Chapter 882: Mt. Stacks Dojo

This was obviously a solemn battlefield filled with fighting, but the atmosphere had suddenly changed. In particular, the smell of the battlefield had been terribly altered. 

Anywhere Mr. Yi appeared, everyone else would flee the area while pinching their noses. 

Lu Yin chased after Mr. Yi. “Come on! Come here! I’ll take you down.” 

Mr. Yi’s face had turned a deathly shade of white, as some things could not be changed even after cultivating to the Imprinter realm. These tendencies were often innate instincts, and even if Mr. Yi’s physical body had undergone changes to conform to the universe, some of his base instincts could not be changed, such as his obsession with cleanliness and his obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Mr. Yi was an abnormally severe clean freak, and he would rather die than be contaminated by such a filthy item. 

In the distance, Elder Tong and Elder Yuan were both struck dumb, and they even forgot about their own battle. 

Hai Qiqi pinched her nose and fled far away, as that fruit-like item was truly too smelly. 

Lu Yin himself could not handle the stench either. This smell could not be blocked by one’s star energy, and it was actually transmitted directly to the brain. Just one whiff was enough to be unforgettable for an entire lifetime. 

As he brandished the reeking object, Lu Yin seemed to reach the peak of his life, as he was actually chasing after an Imprinter. 

Mr. Yi had just about given up all hope. 

At the same time, countless cultivators suddenly arrived from another direction, and it seemed as though they were a group who had abandoned another dojo. In particular, Hai Dashao was among their group. 

Once he saw that the enemy’s reinforcements had arrived, Mr. Yi did not feel frustrated, as he was actually strangely joyful. He led his entire party away, and he did not even turn to look back. 

As for the people who had just arrived on the battlefield, once they smelled the horrifying stench, their expressions became very interesting. 

Elder Tong heaved a sigh of relief as he watched Mr. Yi lead Elder Yuan away, and he gazed at Lu Yin with appreciation in his eyes. 

Lu Yin hurriedly stored the stinky, fruit-like item away as he also heaved a sigh of relief. He touched his cosmic ring lovingly, as this fruit was his treasure. If he encountered that clean freak again, he would have a weapon. No, that fellow probably would not want to face Lu Yin ever again in his entire life. 

As Lu Yin put the smelly object away, the other cultivators created gusts of wind to quickly disperse the smell. 

When Hai Qiqi saw Hai Dashao, her eyes flushed red as she cried out, “Second Bro!” 

Hai Dashao’s body trembled, and his expression changed to one of ecstasy as he looked over to see Hai Qiqi. “Qiqi!” 

Nearby, Lu Yin pulled out an ointment to apply to his right arm, and he endured the intense pain as he looked further away. Hai Dashao and Hai Qiqi had found each other, and Lu Yin sighed. 

This battle had been fought in a very strange manner, but no matter what, a powerful enemy had ultimately been repelled. 

Elder Tong came over to Lu Yin, but the old man did not know what to say. He felt that this battle had been won in a very odd manner, and he could still vaguely recall that horrible stench. He did not know what that object had been, but it was truly extremely revolting. 

Lu Yin saw Elder Tong’s expression of puzzlement, and he coughed to dispel the awkward feeling. “That thing was obtained from a sourcebox.” 

Elder Tong nodded. “Thank you. If not for you, we would have been finished here.”

Lu Yin touched his nose, but he did not respond. 

After a long while, once the battlefield was cleaned up, Lu Yin came to find out that the new arrivals who had come with Hai Dashao were from the Bluearch Dojo. 

The Bluearch Dojo was located slightly closer to the center of Grayweed Continent than the Thundercharge Dojo, so it had not been attacked by the Sixth Mainland as frequently. The dojo itself was ranked amongst the top five dojos, and the Bluearch Dojo Master was stronger than the Thundercharge Dojo Master, as he would break through to the Envoy realm with just one more push. His power level was even higher than Elder Tong’s. This man was clearly quite capable, as he had managed to keep the Bluearch Dojo’s cultivators safe even though they had still eventually been forced to withdraw, unfortunately. 

While they were cleaning up the messy battlefield, the newly arrived cultivators also came to learn about what had happened during the recent battle. As they did so, they all looked at Lu Yin strangely, which made Lu Yin feel very uncomfortable. 

