbored a deep-seated hatred towards Hong Ying, but she was simply choosing to not display her hatred. Furthermore, even if Lan Baobao found an opportunity to face Hong Ying, she would not be the spear-wielding girl’s match.  

When Lan Baobao thought about all this, she suddenly grew very interested in Lu Yin. This youth had only been a Limiteer a few years ago, and even though he had been hailed as an unrivalled Limiteer, he had not been as powerful as her own peers. However, in a span of just a few years, he had already caught up to them and even surpassed them. It was not just Lan Baobao whom Lu Yin had surpassed, as he had already surpassed the peak members of the Top 100 Rankings. If what Hai Qiqi had said was true, then this young man could quite possibly be touching upon the level of the Ten Arbiters.  

“Qiqi, where is Lu Yin? I want to thank him,” Lan Baobao enquired. 

Hai Qiqi turned around to look for him, but she did not see him. “Where did he go?”

“Let’s split up and look for him,” Lan Baobao suggested. 

Hai Qiqi nodded.  

Even though Lu Yin’s strength had been recognized by everyone, the matters regarding Grayweed Continent’s survival did not require his attention. Dojo Master Lan and the Bluearch Dojo Master did not involve Lu Yin in any of their meetings. After all, Lu Yin was an outsider. 

Lu Yin was currently wondering where the Mt. Stacks Dojo had learned the Overlaying Stacks Path. He had been using Thirty Stacks for a long time, and he had long since intended to reach the next level.  

The overall aura of the Mt. Stacks Dojo was quite oppressive, and Lu Yin did not know whom he could ask about this. 

The Overlaying Stacks Path was a technique which utilized energy, and it was likely something that was very precious to Mt. Stacks Dojo. If Lu Yin asked in a straightforward manner, then people might suspect him of coveting their battle technique, which would complicate matters unnecessarily. 

Perhaps it would be better to ask Hai Qiqi to act as an intermediary for him. If worse came to worst, she would simply have to pay a small price for the technique.  

“Lu Yin?” called out a crisp voice from behind him.

Lu Yin turned his head around. “Are you Lan Baobao?”

Lan Bao smiled as she walked over to Lu Yin and stretched out a hand. “Hello, I’m Lan Baobao.” 

Lu Yin felt slightly awkward, as he rarely shook hands with others. This was a form of etiquette that typically only ordinary folk followed, but it was not entirely unknown. Lu Yin politely accepted and shook hands with Lan Baobao. This woman had very soft, delicate hands. 

Just as he was about to release her hand, Lan Baobao suddenly started to squeeze. Her soft, delicate hand suddenly seemed to transform into metal as multiple layers of energy erupted. In an instant, she had released a force of Thirty Stacks. Lu Yin intentionally exerted some of his strength as well, though without using the Overlaying Stacks Path. However, his natural physical strength was so overpowering that not only was he able to withstand the Thirty Stacks from Lan Baobao’s grip, but he also managed to squeeze Lan Baobao’s hand to the point where she cried out in pain. 

Lan Baobao took a cold breath of air and exclaimed, “Ouch! You’re hurting me! Let go at once!” 

Lu Yin released her hand and chuckled as he looked at Lan Baobao. “Is this how you people from the Mountain Stacks Dojo greet others?” 

Lan Baobao shook her right hand, where five finger marks could clearly be seen. Her bones had almost been crushed to powder. “You’re strong.” 

Lu Yin smirked. “Is there anything that you needed from me?”

Lan Baobao massaged her right hand. “I’m here to thank you for bringing Qiqi here safe and sound.”

Lu Yin shrugged his shoulders. “Is your next sentence going to blame me for bringing her here? I’ve already heard that from many others already.”

Lan Baobao shook her head. “I understand Qiqi’s personality quite well. Even if you didn’t bring her, she still would have done whatever she could to get here.” 

Lu Yin smiled. All of a sudden, a sharp cry pierced through the air. Lu Yin raised his head and saw that on the first landmass, there was a man making his way up the stairs, though he was clearly in pain. Sweat was dripping down his body as he panted furiously with a pale face; he was obviously completely exhausted. However, the man still had a happy smile on his face. 