Lu Yin’s recovery rate was very fast, and he had already regained feeling in his right arm.

At this time, someone arrived behind Lu Yin, and he turned around to see them. “It’s been a while, Hai Dashao.” 

The person who had come to visit Lu Yin was Hai Dashao, and he also gave Lu Yin a strange look. “It’s been four years, and you’ve changed a great deal.” 

Lu Yin moved his right arm. “Changed my looks?”

“Strength.” Hai Dashao sized Lu Yin up and down. “You were actually able to survive an attack from an Imprinter, and you even killed an Enlighter. How did you do it?” 

“Do you need an explanation?” Lu Yin replied casually. He felt that Hai Dashao’s tone was as arrogant as it had been four years ago. 

Lu Yin still had not forgotten how, back at the Sea King’s Dome, Hai Dashao had arrogantly seized Lu Yin. That irresistible strength was still fresh within Lu Yin’s memory, though at this moment, he was already certain that he had surpassed Hai Dashao. 

Hai Dashao frowned slightly. “I don’t like your attitude, but I’m very grateful that you protected Qiqi. Still, you should not have brought her to the Innerverse.” 

Lu Yin’s eye twitched. “I don’t like your attitude either.” 

Hai Dashao’s eyes went wide. “You must be very confident for you to dare to talk to me like this.” 

Lu Yin was amused. “Are you brainless, or are you just unwilling to accept things? I can beat you with just one hand right now. No, it would be a complete thrashing.” 

Hai Dashao became furious, and he was about to say something, but Elder Tong rushed over in the nick of time and held Hai Dashao back. “Little Brother Lu is our savior. Without him, we wouldn’t have lasted until you arrived. Don’t be rash.” 

Hai Dashao’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Lu Yin. “Let’s find some time to spar. Don’t assume that you are powerful just because you used some weird method to stall an Imprinter. A difference in strength cannot be made up with just wits.” 

“Are you saying that you’re brainless or that I’m too smart?” Lu Yin ridiculed. 

Hai Dashao flew into a rage, but he was restrained again by Elder Tong.

Lu Yin snorted. He did not like Hai Dashao’s attitude. Although Lu Yin was aware that the Sea King’s son did not have any bad intentions, his pride and arrogance made Lu Yin very unhappy. The Sea King’s Dome was gone, so there was no basis for his confidence any more. 

Hai Qiqi walked over in a helpless manner. “Can’t you talk a bit less? My Second Bro has always been like that. Don’t you know that?” 

Lu Yin turned to face another direction. “I’m not his father, so there’s no reason for me to indulge him.” 

“You!” Hai Qiqi became angry, and she glared at Lu Yin before leaving.

“Seventh Bro, that was a good attack! A few years ago, I felt like that fellow was not very pleasing to the eye when he wanted to take Sister Wendy. He’s got no manners! Find a chance to beat him up!” The Ghost Monkey tried to rile Lu Yin up. 

After listening to the monkey, Lu Yin’s mood grew even worse. That person had indeed even wanted to snatch Wendy, and he truly deserved to be beaten. 

In another place, Hai Dashao’s anger had not been dispelled yet, and he really wanted to fight with Lu Yin immediately. 

“Don’t stir up any problems. You really are not his match at the moment.” Elder Tong held Hai Dashao back as he helplessly tried to explain. 

Hai Dashao was unconvinced. “Him? That ant from a few years ago? I can crush him with one hand!” 

Elder Tong shook his head. “He used his own strength to kill an Enlighter whose power level was greater than 300,000, and he also managed to avoid being captured by an Imprinter numerous times in a row. Can you exchange blows with an Imprinter? Even the top three in the Top 100 Rankings might not be able to do so, but he can.” 

Hai Dashao’s face grew solemn. “Really?” 

Elder Tong nodded. 

Hai Dashao was astonished. Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid. He had originally assumed that Lu Yin had relied purely on his secret technique and power vessels to kill that Enlighter, and also to preserve his own life against that Imprinter. This was especially so after Hai Dashao had seen that stinky item; his impression of Lu Yin was that the youth was someone full of tricks that relied on their good luck. Now that Hai Dashao had heard Elder Tong’s full explanation, if these words were true, then he might really not be that person’s match. 

How had that fellow cultivated in these four years? 

“Even that Imprinter had no way to counter Lu Yin’s methods, so it would be best for you not to provoke him. Otherwise, you’ll lose face. He’s also Qiqi’s savior, and he also brought back Elder Ren’s corpse.” Elder Tong’s voice became gloomier. 

Hai Dashao’s body trembled, and he looked at Elder Tong with open grief. “Elder Ren’s corpse was taken by him? Where is it?” 

Elder Tong sighed. “He was buried at the Thundercharge Dojo.”

Hai Dashao clenched both fists and gritted his teeth tightly. “As long as we don’t die this time, the day will come when I go against the flow and slaughter my way into the Sixth Mainland. This blood debt can only be paid by their own!” 

Elder Tong patted the youth’s shoulders, but he did not reply.

Lu Yin followed behind a group of cultivators as they headed towards Mt. Stacks Dojo. They passed over several mountain peaks and moved past trees whose branches covered the sky. The journey took them several days, but since they had already gotten close to Mt. Stacks Dojo, there were almost no Sixth Mainland cultivators along their path. The Bluearch Dojo Master was able to tear through the void as he wished, and he directly brought Hai Dashao, Hai Qiqi, Lu Yin, and a few others through the void to arrive outside of Mt. Stacks Dojo. 

Compared to the Thundercharge Dojo, Mt. Stacks Dojo looked far more magnificent. 

From a distance, Mt. Stacks Dojo looked like it was formed entirely from landmasses that had been stacked on each other. There were a total of twenty levels, and the center of each landmass was connected to a giant stone pillar. Each landmass was separated by a stone staircase that circled around the stack and wrapped around the stone pillar. 

“Each piece of land has a different level of gravity. Mt. Stacks Dojo is a cultivation dojo that focuses purely on physical strength, and every cultivator who joins the dojo ends up developing an extremely powerful physical strength.” Hai Qiqi introduced the dojo to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin was not surprised, as the Divine Fist Arbiter’s name was Lan Si, and he was also from Mt. Stacks Dojo. Back when he had been in the Astral Combat Academy, Lan Si had been capable of using more than Thirty Stacks. Lu Yin was fully aware of how difficult it was to unleash Thirty Stacks as a Limiteer, but Lan Si had managed to do it. Also, the publicly known record may not have necessarily been the Arbiter’s actual limit. There was a rumor that the Divine Fist had once shattered a planet with One Hundred Stacks. Concerning that rumor, Lu Yin knew that someone supporting Lan Si had helped the Arbiter deduce the Overlaying Stacks Path. 

Now that Lu Yin had arrived at Mt. Stacks Dojo, he was certain that there was a method in this place for cultivating the Overlaying Stacks Path since this was also the most suitable location to cultivate it. 

As they approached Mt. Stacks Dojo, a powerful wind approached them. Within that wind, they could hear the sound of a collision as well as quite a few people clenching their teeth and struggling fiercely. When Lu Yin looked up, he saw multiple people sitting cross-legged on the stone steps that were connecting the multiple stacked landmasses. There were also some people who were walking up those stone steps, though it was clearly very difficult as their bodies trembled with every step. It seemed that they could not endure the forces. 

Lu Yin looked on with a grave expression. The rune lines that he could see around Mt. Stacks Dojo were overwhelming, and there were a dozen people who were approaching the power level limit of 200,000. Some of them might be peak Hunters, though the others should be Enlighters who were suppressing their power level, and there were quite a few of these powerhouses at that. 

The most powerful expert in the entire Mt. Stacks Dojo was the dojo master, who was an Envoy-level super powerhouse. This person also happened to be second only to the Sea King in the entire Starfall Sea. This was the father of the Divine Fist Arbiter, Lan Si: Dojo Master Lan. 

The Bluearch Dojo Master was very familiar with Mt. Stacks Dojo, and the people from Mt. Stacks Dojo were not at all surprised to see the arrival of a crowd of cultivators. However, worry could be seen peeking out from the depths of their eyes. 

Dojo Master Lan did not appear. Instead, a robust, middle-aged man welcomed the group in. The valiant aura that poured out of the man made Lu Yin wary, and he could tell that this person was definitely an Enlighter. 

“You’re alone? Where’s the Thundercharge Dojo Master?” the middle-aged man asked.

The Bluearch Dojo Master shook his head. “Dead.”

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