“They are the Mt. Stacks Dojo’s disciples. After undergoing decades of cultivation, they are finally able to step onto the first landmass. That place’s gravity is a hundred times that of normal, so it’s very difficult. However, if one manages to reach the first level, then they can then comprehend ten stacks of the Overlaying Stacking Path, and their ability will also improve by leaps and bounds. At a time like this, increasing one's own strength is of paramount importance to staying alive,” Lan Baobao explained.  

Lu Yin grew curious. “Ten stacks?” 

“Yes, ten stacks. That’s something that you can withstand as well. I was testing out how many stacks you can withstand earlier, but…” Lan Baobao paused as she became speechless. She had actually gone all out to test Lu Yin, but she had been suppressed by him even though he had not used a single stack. She felt helpless. 

“Reaching the first landmass means that you’re capable of using ten stacks?” Lu Yin asked with a certain glint in his eyes.  

Lan Baobao smiled. “It’s interesting, isn’t it? Once you reach the first level, there’s a handprint up there that contains Ten Stacks of the Overlaying Stacks Path, and you can cultivate up there.” When she finished explaining, she stared into Lu Yin’s eyes, and she saw that they were clearly full of desire.  

Lan Baobao continued, saying, “When you reach the tenth level, there’s a handprint up there that contains one hundred stacks.” 

Lu Yin’s breathing became more hurried. “A hundred stacks? Can I try it?” 

Lan Baobao nodded her head, and she seriously answered, “I also came here to tell you this. Since you helped me teach that Hong Ying a lesson and also brought Qiqi back, then the Mt. Stacks Dojo is willing to give you the chance to try. However, whether or not you can reach the tenth level is completely dependent on your own ability. Don’t overexert yourself, as it’s very easy to get injured or even die if you enter an area where you can’t handle the gravity. Even Hai Dashao was only able to reach the seventh level.” 

Lu Yin was seriously riled up now. “Thank you for the warning. I’m off now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he leaped up and rushed straight toward the stone steps that led to the first landmass. The only way to reach each level was by walking up the stone staircase, step by step. 

Lu Yin was not the only one climbing the stairs, as there were several others who were climbing it at the same time. When one young man saw that Lu Yin was about to reach the first level, he moved to join in as well. This man was Tie San, and he fancied Lan Baobao. When he had seen Lan Baobao and Lu Yin shaking hands earlier, he had immediately panicked, especially since they had shared a very long handshake, which made Tie San even more upset. As soon as he saw that Lu Yin was trying to reach the first landmass, he immediately had the idea to scare Lu Yin away and warn him to stay away from Lan Baobao. 

“You better watch out.” Tie San let out a cold warning as he stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was baffled. “What do I need to be careful about?”

“Stay away from Baobao, or else I’ll make things difficult for you,” Tie San said threateningly. 

Lu Yin frowned, but before he could say a single word, another person appeared next to him.

It was Hai Dashao, and he was clearly trying to challenge Lu Yin as he walked up the stairs. 

Lu Yin did not know what to say, but did this man really want to challenge him? 

Tie San was shocked to see Hai Dashao on the stairs. What was this person doing here? Tie San could still remember how, when Hai Dashao had been a guest of the Mt. Stacks Dojo in the past, he had managed to climb all the way to the seventh level. Countless people had been shocked at his accomplishment and praised his talent back then. After all, Hai Dashao was not a cultivator who focused on physical strength. Thus, managing to reach the seventh landmass was no mean feat. Even the young master had been taken aback by his accomplishments. However, Hai Dashao was back to try once again. Could he be confident in reaching the tenth level this time? 

No one paid any attention to Lu Yin as he attempted to climb the stacked landmasses, but this was merely because no one knew who he was. However, Hai Dashao was a completely different story, and his appearance drew the attention of many cultivators in the Mt. Stacks Dojo. Even the other dojo disciples as well as the cultivators from the other parts of the Starfall Sea were curious to see how Hai Dashao would perform.

1 The characters for Baobao mean baby, so her name matches her appearance.

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